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---Logopened Sat Mar 19 00:00:00 2005
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00:14dopester chutt: if some code needs to be removed/changed for use in myth in libavformat whats the best way to make synching with ffmpeg easy for you?
00:25Chutt just send a patch to it
00:25dopester to ffmpeg?
00:25Chutt the ts parser is already different enough to make merging difficult
00:25Chutt naw, to me
00:25dopester ok fair enough
00:26dopester is the av_remove_stream stuff part of the ac3 aussie craziness?
00:26Chutt yup
00:26dopester hehe found a HUGE bug with it
00:26dopester :)
00:26dopester only really shows up in atsc land though
00:27dopester well let me keep plugging away :)
00:27hadees Chutt, okay i know you don't think i can do this but i figured out my problem, kind of along your lines, so how do i get the x11 window into QPainter, am i supposed to copy every frame?
00:31Chutt you don't
00:31Chutt please, _look_ at the existing vis plugins
00:32Chutt goom, or synaesthesia
00:32Chutt neither of them has _anything_ to do with qt
00:32Chutt but, <gasp> they're drawing in a qt widget
00:32Chutt it's magic!
00:32Chutt can't be done!
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00:33Chutt there's absolutely _no_ qt code in mythgoom.cpp
00:33Chutt for instance
00:34dopester chutt: when switching from pcm -> ac3 feeds using spdif i get some nasty noise before the ac3 header hits my reciever.. should i drop audio packets until i get a header in mpegts or put it someplace else?
00:35Chutt either way
00:35Chutt if it'd happen with a ps, then drop it in the avformatdecoder class
00:35Chutt or any other format
00:35Chutt ie., keep code to deal with common problems out of specific code
00:35Chutt and put it in the common place =)
00:36dopester yeah thats why i was asking.. sounds like a common place is a better idea.. :)
00:39* thor_ is suddenly humming "common people"
00:43dopester how about shiny happy people
00:43thor_ more common
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01:07Chutt got the plextor thingie working in myth.
01:07Chutt 20 minutes. =)
01:09Captain_Murdo| cool
01:09Chutt guess i should give it its own setup screen and stuff, though
01:09thor_ recorded anything ?
01:10thor_ just wondering about the quality ...
01:10Chutt eh, it's kinda crappy
01:10thor_ damn
01:10Chutt but, it may be the brightness and stuff
01:10Chutt can't adjust those yet
01:10Chutt in fact, a lot of the image quality's probably that
01:10Chutt lemme bump up the bitrate a bit and see..
01:10thor_ set the bitrate yet?
01:10thor_ heh, nm
01:11Chutt yeah, 2200kbps
01:11Chutt i hardcoded a default
01:13thor_ and you think that's too low? for 640ish by 480ish?
01:13* thor_ is scratching on the back of an enveloppe
01:14dopester mpeg4?
01:15thor_ as I understand it
01:15Chutt naw, it's about what it should be for 640x480
01:15Chutt for good quality
01:15Chutt well, to reproduce crappy ntsc without going to shit =)
01:15thor_ heh
01:16Chutt dopester, hey, btw, if i'm running 2.6.12-rc1, what dvb patches do i need in the kernel for the air2pc?
01:16thor_ I would have guessed about 1200, but I'm probably used to thinking about ffmpeg with hq on from a vob source
01:16dopester get dvb-kernel cvs
01:17dopester that should sync with the "testing" kernels
01:17Chutt bah
01:17dopester run the makelinks script in dvb-kernel
01:17Chutt i want to run mainline
01:17dopester actually 2.6.12 might have it all
01:17dopester let me check
01:17dopester sorry thats a stock answer i give anymore.. brain wasn't fully engaged..
01:18dopester yeah its all in there in 2.6.12-rc1
01:18dopester so you don't need anything else
01:18Chutt excellent
01:18dopester sorry
01:18Chutt i already had to deal with some debian utter stupidity in 2.6.10
01:19dopester one change in siparser.cpp though that might help get more channels
01:19Chutt i don't like switching kernels often :p
01:19dopester i keep having to with all this dvb stuff
01:19Chutt i should be around tomorrow night to apply patches
01:19dopester i need to get a gun permit to give my hd2k what it deserves :)
01:19Chutt heh
01:19Chutt oh yeah, i was going to give you cvs write access
01:19Chutt and beirdo for nuvexport
01:19dopester anyone who uses a bt8xx card for ts stuff should be shot
01:20dopester track 2 independent cvs sources for 6 months before they get into a kernel.. grr..
