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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2005-03-23

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00:01dopester im looking at it
00:01dopester probbably only put in part of it
00:01dopester 1 is out for sure
00:01dopester since we got that resolved today as far as i can tell
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00:13Chutt i should ignore john pullan's patches, right?
00:13Chutt you'll handle those?
00:16dopester yeah
00:17dopester i usually talk to him everyday but we've both been too busy at work
00:18dopester do you want me to pass off the gui stuff to you?
00:18dopester it tested ok for me, but i know there have been issues before
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00:21Chutt naw, just commit it
00:21dopester ok fair enough
00:22dopester do any of the devs use pvr250s?
00:24Chutt in my production box
00:24Chutt you mean a 350?
00:25Chutt david engel has one, i don't know how often he uses it
00:26dopester no i mean a 250
00:26Chutt rkulagow, thanks for doing mythweather
00:26dopester fixing the stream selection stuff should be safe but it would be nice to get someone to change channels on livetv a few times with a 250
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00:33Chutt i don't have one in this dev box anymore =)
00:34Chutt probably should get one
00:34dopester im too lazy to hook mine up
00:34dopester much less find it in the mess where my dev box is burried somewhere
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00:53Chutt we killed the dvb_signal_quality table, right?
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00:56Chutt oh, wait, that's in a patch not yet applied. =)
00:59dopester you must have missed it :)
01:00dopester nigel will probbably want to leave it in for "historical reasons"
01:01Chutt no no, i meant the thread that writes to it
01:03dopester the thread is there but its not writing to the db
01:04dopester had plans on using the thread to report signal levels on the frotnend, or flag a recording as potentially bad dueto signal loss
01:08thor_ bring in the bumps
01:08thor_ err, on
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01:09Riddler-l is anyone here familiar with the 0.17 mythweather plugin?
01:09Riddler-l i tried recompiling it to fix the to doppler image problem.. but now when I try to activate the tells me its compiled agains libmyth 0.16.. but the file was OBVIOUSLY 0.17
01:10Chutt if it says that, well, it was :p
01:10thor_ updatedb ; locate libmyth
01:11Chutt geckofiend, around?
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01:12Riddler-l but.. this is untarred from mythweather-0.17.tar.tar downloaded from the site.. i am updating the db one min
01:12riksta any plans on when you think you will be re-writing the ringbuffer and stuff Chutt, i remember seeing a post on the list about it ageeeees ago :) just wondering
01:12Chutt riksta, after the ui rewrite.
01:12riksta is that current
01:13thor_ it's not telling you that you built mythweather-0.17, it's telling you it was linked to libmyth-0.16
01:13thor_ err, -0.16 (in the first instance)
01:13Riddler-l the lib doesnt exist though.
01:14thor_ well, then that's one heck of a linker you've got :-)
01:15Riddler-l guess so.. a locate only shows files..
01:15riksta duh :)
01:15Riddler-l err 17
01:15Riddler-l i would show you guys but dont want to spam the chan
01:16riksta find / -name ""
01:16Riddler-l nothing
01:16riksta you did it already?
01:16Riddler-l yeah
01:16thor_ locate libmythweather
01:16thor_ you may well have an old one around
01:16riksta Riddler-l: dont forget
01:17riksta because you didnt remove the local from the at first, youll have a copy in two places
01:17Riddler-l .../usr/lib/mythtv/plugins/
01:17Riddler-l i removed the /usr/local/lib versions
01:18Chutt dopester, yo
01:18Chutt also, patches from Torbj?rn Jansson
01:18Chutt dvb stuff
01:19Chutt [PATCH] More improvments to guide fixup
01:19riksta i'm so freakin sick of my box hardlocking today
01:21dopester chutt: im heading to bed.. i think i know about em all.. i'll ask on the list after adding em all in
01:23Chutt ok
01:23Chutt just making sure you see em
01:23Chutt like to get all pending patches in soon, so that there's enough time for testing before a release.
