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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2005-03-22

---Logopened Tue Mar 22 00:00:03 2005
00:03rkulagow__ looks like i missed a memo or something. setup/setup is now setup/mythtv-setup
00:04rkulagow__ dopester: here?
00:07dopester yep
00:07rkulagow__ so, looks like OTA works.
00:07dopester cool
00:07rkulagow__ except i've wedged myself onto a channel that i can't get a lock on, and restarting just puts me back into the same channel
00:07dopester larrick i think helped me to find something really good a minute ago..
00:07dopester change teh startchan in your db
00:07dopester i really gotta figure out how ot make the frontend handle no data elegantly
00:08rkulagow__ yeah, digging through now. which table?
00:08dopester cardinput
00:09rkulagow__ huh. it was blank
00:09rkulagow__ ok, set it to 71, which should be good for me.
00:09dopester well thats bad too :)
00:09dopester i have no idea where the nulls are coming from with it
00:11rkulagow__ looks like i've got vbi data showing up on line 2 or 3
00:11dopester you have vbi
00:11dopester there is really no data left im sure :)
00:12dopester some channels don't crop the vbi out when encoding
00:12rkulagow__ well, it's that typical pulsing line at the very top
00:12dopester yep
00:13dopester hows your ota reception overall?
00:16rkulagow__ varies. this is bad:
00:16rkulagow__ 2005-03-21 23:15:22.447 DVB#0 WARNING - Uncorrectable error in packet, dropped.
00:16rkulagow__ 2005-03-21 23:15:22.447 DVB#0 WARNING - Transport Stream Continuity Error. PID = 49
00:16dopester yep :)
00:16rkulagow__ looks like i'm wedged again
00:18rkulagow__ ok, unwedged.
00:18rkulagow__ some channels seem to have interlace-type issues. i'm displaying on a SDTV on a FC3 / MX440 box
00:18dopester are they upconverting i wonder?
00:19dopester i know one of the stations here gets the fields swapped sometimes
00:19rkulagow__ i get thin horizontal lines at the edges of some things, like faces.
00:19rkulagow__ definately saw something during horizontal pan
00:22dopester hehe the wonders of digital tv
00:22dopester in a country where no station cares about their digital feeds
00:22rkulagow__ anyway, it's not terrible for a 12" UHF loop with a cheapo amp on it
00:23rkulagow__ although i keep seeing macroblocks when i take a error hit, but that comes with the territors
00:23dopester god no
00:23rkulagow__ or, territory
00:23rkulagow__ living in flatland (aka, chicago) has its benefits sometimes
00:24dopester you must not have lots of multipath
00:24dopester i can't get anything indoors at all
00:24dopester but mulitpath is pretty bad here
00:24rkulagow__ two streets over i can look east and see the sears tower; ~ 15 miles or so
00:24dopester broadcast towers on there?
00:25rkulagow__ yep; that and the hancock tower
00:25rkulagow__ building is shorter, but it's still good enough apparently.
00:26rkulagow__ anything can be done about the overwriting of startchan? ideally, "something" should maintain the failsafe channel for situations where we get wedged.
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00:27dopester thats a small part of the problem
00:27dopester if the frontend could handle the data outage and allow you to change channel it would be ok
00:28dopester unfortunatly im just now starting to look into the frontend to see how to fix it
00:28rkulagow__ well, i'm just glad that the card itself works for OTA, even if QAM doesn't seem to do anything.
00:29dopester i run into the problem where the startchan might go off the air and im still stuck
00:29dopester cause the hd feed of pbs here is only on from 8-11
00:29dopester so if i go to livetv at say 1115 im screwed
00:29dopester yeah the next card will be much much better.. i wish i could say more
00:29rkulagow__ i tuned to pbs-hd and didn't get audio. is that because i don't have fancy 5.1 audio, or potentially something else?
00:30dopester just keep your loop anenna around it should be all you need
00:30dopester could be the audio pid double closing issue
00:30dopester you using ts or ps mode?
00:30dopester id recomend changing to ts mode from now on
00:31dopester the ps conversion has a bug in it that im probbably not going to fix since its not my code
00:32dopester ts mode will always record audio, but the madness in the frontend from dtk and mark anderson needs to be fixed properly, but it won't be a 3-4 liner
00:33rkulagow__ ok
00:33rkulagow__ right now it's just straight default, so i think it's ps
00:33dopester commenting out the av_remove_stream stuff in avformatdecoder.cpp will fix the problem most of the time
00:33dopester yeah ps is default
00:34dopester can't wait to rip that out
00:34dopester i checked in a fix last night to fix the startup delay with livetv and ts mode you will want to grab
00:34dopester that was one of the 2 irritating bugs in ts mode.
