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08:52N-Tropy where do you set autotranscoding in myth ?
08:57N-Tropy nm
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09:24GeckoFiend ok... new new old drives are now extended into the new LV. 568g for media files, time to start some high def recording
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09:44dopester new new old drives?
09:46jams dopester, all my stations have vct info
09:46dopester cool
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09:47jams and I don't have any thing "good" those other channels my manual scan showed, are either sd/hd repeats
09:47jams so I have two abc's, two fox's, two cbs
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09:58dopester that sucks.. i can't get discoveryhd to save my life.. i mean it comes in but its like its just a dirty signal.. hopefully I will get an hdtv soon and I can verify it does or doesn't work clean with my feed from time warner..
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10:06tstm_ I'm wondering how the time offset is supposed to work.. I've got XMLTV:s TimeOffset as +0200, but it doesent seem to affect EIT/EGP table information?
10:07tstm_ Hey. Has anyone used the DVB EIT feature?
10:07GeckoFiend pssst /topic
10:07dopester it doesn't use the timeoffset.. it uses the machiens localtimezone.. and you need to ask in #mythtv-users
10:08tstm_ Ok. I'll go there.. sorry. =/
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12:38Captain_Murdo| Chutt, you happen to be around?
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12:47Snow-Man He doesn't seem to be.
12:47Captain_Murdo| :) kinda figured that.
12:47TheWildgoose | Is cvs down?
12:47Snow-Man yeah.
12:48Captain_Murdo| think so, but wasn't even going to ask about that. :)
12:48TheWildgoose | Hokay.
12:48Snow-Man It got a memory upgrade, can't you tell?
12:48TheWildgoose | I forgot...
12:51Captain_Murdo| wrote something to make the db upgrade function wait if another process is updating the DB and wanted to run it by him. in testing/dev, once a day after my nightly backup (which copies production DB to dev DB), I start up the backend and frontend to test something and they fight over the db upgrade. :)
12:55* Captain_Murd goes away for a half hour to wait for his make to finish since he modified mythcontext.h
12:55dopester fun stuff
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13:23Snow-Man CVS is back up, for the moment at least.
13:27Captain_Murdo| quick, everyone "cvs update" while they can... :)
13:28dopester :)
13:31* Baylink chuckles
13:31Baylink Cap: you ever do a patch for that transcode thing?
13:31Baylink Or duplicate, or whatever?
13:36Captain_Murdo| which one? the exploding file?
13:38Captain_Murdo| if so, no, haven't done that yet. got sidetracked a little. think it's an easy fix.
13:38Chutt dead again
13:40Captain_Murdo| Chutt, do you think the concept in this file looks ok to prevent multiple programs from trying to update the DB at the same time: SaveGlobalSetting is a new method to save a global setting (ie, hostname is NULL);
13:41Chutt that's racy.
13:41Captain_Murdo| yeah, trying to think of a way to get it to work across machines only by looking at the DB.
13:41Chutt pids
13:41Chutt LOCK TABLE
13:41Chutt etc
13:42Captain_Murdo| ok. thanks. could lock settings table I guess.
13:43Captain_Murdo| haven't messed with that before, guess I'm googling. :)
13:47Captain_Murdo| cool, didn't think it would be that easy. :) "lock table settings write;" and "unlock tables;"
13:51Baylink Cool; cap. Don't forget: it only seems to bite us when there are flagged commercials.
13:52Captain_Murdo| ok.
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16:33GeckoFiend Chutt have you tried a non-nfs mounted remote frontend lately?
16:38Chutt nope
16:41GeckoFiend I wonder if that's not the source of a lot of the "myth is slow to change channels" complaints
16:42GeckoFiend there's a TON of connects/disconnects to the backend before it starts displaying the stream
16:43GeckoFiend course I promptly fixed the mount point for my files on the remote FE and the problem went away
16:46Captain_Murdo| Chutt, took another shot and put another version up that uses a table lock. do you think using a table just for locking is OK? I can't lock any existing table unless I put all the dbcheck.cpp stuff into the same MSqlQuery. if I do that, the query has to lock all tables. when I do that and a new table is created, it would also need to be locked. the 'schemalock' table
16:46Captain_Murdo| nd all this and was the least intrusive way to get locking.
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17:41Anduin The thing I liked about Torq's patch was that it used the data myth already had (userid/channel/etc), when I did --dd-file I just did it all manually.
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17:55Chutt captain_murdoch, well, i'm not sure if that'll work
17:55Chutt you're only locking the one table, right? Do other attempts to lock the table block?
18:05Captain_Murdo| yeah
18:05Captain_Murdo| tested with backend and frontend started at the same time. the frontend waited till the backend was done.
18:07Captain_Murdo| it's using that table lock as a semaphore. if I wanted to lock every table, I would have had to list out every table on the lock line and then all updates inside the update method would have had to use the same MSqlQuery (since the tables were locked by that query). if I did that, then I would have to lock any new tables as they were added because a new table is by default unlocked and if you have a lock, you have to lock all tab
18:07Captain_Murdo| essing, so the code couldn't use the new table it made unless it also locked it. that would have gotten quite hairy.
18:08Captain_Murdo| it's locking for writes and write locks block, so any other program that tries to get the lock on the schemalock table would block until the original lock was released.
18:12Chutt might want to test the success of that lock, though
18:12Chutt just to make sure
18:14Captain_Murdo| the exec. yeah, will check and return false if not, and let the calling program bail.
18:18Captain_Murdo| checking the "lock table" as well as the create.
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18:36Captain_Murdo| seems to be working fine, and I simulated a few errors and got the correct response, it even prints out the reason it can't create the table or get the lock. I'll test here for a while first though. the DB on my dev box gets upgraded daily since it gets copied nightly from my production system which is a version or two behind. probably ugrade production to current CVS after the weekend since things have settled down after the bi
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21:11davatar If I just call memcpy is it using an architecture optimized memcpy? i.e. mmx?
21:11Snow-Man I doubt it.
21:12Snow-Man mmx isn't about memory copying anyway, as I recall.
21:13davatar no.. but it allows you to copy very fast.. I know the kernel uses optimized memcpy's like this but I'm not sure if I just use it will the correct method be picked up..
21:14Snow-Man See above.
21:14davatar ?
21:14Snow-Man 21:11 <Snow-Man> I doubt it.
21:14Anduin it is often an intrinsic
21:14Anduin but certainly doesn't have to be
21:15davatar I figure it's just need code if I just use memcpy instead of writing an mmx routine.. that way it gets optimized on any architecture, I'm just not sure how this happens.
21:15davatar need=neat
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22:26dopester anyone thought about using eia-775A to render the osd and just using firewire for digital tvs?
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22:40davatar You know it would be nice to have X do it.. I thought the new xorg team was working on such deficiencies
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23:08davatar ouch.. kdevelop is not liking these whitespace characters in formatccfield
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