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00:18hedgehair im trying to run mythfilldatabase but i get this error? i already loaded mc.sql also ..
00:19Captain_Murdo| sounds like something a #mythtv-user might know something about.
00:19hedgehair oh arg, my bad forgot
00:19Captain_Murdo| :)
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01:55wishie im trying to launch mythfrontend for the first time, and it says it cant connect to the database..
01:55wishie im sure i have the right details in there..
01:58wishie i can connect from the command line, using mysql -umythtv mythconverg
01:58wishie but i cant when the frontend is asking me for my database details
01:59wishie oh oops. saw the topic.
01:59wishie sorry
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06:56fridge hi, does anyone have an XMLTV scraper that picks up ABC2?
06:56fridge whoops, wrong chan
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07:27o_cee anyone got a good grip in the utf8() local8Bit() stuff?
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11:51Chutt heh
11:52GeckoFiend mornin chutt
11:52Chutt howdy
11:54Chutt new nvidia driver's out, for anyone who's using those
11:54Tommck Chutt - any reason for upgrade?
11:55Chutt newer's better?
11:55Tommck hehe :)
11:55GeckoFiend That's what I keep telling my wife
11:55Tommck famous last words :)
11:56_rkulagow_ hey chutt. nathan l, the guy that wrote the plextor tv{blah} driver posted this to the v4l mailing list:
11:56_rkulagow_ "Also, the GO7007 delivers MPEG elementary streams only and has
11:56_rkulagow_ no hardware audio encoding, so you have to mux the streams in software
11:56_rkulagow_ yourself"
11:56_rkulagow_ i know you said that you don't need an external sound card, but since you've actually got one, can you translate the above into something i can relate to?
11:57Chutt think of it as a regular bttv card that supports btaudio
11:57_rkulagow_ (if you've got the cycles, of course)
11:57_rkulagow_ ah, ok
11:57Chutt but can deliver compressed video frames instead of uncompressed
11:57_rkulagow_ you're not running into any lip-sync type issues, correct? clocking is maintained somehow/
11:58Chutt i haven't hooked it up yet :(
11:58Chutt been swamped with work
11:58_rkulagow_ ok
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12:19o_cee Chutt, great news :D
12:20kvandivo you're having a baby!?
12:20o_cee was refering to the new nvidia drivers, let's hope i can finally use them..
12:20_rkulagow_ and you're naming it "chutt"!
12:20* kvandivo grins evily.
12:21_rkulagow_ OT: how does "ijr" map to "chutt", anyway?
12:21kvandivo ya.. someone else has already named their kid isaac, so chutt is the logical progression
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12:21o_cee nvidia server seems swamped, he
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12:25kvandivo have chutt give you his super secret ip address and you can get them quick
12:26Chutt heh
12:26Chutt all internal :p
12:27dopester i need to call my local pbs station.. now that i got their stuff on an hdtv i can really see they are overcompressing it.. :)
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12:27o_cee dunno if it's worth installing manually and breaking packaging stuff though.. but from the changelog it might be fixed, so :)
12:27_rkulagow_ dopester: shouldn't you be at work?
12:27dopester naw im working from home today
12:27Chutt dopester, no, haven't had time for the air2pc yet
12:27dopester my mouth is still bleeding a bit from yesterdays extraction
12:28_rkulagow_ watching your new TV is not "work"\
12:28dopester i have my work laptop to the right of my powerbook and outlook is opened up.. :)
12:28dopester that counts as work as far as im concerned..
12:29o_cee Chutt, would it be ok to put some text in mythfilldatabase to tell people that they need to register if they want to use our grabber? (no auth, yet at least)
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12:30Chutt think that belongs in the docs
12:31o_cee m'kay
12:31kvandivo perhaps put the url of the docs in the program.
12:31* kvandivo giggles.
12:32o_cee * Topic for #mythtv-beginners is: The New and Improved user friendly MythTV users channel
12:32o_cee * Topic for #mythtv-beginners set by shadash at Thu Mar 10 19:06:29 2005
12:32o_cee hahaha
12:32dopester sweet
12:32kvandivo what makes a channel intrinsically 'improved' ?
12:33o_cee shadash just an FYI for everyone there's another MythTV channel if you're looking for higher level Myth questions /join #mythtv-beginners
12:33_rkulagow_ chutt not yelling at you.