00:34dopester 2nd being the audio stuff
00:35rkulagow__ interesting. 2.4Ghz HT; mythfrontend is 89%, X is 25% on a 1920x1080 stream (PBS-HD, which now apparently _is_ sending audio)
00:35rkulagow__ downscaling to 720x480
00:35dopester the usage seems high
00:36dopester considering i can play the same recording with mplayer with much less utilization
00:36dopester could just be sse stuff helping it out in software though
00:36rkulagow__ chutt: here?
00:37dopester maybe dtks super optimized .pro files will fix that :)
00:37rkulagow__ i ran into the new improved configure script as we were debugging earlier today. did a CVS update before i saw the message in -commit. i was like, "wtf!"
00:38dopester coding myth makes me feel like cheech and im kickin' it with chong.. hehe
00:38rkulagow__ that's when i saw that he had set it up to reject DVB headers in the kernel tree
00:38dopester it seemed a bit agressive for just getting cvs access..
00:39rkulagow__ well, life's short, eh?
00:39dopester the dvb headers thing is really bad too i don't see why it needed changing at all.. the kernel always seemed the right way to do it
00:39rkulagow__ ok, i'm off. ttyl. thanks.
00:39dopester np
00:39dopester let me know if you get audio issues with ts mode, i should be able to do something in a week or so to do it right
00:40dopester then again dtk might say its too agressive a change.. hehe
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03:49o_cee Chutt, thanks :)
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08:57DrRotmos Hello, is anyone currently working on auto-switching of input cards?
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09:31_rkulagow_ chutt: here?
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11:42Chutt rkulagow, here now
11:44_rkulagow_ how do you want to handle pdf's with graphics in them? the filesize will get bigger, and right now i commit the pdf along with everything else. how will you get new pdf's in place if i don't cvs them?
11:46Chutt well, i could get you access to the vserver that the website runs on
11:46Chutt then you could upload em + the docs yourself =)
11:46_rkulagow_ too much responsibility, man!
11:47Chutt yeah, scary
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13:29beavis thor_: why doesn't myth compile now without the --march=k8 flag on amd64?
13:29beavis -doesn't+does
13:29Anduin beavis - it isn't the same thor
13:30beavis oops ;)
13:33Anduin beavis - are you passing --cpu?
13:33beavis so do i have to explicitly pass it now?
13:33Anduin beavis - you shouldn't have to, what does configure say your cpu type is?
13:33beavis I thought almost everything's going automatically now
13:34beavis CPU x86_64
13:34Anduin are you passing --tune?
13:35beavis --tune? where did you find this option?
13:35beavis ah ok it's there
13:35beavis no i didn't pass it
13:35Anduin hmm then OPTFLAGS should already have =march-k8
13:36Anduin are you doing a debug build?
13:36beavis yes i wanted to
13:36beavis OPTFLAGS=-O3
13:37Anduin sorry ARCHFLAGS
13:37* thor_ is still amazed there's another thor out there
13:38beavis I just wandered why you know commit with the name danielk
13:38beavis ARCHFLAGS=
13:38beavis but TARGET_ARCH_X86_64=yes
13:38Anduin beavis - the check is around line 839, look there.
13:39beavis hmm so it's not really easier now when I still have to pass everything :/
13:39Anduin beavis - the other thor recently got cvs access
13:40Anduin I'd call it a work in progress, a few minor tweaks and I have it working with significantly fewer hacks than before.
13:41beavis ./configure --enable-dvb --CPU=x86_64 --enable-dvb-eit --disable-joystick-menu --disable-ivtv --prefix=/usr --compile-type=DEBUG --tune=k8 <-- not really better ;)
13:42Anduin sure, eventually you shouldn't need --cpu or --tune for what you are doing
13:42beavis then I still have to make with: make CC=gcc-3.4 CXX=g++-3.4 LINK=g++-3.4
13:43thor_ hmmm, sounds like an itch
13:49Chutt you really should adjust your qmake setup
13:49Chutt that's what should be selecting the proper cc/etc
14:09beavis but shouldn't it automatically select -march=k8?
14:12Anduin yes, find out why it doesn't
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14:40beavis Chutt: of course should ./configure tell the user to take gcc>=3.4 if -march is set to k8. This flag is not available on gcc<3.4.
