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00:07<xris>this whole callsign/icon thing is really annoying
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00:42<rtsai>xris: here in SF, two PBS sub-channels are somehow identifed as "LIFE" and "ENCORE", which the predictable mis-iconification.
00:42<xris>lol, ouch
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01:01<xris>rtsai: no idea how to get around that.
01:01<xris>those callsigns should be registered
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02:01<ethernalq_>/server #mythtv-users
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04:47<zigovr3>hi all, I don't know if it is the correct place to ask, anyway I have problem with mythtv and mysql regarding character encoding : my mysql is setup for utf8 (and I *don't* want to change this), and apparently it causes sometimes problem with mythtv that uses latin1
04:48<zigovr3>I'm willing to fix this in the source code if possible but I'd need a few informations
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05:24<gbee>anyone know if it is possible to collapse a <textarea> to the size of the content?
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05:29<gbee>zigovr3: you can set up different character set for different databases, without changing the server default - even per table and per column
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05:44<Tuomaz>gbee: are you developing MythWeb?
05:44<gbee>no, that's xris
05:45<gbee>by <textarea> I was refering to mythui not HTML/XHTML etc ;)
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05:45<Tuomaz>gbee: ahh :-)
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06:28<Merlin83b>stuarta: You're not in -users so I'll mention it here. It is a dev issue though and I think you're possibly the guy for it.
06:29<Merlin83b>stuarta: DVB recordings still happen if no lock was obtained. That's what (it seems) was causing the missing recordings I was getting. They don't make a file on the filesystem but the info does end up in the database.
06:30<stuarta>i'd have to check if there is proper feedback from the recorder
06:31<stuarta>to indicate the failure condition
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06:36<Merlin83b>stuarta: Shall I leave you with those thoughts or would you like me to trac it up?
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06:37<stuarta>i'd put it in trac. wouldn't surprise me if daniel knows exactly where to hack first
06:37<Merlin83b>Okay, I'll get onto that this afternoon.
06:50<Snow-Man>Chutt: Looks like disk-0 was taken out of the mirror on alcor because of the SMART stuff was exceeded.
06:51<Snow-Man>Chutt: Everything seems happy enough for the moment but we should probably ask xris about getting the disk replaced.
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07:43|-|Ekipa kanalu #mythtv: Wszystkich: 76 |-| +op [0] |-| +voice [0] |-| normalnych [76]
07:47<mikegrb>SELECT StartDate, EndDate, StartTime, EndTime, Title, Location, Details FROM event WHERE guild_id = ? AND (EndDate > NOW() OR StartDate > NOW ()) ORDER BY StartDate DESC LIMIT 1
07:47<mikegrb>er, wrong window
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08:17<Merlin83b>If you'd like to do some assigning type fun.
08:21<Merlin83b>Just that it shouldn't be assigned to ijr and I don't have the power to reassign it :)
08:21<stuarta>yeah, i'll wait a few hours and see if daniel grabs it...
08:22<Merlin83b>I made sure to put DVB in the title :)
08:31<gbee>really need a command line arg to mythfrontend preventing it from trying to rebuild the theme cache
08:31<stuarta>just bump the max cached themes (assuming you are changing themes)
08:32<gbee>I'm not, it's just I'm rebuilding a lot at the moment whilst testing/debugging
08:32<stuarta>ah, yeah, that takes a bit.
08:33<stuarta>shouldn't be a huge patch to add that as an option.
08:35<gbee>yeah, might do it tonight
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10:16<gbee>heh, sprintf doesn't like being passed QObject::tr() as an argument
10:17<Chutt>stick a .ascii() on there
10:19[~]stuarta ponders another 320Gb of disk space...
10:19<Chutt>i'm waitin on a 1TB drive
10:20<gbee>Chutt: thanks
10:20<stuarta>ah why not. need some proper storage for mythvideo
10:28<stuarta>done. more disk space :)
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10:51<o_cee>new fill routine, to stop when there's no more data, causes an error to be left in the log
10:51<o_cee> Last mythfilldatabase run started on 2007-01-16 05:02 and ended on 2007-01-16 05:02. FAILED: xmltv returned error code 256.
