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00:51Captain_Murdo| why is some moron emailing me personally asking me how to configure a v4l card so he can capture from composite and svideo?
00:51Captain_Murdo| wonder how many other people on the list he emailed.
00:51epssy burn him alive!
00:52Captain_Murdo| email starts out... "Seems you may know something about mythtv setup."
00:54epssy do you know much about mythtv setup?
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01:05epssy on a development note, the mythtv 'run in window' function allows you to fit the application nicely on the TV, yet once live tv is selected those bounds are gone and the tv image is full screen again - on my tv cutting off a good few cm or image. is this a myth related bug or some thing to do with how pal displays? (No idea if the same happens with ntsc)
01:06Chutt there's a setting for that.
01:06epssy a setting for live tv positioning and application positioning?
01:07Chutt yup
01:07Chutt same page as the 'run in window' setting, iirc.
01:08epssy thank you :)
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01:26rkulagow chutt: here?
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01:26Chutt yup
01:29rkulagow i just had a weird incident upgrading to latest CVS. after compiling and running mythbackend, i got:
01:29rkulagow 2005-02-25 00:13:50.061 New DB connection, total: 1
01:29rkulagow 2005-02-25 00:13:50.183 Upgrading to schema version 1073
01:29rkulagow 2005-02-25 00:13:50.329 New DB connection, total: 2
01:29rkulagow Starting up as the master server.
01:29rkulagow 2005-02-25 00:13:50.755 New DB connection, total: 3
01:29rkulagow DB Error (checkchannel):
01:29rkulagow Query was:
01:29rkulagow SELECT channel.chanid FROM channel,capturecard,cardinput WHERE channel.channum = '3' AND channel.sourceid = cardinput.sourceid AND cardinput.inputname = 'S-Video 0' AND cardinput.cardid = capturecard.cardid AND capturecard.cardid = 4 AND capturecard.hostname = 'masterbackend' ;
01:29rkulagow No error type from QSqlError? Strange...
01:29rkulagow 2005-02-25 00:13:55.586 Channel(/dev/video3): CheckChannel failed. Please verify channel "3" in the "setup" Channel Editor.
01:29rkulagow 2005-02-25 00:13:55.598 New DB scheduler connection
01:29rkulagow 2005-02-25 00:13:55.670 mythbackend version: 0.17.20050223-1
01:29rkulagow 2005-02-25 00:13:55.712 Enabled verbose msgs : important general
01:29rkulagow 2005-02-25 00:13:57.644 Reschedule requested for id -1.
01:30rkulagow so the weird part is i'm looking at the error message and the s-video thing pops out at me. i don't use any s-video inputs.
01:30Chutt heh
01:30rkulagow so i killed mythbackend, went into setup. sure enough, card 4 (/dev/video3) default input is svideo
01:30Chutt weird.
01:31rkulagow considering that i had recorded 4 programs earlier made me think something was up.
01:31rkulagow (all used the tuner)
01:32rkulagow card 4 is a M179; it's got a different layout of inputs compared to PVR-250s
01:32Chutt did you update the driver at all recently?
01:32Chutt though, i thought it used the string 's-video', etc in the db
01:32Chutt weird.
01:32rkulagow nope; driver is ancient.
01:33BlurredWe I'm following the thread about java talking to the backend on the list, is there a good document about the protocol mythtv uses?
01:34Chutt source code
01:34Chutt protocol's dead simple.
01:35rkulagow input's 0, 1 and 2 are "N/A". 3 is Composite 0, 4 is Tuner 0, 5 is N/A and 6 is S-Video 0
01:35BlurredWe ok
01:35BlurredWe is there any way of talking to the frontend via the network and sending skip forward/back type commands (remote control type)
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01:36BlurredWe would be cool to have a wifi pda remote control
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01:57epssy Chutt that setting (tv using same size as gui) has no effect - I am using 0.17 stable
01:57epssy is the feature currently working?
02:06Chutt yup, i use it.
02:09epssy when I just tried it again I saw a big black area over the streaming image that is the size I've set the gui, but it just disapeared... so I'm guessing that feature is broken for me
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02:13Mdog Hey everybody. I can watch livetv just fine and schedule recordings, but the recordings themselves are all black (looking at the .nuv files w/ mplayer confirms that.)
02:13Mdog Any suggestions?
02:14Chutt topic, please.