14:41Chutt they'll find out soon enough if they try it :p
14:41--- ---> riksta [] has joined #mythtv
14:41Chutt selecting what compiler to use is part of qmake's job
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17:26Chutt heh, looks like i only owe $3k to federal & state taxes this year
17:26Chutt on to figuring out local, yay
17:27thor_ oh crap, taxes
17:27Chutt i still don't have all my info yet i need to actually file :(
17:27thor_ I'm still waiting on my Canadian accountant, 'cause I need that return before I can file in the US
17:28thor_ PITA
17:28Chutt heh
17:28Chutt yeah, i'm waiting on a schedule k from my last job (i own a chunk of the company)
17:28thor_ hmm, back to rtsp
17:28Chutt even though i know income is going to be 0, still gotta wait
17:28thor_ that's the collab filtering firm?
17:28Chutt yeah
17:29thor_ heh, who knows, might be worth something someday (in a world where people will pay for AskJeeves, anything is possible)
17:29Chutt yeah
17:29Chutt i might even get the backpay they owe me eventually
17:30thor_ they're operating in zero employee mode now?
17:30Chutt yup
17:30thor_ well, never know ... maybe that next sales call ...
17:35o_cee bah need to finish up these mythfilldatabase cleanups.. tonight.
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17:43Chutt blah, local taxes come to 1500
17:43thor_ move
17:44Chutt heh
17:44--- ---> shadash [~shadn@] has joined #mythtv
17:45Chutt yeah, don't want to do that
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17:46thor_ IRA's maxed out ?
17:46o_cee hahaha, i'll definitely do something like that :)
17:46Chutt thor, localality doesn't allow _any_ deductions.
17:46thor_ wow, that's actually pretty impressive
17:47Chutt but, yeah, maxed out our iras last year
17:47Chutt probably will this year, but that's a bit easier, as our max contribution is now $0
17:47thor_ is it flat rate as well?
17:47Chutt stupid tax laws
17:47Chutt yeah, 2% local tax
17:48thor_ holy crap, a flat and kinkless tax regime
17:48thor_ that's a friggin miracle
17:48Chutt it sucks :p
17:48Chutt my wife pays 2.85% local taxes, because of where she works
17:50o_cee is that all the taxes? or part of it?
17:50Chutt that's the part we pay to the city we live in
17:50Chutt completely separate from state + federal
17:50o_cee what does it all add up to?
17:50thor_ ah, well, then not flat
17:50Chutt and completely ignoring that they rape us on property taxes, too
17:50thor_ I knew it was impossible
17:51o_cee got 30-50% here... yey...
17:52thor_ my marginal tax rate in NYC was over 50%
17:53thor_ that sucks
17:53Chutt heh, yes
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17:56Beirdo o_cee: that's terrific, I should put that on my asterisk setup
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18:02grahamf hey, has anyone had any success getting mythtv to work with a radeon 7500 all-in-wonder? on asny distro?
18:03grahamf terribly sorry. wrong chan
18:03Beirdo I'm sure the topic could shed light
18:03Beirdo not to mention the documentation
18:03grahamf i can't find anything on it.
18:03--- ---> tazmaniac [] has joined #mythtv
18:05Chutt hardware compatability section of the docs.
18:05Chutt This is the MythTV development channel. For mythtv related user support, go to #mythtv-users
18:05Chutt topic of this channel.
18:05--- <<-- shadash [~shadn@] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
18:06kvandivo or, if you don't want to dig that far, go to and click on General Info and read the system requirements
18:07--- <<-- grahamf [~grahamf@] has quit ("Leaving")
18:07o_cee Chutt, do you know how mythfilldatabase handles the change to dst?
18:07Chutt nope
18:08Chutt i've never bothered to write code specifically for that
18:08o_cee i'll just tell the users of our data to make a new refresh after the switch then
18:12--- ---> hadeees [] has joined #mythtv
18:13--- ---> CanadaBoy [] has joined #mythtv
18:18--- <<-- hadees [~hadees@hadees.sustaining.supporter.pdpc] has quit (Connection timed out)
18:31--- ---> shadash [~shadn@] has joined #mythtv
18:34--- <<-- CanadaBoy [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
18:41dopester yeah the fix for larrick worked like a champ
18:50Chutt will it fix my problems? =)
18:50dopester nope :)
18:50Chutt :(
18:50dopester you gotta get data
18:50dopester OH.. let me checkin that mini fix for the cable scan..
18:52Chutt weren't there a couple other dvb related patches?
18:52dopester yeah i keep missing john to get the lastest from him
18:53dopester the scanwizard stuff i still might want to run past you since its gui stuff
18:53thor_ what was the "fix for larrick"
18:53o_cee teletext will be nice to have :)
18:53dopester the dvb drivers don't crc check packets that have the section_syntax_indicator set to 0
18:53dopester so some bad packets would get through
18:53thor_ ah, not my solution
18:54thor_ err, the solution to my problems
18:54dopester the drivers are doing the right thing since that flag means the packet shoudln't be crc checked i just didn't realize it did that until i looked at the source :)
18:56dopester chutt: see if you can get anything now.. updated siparser to hopefully get more channels on cable..