10:52<o_cee>i guess that's why at least
10:52<o_cee>Chutt: yikes, how much are they?
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10:53<gbee>I'll take a look at it
10:58<janneg>o_cee: I think they aren't available yet
11:01<o_cee>maybe not
11:01<o_cee>ooh, new Vaio U with SSD.. mmmmm.. me wants
11:02<gbee>o_cee: can you run the grabber from the command line, set --offset to a day beyond what the grabber can do e.g. 15 if 14 days data is available
11:02<o_cee>gbee: give me a sec
11:03<o_cee>so mythfill --offset 15
11:03<gbee>tv_grab_swedb --offset 15
11:03<o_cee>ah right hold on
11:04<gbee>I'm interested to know what it does - the uk_rt grabber won't throw an error, it will just return normally but with no programme info
11:04<gbee>if other grabbers throw an error instead then I'll have to code for both events
11:05<o_cee>it starts spitting out xml with icon info, then says downloading listings
11:05<o_cee>Failed to download data for on 2007-01-31.
11:05<o_cee>and ends with a tv close tag
11:10<gnome42>janneg: Hi! I haven't done much on our project since we last spoke. I want to spend some time on it this week. Have there been any developments? Any discussions on what the best 'plan of attack' might be?
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11:13<gbee>don't think the error you are seeing is fatal - so I can probably just move things around so that you don't see it
11:13<o_cee>gbee: nah could probably be ignored
11:13<o_cee>don't know if the error code actually means anything or not
11:14<gbee>anyone know what error 256 is?
11:16<gbee>it's not an xmltv code, it's a system dependant thing (stdlib.h system())
11:19<o_cee>nope time to drive home
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12:12<Snow-Man>xris: heya
12:12<Snow-Man>xris: Chutt talk to you?
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12:13<Chutt>i've been on conference calls all day
12:14<xris>what's up?
12:14<Snow-Man>xris: SMART threshold exceeded on the first disk so it's been removed from the array.
12:15<Snow-Man>3w-9xxx: scsi0: AEN: WARNING (0x04:0x000F): SMART threshold exceeded:port=0.
12:15<Snow-Man>3w-9xxx: scsi0: AEN: ERROR (0x04:0x0002): Degraded unit:unit=0, port=0.
12:15<Snow-Man>u0 RAID-1 DEGRADED - - 232.82 ON ON OFF
12:15<Snow-Man>p0 SMART-FAILURE u0 233.76 GB 490234752 WD-WCANK3178348
12:15<xris>get me the contact info for the guys in the data center and I'll set up an rma
12:15<Snow-Man>Cool. :)
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12:19<Chutt>Snow-Man, you'll send an email to their support address, i suppose?
12:23<Snow-Man>You mean OSUOSL, right?
12:23<xris>once you get the info, I can have them advance RMA a new drive.
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12:30<Snow-Man>xris: What email can I use for you (or whomever would be appropriate)?
12:31<Snow-Man>Was going to Cc you on the email to them, or I can just get the info and forward it to you over IRC.. :)
12:31<xris>that's fine.
12:31<xris>heck, if you want, you can call our support guys and deal with them directly.
12:31<Snow-Man>email sent.
12:32<Snow-Man>xris: Would they want, like, serial numbers or other stuff I don't have? :)
12:32<xris>fyi,, and the serial number is SM22057
12:33<xris>I left them a note in their IRC channel (I'm stuck at home today because of flu/snow), but haven't heard back.
12:33<Snow-Man>I need the info from OSUOSL anyway.
12:33<xris>I'll let you know if they respond with a ticket number.
12:34[~]Snow-Man creates a /root/alcor.serial.num file. :)
12:34<Snow-Man>xris: This stuff is all hot-swap, right?