01:24dopester ahh now its all making sense :)
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01:46Beirdo we're looking at release again so soon? ;) cool
01:48Chutt dopester, just applied the scan thread patch (since it's a big bug)
01:48Chutt what about the [mythtv] [patch] DEC2000-t scan hangs - more info (1/1)
01:48Chutt patch?
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02:01riddler hello again.. i have the exact error I have when i try to use the newly compiled mythweather plugin...
02:03riddler 'The mythweather plugin was compiled against libmyth version: 0.16.20041014-1, but the installed libmyth is at version 0.17.20040130-1. You probably want to recompile the mythweather plugin after doing a make distclean."
02:03riddler which I promptly did.. and then removed the file and recompiled.
02:03riddler anyone have any ideas/
02:04riddler unfortunately this is all to fix the doppler screen issue on the release version of mythweather. Simply changing the url from to
02:05thor_ you're still running the one in /usr/lib instead of /usr/local/lib
02:05riddler yes that is correct.. there actually is nothing in /usr/local/lib
02:06thor_ after you make install the one you just built ?
02:06riddler yes.. i modified the and removed /local
02:07thor_ and you're installing as root?
02:07riddler yes
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02:07thor_ and the timestamp on the one in /usr/local is essentially now
02:08riddler let me verify but should be
02:08thor_ err, /usr/lib
02:09riddler [root@daedelus plugins]# ls -al
02:09riddler -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 204606 Mar 22 22:58
02:09riddler [root@daedelus plugins]# date
02:09riddler Tue Mar 22 23:08:29 PST 2005
02:09riddler so just a bit ago
02:09thor_ so it's getting built against 0.16.20041014-1
02:09thor_ it's not like it's making that up or something
02:09riddler evidentally.. but i cant find any evidence of any libmyth version 0.16 or earlier
02:11riddler [root@daedelus plugins]# find / -iname libmyth-0.16*
02:11riddler [root@daedelus plugins]#
02:12riddler is there possibly an issue with the distro of mythweather?
02:12thor_ locate libmyth-0
02:13riddler [root@daedelus plugins]# locate libmyth-0
02:13riddler /usr/lib/
02:13riddler /usr/lib/
02:13riddler /usr/lib/
02:13riddler i am not frying here am i/
02:13riddler ?
02:15thor_ locate libmythweather
02:17riddler looks like a newer file was uploaded to the site.. trying that.
02:19riddler [root@daedelus mythweather-0.17]# locate libmythweather
02:19riddler /usr/lib/mythtv/plugins/
02:19--- User: *** riddler is now known as ridd1er
02:20ridd1er sorry evidentally riddler is used on this server.
02:20thor_ uhm, where's the built one?
02:20ridd1er let me remake it.. removed the old dir.
02:21thor_ (the one you built from the CVS checkout before make install)
02:21ridd1er removing the listed one..
02:21ridd1er running make again
02:22thor_ before you do a make install, try "mythfrontend mythweather"
02:22ridd1er k
02:22ridd1er same error
02:23thor_ heh
02:23Chutt you've got old header files.
02:23Chutt this _really_ doesn't belong in here.
02:23thor_ yup
02:24ridd1er excuse me... i thought since this was based off an event to fix a development issue that this would be the place to go.. but i guess i was wrong..
02:24ridd1er one wonders however why i am hearing about it at this point.
02:24ridd1er but i will leave you all be
02:25thor_ error: `Visual' is an inaccessible base of `PCMAudioMover'
02:25thor_ crap
02:25thor_ mutliple inheritance bites
02:25thor_ err, multiple
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02:49Chutt Isaac,
02:49Chutt What are you doing up at 2AM on a school night?
02:49Chutt Tim\
02:49Chutt who the fuck is that?
02:54thor_ someone in central time?
02:54Chutt right, but..
02:59thor_ ok, so this is working
03:00thor_ although having the same audio output played by two applications ever-so-slightly out of sync is deeply disturbing
03:00Chutt heh
03:01thor_ time for some client side code
03:01thor_ or bed
03:01thor_ probably bed
03:03Chutt heh
03:03Chutt jarod's the official branch release bitch
03:03thor_ good of him to commit to it
03:04thor_ after all the spewed venom in the last couple days
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06:19GeckoFiend chutt / snow-man looks like the dev ML is freaking out. getting dups of everything ATM
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08:26o_c Beirdo?