18:57Chutt ok
18:58dopester still a few more tweaks i can do to the scan they just need testing not if statement removal :)
18:59Chutt re-scanning
18:59Chutt this'll take a bit
19:00dopester yeah i could probbably change the delay to be a bit shorter
19:00Chutt should i buy a hd3k?
19:00Chutt think that'd work for qam?
19:00dopester i dunno
19:00dopester design specs of the new air2pc is qam compatibility
19:01Chutt oh, and, why does the scan start at 10% =)
19:01dopester it made more sense on dvb scaning
19:01dopester the first step of dvb scaning is getting a list of channels to scan
19:02dopester but since atsc doesnt have one, and you can't decode the opencable one it just starts there :)
19:02Chutt ah
19:02dopester you could also say we followed microsoft progress bar design criteria
19:02thor_ could it go to 110%?
19:03thor_ like my amp that goes to 11?
19:04Chutt heh
19:04dopester hrmm... gotta be something else more retarted you could do..
19:04Chutt i like how the progress box obscures all the output behind it
19:05dopester ok your the second one who said that..
19:05Chutt it's pretty pointless to have that output if you can't see it.
19:05dopester i think its a resolution dependent thing comes out fine at higher resolutions if i remember right
19:07Chutt it can't be :p
19:07Chutt the popup obscures everything
19:07Chutt it'll be the same at any res
19:07Chutt anyway, no channels.
19:08dopester damn
19:08--- <<-- shadash [~shadn@] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:08Chutt 2005-03-22 19:04:07.466 DVB#0 DVB signal fa90 | snr dbaa | ber 3650 | unc f
19:08Chutt 2005-03-22 19:04:07.466 DVB#0 Status: LOCK.
19:08Chutt Setting currenTID = 5
19:08Chutt 2005-03-22 19:04:12.486 DVB#0 DVB signal f890 | snr d712 | ber 1df0 | unc 10
19:08Chutt 2005-03-22 19:04:12.486 DVB#0 Status: LOCK.
19:08Chutt Setting currenTID = 6
19:08Chutt 2005-03-22 19:04:12.697 DVB#0 Signal Lost
19:08Chutt but, still timedout
19:08dopester suck
19:09Chutt 2005-03-22 19:05:51.627 DVB#0 Signal Locked
19:09Chutt 2005-03-22 19:05:52.138 DVB#0 DVB signal fa70 | snr d82c | ber 3f0 | unc d
19:09Chutt 2005-03-22 19:05:52.139 DVB#0 Status: LOCK.
19:09Chutt Setting currenTID = 11
19:09Chutt 2005-03-22 19:05:57.262 DVB#0 DVB signal fff0 | snr 0 | ber 0 | unc 0
19:09Chutt 2005-03-22 19:05:57.264 DVB#0 Signal Lost
19:09Chutt that's cbs
19:09Chutt 111
19:10dopester i gotta run.. i'll be back later on.. if you got 15 id love to see if you can get something even if its not watchable
19:10dopester might be missing something else
19:10Chutt got 15?
19:10dopester 15 minutes
19:10dopester must be a southern phrase or something
19:10Chutt oh, i'll be around all night
19:10Chutt wife's outta town
19:10Chutt just planning on playing gt4 =)
19:10dopester get dvb-apps if you haven't already
19:11kvandivo when the wife's away...
19:11Chutt already have it
19:12Chutt dopester, well, one thing - i know my signal strength's a bit on the low side (8 way splitter -> 2 way splitter)
19:12Chutt with an amp
19:12Chutt but, the 6200 gets all the hd channels fine, with very occasional dropouts
19:13Chutt i wonder if there's anyway to test this card in qam mode in windows?
19:14--- ---> nickatnight [] has joined #mythtv
19:14--- <--- nickatnight [] has left #mythtv ("Leaving")
19:15thor_ I have exactly the same issues ... never tried the card under windows
19:18o_cee this is very strange, added a DD lineup.. and now my tuners aren't associated to my old lineup anymore, and i can only assign the new DD one.. not the old.. looking at sql logs..
19:19--- ---> rkulagow_ [] has joined #mythtv
19:20o_cee it doesn't even try to insert, it just deleted the old one.. wtf
19:29mikegrb o_cee: spank it
19:34o_cee mikegrb, i am..
19:34mikegrb good boy
19:34* mikegrb pets o_cee
19:37Beirdo gah, spanking it in public?
19:40--- ---> shadash [~shadn@] has joined #mythtv
19:46o_cee heh, funny. happens if videosource.sourceid = 0...