02:14* Mdog should have read /to, sorry
02:14Chutt np =)
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06:00johnp__ TheWildgoose around ?
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06:51o_cee Chutt?
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08:58Geckofiend chutt around?
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09:11TheWildgoose | johnp_: slightly around. Leave a message and will try and catch it on scrollback. My folks arrived here from Aus today, so busy, busy.
09:12TheWildgoose | Basically backend been pretty solid since I disabled the signal strength monitor thread! Wahoo. Still got a bunch of new segfaults on the frontend to debug though, but will get through them slowly. Feels like two steps forward and one step back... Still I do like the new dvb features, and the new mythweb is very nice. Cheers all
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09:18johnp__ Wildgoose, Have you tried the patch I posted ? I'm wondering if the important fix is the change from uint16_t to uint32_t in dvbtypes.h. Anyway the patch should disable the monitor thread for every thing but scanwiz, so it should work for you. If you want to try and narrow it down without the patch, change dvbtypes and enable the monitor in dvbchannel. Cheers.
09:23TheWildgoose | Hi John, not yet tried the patch, but I was planning to try just the dvbtypes bit and leave the rest the same. Will let you know. Thanks for working on this. With a house full of people I can't really take down the TV perhaps for a few days, but will test it ASAP
09:24johnp__ ok
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11:39Chutt heh
11:48_rkulagow_ well, what's so amusing. you know you're just dying for someone to ask you.
11:49Chutt the steering wheel i ordered to play gt4 with is about an hour away right now, but it won't get delivered today :(
11:49_rkulagow_ that's not a heh, that's a boo!
11:50kvandivo he's looking at the silver lining, I'm sure.. this means he won't have any distractions today from doing real work.
11:50Chutt and i've got lots of that to do
11:56Beirdo work? That's so overrated
11:57Beirdo which reminds me... do invoices.
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13:18xris Chutt: I'm supposed to remind you again about cvs access for Beirdo (I know you probably don't have time to do it now, but figured I'd mention it on the off chance that one of us remembers about it later when you do)
13:20Chutt doh
13:20Chutt shit, sorry
13:20Beirdo Being busy happens :)
13:20Chutt i completely forgot about that :(
13:21xris Chutt: me, too.
13:21Beirdo do I need to send you an ssh key or anything? not sure how you have things set up :)
13:22thor_ I'm still waiting to get my $100K deposit back
13:22Beirdo silly thor_ :)
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13:24Chutt i'll let you know once i create the account
13:24Beirdo OK.
13:25thor_ oh and heh, where's my first born child at?
13:26* Beirdo chuckles.
13:26Beirdo send a wife over, that can be arranged
13:29thor_ heh
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13:47thor_ ah, Beirdo, you ever hear anything from cingular?
13:48Beirdo I got a response from the guy indicating he got the resume, that's it so far
13:49thor_ hmm, was it from Todd Allen?
13:51Beirdo I think so, I could check
13:52Beirdo yep
13:52Beirdo on Feb 7
13:53thor_ cool, I'll prod him
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14:11GreyFoxx I just figured he hired someone or we just didn't fit the bill :)
14:12Beirdo yeah, that's what I figured too. Having outside confirmation thereof isn't all bad either :)
14:13GreyFoxx Yeah :)
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14:19iwo does anyone here know of any possibility of linux support for USB based tv capture devices?
14:20Beirdo don't ask on both channels, please.
14:21iwo sorry, just thought that devs and users would be equally as likely to know
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14:43GeckoFiend weee my former FE+MBE is now my dev box, my former dev box is now a FE only machine, and I have a new MBE. Not quite done but on the home stretch
14:44Beirdo doin' the musical machines bit, eh?
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14:48GeckoFiend heh yeah
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14:49GeckoFiend the old fronten couldn't do HD + I didn't want to add even more drives to my living room in order to store HD so I started the shuffle
14:51GeckoFiend all I have left to do is move the old media onto the new drive and then extend the old drives into the new LVM
14:52Beirdo nice
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15:11thrasher when i try to start mythtv i get this error: Xlib: connection to ":0.0" refused by server Xlib: No protocol specified mythtv: cannot connect to X server :0.0
15:12beavis dont start is as root and ask further questions in #mythtv-users ;)
15:12beavis -is +it
15:12thrasher i just joined
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15:34gr8nash GeckoFiend you around?