01:20Beirdo Cool
01:20Beirdo I was wondering what had come of that
01:21Chutt thor, actually, this looks pretty decent
01:21Chutt at 4400 =)
01:21Chutt kbps
01:21thor_ heh
01:21dopester hehe just use mpeg2 then.. :)
01:21thor_ mpeg4 at mpeg2 bitrates, yay
01:21thor_ heh, nm
01:21dopester beatcha to it there thor :)
01:22thor_ I really need to learn to touch type
01:22Chutt well it does mpeg1/2/4
01:22Chutt and mjpeg
01:22dopester no wmv? :)
01:23thor_ is there a DivX logo on it (they licensed DivX codec for mpeg4)?
01:23Chutt no logo
01:23thor_ hmmmm
01:25dopester damn no wonder there are "silent" streams for the aussie ac3 wonder
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01:40Chutt there
01:40Chutt all the setup junk's done
01:40Chutt almost ready to check this in
01:48dopester oooo this is a dtk thing i think actually..
01:49Chutt he's getting cvs access too
01:49Chutt you two can duke it out
01:49dopester great.. :)
01:49dopester well he just got married and i just became single.. we'll see who has more time to outdo the other :)
01:50Chutt hah
01:51dopester "honey can you get off the computer.. i want a coffee from that place down the street.. ".. heheh
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01:54Chutt there, all done
01:54Chutt maybe an hour's worth of work, and a lot of that was compiling
01:55thor_ heh
01:55thor_ well then, how about libmythui update before bed?
01:56Chutt for what?
01:56hadees okay so i don't use QPainter and the other plugins use SDL, but there doesn't seem like a good way to get an existing x11 into sdl
01:57Chutt an existing x11 what into sdl?
01:57hadees x11 window pointer
01:57Chutt what?
01:57Chutt honestly
01:57hadees x window pointer
01:58Chutt pick a project better suited for your skill level
01:58Chutt char SDL_windowhack[32];
01:58Chutt sprintf(SDL_windowhack, "%ld", winid);
01:58Chutt setenv("SDL_WINDOWID", SDL_windowhack, 1);
01:58Chutt what the fuck did you think that was for?
01:58Chutt just for fun?
01:59thor_ ahhh, and I always thought that was Windo Whack
02:04hadees i saw that, frankly i didn't think it could be that simple
02:04hadees thank you though
02:05Chutt how much harder could it be?
02:05hadees if you do that do i need to even update anything
02:05Chutt update what?
02:06hadees i mean the i guess i don't really need the other functions in VisualBase to do anything
02:06hadees well besides resize
02:07Chutt updating what?
02:07Chutt you still want to do something with the data in the process() function
02:07Chutt and the draw() function's there if you want to be triggered to draw or not
02:07Chutt you don't have to pay attention to it, of course.
02:09hadees Chutt, thanks you have been a big help
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08:49rkulagow_ chutt: here?
09:07rkulagow_ chutt: if you see this in scrollback, i'm updating the howto with the plextor information. had some questions. is the support for all the models, or just the one with the tuner, do we save as mpeg-2 or divx, etc
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10:07kvandivo was that the Hamsta dance?
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11:11dopester ok its mr. andersons code to blame..
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11:20dopester it was fighting with dtks code
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11:54camilo Hi, can someone help? Why some boards need the skip_btaudio of the NuppelVideoRecorder to true? I see that if it\xB4s false and I have a audio channel I set the volume using the VIDIOCGAUDIO. I don\xB4t understood the reason of the skip_btaudio?
11:57Captain_Murdo| search for skipbtaudio in videosource.cpp and it will explain.
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12:02camilo i have a pixelview card. the mythtv only works with this option set. why they have to leave the audio volume left alone? any hint?
12:02camilo this card don\xB4t look to have the dsp.
12:03Captain_Murdo| maybe it's a cheap card like the one mentioned in the setting. :)
12:03camilo sure it is.