19:47--- ---> mdz_ [] has joined #mythtv
19:47o_cee if i changed it to something else it works.. hm
19:59GeckoFiend bleh I think I just had a PVR250 fry out on me.. nothing but B&W since last night.
19:59kvandivo definitely time to replace it with a air2pc card
20:00Anduin or only record tv land
20:00mikegrb kvandivo: I think an air2pc card would be better
20:00* mikegrb runs
20:02GeckoFiend kvandivo heh I've got a 3k in it. I use the pvr250 for my directtv feed.
20:03* Beirdo sulks and waits for his air2pc cards
20:04GeckoFiend I've got 3 more in the shelf so it's not a huge deal
20:05GeckoFiend hmmm looks like it was either heat or a loose cable.
20:06GeckoFiend btw any you other dev types need a PVR250 to work with? Now that I rearraged my setup I don't need all the cards I'd been using before
20:08GeckoFiend course all this had to happen after I bragged about my uptime/no problems time
20:16--- <<-- mecraw [fwuser@] has quit ("Trillian (")
20:19--- <<-- dhofstra [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:19Beirdo yeah
20:20--- ---> dhofstra [] has joined #mythtv
20:20Beirdo well, I bragged about the uptime on my colo box (705 days) and 2 minutes later the firewall failed badly
20:21--- ---> CanadaBoy [] has joined #mythtv
20:21o_cee Beirdo, heh
20:22Beirdo and never recovered
20:22Beirdo :)
20:26--- ---> Riddler-l [] has joined #mythtv
20:26Riddler-l is anyone here familiar with the 0.17 mythweather plugin?
20:30o_cee Chutt, any problem with using a QDateTime directly with SQL statements?
20:32o_cee see converts from qdatetime to strings before passing them into sql, but it doesn't seem necesarry here..
20:32--- <<-- tobo [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
20:32--- <<-- stoffel [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:43--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
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20:56--- User: *** mdz_ is now known as mdz
21:07nfsv4 Beirdo, you should play soccer 90 minute only uptime
21:19thor_ o_cee, you do want to be a little careful
21:25--- <<-- KillerBunny [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:27o_cee thor_, compatibility? or other reasons?
21:28thor_ if the MySQL column is a DATETIME it can fail to parse into a QDateTime
21:29thor_ they both use ISO standards, but different ones
21:29thor_ I don't recall all the finickity details at this point, but I remember it being a pain
21:29thor_ see
21:30thor_ grep getQtTimeFromMySqlTime
21:30o_cee allright, but what about the other way around? using a QDateTime in SQL?
21:30thor_ what kind of column?
21:31o_cee datetime i think
21:31o_cee yeah
21:32thor_ I don't recall for sure, but you probably want need to do a QDateTime::toString()
21:33thor_ with the right formatting
21:33thor_ this is all a hazy memory, so I can't be more specific
21:33o_cee k. guess that might depend on mysql version as well
21:33thor_ possible
21:33--- <<-- riksta [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:34o_cee getQtTimeFromMySqlTime creates an ISO-date from a non-iso date string.. let's look at mysql
21:35thor_ something like: toString("yyyyMMddhhmmss") works when the column is TIMESTAMP(14)
21:36thor_ and where the column is DATETIME
21:37o_cee looks like it swallows most stuff..
21:38o_cee Qt's ISOdate just adds a T in between date and time, didn't seem to cause any problem here, but who knows
21:38thor_ heh
21:38thor_ like I said, I just remember it being a problem at some point
21:39o_cee allright
21:41thor_ it never ceased to me amaze me the number of people who can get Linux installed, myth setup and working, and then can't figure out how to plug in their audio cables
21:41thor_ err, ceases
21:41thor_ oh, and I miss stan
21:42o_cee heheh
21:42o_cee amazing :)
21:44--- <<-- Dibblah [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:52--- ---> riksta [] has joined #mythtv
21:55--- ---> HRearden [] has joined #mythtv
21:58HRearden quick qmake question. I am trying to add a new library to mfd -- libupnp. It has its own Makefile that I need to run. I have structured the library as a subdirectory of my plugin directory. From the .pro file in my plugin directory, is there anyway to have qmake create a makefile which completely calls another makefile in a subdirectory?
21:59--- ---> shadbash [] has joined #mythtv
21:59shadbash Ok I have a question for everyone "Please advise the potential business size of this ? Thanks." is the email I just got back from Cyberlink/PowerDVD about releasing the linux verision with command line agruements
21:59mikegrb HRearden: tell me more about this upnp, if it does what I think it might I may be forced to kiss you
21:59mikegrb shadbash: none
21:59shadbash huh?
