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---Logopened Sun Mar 20 00:00:38 2005
00:03Beirdo and he's back. Welcome back, Chutt
00:07rkulagow__ chutt: paying attention?
00:10Chutt no
00:11Chutt trying to get this air2pc to do something :p
00:11rkulagow__ ok, updating the howto for the plextor stuff. you have cycles tomorrow?
00:11Chutt i'll have cycles after 12:30
00:11rkulagow__ i get mine to consume electricity and make heat. your's any better?
00:11Beirdo I guess I'll ask about CVS some time after 12:30 then :)
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00:32Chutt dopester, 717Mhz would be C111, right?
00:33Chutt my cable box shows cbs as transmitting on that, in the clear.
00:34dopester make sure your azap.conf matches 717
00:35dopester or whatever you decide to name it
00:36Chutt C111:717000000:QAM_256:0:0
00:37dopester yeah that would be the one
00:37Chutt still no lock
00:37Chutt card's not sharing any interrupts
00:38dopester bug me tomorrow.. im on the line between conciousness and sleeping... :)
00:38Chutt bah
00:39cmorgan heh
00:39Beirdo dopester is wussing out. too many mojitos
00:39dopester hehe
00:40dopester making mojitos in a pint glass is a bad idea thats all i can say :)
00:41cmorgan hah
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00:54Chutt ah well
00:54Chutt guess i'll try dvb-kernel cvs
00:54Chutt 'sgot a new driver for the card, i guess
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01:22rkulagow__ dopester: drunk?
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01:36Chutt there we go
01:36Chutt dopester, dvb-kernel cvs works.
01:37Chutt status 1f | signal f9d0 | snr d946 | ber 00007ff8 | unc 0000000d | FE_HAS_LOCK
01:38Chutt rkulagow, yo
01:38Chutt so, what'd you want to know about the plextor stuff?
01:39rkulagow__ does the new stuff work with the entire series, or just the TV tuner version.
01:39rkulagow__ driver comes from the plextor SDK?
01:39Chutt should be everything
01:40Chutt and the guy said he's working on adding support for some non-plextor usb thingies that use the same chipset
01:40Chutt yup, driver comes with the sdk
01:40Chutt it's just a simple make install
01:40rkulagow__ we pull divx, mpeg2, mpeg4?
01:40Chutt assuming your hotplug and everything works, etc
01:41Chutt we pull mpeg4 and stuff it into .nuv, like a bttv card
01:41rkulagow__ ok
01:44Chutt what kind of morons are they letting in to mit these days?
01:44rkulagow__ the blurb on the website says mpeg-2 as well; future support, or what?
01:46rkulagow__ chutt: i was talking to dopester a few days ago. those UNC errors in your paste above are the kiss of death; apparently it's doubtful that you're going to get a watchable stream, even if it does lock.
01:46Chutt it's there
01:46Chutt the thing is, the card doesn't do audio encoding
01:46Chutt so it doesn't produce a full stream
01:46Chutt if i wanted to do mpeg2, i'd have to mux it and everything
01:46Chutt and i'm too lazy
01:47Chutt so, no hd for me? :(
01:47rkulagow__ ok, i think this is what we talked about before. it's just straight pcm, and isn't already in a nice MPEG-2 stream like we get from the pvr-250's, correct?
01:48rkulagow__ not qam i don't think. i had to put my Air2PC card on a $20 radio shack special to pull in OTA. i'm now getting good signal for everything in my area; no unc errors, strong signal, etc.
01:48Chutt rkulagow, yeah
02:07Chutt huh
02:07Chutt something ate alsa
02:08Chutt probably because i disabled hotplug last boot
02:08rkulagow__ dopester: there?
02:08Chutt one last reboot...
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06:43djselbeck my dvb eit is ever a hour too late
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08:38Geckofiend heh "Seattle Maffia"
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09:58spdorsey Anyone home?
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10:17spdorsey I'm looking for some help on creating a shell script
10:19Geckofiend there are any number of more appropriate channels for that
10:19spdorsey Well, it's MythTV specific
10:19spdorsey has to do woth the shell script in Jarod's guide
10:20spdorsey I've just never made one before - he gives me the text to put in it.
10:22jams spdorsey, I will help you in #knoppmyth
10:22spdorsey ok thanks
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11:24gpart hi
11:25spdorsey anyone here have any experience with gsftp and getting it started/autostarted?
11:26spdorsey I want to use it to upload videos to watch using myth
11:26dopester hows that even remotely related to myth tv development?
11:26Geckofiend This is the DEV channel
11:26spdorsey oh crap - sorry
11:26spdorsey which is the support channel again?
