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00:00rkulagow__ dopester: i'm compiling CVS.
00:01dopester im listening to mp3s on my 720p tv.. seems like a waste.. :)
00:01rkulagow__ you should be watching adult swim
00:01rkulagow__ back to business.
00:02rkulagow__ dopester: in a situation where there's pvr and air2pc card, are you even setting up the HDTV to come in from DD, or are you just doing a scan and pulling EIT?
00:03dopester just pulling eit for now
00:03rkulagow__ or, if you setup DD, do you need to scan at all?
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00:04dopester you have to scan period
00:04dopester to use dd there needs to be some intelligence added to link the channels with what you scanned
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00:06xlogik Anyone know where I can get info on theming?
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00:09Gertrude Are there any specific kernel changes on 2.4.x that need to be made for mythmusic to work? I have tried 2.4.24 and .27 and both give me a errors when running mythfrontend saying is is "Unable to initialise plugin 'mythmusic'". When using I am able to use smbclient to mount a remove disk, and play fine, but not with 2.4 series
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00:10Gertrude also when ruunning if I try to go into mytthmusic setup or into play mode it will not go into it. Just selects it and blinks
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00:31Beirdo read the topic, people :)
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01:32rkulagow__ dopester: when running the channel scan, it completes (i see a few signal lock / new transport messages), but after hitting "Finish" it takes me back to the channel window and it's blank.
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02:36Chutt blah.
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09:25shadash Sorry for late replying,,
09:25shadash As R&D resources are constrained by current projects,, I am afraid we are not available at the moment to move forward on this !
09:25shadash Let's keep in touch for future co-operation !
09:25shadash that's the response I just got from powerdvd
09:25shadash for their linux version of powerdvd
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09:26shadash I've already sent an email back outlining what linux needs from powerdvd linux (command line arguments)
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09:30mboman is there a way to batch-update meta info? When you got 24 episodes in a series you usually don't want to sit and manually edit them one-by-one....
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09:41mboman Btw: why doesn't mplayer pick up the .srt subs automatically? they are in the same directory, with the same name (extention is .srt instead of .avi)
09:46Beirdo mboman: this isn't the right channel
09:46* Beirdo points at the topic
09:46mboman ah, sorry.. I forgot the -users bit..
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09:47Baylink Hey, Beirdo...
09:47Beirdo Heya
09:48Baylink How's life in the Great White North?
09:50Beirdo I'm about to kill someone at the colo.
09:52Baylink Porque?
09:53Beirdo they won't release the server because they don't see the payment I made
09:53Baylink Ick. How'd you pay? Receipt?
09:53Beirdo Internet banking
09:53Baylink Dare I say it: fax? :-)
09:53Baylink Damn.
09:53mikegrb Beirdo: call the police
09:54Baylink Well, if they don't see their money... I'd start with the bank.
09:54mikegrb say they are stealing your server and trying to extort money
09:54Baylink You could *threaten* them with the Mounties...
09:54mikegrb yes!
09:54Baylink Or, y'know, Dudley DoRight.
09:54mikegrb threaten to bring in the mounties
09:55mikegrb you will get the server instantly
09:55Baylink They [ride] horses, don't they?
09:55mikegrb as they will be afraid of the horsies pooping in the server room!
09:55mikegrb Baylink: of course they do, you watch tv don't you?
09:56Beirdo so the bank is gonna fax me confirmation which I'll have to fax them
09:56Beirdo jeez
09:56Baylink And yet, oddly, I don't see too many Mounties.
09:59mikegrb Baylink: or maybe you see tons
09:59Baylink In any event, I would suggest to them that *they* do the appropriate research to discover that they've been paid, on pain of getting an unpleasant call from your local equivalent of a district attorney. Crown's attorney?
09:59mikegrb Baylink: you see so many that you just filter them out subconciously
10:00Beirdo grrrr
10:00mikegrb Moutain Attorney!
