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02:51mtjs Anyone read the bug about the no sound in livetv ?
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06:49riksta Chutt: maybe you should look at the new freenode channel naming scheme, #foo is for developement of foo, and ##foo is 'about' foo
06:49riksta think they are keen for people to adopt that convention
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08:55SuperCatFrog | hi - i'd just like to say thanks to all the developers of mythtv for creating such a brilliant piece of software. Its taken two weeks to configure but it works now. Thanks
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09:49GeckoFiend weee new dev box. 2.5ghz + distcc + gb network == fast(er) compiles
09:51dopester heh
10:06o_c wonder if you can hotplug a soundcard... hmm.
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10:11GeckoFiend hmmm shouldn't P4 celerons be optimized for pentium4 instead of pentium2?
10:12GeckoFiend or is that another -march leads to bad code?
10:20o_cee i'm using p4 on mine
10:21o_cee think there's "celeron" as well, haven't looked that much at it
10:21kvandivo i forced i686, and it seems to run fine
10:23kvandivo course, i don't know how much better that is..
10:24kvandivo now that i think about it
10:24thor_ about 100
10:24kvandivo i did that some one the other day.. they were wondering what the difference between a model 3689 and a model 3989 was..
10:25kvandivo i don't think they really appreciated the humor in my response
10:25thor_ and BMW is 7 series is more than twice as mich as a 3
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10:25thor_ geez, two left hands
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10:58kvandivo i'm dense.. i'll be the first to admit it... but what makes this a 100 inch manual screen?
11:03mikegrb kvandivo: you are so dense
11:03mikegrb kvandivo: you are denser then the population of nyc
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11:04kvandivo a 'population' can't be dense. that's like saying that 8 million is dense. Makes no sense.
11:06mikegrb bah
11:06mikegrb kvandivo: anyway it is manual because you have to pull the handle down
11:06mikegrb silly kvandivo
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11:23Baylink "a population is dense" is usually shorthand for an understood, more encompassing concept.
11:24Beirdo kvandivo: I dunno... that would almost apply in some cases...
11:27mikegrb Baylink: I know!
11:27mikegrb Beirdo: It certainly would, espcially cases where the people are not unlike kvandivo himself
11:28kvandivo at any rate, to get back to the offtopic topic.. i was curious where the '100' was coming from.. not the 'manual'
11:28mikegrb kvandivo: probably a measuring tape
11:28Beirdo diagonal dimension
11:29Beirdo just like on TVs
11:29Beirdo although it says 65" in the description :)_
11:29kvandivo finally.. someone saw what i was talking about
11:30mikegrb yah, my math gets 65 inches for diagnal
11:31mikegrb /calc sqrt (32^2 + 57^2)
11:31Beirdo kinda like that cool 2000GHz Athlon they had posted the other day
11:31mikegrb irssi's bc intigration is spiff
11:31mikegrb Beirdo: I'll take three please
11:34gr8nash-home | cvs myth has xvmc_vld on by default is that what was intended or a mistake?
11:40_rkulagow_ i think it compiles in by default with the new configure script. is that what you mean?
11:40gr8nash-home | right
11:40gr8nash-home | is that a bad thing for non-ephia people?
11:40_rkulagow_ yeah, i compiled last night and when running frontend it would just go to blank screen
11:41_rkulagow_ when selecting watch live tv or watch recrording
11:41_rkulagow_ had to re-run configure and explicitly disable
11:41_rkulagow_ the xvmc and the xvmc-vld stuff
11:41_rkulagow_ ./configure --disable-xvmc --disable-xvmc-vld --disable-joystick-menu
11:42gr8nash-home | cool thats what i thought =)
11:42Beirdo might be smart to have the xvms stuff all default to off.
11:42Beirdo xvmc rather
11:42_rkulagow_ yeah, probably
11:42_rkulagow_ i think dtk's new configure is too aggressive
11:43Beirdo but it's only been in for a couple of days or so, and it's a nice thing
11:43Beirdo it's a good step
11:43gr8nash-home | what do you mean too aggressive?
11:43gr8nash-home | doesnt play well with smaller configure scripts ;)
11:43_rkulagow_ just because i have nvidia, doesn't mean that i want xvmc
11:43Beirdo it beats you up
11:43_rkulagow_ same thing with the joystick stuff
11:44mikegrb _rkulagow_ is my joystick of choice
11:46* gr8nash-home closes his eyes to visualize.. then *quickly* re opens them =p
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12:04gr8nash-home | ohh one other thing firewire is also enabled by default in the configure script.. that errors my box anyway.... ill disable it now
12:06gr8nash-home | firewire capture i mean
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12:16GeckoFiend _rkulagow_ just because xvmc support is compiled in doesn't mean you have to use it. same with the joystick stuff...