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16:02GeckoFiend yep yep
16:03Chutt nope nope
16:03Chutt geckofiend, so
16:03Chutt exact seeking: good for local, back for network playback
16:03GeckoFiend chutt's right, I lied I'm not really here
16:03Chutt sticky keys: i hate em
16:04Chutt agressive soundcard buffering: breaks for some people still, yes.
16:04GeckoFiend you hold down the key to FFWD?
16:04Chutt i jump
16:04Chutt use output picture controls: breaks on ati hardware (at least)
16:04Chutt could be fixed, but hasn't
16:04GeckoFiend so then sticky keys doesn't really apply
16:05GeckoFiend bleh we need to just start telling people "don't use hardware with shitty drivers"
16:05Chutt sure it does
16:05Chutt it changes the jump buttons meaning
16:05shadash Chutt: I just got everything working in my distro :-) basically FC3 but customized to install MythTV
16:05GeckoFiend didn't think sticky keys did anythin on the jump buttons
16:05Chutt smart channel change: hate this behavior
16:05GeckoFiend that would be annoying as hell
16:06Chutt it changes the 30 second skip to be 1 second
16:06Chutt or something like that
16:06Chutt it doesn't change the _big_ jump buttons
16:06Chutt sched move higher: should default to 1, but still have the ui setting
16:06Chutt i have it off, personally
16:07Chutt otherwise... looks ok
16:07shadash thought I'd give you a heads up about the distro
16:08GeckoFiend kk I'll start on em in the AM. I'm still trying to get the kinks out of this new FE box
16:08Chutt <shrug>
16:08Chutt shadash, cool, but, i won't use it :p
16:08shadash that's fine but it might help others if you put in on
16:09shadash just the link to the distro
16:09gr8nash shadash wow you did that yourself?!!
16:09shadash I think it's cool :-(
16:09Chutt gotta have a website for it, and stuff
16:10gr8nash sorry my ""!!"" got taken outta context
16:10gr8nash my bad
16:10gr8nash didnt mean it like that
16:10Chutt with, uh, info on it :p
16:10Chutt then i'll link to it
16:11shadash but I'll get a better link for you
16:11shadash thanks :-)
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16:50epssy bbl all - moving house
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17:18TheWildgoose | johnp: Just trying out that change to the dvb vars. So far just a very quick test, but it's been up for 5 mins without crashing now - which is quite good
17:18TheWildgoose | I think that's probably what was wrong, wrong sized int's being passed to the ioctl!
17:19TheWildgoose | I will test the rest of that patch, but Chutt, my vote would be for inclusion
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17:21TheWildgoose | Hmm, rest of patch seems to have got mangled either by my mailreader or yours...
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17:31Chutt heh
17:31Chutt i haven't applied any patches recently :p
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17:36Beirdo avalanche sure did :) and what a patch!
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17:44GeckoFiend so I copied over all my recordings to the new box... When it finally finished I went to delete them from the old drive
17:45GeckoFiend what did dumbass me do? delete the new copies!
17:45Chutt heh
17:45Chutt funny
17:46* Beirdo chuckles
17:46Beirdo oops
17:48GeckoFiend least it's not as bad as typing "rm -rf * bak*" in the root dir as root.
17:48* GeckoFiend did that once years ago
17:49Beirdo ouch
17:49Beirdo re-install time :)
17:49Baylink I've done that twice, by accident, both on production client machines.
17:49Beirdo wow
17:49Baylink Survived both times.
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17:50Baylink One removed /bin/rm before it removed any important user data, due to the order of the directories in /
17:50GeckoFiend it could have been a lot worse. I caught it before it destroyed everything and was able to copy over the missing files from another machine
17:50Baylink the other ate a bunch of stuff, but I recovered most of it.
17:51Baylink There's a fun anecdote running around bout someone who did that on a vax, and got into things like handkeying machine code using control keys and stuff. Got it recovered...
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17:59TheWildgoose | Is Chris Peterson here? (Can't remember your nick)
17:59Beirdo no, but you can find him on -users (xris)
17:59Beirdo and it's Petersen :)
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18:00TheWildgoose | Ooops, sorry
18:00TheWildgoose | thanks
18:00Beirdo no prob
18:01TheWildgoose | Can't see him there right now?
18:01TheWildgoose | Oops, sorry
18:01Beirdo he's there, give him a sec
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18:02darkfrog I'm trying to set up MythTV on Fedora Core 3, is there a step-by-step tutorial on how to do this (I have a PVR-250)
18:02darkfrog ...and I'm trying to configure it with Dish Network
18:05Beirdo wrong channel
18:06TheWildgoose | Captain_Murdock: you around?