08:26--- User: *** o_c is now known as o_cee
08:31mikegrb o_c?
08:31Snow-Man GeckoFiend: heh.
08:31mikegrb Snow-Man: it is your fault!
08:32Snow-Man Is it actually still happening?
08:32mikegrb dunno
08:32* mikegrb looks
08:33--- ---> streamtrade [streamtrad@] has joined #MythTV
08:34mikegrb looks like not
08:34Snow-Man k.
08:42o_cee mikegrb.
08:42mikegrb hi
08:43o_cee hi
08:44mikegrb gawd these ssh brute force attacks are annoying
08:44o_cee at home?
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08:45mikegrb colo
08:45mikegrb <-- ace
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08:58mikegrb Snow-Man: I absolutely love you now
08:59mikegrb [michael@orion:~] grep iptables /etc/init.d/ssh-bruteforce | grep -v WHITELIST
08:59mikegrb DESC="iptables for ssh brute force mitigation"
08:59mikegrb iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 22 -m state --state NEW -m recent --set --name SSH
08:59mikegrb iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 22 -m state --state NEW -m recent --update --seconds 60 --hitcount 4 --rttl --name SSH -j ULOG --ulog-prefix SSH_brute_force
08:59mikegrb iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 22 -m state --state NEW -m recent --update --seconds 60 --hitcount 4 --rttl --name
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09:03Snow-Man hahahaha
09:03Snow-Man mikegrb: Glad to hear it. :)
09:03mikegrb :D
09:03mikegrb Snow-Man: may I have your children?
09:03Snow-Man haha
09:03Snow-Man My wife might complain. :)
09:03mikegrb Snow-Man: I shall name my second born after you
09:04Snow-Man ok. :)
09:04mikegrb Chutt already got my first born
09:04Snow-Man haha.
09:04mikegrb seriously
09:04mikegrb hunter isaac is 6 months
09:04Snow-Man hahaha
09:04Snow-Man moo?
09:04mikegrb moo!
09:05Snow-Man Cute kid. :)
09:05mikegrb moo is for a friends website
09:06Snow-Man Nice.
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09:26Beirdo o_cee: you rang?
09:27mikegrb no, he knocked
09:27Beirdo heh
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09:47o_cee Beirdo, just wanted to ask you if you tried any wifi phone/pda
09:47--- ---> Baylink [] has joined #mythtv
09:48Beirdo ah. not yet, no :)
09:49o_cee m'kay. ipaq h6340 is nice, has gsm to, but a bit expencive
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09:49mikegrb o_cee: you are worth it, go for it
09:50o_cee heh
09:50Baylink mikegrb is *everybody's* cheerleader. :-)
09:50mikegrb I am
09:50o_cee wonder what it would cost in the us and ship it here
09:50mikegrb Baylink: now get a linode ;)
09:55Baylink Was is das?
09:56mikegrb Baylink:
09:56mikegrb support my child
09:56mikegrb he needs food
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10:40sean33 anyone here help me get tvout going on matrox g400 ?
10:41sean33 please
10:42mikegrb sean33: if you type /topic you will likely find the answer to your query
10:42sean33 topic
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11:55Chutt whee.
11:55_rkulagow_ what, did you install a water slide in your house or something?
12:04--- ---> beavis [] has joined #mythtv
12:13Chutt yup
12:13Chutt easiest way to get to the basement
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12:29ejunek hey guys, I'm using a PVR350 and am getting an error: "Writing to VIDEODEV: invalid argument" error. Has anyone run into this before?