10:00Beirdo and I got a meeting until 11
10:00Baylink Nope: I'd notice a Mountie. Immediately.
10:00Baylink Crap.
10:00Baylink You were moving it today?
10:00Beirdo and the guy's supposed to be at the data center at 11
10:00Beirdo yes
10:00Baylink Where'd you end up moving it to?
10:00Beirdo well, off to the meeting
10:01Baylink Later
10:01Beirdo not into colo for now
10:01Baylink ah
10:01Beirdo the data's going on my linode
10:01Beirdo I'll be back in a bit
10:01kvandivo wasn't paraboo piper a mounty? (or however you spell her name)
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10:16Baylink Piper Perabo. Not so far as I know, no.
10:17kvandivo ahh.. fbi..
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11:07* Beirdo grumbles
11:09Beirdo I'm gonna be nicely rage-enabled today, that's for sure
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12:23_rkulagow_ dopester: here?
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13:00_rkulagow_ feh. trying to do screenshots and the stupid FC3 font descender bug is hitting me.
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13:08Chutt heh
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13:14hadees Chutt, is that winid that sdl uses, is that what window i should replace with mine? or do i make it a child of that window?
13:15Chutt that's the x11 window that you should draw into.
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13:46_rkulagow_ crap. daniel k has changed configure to do all the setups, but he's too aggressive on the dvb check. with 2.6.11, the kernel source directory _is_ a valid location
13:47_rkulagow_ at least that's what dopester says
13:48Chutt right
13:49_rkulagow_ looks like it's line 1398 of the configure script.
13:49Chutt i'll remove the check
13:49Chutt well, get him to
13:52Chutt if you just delete that if, though, it works fine :p
13:52Chutt should be fairly obvious how to do that
13:52_rkulagow_ yeah, i just hardcoded to yes for now
13:56Chutt i like how small is now, though =)
13:57_rkulagow_ i hate getting surprised when i'm trying to debug HDTV crap
13:57Chutt dopester, wake up
13:57Chutt heh
13:59Chutt beirdo, lemme know when you're in.
14:00kvandivo he's in
14:00_rkulagow_ dopesters at work i think
14:00Beirdo I'm in
14:00Chutt username for cvs?
14:00Beirdo beirdo I guess
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14:00Beirdo since everyone seems to know me as that anyways
14:01kvandivo i think you should use 'chutt' as your cvs login, Beirdo... give people something to think about
14:01Beirdo heh, no thanks, that would confuse peopel
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14:17adicarlo Chutt: someone instructed me to ask you before filing in ENH bug for this...
14:18adicarlo watching live tv, go to the guide; the channel I'm on is playing in the upper left corner w/ audio, but the volume up/down doesn't actually affect the volume
14:18adicarlo seems like legit ENH request, no?
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14:19Chutt yeah
14:19Chutt volume should work everywhere
14:20adicarlo generally it does...
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14:20Chutt well, even outside of tv mode =)
14:20adicarlo yup, will file
14:20Chutt you don't have to check with me, though
14:20adicarlo k
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14:52kalev- what kind of audio is there in DVB streams? pcm and/or ac3? --anyone have the skinny on this? (i only have analog TV now)
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14:53kalev- Im in the wrong channel -- I see that now sorry!
14:53Chutt pcm, ac3, and mpeg2
14:53kalev- so the source can pick? can they run in parallel?
14:53Chutt like a dvd
14:54kalev- OK.. got it
14:54kalev- :-)
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16:59dopester chutt: sorry i can't get on irc at work.. if you use im i can yack at work but otherwise yer sol while im at the office
16:59dopester :)
17:02tuxristo dopester: vnc? ssh -X? etc
17:03_rkulagow_ howabout tunneling over a port that they do let out?
17:03hadees _rkulagow_, thats a last resort
17:03dopester they have a special one for IM only cause we bridge IM and SMS
17:04dopester and im not taking out to get web access
17:04dopester er ssh access
17:04dopester a special one being a special proxy server jsut for im clients
17:04dopester lord my mind is all over the place.. hehe i got a ton of shit to do in the next 30 minutes..