22:00HRearden I've just started to work on it. It's a new plugin to mfd to turn myth into a upnp av MediaServer.
22:00shadbash This is PowerDVD trying to access how big of a market MythTV is
22:01mikegrb HRearden: kisses
22:01mikegrb shadbash: none
22:01shadbash I need some numbers to email back so they can decide to release PowerDVD for linux or not
22:01mikegrb oh! numbers
22:01mikegrb 0
22:02shadbash GeckoFiend: you here?
22:03mikegrb nobody is going to buy powerdvd for linux when they could just any of a billion free players
22:03shadbash it's just an option is you want to view dvds legaly in hte US
22:03shadbash the
22:04mikegrb I can use free software just fine
22:04shadbash you don't have to use it if you don't want to
22:04mikegrb nobody would use it
22:04mikegrb except you
22:04mikegrb linux is about free software
22:05Omnic mikegrb: well, not entirely, but to folks like RMS it is.
22:05shadbash mikegrb: I haven't worked with you before but I've been emailing powerdvd for the last 3 weeks + working without 3-4 other myth people on this
22:05Chutt the market size is effectively 0.
22:05shadbash with 3-4
22:05mikegrb I just know lots of myth people have said your a moron and from what I've seen, I agree
22:06Chutt you've been told that before
22:06mikegrb Chutt: thanks, I was beginning to think I was the crazy one.
22:06shadbash IC
22:06mikegrb IC?
22:07o_cee integrated circuit.
22:07mikegrb oh, thanks mr O.C.
22:07mikegrb I keep meaning to watch your show!
22:07o_cee no problem mike
22:07o_cee yeah please do
22:07mikegrb :D
22:07Omnic o/~ Califonia! o/~
22:07thor_ HRearden, write a pro that essentially will create the Makefile and add it to SUBDIRS
22:08o_cee Chutt, any insight on the QDateTime vs MySQL thingie? is it safe to use a qdatetime in a sql query without doing .toString first?
22:08Chutt no
22:08Chutt read what thor told you :p
22:08o_cee yeah, but it works here ;)
22:08o_cee different versions?
22:08Chutt right.
22:08o_cee m'kay
22:09HRearden That was my first idea, but it's a fairly complex makefile. Not as simple as the mDNS stuff. Many subdirectories, dependencies, etc.
22:10Chutt hrearden, simplify it
22:10Chutt it looked to me like there were a lot of directories with only a couple files in each
22:10Chutt no real need for that =)
22:11HRearden true. I didn't know if because it was taken from another source if I needed to keep any of the original structure intact or what.
22:11Chutt eh, generally you'd want to
22:11Chutt but it didn't look like they update it very often
22:11HRearden that's for sure. I think it's from 2003.
22:12HRearden OK. Simplify it is. Thanks.
22:12thor_ what I did with the apple sub dir of zeroconfig was keep apple's structure but not have it make at all
22:12thor_ build at the higher level, using only the pieces I needed
22:13Chutt that works, too
22:13Chutt just do whatever's easiest for you
22:13HRearden OK.
22:13--- ---> camilotelles [] has joined #mythtv
22:17dopester chutt: got a few minutes?
22:18Chutt yeah
22:18dopester do you have dvbsnoop?
22:18Chutt which dir's it in?
22:19dopester seperate app i forgot to tell you to get
22:19Chutt where do i get it?
22:19dopester might be a debian package for it
22:20thor_ nope
22:20Chutt last release good enough?
22:20dopester yeah
22:21dopester i doesn't need any special mods for atsc since im not looking for atsc specific stuff
22:21Chutt ok, it's building.
22:22Chutt all done
22:22Chutt brb.
22:22dopester k
22:23--- ---> CanadaBoy [] has joined #mythtv
22:27Chutt ok
22:28Chutt how do i run this thing?
22:28dopester you said you knew where your cbs channel was frequency wise right?
22:28Chutt 111
22:29dopester azap to it on one window, and in another run "dvbsnoop 0"
22:29Chutt ok
22:30Chutt dvbsnoop printed out its version information
22:30dopester nothing else?
22:30Chutt and it's just sitting there now.
22:30Chutt right
22:30dopester damn.. is 111 the right frequency in channels.conf? i had a screwed up version on my site for a while
22:30Chutt yeah
22:30Chutt it's right
22:30Chutt it's locking :p
22:31Chutt status 1f | signal f980 | snr d7a0 | ber 00007ff8 | unc 0000000d | FE_HAS_LOCK
22:31dopester well i can get a lock on most everything from 80-125
22:31Chutt oh, i can't
22:31Chutt but, the freq's right.