12:29ejunek (This happens when trying to watch LiveTV(
12:39Beirdo wrong channel. read topic
12:39ejunek sorry...thanks
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12:51thor_ you want to make sure the water level in the basement stays below the height of the projector
13:05GeckoFiend_ last day at this clients office... Jerk wings and beer for lunch
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13:19Anduin the recent programinfo.cpp changes should probably hit the protocol version
13:21Chutt oops
13:23Anduin and NUMPROGRAMLINES of course
13:23Chutt right
13:23Chutt 39, right?
13:23Anduin yup
13:24Anduin (mine is always +1 so that might already be fixed)
13:24Chutt it was only 38
13:26Anduin if you could tweak mythweb while you're in there as well, if not I can send a patch and chris can get to it
13:27Chutt already did
13:27Beirdo Chutt, so are we on a schedule for another release then?
13:27Chutt couple weeks.
13:27o_cee Chutt, you know the top left image where the chanlogo is displayed in the epg.. do you know where the black background comes from? and how one would make it transparent instead, like the smaller logos at the left hand side is?
13:27Beirdo neat :) OK, so we'll be in mainly testing mode soon then, I guess.
13:28Beirdo I'd better update my CVS tonight :)
13:28Chutt dunno
13:28o_cee looks really bad with my transparent logos :/
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13:28o_cee tried hunting it down at one point but couldn't figure it out
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15:00beavis Anduin: does your configure patch fix the wrong -march=k8 behaviour?
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18:04o_cee damn paul. this doesn't work.
18:04o_cee message = tr(" "); // spacer
18:05o_cee whitespace is stripped in the translations
18:05o_cee and, who the heck want to translate " "...
18:05thor_ heh
18:05--- ---> gecko [] has joined #mythtv
18:06stoffel mythphone? see the patch i sent to the -dev list a few weeks ago
18:06o_cee just removing the tr() should be enough yeah?
18:06o_cee stoffel, no music
18:06o_cee dunno what the code does. bah will just remove the tr
18:11o_cee stoffel, what was it with mythphone?
18:12--- <<-- gfiend [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
18:13stoffel i sent in a patch to add lots of translations for mythphone but paul never committed it to cvs
18:16o_cee i'll ask him about it. subject?
18:16o_cee don't want to apply it if it messes up his tree
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18:17stoffel o_cee: [PATCH][i18n] mythphone: more strings
18:20--- ---> CanadaBoy [] has joined #mythtv
18:22o_cee hm, what's the difference between "Cancelled" and "Aborted"?
18:22dopester dunno
18:23o_cee then i'll translate it into the same thing ;)
18:23--- ---> hadeees [] has joined #mythtv
18:23dopester well don't blame me if they are different my native language is englsih, but that doesn't mean i can speak or understand it :)
18:24o_cee hehe, of course i'll blame it on you :) btw, how much is a truckload?
18:24dopester its slightly less than a fuckload
18:24dopester but more than an assload
18:24o_cee probably enough
18:24dopester its a common imperial measurement..
18:24dopester the uk uses arseload which is a bit more than the american assload
18:24dopester easily confused much like the us and uk gallons
18:24--- <<-- hadees [~hadees@hadees.sustaining.supporter.pdpc] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:24o_cee heheh
18:25o_cee you deliver outside the uk?
18:25johnp__ Hey, we're all metric now.
18:25stoffel and i always thought american asses are bigger than british ones
18:25dopester even speed in cars? i thought that was still mph last time i was there
18:26dopester different units
18:26dopester like oz and fuild oz
18:26johnp__ But we measure fuel in litres and beer in pints
18:26dopester 4 shillings for a pint?
18:27dopester apparently i measure mixed drinks in pints judging by my foolish behavior friday nite.. hehe
18:27johnp__ Ha I wish. £1.90 tonight think that's about $100 these days.
18:27Beirdo hehe
18:27--- <<-- Flik [] has quit ()
18:27Beirdo a couple pints of mojito please...