12:35<Snow-Man>Is there a pretty light on the front indicating which disk failed too? :D
12:35<xris>should be
12:36<xris>you just plug in the new drive, and then use 3dm (web interface is easiest) to tell the card to re-add the drive
12:36<Snow-Man>ah, yea
12:36<Snow-Man>tw_cli ain't so bad. :)
12:42<Chutt>yay, freezer is already down below 15 degrees
12:42<Chutt>much better than > 40
12:43<Snow-Man>Chutt: I didn't get an auto-reply from that email, did you get it?
12:44<Chutt>i didn't even get an email from you
12:44<Snow-Man>blahhh, I also forgot to change the damn subject.
12:44[~]Snow-Man blinks.
12:44<Snow-Man>A75EC5804A 1614 Tue Jan 16 12:31:35
12:44<Snow-Man>(host[] said: 450 <>: Recipient address rejected: Grey
12:44<Snow-Man>listed for 300 seconds (see (in reply to RCP
12:44<Snow-Man>T TO command))
12:44<Snow-Man>(connect to[]: Connection timed out)
12:46<Snow-Man>There we go.
12:46<Snow-Man>I nuked the message and recreated it w/ the right subject and stuffs. :)
12:47<Snow-Man>I got the auto-reply from osuosl
12:47<Chutt>i wouldn't be surprised if speakeasy's having issues
12:47<Snow-Man>Chutt: Message to you looks like it got out too.
12:47<Chutt>i should setup a addy for me
12:48<Snow-Man>Replacement kenobi should be in today. :)
12:48<Chutt>i still want to run some personal things on the replacement, if that's ok
12:49<Chutt>mainly just my wife's photo gallery
12:51<Chutt>i still need to get her to think up a domain name
12:51<Snow-Man>I'm still going to be collecting monies from people to help offset the cost.. :)
12:52<Chutt>that's fine
12:52<Snow-Man>Once I get the new box I'll get things set up and work out a transistion plan.
12:53<Chutt>her stuff isn't running anywhere right now
12:53<Chutt>so i get bugged weekly, at least :p
12:53<Snow-Man>Well, yah, thinking about the other people's stuff. :)
12:54<Snow-Man>I'd like to get most stuff moved over this weekend.
12:54<Chutt>assuming the new machine works
12:54<Snow-Man>Once it's all up and happy I'll bug people about money stuffs.
12:54<Snow-Man>Well, yes.
12:54<Snow-Man>I'll be pretty upset if it doesn't. :)
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12:56<Snow-Man>I was able to get them to do reverse DNS, which was nice. :)
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13:04<Dw577lr>silly question, where in the db are the video pid's stored? I'm trying to override the pid for a video stream in 0.20, and cant find the table I used many years ago that stored the pid info
13:09<gbee>we no longer store them, but grab them from the stream every time
13:09<Dw577lr>doh.. evil code kludge time then
13:11<gbee>not really worthwhile btw - much better stuff on the net ;)
13:12<Dw577lr>still.. this has to be done..
13:13<Dw577lr>im pretty sure I know the use ur referring to..
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13:14<stuarta>evening all
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13:28<Balachmar>I want to write a plugin that allows for one clicking copying of CD's and DVD's
13:28<Balachmar>sorry it was supposed to be a pm
13:30<Balachmar>Hi xris thought it a good idea to talk to you about an idea I have
13:30<Balachmar>I want to write a plugin that allows for one clicking copying of CD's and DVD's
13:30<Balachmar>(and now he tells me not to ask Chutt personally but all the dev people :) sorry it is my first time here
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13:31<Balachmar>I already know of a few people who like the idea.
13:31<xris>Balachmar: now be patient... people aren't always around.
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13:42[~]Snow-Man wonders if he could start a mail loop between the siliconmechanics and OSUOSL ticket tracking systems.. ;)
13:42<xris>Snow-Man: nope. we don't have an automated ticketing system
13:42<Snow-Man>Oh, darn. :)
13:43<Snow-Man>xris: Sent an email to your support@ address w/ what I think is all the info.