12:17_rkulagow_ hrmm. so what's the runtime disable then? _something_ bad happened when my mythfrontend was compiled with them in there... i'll check more when i get home
12:17Chutt it's it compiled in, it's turned on by default, though
12:17_rkulagow_ i don't think i've ever actually used them because my system is fast enough
12:17GeckoFiend ahhh forgot about the auto-on flag for xvmc
12:22Chutt i'll flip em to off
12:23_rkulagow_ i just posted a message; i think the library got pulled in when i apt-get installed the build requires for mythtv on a FC3 with atrpms
12:24Chutt that's likely
12:24_rkulagow_ never actually ran the 0.17 suite (i don't think), but it was a easy way to pull in all the usual suspects
12:26beavis dopester: with the latest dvb changes the backend and the mythtv-setup both crash
12:32Anduin bah, everything is on IRC, and XvMC becomes less evil all while I play with e-mail.
12:32beavis what's the reason for "2005-03-24 18:30:51.451 MainServer::HandleVersion - Client speaks protocol version 14 but we speak 15!" now?
12:33Anduin beavis - asked and answered a million times
12:33Chutt anduin, you're too slow
12:33Chutt that's all there is to it =)
12:33Anduin Chutt - yes, as always
12:34Chutt beavis, you're running cvs checkouts from different times?
12:34Chutt you're running cvs without paying attention to the commits list?
12:34beavis no
12:34wswanson yes
12:34Chutt um, yes?
12:34Chutt those weren't rhetorical questions
12:35beavis I've just made "make distclean" and made a fresh build
12:35beavis It's just one pc
12:35beavis so no different machines
12:35Chutt you've got two different versions running.
12:35Chutt period.
12:36hadees Chutt, you know with sdl it has a window id for the window it is supposed to draw in, i take it that my vis needs to be that window but can I just replace the window id with my window or do i need to set the window id before it already has the normal vis window ready
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12:36Anduin beavis - (different topic), no my config patch does nothing for k8, I mostly try to fix stuff that bothers me.
12:36beavis Anduin: ok
12:37Chutt you need to draw in the window it gives you.
12:37Chutt nothing else.
12:37beavis Anduin: I just can't let it use -march=k8
12:37beavis Anduin: no chance what I provide it takes pentiumpro
12:38Anduin beavis - fix it, send a patch, you care way more about it
12:38hadees Chutt, well its going to be a bit weird, then it will have like 3 windows, first the x11 it gave me, then the wrapper x11 window for the winamp vis and then the wine window inside the x11 wrapper window
12:38Anduin beavis - the new --arch=k8 should fix that if you use it (though getting the defaults to work would be better)
12:38hadees Chutt, although the user shouldn't notice
12:39Anduin beavis - though you'll have to explicitly enable mmx then (I only did intel cpus)
12:39beavis Anduin: ./configure --arch=k8
12:39beavis ERROR: CPU specific ./configure options failed compile test
12:39beavis Removing CPU specific compilation options. (-march=k8)
12:40Anduin beavis - looks like your gcc doesn't support -marck=k8
12:41beavis the default gcc on debian is 3.2 and it indeed doesn't support k8
12:41Anduin beavis - hmm, yeah, you'll need to patch for k8, same basic stuff I did in mine.
12:46hadees Chutt, is that okay? the 3 window thing, its alittle strange but you need the wrapper window because even though the top level window in wine is x11 there is no way to know the window id of that window if i make the winamp vis a top level
12:47hadees so i create a window so i know its window id and then have it the parent of the winamp vis, otherwise i would have to change the way mythmusic draws the vis window
12:47hadees have it be the parent of the winamp vis window
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13:07hadees Chutt, i also need to fork a process off mythtv for this, any way i should do that or just a normal fork() command
13:08Chutt yup.
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13:45beavis is danielk sometimes here around?
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14:11beavis Chutt: I've sent the bt to -dev because of the problems on 64bit. You told me to get into each thread manually. The problem is that I still get: #6 0x0000000000000000 in ?? () in every thread
14:12beavis Is it ok? Should I send the bt of every thread anyhow?
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15:24thor_ Chutt, you about
15:32Chutt yup
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15:33thor_ I'm in the process of adding an audiooutputnull device to libmyth
15:34thor_ outputs no bits to a device, but you can still attach listners to it
15:34Chutt i thought it had one?
15:34Chutt oh, guess not
15:34Chutt that's cool.
15:35thor_ if I do things that way, and do everything out the listner and over RTSP I can keep everything in perfect sync
15:35Chutt cool.
15:35thor_ I've had 3 vlc's and some local code all in lock step
15:35thor_ pretty cool
15:36thor_ any little thing that could "decode" PCM can be a set of "speakers"
15:37thor_ only downside is that reaction time to user interface actions is not quite instantaneous
15:37thor_ which sucks
15:38thor_ but I think I can drive it pretty close to zero lag
15:39thor_ bah, why does this configure script think I want native lirc
15:41Chutt heh
15:41Chutt doesn't hurt to turn it on
15:41thor_ dev box, no lirc anywhere on it
15:41thor_ can't find include
15:42thor_ easy to switch off though, no biggie
15:42Chutt try to fix the script?