18:28--- <<-- johnp__ [] has quit ("Download Gaim:")
18:28dopester i probbably had a pint of rum in 30 mintues or something stupid on top of the beers i had already had that night.. hehe
18:28thor_ but only in Canada can you hear, "Our destination is 850 kilometers away, and we'll be flying at an altitude of 32,000 feet"
18:29dopester what about puerto rico
18:29dopester speed is in miles per hour but distance is kilometers
18:29dopester thats reatarted
18:29dopester as is my spelling
18:29Beirdo hehe
18:30dopester i wonder if i should let dtk handle the mpegts audio crap or jsut do it myself
18:30--- ---> Flik [] has joined #mythtv
18:31dopester or is it whoever can check it in first now since we both got access?
18:31fith Sure... but name me one country where you hear... my car has 178.97kW of power (240HP) and 218.29Nm of torque (161 lb-ft).
18:31--- <<-- lmatter [] has quit ("Leaving")
18:31fith :)
18:32dopester east timor?
18:33Beirdo like they have 240HP cars there
18:34dopester you mean cars in general.. :)
18:35stoffel 'my donkey has 0.7hp and 15Nm of torque'
18:36--- ---> Roots^ [] has joined #mythtv
18:38fith lol
18:41--- <<-- jmblack [] has quit (Client Quit)
18:52--- ---> dhofstra [] has joined #mythtv
18:52--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
18:55--- <<-- dhofstra [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
18:58--- ---> dhofstra [] has joined #mythtv
19:03--- User: *** shadbash is now known as shadash
19:06--- <<-- dhofstra [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
19:17--- <--- chops [] has left #mythtv ()
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19:28--- ---> mythtv [] has joined #mythtv
19:30--- <<-- CanadaBoy [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:31mythtv I have a NVIDIA fx5900 and can use xawtv to watch TV, but mythtv displayes the image with blending colors and it looks like a slide show. Any ideas why this would happen?
19:33--- User: *** mythtv is now known as Nod51
19:33Nod51 err sorry about the name, knoppixmyth :-)
19:35--- <<-- Roots^ [] has quit ()
19:36Nod51 console output:
19:39Anduin did you explain in mythtv-users why you don't have xv support?
19:39Nod51 I searched google but didn't help
19:40Nod51 I was just hoping someone could point out a quick fix
19:40Nod51 ok I will ask on there
19:40Nod51 thanks for your help
19:43--- User: *** gecko is now known as GeckoFiend
19:52--- ---> Baylink [] has joined #mythtv
20:04--- <<-- Nod51 [] has quit ("Leaving")
20:16--- <<-- riksta [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
20:22* mikegrb wishes hreaden was here
20:28--- <<-- stoffel [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:35--- ---> Shdwdrgn [] has joined #MythTV
20:37--- ---> riksta [] has joined #mythtv
20:46--- ---> mythtv [] has joined #mythtv
20:47--- User: *** mythtv is now known as Nod51
20:47--- <--- Nod51 [] has left #mythtv ("Leaving")
20:48--- ---> gecko [] has joined #mythtv
20:48--- <<-- GeckoFiend [] has quit (Nick collision from services.)
20:48--- User: *** gecko is now known as GeckoFiend
20:49jams mikegrb, you work for , correct?
20:49mikegrb jams: ja
20:50jams one of my co-workers wanted me to pass on his ever lasting thanks for the great job/support.
20:51mikegrb tell him he is quite welcome
20:52--- <<-- mecraw [fwuser@] has quit ("Trillian (")
20:53jams he switched providers because the last one had "unplanned scheduled downtime" that lasted for a week. I recommend linode to him and he's been happy ever since.
20:54mikegrb we get a lot of those
20:55Chutt the wiki runs on linode
20:55Chutt it's moving to cuz it got slashdotted to hell =)
20:55Netslayer anyone notice mythtv is very unstable with multiple slave backends coming and going?
