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01:19rkulagow__ dopester: here?
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01:27BlurredWe interesting, I recompiled with -O instead of -O2 and it doesn't crash any more....
01:27BlurredWe at least I haven't seen it yet
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02:20defaultro hey guys, i need your help. I would like to troubleshoot as to why I am not able to see the recorded program when I am only using one output screen and that is my hdtv. What is the most verbose way of troubleshooting mythfronttend?
02:21defaultro so there is no connected vga cable, just DVI cable
02:21defaultro X however is running fine at 1080i
02:24* Beirdo looks at the topic
02:25Beirdo wrong channel
02:25defaultro no
02:25defaultro i was hoping that these guys can help me :D
02:25Beirdo read the damn topic
02:25Beirdo "For mythtv related user support"
02:26defaultro yeah
02:26Beirdo anything that starts "hey guys, I need your help" is user support I would say
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03:04tstm Is there any documentation in how the mythtv UI is supposed to work? I'm thinking about customizing it, and it would be nice to have an overview how it is structured now..
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10:53kvandivo hey gecko.. you go anywhere in particular to get the "GPL" art that you used for blue (or did you make it yourself?)
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11:01mikegrb KIRBY MADE IT!
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13:12GeckoFiend_ kvandivo
13:12GeckoFiend_ err
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13:44GeckoFiend_ joy oh joy yet another install guide written by someone who doesn't have a clue. At least Jarrod has his head on straight
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13:49Beirdo GeckoFiend_: URL?
13:50GeckoFiend_ heh I haven't even read it, basing my opinion soley on his responses in the -users list.
13:50GeckoFiend_ if you're gonna write an install guide, at least do enough homework to know the "best practices"
13:50Baylink Indeed.
13:51Baylink Separating out the CVS vs source vs binary, and the one distro vs another things -- and staying readable -- can be a pita.
13:51Beirdo GeckoFiend_: do you have a URL for the offending guide? :)
13:51Baylink I'm musing on CSS to hide the appropriate paragraphs in realtime.
13:53Baylink Oh yeah; I have 2.4G P4's laying around my house. ;-)
13:53GeckoFiend_ heh "MythTV user manual"
13:53Beirdo heh
13:53Baylink ... yes? ;-)
13:53Beirdo and his minimums are way overstated
13:53Baylink Oh, that's his title.
13:53Baylink *Sure*...
13:54stoffel a 2.4GHz CPU is the minimum requirement?
13:54Baylink Hell no
13:54stoffel Baylink: i know
13:54Baylink We're running 2x250 + playback and transcode on a Barton 2500, and I have no worries about adding 2 more tuners.
13:54Baylink Now, if you're dumb enough to use frame buffers...
13:55GreyFoxx he lists unbuntu as a software requirement :)
13:55Beirdo yeah
13:55Baylink Well, to install on Ubuntu it is...
13:56Baylink This document is mostly just misnamed. :-)
13:56GreyFoxx "How I did it" should be the title :)
13:56kvandivo GeckoFiend_: danke
13:56Beirdo yeah
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15:03johnp_ Can anyone point me at the code which generates the programid within mythbackend ? This is from within the backend (not mythfilldb). Ta
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15:06johnp_ doh, forget that. Just spotted what's going on.
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15:15@Chutt geckofiend, here at all?
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15:30GeckoFiend_ yep
15:30GeckoFiend_ get much snow up your way Chutt?
15:31@Chutt naw
15:31@Chutt inch or so
15:32@Chutt hardly enough for it to be worth it
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15:52@Chutt :(
15:53@Chutt my stock's down 6 cents
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15:55GeckoFiend_ start a MS buyout rumor
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15:55GeckoFiend_ or a google buyout rumor
15:56_rkulagow_ chutt: docs sync please?
15:57@Chutt sure
15:57_rkulagow_ gracias
15:58@Chutt done
15:59Beirdo or have Verizon and Qwest battling over buying your employer, with more layoffs seen as a good thing by investors..
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17:05_rkulagow_ i must be looking in the wrong places; no one seems to have the pvr500 (other than hauppauge, who want $199 for it)
17:06kvandivo check your spam folder. I'm sure there are a number of firms in russia that are willing to sell it to your for $75 max
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18:07Beirdo you sure that isn't a new house they'll sell you? Or L1d0caine
18:11doggkruse How do we get stuff added to the official myth docs / howto?
18:12kvandivo reading section 1.9 of the docs might be helpful
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18:15doggkruse thanks, writing an e-mail now :)
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20:17dopester im here now rkulagow_
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22:46HRearden dopester, you there?
22:48dopester yes
22:49mikegrb nope
22:49HRearden I have been trying to get my pcHDTV card to tune QAM. I went out and got an actual real QAM tuner (Samsung SIRT451) to test. Using it, I can get several actual HD channels which I don't see at all via myth and the DVB drivers.
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22:51HRearden For instance, using the Samsung tuner and my cable, I can get channel 113. Using the azap program, I only see very low signal strength -- same result inside of myth -- I get maybe 7% signal, but the Samsung pulls it in fine -- no artifacts or nothing.
22:51dopester did you scan using the mythsetup app?
22:51HRearden Earlier today, I tried changing the line in siscan to qam_64 instead of qam_256. Saw a bunch more junk, but no channels which I now *know* are there. Any thoughts?