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19:10Baylink Chutt: can you *believe* this Burke guy?
19:15GeckoFiend Baylink this is -users or dev?
19:15GeckoFiend ahhh the "I'm a videogame dev god" guy
19:19Baylink -dev
19:19Baylink Yeah.
19:19Baylink He *has* some good suggestion. Just, like me, he approaches the thing from entirely the worng end.
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19:20thor_ hmm, new configure script
19:21kvandivo nothing gets by you, thor
19:21thor_ mind like a beartrap, I'm tellin' ya
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22:01topping hi guys... who maintains the schema? are you guys using an ER tool or just doing it all manually?
22:01topping i'm trying to reverse it with a tool that I have but there are no FK relations generated in the DDL
22:02dopester foreign keys? bah we don't need no stinking foreign keys :)
22:02topping :-D
22:02Chutt manually
22:02Chutt libs/llbmythtv/dbcheck.cpp
22:02Chutt for the main module
22:02dopester evening chutt
22:02topping thanks Chutt i'll have a look
22:02thor_ shouldn't you be managing a point release or something?
22:03Chutt oh, right
22:03Chutt i'll get right on that
22:04thor_ or delegate it to one of your near infinite resources at your beck and call ...
22:04Chutt oh, are you one of those resources?
22:04Chutt =)
22:04* thor_ looks around
22:05kvandivo why do all the idiot kids feel compelled to give the right to bear arms a bad name?
22:05dopester im just the dvb guy.. don't ask me about that crap :)
22:05topping if i added FKs, would they be welcome or a PITA?
22:05thor_ there's a right to bear arms?
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22:06--- ---> knucks [] has joined #mythtv
22:06knucks so uh
22:07knucks hers a basic question:
22:07kvandivo foreign keys require innodb table types
22:07kvandivo i don't believe that is a requirement at the current time
22:07* thor_ points desperately at the topic
22:07knucks can i use mythtv on one and only 1 pc
22:07thor_ (phew, just under the gun)
22:07topping ah, forgot about that, i've been postgres primarily for a while now
22:07Anduin_ so the new config + debug works for everyone?
22:08topping was just thinking about autogeneration of ER diagrams
22:08knucks tvtime hasnt been working well for me
22:08knucks all i want to do is watch tv
22:08kvandivo all i wanna do is have some fun..
22:08kvandivo i've got a feeling i'm not the only one
22:08topping knucks: you might want to try #mythtv-users
22:08* thor_ decides to replace channel topic with blinking neon sign
22:08knucks yeh im there now
22:08knucks thx
22:08Chutt anduin, haven't tried debug yet
22:08--- <--- knucks [] has left #mythtv ()
22:08Chutt release compiles/runs fine, though
22:09Anduin_ Chutt - it looks like PIC is on for libavcodec always, creating the regs issue again
22:09--- ---> HRearden [] has joined #mythtv
22:09Chutt ah
22:09Chutt email dtk, he can fix it =)
22:09topping where is CVS at? only has one developer?
22:09Chutt in the docs, 'how to get mythtv'
22:10topping sorry
22:10Anduin_ yeah, I'll send a patch if it isn't fixed, not tonight though
22:11Anduin_ also I don't think --extra-cflags does much
22:11Chutt heh
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22:15thor_ bah, static objects make my brain hurt
22:15Anduin_ They are like after the quickening
22:17HRearden thor, have you ever looked at the upnp or ssdp protocols? I am trying to write a new mfd module to add upnp server functionality to myth.
22:17Anduin_ ok I take back the bas things I said about extra-cflags, bug debug is broken
22:17thor_ HRearden, cool
22:18thor_ upnp I stare at occasionally, but I've nearly understood it
22:18thor_ er, never really
22:18HRearden well, I pretty much get the http/soap/xml piece of upnp, but the whole ssdp piece is lower level stuff really.