20:55mikegrb heh
20:55Netslayer 2005-03-23 17:47:13.613 Slave backend: myth has left the building Mutex destroy failure: Device or resource busy
20:55mikegrb has been linode
20:55Beirdo :)
20:55Chutt and a uml can't really do much in the way of traffic
20:55* Beirdo compiles CVS for the first time in a couple weeks
20:55Chutt used to be a uml on the same machine as the rest of stuff, but we moved it to a vserver. much better performance
20:56Beirdo wow, has configuration ever changed :)
20:56mikegrb we're looking at a xen offering
20:56Chutt yeah
20:56Chutt it's cool now
20:56Beirdo cvs update: cannot open directory /var/lib/mythcvs/mythweb/themes/Default/img/weather: No such file or directory
20:56Baylink And we will likely have that ready to go in a few days. Hi. :-)
20:56Beirdo dunno if that's a known thing, or just a remnant of doing an update
20:56Beirdo Baylink: sweeet
20:57Chutt baylink, yeah, right
20:57Chutt i don't believe you
20:57Baylink :-)
20:57Chutt i'll upgrade to the new version of mediawiki tonight
20:57Baylink DanL has the translation code close to perfect, he tells me.
20:57* mikegrb looks up the owner of
20:57Baylink And Tyler is supposed to have translated a dozen or two text pages; I'm awating response.
20:58Baylink I'll be looking into pywikipediabot to do the upload probably tomorrow night.
20:58Chutt jej
20:58Chutt err, heh
20:58Baylink Did 1.4 go production while I wasn't looking? Good.
20:58Chutt stupid keyboard requiring my hands to be in the right place all the time
20:58Baylink Silly thing.
20:58Baylink There will be some minor delays due to New Toy Syndrome. Just got a new digicam.
20:59Beirdo I should update the #mythtv-users Channel FAQ wiki too
20:59Beirdo unless we just roll that in onto
20:59Baylink You've got some nice stuff on there, incidentally.
20:59Baylink I wouldn't object, once it's up and stable; up to you.
21:00Beirdo thank you. I haven't upgraded as I did some customizing on the CSS, etc.
21:00Baylink I capsulized the nice part of wikis the other day: the structure doesn't impede on the nformation.
21:00Baylink In fact, you can have multiple structures, and the same information.
21:00Beirdo yep
21:00Baylink It's a taxonomist's dream. :-)
21:00Beirdo well, I'm open to moving the content, I'm not territorial :)
21:01Baylink You go guy.
21:01Baylink More shortly.
21:01Beirdo having it all in one official place is a good thing in my mind
21:02Beirdo I started mine as moin had pissed me off just too much
21:02Baylink :-)
21:02Baylink I gather Dan's whipped up some nice translation code.
21:02Beirdo :) The nice thing is, my content is already mediawiki
21:02Baylink Then I get to deal with the *other* half of the problem: extracting to flatfile.
21:03Baylink Indeed.
21:03Baylink Will it dump more than a page at a time?
21:03Beirdo good question
21:03Beirdo I basically have one page at this point, so I dunno
21:03Baylink Ah.
21:03Baylink TV and then sleep; later all.
21:04Beirdo seeya, Baylink
21:04--- <<-- Baylink [] has quit ("User disconnected")
21:04Beirdo I really like the new configure
21:04Beirdo :)
21:04Beirdo seems to be tied into nicely too
21:10--- ---> NightMonkey [] has joined #mythtv
21:22--- ---> huhlig [] has joined #mythtv
21:35dopester once i figured it out it was ok
21:35dopester pissed me off at first :)
21:36* huhlig grumbles
22:14--- <<-- rkulagow_ [] has quit ("Trillian (")
22:15--- ---> rkulagow_ [] has joined #mythtv
22:35--- Netsplit <-> quits: Captain_Murdoch
22:35--- Netsplit over, joins: Captain_Murdoch
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23:00--- ---> drd [] has joined #mythtv
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23:19--- ---> NemLappy^ [] has joined #mythtv
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23:32--- ---> xris [] has joined #mythtv
23:32xris anyone around playing with the new configure file?
23:42--- ---> kvandivo [] has joined #mythtv
23:46--- <--- xris [] has left #mythtv ()
23:51dopester i ran it
23:53--- <<-- rkulagow__ [] has quit ("Trillian (")
23:54--- ---> rkulagow__ [] has joined #mythtv
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