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02:36booyeah11 uo
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04:36pa8 hello
04:36pa8 does anyone know the website about the tutorial/review based around Winfast 2000XP
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04:59pa8 what lirc driver does winfast use
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11:22hadees Chutt, you around?
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11:24hadees Chutt, anyway i got a problem with my winamp vis plugin for mythmusic, right now it seems like it will be hell to draw the vis inside a qt window
11:24hadees i was wondering what you think i should do
11:25hadees the reason is that wine does its own displaying
11:25hadees so although i can get it to display full screen it will be in an overlaying window
11:25hadees that leaves the problem of the second window and you can't show the min view of the plugin
11:26hadees the only solution is to hack libwine so directX draws a QWindow
11:26hadees or whatever qt is called
11:26hadees but thats like a huge thing
11:27hadees there is also a possiblity i can do it inside a gtk# window with mono
11:27hadees hehe other then that it would be simple to do...
11:28hadees i wish there was some way to capture the vis output of a spawned child process
11:28hadees the program that runs the directX is forked from the xmms-winamp vis plugin
11:30hadees thor_, or anyone else free free the chime in
11:31hadees i spent all last night in #qt, #winehackers, #winehq, #mono trying to come up with a solution
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13:36shadash hadees: link might help you
13:37thor_ by the time you're donw with all that, you could have probably written a dozen visualizations from scratch
13:37thor_ :-)
13:39hadees thor_, hehe, yeah well i didn't think it would be so much work to get it to display where i want it
13:40hadees i mean right now it will open a window
13:40hadees and should work fine
13:40Chutt nope
13:40Chutt breaks window focus
13:40Chutt no new windows allowed.
13:40hadees Chutt, I get that i meant that it works, just not to the standard you want
13:40hadees it actully passes keys back
13:43beavis Chutt: did you read the thread with the frontend freezes on debian64? Any idea what could cause the nuvplayer freezes there?
13:45hadees although a nice feature for mythtv might be to be able to draw other programs inside it, like mplayer, xine, xmame, my plugin
13:45hadees i mean those are all other windows
13:45Chutt hadees, that's up to the other program
13:45Chutt not myth.
13:46Chutt random reparenting rarely works properly.
13:46hadees Chutt, well actully in the dll you can give it a parent window
13:46hadees i am not sure how that would work though from wine to qt
13:46Chutt then what's the problem?
13:47hadees xmms doesn't do it
13:47Chutt an X window is an X window.
13:47hadees Chutt, i think the parent window though is a wine thing
13:47hadees winamp
13:47Chutt <shrug>
13:47Chutt not my problem
13:48hadees Chutt, hehe man i am not trying to ruin mythtv's codebase, i agree with you, i am just trying to figure out a way to do it like you want
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14:52MaxeyPad can MythTV handle 5.1 audio?
14:53mikegrb the answer is hidden in /topic
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15:54hadees Chutt or thor_, sorry to bother you but I think I found the solution but my knowledge of qt is limited, is a way to have qt for win32 display stuff like the winamp vis dlls inside a qt window. Anyway I was wondering if you think mythtv would able to use the qt window it creates if it was compiled with winelib
15:57Chutt that's for qt on windows.
15:57Chutt i doubt it'd work on x
15:59hadees Chutt, yeah but if you compile a winelib program against qt for windows i can get a qt window pointer
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16:00Chutt you can get a qt X window pointer easily, too
16:00Chutt without doing that
16:01Chutt if the winelib translation layer doesn't handle that, that should be fixed
16:01Chutt not crappy hacks in myth
16:01jmhuff [Fix] Dish Network PPV Data isn't in MythTV Guide ... visit to download the fix
16:01Chutt jmhuff, no one cares in here
16:02Chutt tell the users mailing list
16:02jmhuff Chutt up dude.. You have been an ass to me since day 1. Just trying to help out the community
16:02Chutt this isn't the 'community'
16:02Chutt this is the developer channel.
16:02Chutt you're talking to the wrong damn people.
16:07Beirdo some people just never get it
16:08hadees Chutt, you really think its a bad hack? i mean the only class i am using from qt for windows is QWinHost which is a proper QWidget
16:09Chutt yes.
16:09Chutt the winamp dll layer should handle the translation
16:09Chutt especially if it's part of the api
16:09Chutt if it doesn't, it should be fixed.
16:10hadees yeah the api just tells it a parent window and to render itself
16:11hadees QWinHost is a wrapper
16:11hadees so it calls it's draw window function that really is drawing inside a QWinHost
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16:18thor_ hadees, at this point, I've sort of lost track of what you're trying to do. If the winamp api's don't provide some access to rendered data (an image structure, bits for a bitblit, etc.), then swallowing an entire GUI framework to try and get window output squeezed into a widget in entirely different GUI framework does not seem a terribly sensible course of action.
16:22hadees thor_, its not an entire frame work, its just one class, the QWinHost
16:22hadees although i am not sure its free so it might be moot
16:23thor_ you want to have an entire windows emulation layer just to render music visualizations?