12:33kvandivo always a perk, i suppose
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12:35o_cee heh, updating qt with the backend running wasn't a good idea :)
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13:31GeckoFiend weeeee qt rebuilding now on my uber 733mhz box. WTF is up with distros not including database plugins with their Qt builds?
13:32Chutt what distro?
13:32GeckoFiend Vector Linux
13:32Chutt heh
13:33GeckoFiend yeah. it's tiny and speedy on POS hardware. and to change the distro I have to pull the drive from the picturebook and I'm too lazy to tear it aprat again
13:33GeckoFiend just getting liunx on it and running in widescreen mode was accomplishment enough
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13:47dopester heh
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14:02beavis dopester: EIT works with your latest patch great here with DVB-t in germany
14:02dopester yeah i have heard that
14:02dopester i gotta figure out why your sats don't work though
14:08dopester a wedding story is on discovery hd theatre.. wtf..
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14:29johnnyST dopester, a patch for EIT ? :)
14:29johnnyST hi btw.
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15:57beavis should myth compile with gcc-3.4 on a 64bit system?
15:58--- ---> tobo [] has joined #mythtv
15:58Chutt nope
15:58Chutt it only compiles with gcc 2.95.4 on a power pc
15:59stoffel *g*
16:01kvandivo i like this approach and think we start using it. rather than pointing people to the topic, just answer them... creatively...
16:05mikegrb kvandivo: where are you going to find some creativity to use?
16:05* mikegrb runs
16:05stoffel ebay?
16:06GeckoFiend after you get the deps compiled you need to do "cat /dev/random > /dev/hda" before you can compile myth in 64bit mode
16:06Chutt bah, don't do that :p
16:07GeckoFiend you mean that's not the super secret 64bit performance tweak?!?!? dopester LIED to me then
16:08Chutt no advice that can break people's machines :p
16:15thor_ before ./configure, try a rm -fr /*
16:16kvandivo now guys.. it's mean to have them delete things.. just have them do a 'mv /lib /lib.bak'
16:16thor_ if that fails, do a su - nobody before installing
16:18hadees okay so if i have a nuv file which could be mpeg2 or whatever what should i use to get the raw PCM from it?
16:18Chutt libmyttv
16:18Chutt err, +h
16:18thor_ or khexedit
16:19hadees Chutt, cool that will decode it for me?
16:19Snow-Man Read the API?
16:19Chutt well, considering that that's what mythfrontend uses to decode it, yes
16:20thor_ I thought it just used mplayer
16:20hadees Chutt, i didn't know if myth used something else
16:20hadees that i should call directly
16:21Snow-Man Chutt: Don't you just put a header on it?
16:22hadees i am running an experiment to see how much cmusphinx-3 (speech recognition system) can recognize
16:22hadees from a TV show
16:22Chutt no
16:22Chutt depends on the capture
16:23Snow-Man ah.
16:24--- ---> mythtv [] has joined #mythtv
16:25thor_ hadees, man mencoder, particularly -oac pcm
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16:27GeckoFiend hadees myth already does that... maybe you forgot a USE flag?
16:28hadees GeckoFiend, i am guessing your joking
16:28Snow-Man myth uses a speech recognition system?
16:28GeckoFiend only if you use the right flags when you emerg it
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16:28hadees USE="dick" emerge GeckoFiend
16:29GeckoFiend wow feel the love
16:29hadees hehe
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16:31RTO does anyone know if mythtv has support for a "leadtek prv 2000" card and remote?
16:31GeckoFiend only under gentoo
16:31hadees RTO, topic and it can support any remote
16:31hadees GeckoFiend, you know your words really hurt me
16:32GeckoFiend just trying to get some more converts
16:32hadees GeckoFiend, you have changed my mind Screw GENTOO FC RULEZ
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16:59dopester geckofiend: super secret 64bit performance tweak.. you must be smokin' something
17:00GeckoFiend now you tell me! I wondered why it was taking so long for that command to finish
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17:02JavaPunk Were is a good place to start for devloping plugins?
17:02o_cee mythgame
17:02_rkulagow_ yeesh! "There is a deplorable lack of useful information about the Myth
17:02_rkulagow_ Protocol. I think that is because they don't want the likes of us
17:02_rkulagow_ using it, but that may just be paranoia."
17:03o_cee haha
17:03hadees _rkulagow_, where is that from?