22:18Chutt yay, someone's doin upnp
22:18thor_ don't even know what ssdp is
22:19Anduin_ simple service discovery protocol, it is somewhat like the mdns thing you have in there
22:19thor_ ah, service discovery
22:19HRearden ssdp has all of this stuff to do discovery and broadcast of available services. It looks like similar to some of the other stuff that mfd does already.
22:19thor_ does it use multicast DND, or something else
22:19thor_ err, DNS
22:20HRearden uses a special IP address and port 1900.
22:20Anduin_ something else
22:20thor_ but the IP is up in the multicast range ?
22:21Anduin_ yes, the admin section of the multi cast address space
22:21Anduin_ The RFC is pretty short.
22:22thor_ well ... the changes to the service lister stuff was partially designed so that you could have a different advertise discovery mechanism (ie. in addition to zeroconfig)
22:22HRearden does anyone know if you can just not implement the ssdp piece and still have the other parts of upnp work? I would like to focus on the content directory piece and get that working. In a real simple implementation just have it serve up pointers to an out-of-band content server like maybe even nfs.
22:22Chutt thor's how the rtsp stuff coming?
22:22thor_ reasonably well
22:22Chutt neat
22:22Chutt be fun to migrate to using that for streaming video
22:22thor_ definitely
22:22--- <<-- riksta [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:23HRearden hmm. that would make the content serving piece of upnp easier too.
22:23thor_ as you can serve it on demand, or tune to an already UDP/multicasted "channel"
22:23--- ---> riksta [] has joined #mythtv
22:24HRearden guess i'll have to look at more of the mfd code and see if the service lister and zeroconfig stuff might be adaptable to ssdp.
22:24thor_ it's very simple, just keeps a list of services
22:25thor_ but it's an authoritative place that lists them all that has nothing specifcally to do with zeroconfig/rendezvous
22:25HRearden It'd definitely be good to tap into, then.
22:25thor_ there's no handle little libssdp or some such thing you can through at the problem
22:25thor_ ?
22:26thor_ err, throw
22:26GeckoFiend I took a brief look at that livemedia lib. spiffy stuff. though it seems as though there's no real control mechanism it's stream forward only, or am I missing something?
22:26thor_ no, you can do controls
22:26GeckoFiend ahhh I didn't dif too far.
22:27thor_ but most of the example apps are just open file, stream it out (time is always "live")
22:27HRearden I have seen some libupnp stuff but was trying to avoid new dependencies, etc.
22:27Chutt hrearden, if it's a small dep, it can be absorbed into the source
22:27GeckoFiend mplayer barfed on the test server when I tried to rewind or fast forward and I didn't have time to dig into it
22:27thor_ HRearden, if it's small put it in the source like the mdnsd stuff
22:27thor_ err, what Chutt said
22:28thor_ GeckoFiend, I think vlc's rtsp:// stuff is a little more mature
22:28HRearden Actually, the last time I looked at libupnp I was thinking that it might provide the upnp av services. Perhaps I could leverage it for the service discovery stuff and then still put the http/soap/xml stuff into a separate upnpserver module. I'll go explore that route. Thanks for the reminder...
22:28GeckoFiend yeah I just need to install vlc (aka the gazillionth multimedia app on my machine)
22:28thor_ heh
22:28GeckoFiend btw any ever looked at nmm?
22:29thor_ nope
22:30GeckoFiend found it off of the livemedia site sounded like some very cool tech. royal pain in the ass to get their shit up and running. so much of a pain in the ass at this point I don't care how cool it is I want nothing to do with that code.
22:32--- ---> flatronf700B [] has joined #mythtv
22:34--- <<-- Hamsta [] has quit (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
22:34--- ---> Hamsta [] has joined #mythtv
22:37--- ---> xlogik [] has joined #mythtv
22:39HRearden the libupnp source is all in c. It actually would be a whole lot easier to leverage this base (duh...). Chutt, can you take a look at and let me know your advice on integrating this?
