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05:30mtjs HocusHocus: you must be the new mythtv developer ..?
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11:41@Chutt geckofiend, around?
11:54_rkulagow_ gerd is leaving v4l project.
11:55@Chutt heh
11:55@Chutt why?
11:56_rkulagow_ "switching to a new work field" + no time
11:56@Chutt ah
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12:41borra Does anyone know how to get the Dish Network PPV Titles, and info to show up in the Guide? Or can someone give me some easier ideas to parse the date from the listing website. Thanks,,,
12:42@Chutt topic, please.
12:42borra Isn't MythTV Guide Data part of the Topic ?
12:43@Chutt no
12:43@Chutt what does the topic say?
12:44borra So I want to Develop a way to grab the data off of a web site, and put it into the XML guide format, then put it into the database so I can view the info
12:44borra this seems a litte more then just regular user support
12:44@Chutt so do it
12:44@Chutt this isn't the place to learn how to code.
12:45borra I see this community is full of help to make MythTV even better for all users
12:45borra oh well..
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13:24_rkulagow_ hrmm. fresh install of CVS on a fresh FC3; i got a schemaupgrade table and that's it. none of the specific mythtv tables got made.
13:24@Chutt heh
13:24@Chutt any errors?
13:24_rkulagow_ checking.
13:24_rkulagow_ (different box)
13:25_rkulagow_ "told to create a NEW schema, but 1 table already exists" is interesting
13:26@Chutt ah
13:26@Chutt heh
13:26kvandivo hmm.. that's code that i put in.. apparently pinky didn't change that
13:26@Chutt should be an easy fix.
13:26_rkulagow_ i'm at work, so i'll defer to someone else.
13:27_rkulagow_ (punt)
13:27@Chutt c_m'll hopefully read this at some point :p
13:27* kvandivo is reminded of the 'hot potato' game that he played in his youth.
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13:33* _GeckoFiend waits for the third build/install loop of the day to finish and prays that his co-workers got it right this time.
13:33@Chutt heh
13:33@Chutt only 3rd?
13:33@Chutt we get automated builds after every checkin
13:33_GeckoFiend hehe they're cheap here.
13:34_GeckoFiend The build *should* be painless,but it never is
13:34@Chutt our builds have to be painless =)
13:37@Chutt too much automated stuff bitches otherwise
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13:39Captain_Murdo| here
13:39Captain_Murdo| will take a look.
13:39@Chutt just need to make that test for > 1 tables present
13:39@Chutt and it should work
13:39Captain_Murdo| yeah.
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13:52_rkulagow_ so is changing the >0 in row 1483 all that's required in the initialize database call in dbcheck?
13:53Captain_Murdo| yeah, I'm about to commit a patch with that in it as well as a change to the unlock message.
13:53_rkulagow_ ok
13:53Captain_Murdo| just finished testing.
13:53_rkulagow_ you should do that _before_ commiting. :)
13:54Captain_Murdo| :) just didn't test with a new DB last time.
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13:55_rkulagow_ hey, as long as you're touch dbcheck, did anyone take a look at the mythweather animated maps? users are saying there's a missing row
13:55Captain_Murdo| thought that was fixed earlier by changing the default on the GetNumSetting.
13:55@Chutt it was
13:56_rkulagow_ yeah, i don't use it, so i don't remember. was this post .17?
13:57Captain_Murdo| yeah.
13:57Captain_Murdo| dbcheck change committed.
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14:51_rkulagow_ yay. so my air2pc card picks up PBS and 5 different religious channels off of the hancock tower using a coat hanger.
14:54kvandivo how far away is that, and can you get anything from other towers?
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14:55_rkulagow_ hancock is .4 miles; sears tower is in the other direction about 1 mile away. didn't pick up anything off of sears tower, but i'm using rabbit ears, no uhf loops, and it's sitting under a desk.
14:56_rkulagow_ with a 75 ohm spade lug to push-on-f connector.
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15:04borra is anyone awake in here who knows c and who is interested in getting PPV for DIsh Network working? I have source code for one of the Windows HTPC guide Dish Programs
15:09* Beirdo wishes people would read the topic before hitting enter
15:09@Chutt but it's development related! he has source code this time!
15:10Beirdo heh
15:10borra I have source code, I would like to see it in use for Myth, but I can't do jack with it
15:10borra it would be a nice feature... Users fourm just say "Isn't it in the Data Direct listings"
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15:15borra some looked at the source and said its Impossible to do because they are using MS.C...
15:16borra well I will check back later and see if anyone is interested in taking on what I think would be a very usefull project... Getting Dish Network PPV title, start/end times working in the MythTV guide..
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15:17kvandivo i think it would be very useful for someone to wire me a hdtv antenna system on my house. who's up for it?
15:18@Chutt it would be very useful
15:18kvandivo i think so..
15:24mikegrb You would.
15:24_rkulagow_ chutt: any joy with that plextor?
15:24@Chutt haven't looked at it yet
15:24_rkulagow_ ok
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17:20ParadigmShift| anyone here using ivtv on an amd64
17:24ParadigmShift| nobody??
17:24ParadigmShift| :(
17:25mikegrb sorry, this isn't #ivtv
17:26ParadigmShift| oh sorry
17:26ParadigmShift| i should have read the topic
17:26Beirdo yes you should have ;)
17:26kvandivo it's a paradigm shift to do that, huh?