17:03_rkulagow_ mvpmc-devel
17:03thor_ need to send a MythHitSquad to that IP address before too many people discover the truth
17:03Chutt that's cool
17:06dopester chutt: is a valid frame required to render the osd?
17:07hadees MediaMVP looks intresting but supporting one obscure device doesn't seem like that great an idea
17:07Chutt dopester, shouldn't be
17:09hadees Has anyone tried to use the open source files on to get mythtv to run on a tivo?
17:11shadash that would be cool
17:11hadees and cheap if tivo does go belly up
17:12hadees although you couldn't get the source to their encoder driver, it has to be a linux driver so you should be able to somehow use it
17:12Chutt uh
17:12Chutt considering there's no drivers for anything there
17:12Chutt and the processor is horribly slow
17:12Chutt i don't quite think you've thought that through.
17:13Chutt or bothered to look on the mailing lists, where some idiot brings that up every couple months
17:13hadees Chutt, well i was only thinking that if tivo dies out it would be a cheap source of hardware
17:13--- ---> rw [] has joined #mythtv
17:14Chutt you going to reverse engineer the drivers?
17:14hadees Chutt, if it is linux how hard would it be to just use theirs?
17:15dopester hadees: it could be a nice platform to port vdr to say, but myth require too much cpu i think if you could get the drivers to all work
17:15Chutt the mere fact that you have to ask shows that you don't have any clue what you're talking about.
17:15thor_ everything useful inside a TV has got closed code handling it
17:15thor_ err, TiVo
17:15thor_ bah
17:15dopester would take months to commercial flag, etc..
17:15o_cee thor_, how's mfd moving along? :)
17:16thor_ movin ...
17:16thor_ two months to get music visualization working :-)
17:16o_cee heh :)
17:17thor_ could just decode in the client, but I'm a pedantic nutbar
17:17o_cee just got muine set up here, looks sweet
17:18thor_ only thing remotely remarkable about mfd/mfe at this point is that you don't have to configure anything, and the client never blocks
17:18o_cee yeah, and it auto adds stuff to the db. mpd doesn't do that
17:20thor_ rtsp is proving to be a bit complicated (need to understand sdp, rtp, and rtcp to use it), but getting it into my brain should pay dividends at some point
17:20o_cee need to google it :)
17:20o_cee btw i solved the stupid questions i asked you, hehe
17:21thor_ ah, yeah, saw that ... was in St. Louis yesterday though
17:21thor_ figured you work it out
17:21thor_ :-)
17:21o_cee :)
17:21o_cee i've now finally made mythfildatabase crash at the end every time i run it, yey
17:22thor_ consistency is nothing to sneeze at
17:22kvandivo i was in stl yesterday as well
17:22thor_ heh
17:22kvandivo at least until 9am
17:23thor_ in at 9:05, out at 5:30 pm
17:23kvandivo i was probably driving by lambert when you landed.. wow.. i was so close to greatness and didn't even realize it
17:24* thor_ looks around the mess that is his office for "greatness"
17:24kvandivo i did notice that my truck seemed to run smoother for a few miles there
17:33o_cee delete gContext; at the end on filldata.cpp causes a segfault.. hrm, not sure if it's because something i changed..
17:41hadees hey I am going through some code in mythfrontend and i tracing back from class ThemedMenu but i can't find it's exec function or any the parent classes
17:42thor_ what exec function ?
17:42hadees or it in any of the parent classes
17:42--- ---> pourriture [] has joined #mythtv
17:44hadees thor_ in runMenu it creates a a new ThemedMenu and puts it in the menu pointer and then calls menu->exec() i am guessing that is QT or something
17:44thor_ you may want to try a few very simply Qt apps to get a sense of the event loop
17:45hadees thor_ so it is the event loop? thats what i thought but i didn't see it in the troll tech docs for the class QObject
17:46hadees thor_, thanks
17:46thor_ somewhere up the chain, it inherits from QDialog (or similar)
17:56pourriture sorry ... I know this might be better asked in the users chan ... but they are talking MAME ROMS right now
17:56pourriture if I have a pvr-150 is now a good time to attempt a myth install or should I wait?
17:57gr8nash definatly ask in mythtv-users
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22:13GotD0t hi... im setting up my mythtv system and i want to know how i can set it up to record from a stream from my cable box (its a digi-cable box)
22:16hadees GotD0t, topic
22:16GotD0t i just realized
22:16hadees hey which ones of the music viz were converted from xmms
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