22:40Chutt what kind of advice would you want?
22:41HRearden i guess as to whether to make a library dependency or include the source.
22:41Chutt my rule is: if it's in debian stable, then it can be an external dependency
22:41cmorgan heh
22:42HRearden ok, i'm a gentoo guy myself. Easy way to check if it's in debian stable?
22:42Chutt assume it's not =)
22:42Chutt but,
22:43thor_ apt-cache search upnp
22:43thor_ yields nothing
22:43Chutt the only requirement for absorbing something is a compatible license.
22:44HRearden BSD license. ok?
22:45thor_ heh, yup ... bonus points for saying, "relicensed here under the GPL"
22:45Chutt old or new style?
22:46Chutt ack, bbl
22:46HRearden Hold on a sec guys -- never dealt with this licensing stuff.. checking now...
22:46Chutt hrearden, most likely, you'll want to just incorporate it into mfd
22:47HRearden ok. Time to do some compilin'. No issues regardless with the license though?
22:48--- <<-- Hamsta [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
22:49--- ---> Hamsta [] has joined #mythtv
22:53thor_ HRearden, if you get confused about the plugin architecture, threads, or how things are getting serviceChanged() events, just let me know
22:55HRearden So far, I was copying httpserver and changing stuff to upnpserver. Got caught up when I got to the ssdp stuff. I'll shift focus to that now, since it really is the base I need first.
22:55--- ---> Vladi [] has joined #mythtv
22:55HRearden I'll let you know if i've got questions. Thanks.
22:55thor_ k
22:55Vladi hi, where is the web page for DataDirect so i can make an account? i cant set up mythtv to get my channel listing?
22:56HRearden Just to validate, though, the license in the download tarball doesn't even say "BSD", although the webpage does. Any issues or should I just proceed?
22:56--- ---> CanadaBoy [] has joined #mythtv
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23:11thor_ there's no COPYING or text in the source .c files
23:11thor_ ?
23:12--- ---> riksta [] has joined #mythtv
23:14HRearden no COPYING. There is LICENSE, though, just doesn't indicate GPL or BSD. Can I copy it here?
23:15thor_ it it's more than a few lines better to put it on a URL somewhere
23:15thor_ ah, that's BSD
23:15HRearden can't easily put it on a url or find it.
23:15thor_ (I downloaded it)
23:16HRearden ok. It doesn't reference BSD anywhere. Just gotta know it on sight?
23:17thor_ well, it's BSD style at least, although I'm not sure on the binary distribution requirements
23:17HRearden Should be a joy to use. I have to admit I've not done asynchronous callbacks from a c-library from qt/c++.
23:18thor_ the apple rendezvous stuff was the same
23:19thor_ yeah, I'm not so sure about this license though
23:19--- ---> NemLappy^ [] has joined #mythtv
23:20thor_ ah, I think it's ok ...
23:20HRearden well, i'll just proceed assuming it won't be a real issue. I may need some help with the async callback at some point later...
23:22thor_ just need some extern "C" functions
23:23thor_ have a look near the top of
23:24HRearden thanks. Well, I've got a good direction now. Thanks!
23:24thor_ yup
23:25HRearden Ahh -- when you said the apple rendezvous stuff was the same, I thought you meant the license, not the callback. I get it now...
23:25thor_ heh, no the license is the same as openSSH, so it's almost certainly fine
23:26HRearden Anyone here have a Roku HD1000? That is my ultimate goal with the upnp server stuff -- to create a good way to access my Myth HDTV content.
23:33--- <<-- jeffpc_ [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
23:37HRearden anyone know of a upnp av linux client application?
23:37HRearden typical searches reveal little...
23:56--- <<-- HRearden [] has quit ("Leaving")
23:59--- ---> Shdwdrgn [] has joined #MythTV
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