15:42thor_ ah, sensible
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15:52Gumby are any developers interrested in adding a dvdshrink module to mythtv?
15:55hadees Gumby, are you a dvdshrink dev or something?
15:55hadees because i belive dvdshrink is closed source
16:00Gumby hadees: no, I'm not. I've just been speaking with one of the developers though
16:01hadees Well its an intresting idea but its really would be more on their side then a myth devs side
16:01hadees plus it would need to run on linux
16:02hadees you could mabey do it in winelib but for transcoding i would want to
16:02Gumby ah, I am not talking the windows version
16:02hadees there is a linux version out there?
16:02hadees i didn't know that
16:02Gumby there is a linux version that is basically just a frontend or gui wrapper for trnascode, mkisofs....etcetc
16:03hadees Gumby, so does it have anything to do with
16:03Gumby I tried it last night. ripped TheMatix retail DVD to single layer DVD-R
16:03Gumby worked great
16:03hadees Gumby, give me a link
16:03Gumby no, nothing to do with
16:03hadees Gumby, well then myth already can rip dvds
16:03hadees if he wants to make a better one
16:03Gumby can it? dual layer to single layer and burn?
16:04hadees it just makes xvid files i think
16:04Gumby ah, yeah. hes also working on divx2dvd and dvd2divx.
16:04Gumby I'd assume that includes xvid
16:05hadees so whats the link?
16:05Gumby IIRC the URL is
16:05Gumby ah, get rid of the x
16:06Gumby the author frequents undernet in #lfd and goes by the nick ozzy
16:06hadees Gumby, basicly your going to be hard pressed to find some to code this for you
16:06hadees you can either do it or try to get ozzy to
16:07Gumby heh, I'm definately not a coder. allthough it might be a neat project. I just thought it'd be a great feature to have in myth
16:08hadees mabey
16:08hadees i wouldn't do that stuff on my myth box though, to much work for it
16:08hadees i have another computer that handles things like that
16:09Gumby I did one yesterday. didnt seem to be much of an issue
16:09hadees Gumby, try doing it while your recording 3 streams, watching a divx video, and running commecrial detection
16:10hadees thats my guide, if i do all that at once i am happy
16:10Gumby no problem... considering I have 3 boxes to do it with :)
16:11Gumby anyhow, I thought I'd bring it up as most people dont seem to know about it.
16:12Gumby and from my experience with it thus far it works great. hes going to be working on DVD menu support for it also.
16:13hadees it doesn't do dvd menus?
16:15Gumby not currently no. thats its one downfall.
16:16hadees thats a huge downfall
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16:38cursor oops
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17:34drdaz hola! kinda need a hand with the QT button bug...
17:34* drdaz is a linuxnoob
17:34drdaz basically I have no idea how to force apt-get to downgrade QT
17:35shadas1 /join #mythtv-users
17:35drdaz ahh
17:36drdaz try there I will
17:36drdaz thx
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17:48dopester sure blame the dvb code why don't ya :)
17:48kvandivo i blame it for the rain we had yesterday
17:49stoffel and i had to work late b/c of it
17:50dopester nothing like scrolling up and seeing beavis blaming my code and 1 second later posting the protocol version change.. heh
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17:50dopester but it could have been that CreateRainStorm() funciton I added
17:51ozan hi, i bought a skystar2 digital tv card and want to use it with my gentoo linux! is mythtv suitable for this? if not could you please show me some guidance?
17:52shadas1 /join #mythtv-users ;-)
17:52ozan ok
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18:14beavis dopester: mea culpa, sorry ;)
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20:21dopester was ist los mis beavis.. :)
20:25dopester er mit
20:30gr8nash-home | has anyone tried compiling mythgame cvs recently? is it le' toasto?
20:31gr8nash-home | gametree.cpp:120: error: `db' undeclared (first use this function)
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21:40* dopester hands beirdo a mojito
21:46Beirdo heh
21:46dopester i got 1/2 a lime left... hehe
21:46dopester 1 more pint coming up
21:48Beirdo argh
21:48* Beirdo is having troubles with awstats.
21:48Beirdo likely caused by not enough beer
21:48* dopester hands beirdo a second mojito
21:49dopester drink up man
21:49* Beirdo chugs
21:56* dopester hands beirdo a third mojito
21:57Beirdo heh
21:58dopester chutt needs to put a breathalizer on cvs commit
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21:59* warren looks for xris
21:59warren Beirdo, ping
21:59Beirdo hey there
21:59warren hi
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23:03* dopester hands beirdo a fourth mojito
23:04Beirdo heh
23:04Beirdo OK, that's 4 out of 6 awstats working
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23:05dopester behold the power of the mojito
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23:23_c tangential, but i can't get irw to produce any output no matter what i do. i have a hauppauge 350.
23:24_c i have reasonable confs for lircd and lircmd and both are started.
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