22:31dopester most of them i get nothing on, so i was kinda figuring it was a cablemodem downlink and didn't follow mpegts
22:32dopester ok well thats no damn good..
22:32Chutt cable box's info screen matches the frequence
22:32dopester you know any other channels?
22:32Chutt err, frequency
22:32Chutt and says that it's in the clear
22:32dopester ok well thats good enough for me :)
22:32dopester can you try any other clear channels on a different frequency?
22:33--- <<-- camilotelles [] has quit ()
22:33Chutt i dunno what they are
22:33dopester i could get all but 2 channels to work cleanly but the other 2 i couldn't get anything worth watching
22:33dopester i guess the ber is too high to get anything to slip through
22:34dopester i'll hook my cable back up to my air2pc in a day or two and see what my levels are like
22:34Chutt i got lock on 81, nothing on dvbsnoop
22:34Chutt what's ber?
22:34dopester bit error rate
22:34dopester im really not sure of the units though since i didn't get the specs on teh nxt2002
22:34Chutt on _anything_ it gets lock on, it's always 7ff8
22:34dopester just a windows driver to port
22:35Chutt doesn't change
22:35dopester yeah it may be maxed out
22:35thor_ I had same issue, solid level
22:35Chutt does qam work in windows?
22:35dopester i think its a 16 bit register i read from the nxt2002
22:35dopester nope
22:35dopester its a hardware issue
22:35dopester the demodulator IS qam capable
22:35thor_ but different on each tunable channel
22:35dopester there is something rf level wise in the nim
22:35dopester nim = rf housing
22:35Chutt why's it work for some people, but not others?
22:36thor_ karma
22:36dopester rf is like voodoo
22:36thor_ chutt and I are both coming back as prions
22:36dopester the design probbabyl augments the waveforms in a way that screws up qam just enough to not work well
22:36Chutt would moving it around in the case help?
22:36dopester naw
22:37dopester if i had a good oscope i could probbably tell you what is wrong
22:37kvandivo can't just hold your fingers on it and get the vibe, huh?
22:37dopester hehe
22:37dopester take some rf design classes
22:37dopester its crazy shit
22:38dopester beirdo would know
22:38Beirdo hmm?
22:38dopester rf circuitboard design is tricky stuff
22:38Beirdo ahh, the black magic
22:39thor_ it's all about farady cages
22:39dopester i think the nim was designed for 8vsb only
22:39Beirdo and transmission lines becoming antennas without meaning to, etc
22:39cmorgan is this a released product?
22:39dopester but the code i based the nxt2002 driver on had qam in it
22:39cmorgan and it works sometimes but not others?
22:40dopester its not sometimes
22:40dopester it either works or it doesn't
22:40cmorgan uses an external antenna?
22:40dopester 8vsb is perfect
22:41dopester its just qam
22:41thor_ have we managed to figure out obvious differences (provider, QAM64-QAM256, chip revisions on the board) etc?
22:41HRearden i still have the weird issue where a Samsung QAM tuner gets in 2 channels (PBS and CBS) great. The pcHDTV gets in different stations that the Samsung didnt. Tried QAM64 and WAM256.
22:41dopester there is 1 version
22:41dopester the holdup on teh new one is a replacement tuner/demodulator
22:42dopester design spec on the new one is clear qam and 8vsb so it will do it
22:42thor_ well, as I said before, hopefully before July 1
22:42dopester i can't say anymore though
22:42thor_ yup
22:42Chutt it can do qam after july 1st
22:43dopester yeah but whos going to risk selling it if the law sticks
22:43HRearden when you say "the new one" is that the new Air2PC when they are back in stock?
22:43Chutt broadcast flag only affects, uh, broadcast.
22:43Chutt =)
22:43dopester getting one bs court case thrown out would cost more than anything you could make off the cards
22:43thor_ right, but must not be easy alterable by the user
22:44Chutt i don't care if they disable ota reception
22:44dopester i dunno what they are going to do honestly
22:44Chutt right
22:44Chutt anyway
22:44dopester they will still make them cause homeland security uses them
22:44thor_ heh
22:44dopester but i dont think anyone will sell them
22:44dopester the ebs deployment over pbs atsc
22:45dopester might be all atsc stations but i know the pbs station here is doing it
22:45thor_ ah, that ebs definitely needs a catchier jingle
22:45dopester what a feature add for myth now.. osd popups of amber alerts on your tv
22:46kvandivo mandatory.. no way to turn them off
22:46thor_ ever
22:46HRearden what new card?
22:47--- <<-- MajestiK [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:47dopester the new air2pc if bbti ever makes em
22:47HRearden I've got an order on backorder supposedly due in April. Would that be the new one?