22:51HRearden yes.
22:52HRearden I also applied the patch you recommended the other night on the subchannel zero check.
22:53dopester well did you try to see what scan picked up?
22:53dopester most channels on cable will have no name, etc
22:53HRearden yeah. It didn't pick up the two HD channels which I know I get consistently on the Samsung. 113-1 and 113-2.
22:54HRearden could the dvb driver itself be giving a bad read on the signal strength?
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22:54dopester well you might want to see what 113s frequency is and make sure your channels.conf is right
22:54dopester beyond that i don't really know i didn't write hte dvb driver for the pchdtv cards...
22:54HRearden I am using channels-conf.qam from
22:55dopester well the numbers aren't right in there..
22:55HRearden Where can I get the right ones?
22:55dopester the internet or give me a sec to put a right one up there
22:55dopester 113 might be 120 or something
22:55dopester i wrote that channels.conf with a for loop and apparently cable channels arent incremental
22:55HRearden the scan didn't pick it up in any case, though.
22:56dopester ok
22:56HRearden still, it would be good to have a correct channels.conf for QAM testing outside of myth.
22:59HRearden thx.
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23:04HRearden what signal strength are you typically getting for your QAM channels?
23:08dopester d800 or greater. but i don't know how the pchdtv drivers report it.
23:08dopester thats about 31db or so
23:09dopester ffff is 32db so you can do the math
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23:09HRearden ugh. On the known channel 113-1, using your new channels.conf, I get a lock, but only a signal of 1fd0 or so.
23:09dopester casue thats clearly not right :)
23:10dopester yeah but what does 1fd0 mean.. the signal level values are arbitary so each frontend will report something different
23:10HRearden that's somewhat like the 7%-9% that I see in the Myth SCAN gui/
23:10dopester yeah its probbably still not good :)
23:11HRearden but it's picked up <perfectly> by the Samsung tuner. No artifacts, nothing. If I recall, it showed a decent signal strength on that tuner, but it's some bull* cell-phone-like bar icon.
23:12HRearden The other truly bizarre thing is that I can pull in 4 channels that are really just SDTV re-broadcasts on the pcHDTV. The Samsung QAM tuner doesn't find these at all.
23:13HRearden I'm really close to going back into the attic and trying to get OTA working again...
23:14HRearden I moved into the house recently and went up there a few weeks ago and found a *GIANT* antenna up there, probably 7 foot long, seemingly positioned correctly to the north which is what I need, but I can only really get one or two channels decently on it.
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23:16Baylink I hate to tell you this, HRearden, but this is really -users material. :-)
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23:18tuxristo Baylink: What about a question about setting up a "test case" for some code i have been working on? :)
23:18Baylink *Maybe*.
23:18Baylink :-)
23:19Baylink As long as it isn't torrentocracy. :-)
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23:20tuxristo :) Do you think i can get away with putting a remote frontend and a slave backend on the same machine, if i want to test preview generation on the remot frontend while the files are on a slave backend
23:21Baylink You want two BE's on the same box? Or two FE's, talking to BE's on *different* boxes?
23:24tuxristo the code i am working on, makes it so that the preview pixmaps update themselves whenever the recording changes, i want to make sure that when i go on a remote frontend and access and change a recording on a slve backend, that the remote frontend's preview pixmap gets updated, so ... i have a machine with a mainfrontend and a main backend and a database, i also have a machine with a remote frontend that i have b
23:24tuxristo een testing with. my question is " if i don't have a third box, then where do i stick the slave backend?"
23:25Baylink I can't see why you *couldn't* put the slave BE on the second box... but no, that's really back to being a -users question. :-) More people likely to know, off hand, there, too.
23:26tuxristo yos ee what i mean? if i put the remote FE and a slave BE on the same box, then will that serve as a test case or will the remote FE access the slave BE right through the filesystem( since they _are_ on the same box) bypassing the myth protocol
23:28tuxristo whether i can put them on the same box is a users question i agree, but how the remote FE will or should access the files ona slave BE that happens to be on a same physical box, is more of a devel question :)
23:28HRearden IIRC, it will first check the filesystem and not go to mythprotocol.
23:28HRearden That could be mythweb, though, and not the remote FE itself.
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23:28tuxristo hmm, my guess is that would be the "correct" behavior as well, doh
23:29Baylink tux: hide them from each other: put one in a non-standard directory, or something.
23:29HRearden on second thought, that was mythweb. Don't know about the behavior inside the FE.
23:30tuxristo good idea
23:30tuxristo thx
23:30Baylink Or chroot them both, if you're brave. Hint: strace
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23:36tuxristo Hrearden: mythweb does a very simple filesystem based check, and only works if mythweb and the backend are on the same box, I am trying to implement this in the backend itself. Making the preview update work with remote frontends, remote mythweb instlls and slave backends is the whole point of doing this, so i kind of need to have them in place for testing. So,... i'll try to hide them from eachother
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23:41HRearden tuxristo, aren't the settings in the settings db, though, hostname dependent? I would think that would be a problem at somepoint in the "hiding" process...
23:44tuxristo i need to hide them from eachother, in the filesystem, i think, i'll see what happens...
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