11:26Geckofiend /topic
11:26Geckofiend and that has NOTHING to do with Myth either
11:27spdorsey You don't have to be pissy about it.
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11:28Geckofiend well since this is the second time you've failed to read the topic and came in here for generic linux support yeah I'm goann be pissy
11:28Geckofiend maybe if you could read you wouldn't need so much help?
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12:25dopester reading is optional
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13:50rkulagow__ dopester: around?
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15:19darkfrog Should outputting sound to /dev/dsp work after going through the Fedora Myth tutorial?
15:19darkfrog isn't for me.
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15:33* Beirdo slaps darkfrog with the topic
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15:40dopester rkulagow__: yes
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17:08dopester sweet mark andersons code is choosing a spanish track for me automaticlly.. hehe
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19:04dopester chutt: you around?
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19:57Matt ok, so why, every time I decide to compile mythtv, do I run into stupid problems
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20:02kvandivo pebkac
20:03dopester probbably because you didnt read the documentation
20:03Matt nah, it's always like this :&)
20:03Matt there's something screwy about this box
20:03dopester then its the STUPID box
20:03Matt probably because it began life as slackware 8.1
20:04Matt and has been upgraded piecemeal since then
20:05cmorgan a great reason to install a distro from scratch imo
20:05cmorgan you can't have your software screwing things up all of the time
20:05Matt well that's pretty much the state this is in now
20:06Matt problem is things get upgraded sporadically
20:06cmorgan who upgrades them?
20:06Matt "Oh, I need gcc 3.3.3 - I suppose I should install that then"
20:06Matt I do
20:06cmorgan don't most distros do that stuff for you?
20:07dopester this is clearly a development issue :)
20:07Matt they do :&)
20:07cmorgan i mean it seems like a pita to have to download and build gcc
20:07Matt but not when you install everything yourself
20:07Matt actually, gcc ispretty straightforward
20:07cmorgan you choose to do that right?
20:07Matt I did, yes
20:07cmorgan which, while a huge waste of time, is your choice
20:07cmorgan heh
20:08Matt well, it's kinda force of habit
20:08Matt I've been doing things this way for so many years, it's hard to find a distro that does things the way I like
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20:11cmorgan most of the problems i've had with myth are due to not having the right qt libraries
20:12Matt well that was odd
20:15Matt anyway, once again I need to track down why I'm having a mass of linking errors against qt
20:15cmorgan heh
20:15cmorgan yeah, the qt stuff is a real pita sometimes
20:16Matt I have hundreds of lines along the lines of
20:16Matt main.o(.text+0x7a): In function `main':
20:16Matt : undefined reference to `QApplication::QApplication[in-charge](int&, char**)'
20:17Matt and also
20:17Matt ../../libs/libmyth/ undefined reference to `QButtonGroup::qt_emit(int, QUObject*)'
20:17cmorgan what version of qt do you have installed?
20:17Matt lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 17 Dec 17 2003 /usr/lib/qt -> qt-x11-free-3.1.2/
20:18Matt hrm, I wonder
20:19cmorgan maybe mythtv needs a newer version?
20:19cmorgan i'm not sure what version is required atm
20:19Matt well, this is a good question
20:20Matt as the docs say "qt 3.1 is required and 3.0 might work but isn't supported"
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20:24cmorgan Matt: no idea. this chan is usually for devel things, #mythtv-users might have someone that knows what version you need
20:25* Matt nods
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21:41DSL_MTLCA quick question... hopefully somebody can answer it quickly here...
21:42DSL_MTLCA how do i start the front end w/ logging enabled?
21:42DSL_MTLCA i can't find anything, because i keep getting matches for "log in" or "login" when looking for log, so I'm getting all sorts of other setup questions
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21:48Beirdo DSL_MTLCA: this is the wrong channel.
21:49Beirdo please go back to #mythtv-users where this belongs, and don't spam both channels with the same questions, K?
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22:14Bog_ anyone here have one of the alienware systems?
22:15Bog_ dhs 2 series?
22:15Bog_ in the specs, I cant find how many tuners it has
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22:23HRearden anyone know if closed captions for OTA ATSC recordings over the DVB drivers is supposed to work
22:24GeckoFiend based off of your read of the code what's your opinion?
22:25HRearden I get the point, but there is a fairly limited base of people using DVB drivers for ATSC stuff, so I figured I'd ask here as well.
22:26Matt ah
22:26Matt found the problem
22:26Matt upgraded qt
22:26Bog_ what do people think of avermedia hardware? it work well with mythtv?