12:03Captain_Murdo| don't know really, didn't write that code, just figured it might help explain.
12:04camilo oh. thanks.
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12:35Captain_Murdo| "does myth work with an AverMedia TV card?" -> "which card? they have lots" -> "the one with stereo sound"
12:36stoffel_ hehe
12:46n00bzilla What limitations are there for channels in the 200-600 range?
12:49Captain_Murdo| sounds like something a person in #mythtv-users might know.
12:50n00bzilla I highly doubt that, as most of them are in awe that there are channels in that range
12:51Captain_Murdo| any DVB or US ATSC/HDTV user should have them that high.
12:51n00bzilla Guess I'll ask my questions there till they get answered.
12:54dopester there are no limitations the channel number has nothing to do with the technolgoy
12:54dopester and that is a -users question
12:57n00bzilla K, everything I read says "1-128"
12:58n00bzilla So that's why I was wondering.
12:59n00bzilla Is there any development going into Cable-Card?
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14:24beavis is anyone able to read backtraces from gdb?
14:24beavis oops sorry...
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15:55rkulago chutt: here?
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17:42Geckofiend join #nmm
17:42Geckofiend heh
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18:36dopester chutt: around?
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19:22CygnusX1 Greetings. Anyone using the PVR-500 yet?
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20:01CygnusX1 PVR-500....anyone?
20:03dgeorge CygnusX1: try the users list #mythtv-users
20:04CygnusX1 doh. Sorry guys...thank you dgeorge.
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20:53hadees Chutt, that code from last night does the reverse, it sets mythtv as the parent window
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21:05Chutt actually, it tells sdl to not create a window and draw into what's given
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21:08Chutt baylink, where's my wiki conversion?
21:08Chutt :p
21:08hadees Chutt, yeah so how should I take an existing x11 window and put it inside the vis buffer
21:09hadees Chutt, i found this,
21:09Chutt you don't
21:09hadees Composite extension
21:10Chutt that has nothing to do with reparenting windows
21:11hadees no but it would let me put the window into the vis buffer, am i supposed to just reparent a window for the vis?
21:11hadees well for mine
21:13Chutt or find a way to tell it where to draw like sdl can.
21:15hadees Chutt, i can reparent it i just thought i had to either use sdl or QPainter
21:18Chutt shouldn't have to
22:03Baylink Oh. Hi. :-)
22:03Baylink Almost done, actually; read your mail lately?
22:04Baylink (and my speakers have batteries, too; wonder why that didn't beep...)
22:04Chutt won't what you guys are doing lose all the change history?
22:05Baylink He says he thinks that's convertible too, though maybe not quite as easily...
22:05Baylink I think it may be time to call a quick IRC meeting...
22:06Chutt <shrug>
22:06Chutt whatever you guys want
22:06Chutt you want a db backup?
22:06Baylink But... Real Soon Now. :-)
22:06Baylink Yeah, probably not a bad idea. You need a command line?
22:07Chutt no
22:07Baylink Naw; I guess you wouldn't. Silly me.
22:08Chutt heh
22:08Chutt perhaps not
22:08Chutt something's wonky on there
22:08Chutt there's nothing important on the wiki, though
22:08Chutt so if i have to reinitialize it, no harm done
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22:31Baylink Cool.
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23:09dopester Chutt: Around?
23:09AtomicB part
23:09AtomicB ...
23:09--- <--- AtomicB [] has left #mythtv ()
23:09Chutt dopester, yeah
23:09Chutt for a couple more minutes, at least
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23:23* Beirdo yawns
23:25Beirdo Argh, Baylink just left, and I was gonna ask about wiki progress
23:25Beirdo Chutt: you had time to do the CVS setup?
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23:50hadees Beirdo, how long have you been in here?
23:50hadees they were talking about it before
23:50hadees scroll up
23:51dopester beirdo is on irc 24/7
23:51* mikegrb too
23:51dopester i guess i would be to to notice something like that :)
23:52mikegrb I get paid to be on irc 24/7 :D
23:52hadees dopester, keeping join logs?
23:52dopester :)
23:52hadees mikegrb, i do it for free, can you get me some money
23:52Beirdo ah cool
23:53mikegrb hadees: sorry, my employer is not currently hiring
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