18:06darkfrog oh yeah
18:06darkfrog sorry
18:06Chutt ah, cool, they posted the info for that installfest at cwru
18:06Baylink Naw; Goose; says he left about 4 til
18:06Chutt i'll be going to that, if anyone cares =)
18:07Baylink :-P
18:07Beirdo Chutt: if I were in the area, I might drop by, but Toronto's too far away :)
18:07Chutt heh
18:08Chutt it's only 20 minutes or so for me
18:08TheWildgoose | Chris Morgan: Whatever your nick is... Are you there... (Come in number 4...)
18:08Chutt cmorgan
18:08Chutt and no, doesn't look like it
18:08TheWildgoose | Oh, that was an easy one!!
18:08TheWildgoose | Thanks
18:09Beirdo just too many Chrises to keep straight
18:09TheWildgoose | :-)
18:09johnp TheWildgoose, hmm, those vars (I thought where sized as per dvb spec) broken drivers ? Never mind as long as it works now.
18:09TheWildgoose | Yeah, it's been running for a good while now without any problems!
18:09TheWildgoose | Probably broken driver
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18:15Chutt i don't see how that would cause the crashes
18:15Chutt if anything, it'd just overwrite the other values in that struct
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18:18Beirdo my frontend still periodically segfaults with no warning, I likely have 10 coredumps accumulated. Sigh
18:18johnp Chutt, yeah you're correct.
18:19Beirdo always when I exit playback
18:19Beirdo but as nobody else seems to be bitching about it, I expect it's something specific about my setup
18:22rw hello all! The computer arrived today! :D
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18:33Beirdo boom. there's another for my coredump collection :)
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19:25Torq "Apple to buy tivo rumour" - hmm
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19:57geckofiend arrrrrrgggg this new box is gonna drive me nuts!
19:57geckofiend it refuses to show me my first tuner card and doesn't show any kind of errors
20:00geckofiend ahhhh when I try to record it shows: VTV_IOC_G_CODEC:: Bad address
20:00geckofiend 2005-02-25 20:00:06.177 TVRec: Recording Prematurely Stopped
20:04cmorgan TheWildgoose: you there man?
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20:08--- ---> okare [] has joined #mythtv
20:09davatar So I asked this back a while ago and I still haven't figured it out.. Is there some advantage to queing a commercial detect for software encodes?
20:19--- ---> GeckoFiend [] has joined #mythtv
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20:28Captain_Murdo| davatar: yes, the real-time (aka record-time) processing only does blank-frame detection. the post-record processing allows other methods.
20:31davatar hmm.. I think I'd rather have it do it real time.. I have cpu to spare..
20:40Captain_Murdo| well, wait a while then. I'm working on a way to start off the full flagging process right after a recording starts, so it would be done flagging almost right after the recording ends.
20:42davatar brilliant.. I was thinking about doing that.. but my mythtv development factor is a matter of how much it pisses me off, so it could been a while :)
20:42Beirdo if you could do it before it even writes to disk, that would be sweet for those of us using network storage :)
20:42Captain_Murdo| I already have it halfway done, just haven't spent much time on it over the past week.
20:42davatar It should be most useful for hdtv.. it could be a while waiting for that
20:43Captain_Murdo| Beirdo, that's the thought. I'm hoping I can stay only a few seconds behind so it will still be in the filesystem cache.
20:43davatar Beirdo: Not when you have a big server running your backend, and frontends that can *just* barely decode hd and encode one mpeg4 stream
20:43Beirdo Captain_Murdoch: sweet
20:44Captain_Murdo| all my storage is NAS, the disks are on my fileserver and my backends and frontends are all remote.
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22:04Stral anyone in australia got mythtv changing channels on an austar atlas decoder?
22:05Captain_Murdo| maybe over in #mythtv-users they might.
22:05Stral thanks
22:35--- ---> purplefro1 [] has joined #mythtv
22:36purplefro1 What's the most common cause of a "floating point exception" while the mythfrontend is starting up?
22:37Captain_Murdo| some of the users over in #mythtv-users might know.
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22:42purplefro1 gah, I always forget "-users"
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23:22Beirdo -lusers
23:22Beirdo :)
23:28dopester yep
---Logclosed Sat Feb 26 00:00:00 2005