22:27Matt perhaps the docs are out of date now? :&)
22:27HRearden thor, you there? Anyone else experiment with the upnp protocol?
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22:37dopester hrearden: captions are not supported right now
22:38dopester DVB, VBI or ATSC :)
22:39HRearden thx.
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22:40dopester DTK started on an ATSC captions patch, but i don't know if it works or not..
22:40HRearden dopester, do you have any idea if there are still recorded. For instance, if I played them back on a Roku HD-1000 using their player? I haven't checked yet if their player supports them, but I am checking on that.
22:41dopester well the vbi captions are embeded in the video
22:41dopester and i THINK atsc captions are as well
22:41dopester DVB captions are a seperate PID for sure
22:41dopester when i say embeded in the video there is some 'data' field in the mpeg you just read ascii from i believe
22:43dopester its part of the digital tv code i don't really have very high on my list to look at, so if you want feel free to take a look ;)
22:43HRearden that's what I was reading about before. I did get the impression that it would likely be in multiple places.
22:43dopester you interested in atsc captions?
22:44HRearden Right now I'm working on trying to figure out how to get HDTV playback from a near-silent form factor. The only thing I've figured out is a Roku. My mom is losing here hearing and stops by sometimes to watch TV, so she likes the captions.
22:44dopester ahhh
22:45dopester my p4 shuttle is more pretty quiet
22:45dopester my fridge and tv are louder than it for sure
22:46dopester well take a look at the DTK stuff.. he got stuck with the presentation time since he said it was interleaved or something
22:46HRearden Kind of like the 1u-style form factor too. I have an Epia m-10000 now in a morex 2699 case. Not completely quite but at least it fits in with my other a/v stuff. The shuttle wouldn't I don't think.
22:46HRearden did he post that captions patch to the list?
22:46dopester maybe
22:46dopester its not working
22:46dopester but i think it might be a good starting point
22:46HRearden right, just wanted to look.
22:47dopester no idea if it should be just used for info, or if you can actually use the code
22:47dopester please only make it work with mpeg-ts files.. :)
22:47dopester i need more reasons to dump ps mode
22:48HRearden relative advantages/disadvantages there. I think I'm using PS mode at the moment which must have been the default.
22:49dopester yeah ps is the default
22:49dopester you can make ps from ts, but not vice versa
22:49dopester ts will strip language names from the stream, and also poses some issues for dvb captions
22:50HRearden ahh.
22:50dopester just need to spend some time in mpegts.c with ffmpeg and make it work half way decently
22:52dopester my first checkin will be to mpegts.c :)
22:53HRearden Yeah. this area of code is new to me - just feeling my way around it now. Worked in datadirect stuff before and other gui but never recording.
22:53dopester well just worry with the playback
22:54dopester if its not being recorded i can take care of that in like 10 minutes
22:54HRearden what are you using for HDTV output in the shuttle?
22:55dopester nvidia 6600
22:55dopester dvi->hdmi
22:55HRearden couldn
22:56HRearden arg. couldn't find the DTK patch. I'll look tomorrow. Later.
22:56dopester its on his page somewhere
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23:13dopester hrearden:
23:15HRearden thanks. Finally found it.
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23:16dopester if atsc captions are in a seperate pid just let me know and i'll make sure they start getting recorded
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23:34rkulagow__ dopester: still here?
23:34dopester yessir
23:34dopester and im not drinking tonite :)
23:34dopester you'd think i would after ncsu won today.. heh
23:35rkulagow__ well, that makes one of us
23:35rkulagow__ ok, so i've got good FE_HAS_LOCK on my test frontend using OTA
23:35rkulagow__ no UNC errors
23:35dopester well good :)
23:36rkulagow__ my test box has a PVR150 that i'm testing along with the Air2PC card, so i've got two lineups. one has my comcast for the 150, one is the OTA stuff.
23:37rkulagow__ bound everything, did a channel scan, and picked up all the stations except for CBS, which is VHF. i can live with that.
23:37rkulagow__ now, the digital channels are shown in channel editor as 38_1
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23:38dopester where did the _ come from.. you using dd for guide?
23:38rkulagow__ what's the format for the "start channel" that i should use in setup? i tried 38_1, 381 and 38.1; when mythbackend starts it complains
23:38rkulagow__ i was going to use dd for guide.
23:38dopester how in the hell did my scan come up with underscores..
23:39rkulagow__ don't know; let me make sure i'm not drunk yet
23:39rkulagow__ brb
23:40rkulagow__ actually, let me start from scratch. i'm going to wipe the channel and card configs.
23:42* dopester hands rkulagow__ a mojito
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