16:25hadees thor_, its not an entire emulation layer, i am just using a winelib program to access a dll and return a QFrame with QWinHost
16:25hadees rather QWinHost is a QFrame
16:25Chutt i still don't understand why you can't just give it the X window to draw in
16:26thor_ I still don't understand the big picture ... you want more vizualizations for MythMusic ... uhm, port a few, it would be a lot less work
16:28hadees Chutt, because the parent window is of the type HWND
16:28Chutt so?
16:28Chutt wine doesn't translate it?
16:28Chutt i don't see how it _can't_ translate it
16:29Chutt it's running on X, it's using X windows
16:29hadees i think it creates a window and draws inside that window
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16:29Chutt and you really think it doesn't translate internally?
16:31hadees Chutt, i haven't found any real way to do it yet and the people in #winehackers weren't sure either
16:31hadees I'll keep digging around
16:32hadees once i get it to an xwindow though what do you use to create a QFrame from it
16:32Chutt why would you do that?
16:32Chutt haven't you looked at any of the existing plugins at all?
16:33hadees I have, but i thought for the view in mythmusic when your not in full screen you would need it in one
16:34Chutt you really should pick a different project that's more in tune with what you're capable of
16:34hadees mabey
16:34Chutt no, really.
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16:38thor_ here's a nice 2 day project; add a dd/copy ISO-mirror type thread to mtd JobThread class, then add a single menu item on MythDVD start page that adds "Mirror Entire DVD" to "Play DVD" and "Rip DVD".
16:39thor_ really very straightforward
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16:41thor_ probably need only a single additional class variable in dvdripbox for feedback to the user
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17:24beavis it looks like myth isn't really designed for 64bit yet. Anyone I'm talking to with a 64bit linux has the frontend freezes without any error messages.
17:25thor_ plan at this point is to skip 64bit and go straight to 128
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17:27* kvandivo smirks.
17:28thor_ but only on Von Neuman architectures
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17:28Chutt it doesn't have to be 'designed for 64bit'.
17:29beavis could you give me an advice how to find out what's the problem is? There are people in the ml and also in the mythtvtalk forum with debian64 trying to find out why it doesn't work
17:29Chutt uh, maybe you should get a backtrace like the docs tell you to?
17:29Chutt just a guess
17:29beavis I just don't crash
17:29Chutt what's that have to do with anything?
17:30beavis doh, i can't write today...
17:35beavis the only thing that looks strange there is: Cannot access memory at address 0x42000000
17:35beavis #0 0x00002aaaad4d62b5 in nanosleep () from /lib/
17:35Chutt way to follow the docs.
17:36beavis you mean i should send it to -dev i guess
17:37Chutt or just post the full thing somewhere
17:37thor_ or get buthead to do it
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18:01beavis bt sent to [mythtv-users] MytvTV Frontend Freezes (seemingly no errors). thanks chutt
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20:58ParadigmShift| hey peeps
20:58ParadigmShift| wassup
20:59ParadigmShift| one of you developers needs to get myth to work with a Bluetooth PDA as a remote
20:59ParadigmShift| that would be cool
21:02kvandivo we're too busy working on the ESP module so that we can beam the video straight to the brain
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21:03mikegrb kvandivo: with would mean a complete shift in the media paradigm
21:04dopester i think paradigmshift needs to start coding if he wants to see that :)
21:06thor_ Chutt, do we have a problem if mfd wants to use the livemedia library for RTSP/RTP/RTCP etc. ?
21:06thor_ it's a deb package, used in vlc, mplayer, etc.
21:11thor_ hmmm, Chutt's reading and/or playing video games .... no fair
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21:27Chutt heh
21:27Chutt thor, lookin at cars, actually
21:27Chutt but, yeah, that's fine
21:28Chutt that's a standard lib
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21:29thor_ cool
21:30thor_ kept using it as a reference to implement my own stuff, starting to realize I'm just completely re-inventing the wheel, which is dumb
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21:32wildcard0 hey. im looking for a small box/set top/etc that can run myth and decode a directv signal...any ideas?
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21:35Beirdo yeah
21:36Beirdo read the topic
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21:37wildcard0 already asked there earlier. they said they didn't know anything and to ask here if anyone was working on anything
21:37Chutt won't ever happen.
21:38mikegrb that is such a wild request
21:38wildcard0 well there's a bunch of set tops that do directv and looked fairly easy to take apart. the directivo for example. thought someone had played with it a little
21:40mikegrb u r dumb
21:41wildcard0 whatever. obviously the most unfriendly open source project i've ever come across. i'll move on
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21:44Beirdo another one bites the dust...
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21:55thor_ hmm, he should try a BSD some time
21:56GreyFoxx hehe
21:57GreyFoxx \Tell him to go talk to Theo for a while :)
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23:09dopester hhe work with directv huh.. thats simple trust me.. hehe
23:09dopester all the documentation on their "standard"
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23:37dopester evening rkulagow
23:37rkulagow__ o
23:37rkulagow__ or, yo
23:37dopester oi
23:38thor_ ola
23:38dopester found the ts startup delay in libavformat.. can't wait to try commenting out the useless crap
23:39thor_ was there some code change I should be trying in the whole Air2PC/QAM thing?
23:39rkulagow__ off to watch battlestar. bbl.
23:40dopester there was a siparser thing i don't think i made a patch for
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