22:47dopester yeah
22:48dopester there are no more nxt2002 based ones left anywhere
22:49HRearden Hmm. Just debating whether to order another pcHDTV. I thought the air2pc was supposed to deal better with weaker signals. I got a new antenna to install so maybe the pcHDTV will be OK after that. Anyone verify if there is a real difference in dealing with weaker signals?
22:50dopester if your willing to wait there will be no comparison between the pchdtv and the new air2pc
22:50thor_ air2pc clearly better than a HD-2000 here with OTA
22:50dopester well the new one will be much better than the one i wrote drivers for
22:50dopester wish i could say more, but im not really at liberty to
22:51thor_ heh
22:51dopester hopefully they will finailze their decision in a few more days and make an announcement
22:52HRearden I'm willing to wait, just worried about July 1... New antennas (1 UHF, 1VHF) + preamp I think should do it. chutt, how far are you from NBC? That's one I can't get OTA.
22:52HRearden (Also in cleveland area)
22:53--- <<-- riksta [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:01o_cee Chutt, did you see my talk earlier about a source with sourceid=0 not being able to be assigned? dunno how new sources are numbered, so it might not be an issue for normall users
23:04--- ---> MajestiK [] has joined #mythtv
23:08--- <<-- NemLappy^ [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:14Chutt hrearden, nbc's on channel 2 - it's unlikely you'll be able to get it.
23:15--- ---> riksta [] has joined #mythtv
23:16dopester that one of the worse channels for interference from almost anything.. geez.. why would they put a digital station on it
23:17HRearden Ordered an antenna from that they claim "has worked in your area". We'll see, I suppose. I'm about 18 miles south. We've got both 2 and 10. 10 I get OK, though.
23:18dopester 18 miles you should get enough rf if the towers a normal 1000ft tower or greater..
23:18dopester multipath would be your real enemy
23:19thor_ all right, I am rtsp streaming a constant tone
23:19--- ---> NemLappy^ [] has joined #mythtv
23:20HRearden in an attic, though. Vinly siding. No foil-backed installation.
23:21dopester im about 20 miles from the stations here and i can get em all in analog with tons of ghosts in my house with a uhf loop
23:21dopester ditital on the same towers but i can't get crap on anythign i have with the same loop
23:21dopester well i got a blip of univision once
23:23HRearden I get about 60-75% now with a lousy badly aimed antenna from prior owner. I get a few "Transport Stream continuity errors" in every show, but usually usable.
23:23dopester thats not bad at all then
23:24dopester what card you usign?
23:24HRearden pcHDTV3000.
23:28dopester using the dvb code or the pchdtv provided drivers?
23:29--- ---> abarbaccia [] has joined #mythtv
23:29HRearden dvb.
23:30dopester good man :)
23:30HRearden works quite well. Should I switch to TS?
23:31--- <<-- CanadaBoy [] has quit (Connection timed out)
23:32Chutt aren't the pchdtv people now recommending the dvb drivers?
23:32--- <<-- abarbaccia [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
23:32dopester yeah ts is where i want to take it
23:33HRearden yes they are, sort of. They have indicated that it is the future.
23:33dopester i think dtk might be the only holdout
23:33dopester :)
23:33dopester i recomended it to him about a year ago
23:33HRearden dopester, I'll switch it. Any real advantage?
23:34dopester right now not really
23:34dopester but i want to deprecate ps mode
23:34HRearden no downside, though, I take it.
23:34dopester so having educated users in ts mode will help
23:34dopester i fixed the worst of the ts crap yesterday
23:34dopester ps would loose audio cause th transform gets lost
23:34dopester ts always write the data
23:35dopester the frontend might screw up playing it right now, but its at least in the file
23:35HRearden ahh. actually I believe I saw that earlier this week.
23:35HRearden Guess I should cvs update before switching, then -- your latest ts changes are in?
23:35dopester chutt: do you consider users using pvr350s to playback dvb videos an edge condition i can just not worry about?
23:36dopester was my first commit :)
23:38Chutt edge condition
23:38dopester so get ts mode where i want it and gut ps is ok?
23:40dopester does ffmpeg have ts->ps conversion in it?
23:45Chutt i dunno
23:45Chutt i thought the 350 could handle ts?
23:45dopester last time i tried sending one to it it wouldn't..
23:46dopester one solution to ripping out ps recording is to do the conversion in software in ivtvdecoder from ts->ps before feeding it to the card
23:46Chutt sure
23:46dopester or make the backend do the conversion sending it to the frontend for stuff like the media mvps
23:46dopester i dont care anymore my 350 is in a box
23:47dopester jsut a thought
23:52--- <<-- HRearden [] has quit ("Leaving")
23:59Chutt you handling doug's patches?
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