17:26ParadigmShift| i'm an idiot sorry my friends
17:26ParadigmShift| lol
17:27Beirdo but unlike most people, you noticed your mistake fairly quickly
17:27ParadigmShift| well before I leave I just want to thank you developers for working on this, I'm just starting out but it looks amazing
17:28kvandivo it is amazing. keep digging. it gets better
17:28ParadigmShift| off to the user channel
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17:54GeckoFiend Captain around?
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18:19Kronuz hello
18:20Kronuz hey, I just installed mythtv using knoppmyth, I'm using a WinTV-PVR-350, but I can't get it to show anything on my TV...
18:20@Chutt topic, please.
18:21Kronuz any ideas?
18:21Beirdo yes
18:21Beirdo read the topic
18:22Kronuz :P sorry
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18:49thor_ Chutt, any thoughts on sending a Qns object off to do a lookup in a thread (as long as I don't try and handle the resultsReady() signal) ?
18:49@Chutt dunno
18:50thor_ k, I'll look inside the Qt source
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21:05Captain_Murdo| GeckoFiend: am now if you see this.
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21:36HocusHocus would anyone be interested in keeping mythtivo alive as a plugin for mythtv
21:36HocusHocus I just got it working on my Asus Pundit debian mythtv 0.17 machine
21:37HocusHocus took some figuring out, but once I get the howto all tidied up I can let you guys know where to get it
21:40GeckoFiend wow chutt it's amazing, MythTV supports the plextor USB capture device and you didn't even write a line of code
21:40* GeckoFiend read it on /. so it must be true
21:42Captain_Murdo| HocusHocus: you got a tivo with lifetime subscription that you can loan me to help keep the plugin up to date? :)
21:42Captain_Murdo| GeckoFiend: were you looking for me earlier?
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21:45thor_ hmmm, telekinetic code development, cool
21:45Captain_Murdo| if you want it hard enough, it will come true.
21:47HocusHocus Captain_Murdoch: nice, I am using a series 1 tivo and would bet that a first generation series 1 with 13 gig HD with no subscription could get the job done ;)
21:47HocusHocus thats what mine was before I upgraded the harddrive to 160
21:48Captain_Murdo| reread my message, I was asking if you wanted to "loan" me one indefinitely. :)
21:49Baylink Hey, Cap.
21:49Captain_Murdo| hey
21:49Baylink patchy-patchy? :-}
21:50Captain_Murdo| for what? (short-term memory loss)
21:50HocusHocus right, I got it,,, cant give my only one, but I'll keep my eyes peeled, I got mine for $60
21:50Baylink transcode shifts to MJPEG when it thinks the processor load's too high
21:50Captain_Murdo| hopeful fix for that went into CVS yesterday I think.
21:51Captain_Murdo| transcoder sets a flag in NuppelVideoRecorder to force compression.
21:51Baylink I guess I'll go pick it off the commits archive; I *really* don't want to get back on the CVS bandwagon. I've told her I'm never upgrading it again; the hell I just went through.
21:52Captain_Murdo| small patch really, just affected 3 files I think and they're minor mods.
21:53Baylink COol
21:53Captain_Murdo| NuppelVideoPlayer.cpp and .h and programs/mythtranscode/transcode.cpp I think were the 3. I think I committed that patch by itself.
21:55Beirdo MJPEG?!
21:56Beirdo it goes to raw, no?
21:56Captain_Murdo| I think so.
21:58Beirdo speaking of MJPEG, I need to pound on that G400-TV again :)
21:58Beirdo I rebuilt my build server to an AMD64 :)
22:01Baylink Might have been raw; you read the trace
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22:10Beirdo yeah, it was raw :)
22:11Beirdo I'm pretty sure MJPEG is only supported in hardware mode from MJPEG cards :)
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22:51rkulagow__ dopester: here?
22:51dopester yessir
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23:12digress hey all, are there any drivers out for the dual-tuner haup. cards?
23:16rkulagow__ check the ivtv list archives for the best information, or see if anyone's in #ivtv-dev
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23:23rkulagow__ chutt: here?
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23:52borra hey Chutt
23:53borra whats up duuude
23:53dopester fellow triangle ip
23:53borra oh yah, Road Runner all the way !!
23:54borra why did you go with mindspring ?? they cap the News Group Downloads
23:54dopester im a cheap ass and i like saving 3 bucks a month
23:55borra darn, I didn't know it was cheaper
23:55borra do you know c by chance ?
23:56borra I am looking for someone to take a look at this Dish PPV Info Source code and see if they can compile it to work with Myth
23:56borra I don't really want to dork around with it, unless I can't find anyone willing
23:57Beirdo you've been told already that that's off-topic here
23:57borra I don't understand why its off topic
23:57borra development is creating new code and such for the growth of MythTV, right ?
23:57Beirdo the development OF MythTV
23:58borra Doesn't myth include Guide ?
23:58borra ivtv ?
23:58borra a bunch of different apps put togeather to make a sweet HTPC app
23:59borra MythTV guide is BROKEN for Dish Network... I have source that shows how to get it to work... but its written for Microsoft
23:59* Beirdo yawns
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