13:43<xris>Snow-Man: ok.
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13:49<gbee>#2932 - we're translating the default setting 'MenuTheme' when imho we shouldn't be
13:49<gbee>anyone think of a good reason for it?
13:49<Chutt>shouldn't be translated
13:50<janneg>no and I think I remember a similar issue
13:50<gbee>there was - o_cee found it a few months back with another setting
13:50<Chutt>too hasty on adding the ::tr()
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14:18<Balachmar>Is there anyone who want to comment on my MythCopy idea?
14:19<Balachmar>Because I want to go to bed in a few minutes, or should I come back at some other time? Or do it over the mail?
14:23<Balachmar>To read some more visit my website
14:23<Balachmar>You can send me an e-mail through that website as well.
14:23<laga>you could post to the mythtv-dev mailing list
14:23<Balachmar>ok, then I will do that straight away
14:24<Chutt>i'm not interested in such functionality.
14:29<Chutt>why do you keep private messaging me?
14:29<Balachmar>because I don't want to clutter the channel
14:30<Balachmar>Not interested means, it won't be an official plugin then?
14:31<Chutt>unless you can convince someone else it's necessary, yes.
14:31<Balachmar>Because then I won't need to send the e-mail I was writing
14:32<Chutt>I don't see the need to have that in myth, at all.
14:32<Balachmar>It isn't necessary, I agree, I just thought it to be usefull
14:33<Balachmar>Because it is something my girlfriend always asks me to do, and then she could do it herself on the mythbox
14:33<Balachmar>which is on more often than the other computer
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14:38<MrGandalf>MythCopy.. sounds high profile.. I don't think Myth needs that sorta image
14:39<xris>Balachmar: my recommendation would be to start it up as a separate project. If you get enough of a following, the code is good, and the devs don't think it's too high profile (as MrGandalf said), it could always be merged in later.
14:40<xris>but I'm also of the opinion that it's both too high profile and not that useful (since so many other apps burn disks better than a point-and-click interface in mythtv would)
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14:43<Balachmar>Well, I will start a seperate project first then. Maybe the plugin itself can convice you :)O
14:44<Balachmar>just one question though, what do you mean with high profile?
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14:46<xris>attracting attention of groups like the MPAA, etc. MythTV works very hard to keep our legit image, so we don't want any association with things (e.g. bittorrent) that might get us perceived as contributing to copyright infringement.
14:47<Balachmar>ooh, ok. Where I live we have to right to create a backup copy for personal use
14:48<gbee>this business of falling back to G.A.N.T. if the theme is missing in MythContext::FindThemeDir assumes that the missing theme isn't a menu theme
14:48<Balachmar>So CD or DVD copying is not a real issue. In the Netherlands it is even legal to download video and music, although uploading the stuff isn't...
14:48<gbee>rather than implementing some overcomplicated fix, any objections to creating MythContext::FindMenuThemeDir ?
14:48<xris>Balachmar: mythtv is based in the US, so we comply with US law.
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14:49<gbee>it'll duplicate some of MythContext::FindThemeDir but is the simplest solution I can think of
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14:50<Balachmar>Now I understand, because the MPAA is quite aggresive these days, but I didn't know that a home backup was illegal in the US
14:50<Balachmar>But I do hope that I could get a little bit of support on howto get started though
14:51<Balachmar>But now I'm off to bed first! Cheers and thanks in advance.
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14:59<gbee>anyone using the "menutest" directory?
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15:42<gbee>hate working on core libs, the recompiles are a PITA
15:42<stuarta>well i'm testing out the latest amd64 stuff to see if I get decent video card drivers yet...
15:43<stuarta>getting a bit sick of 32bit
15:43<gbee>the nvidia 64bit drivers have always worked well for me
15:44<stuarta>sadly that won't work with my ATI card :)
15:45<stuarta>wtf? no direct rendering? where did i put my trout...
15:46[~]gbee reads the city council budget while he waits for the compile to finish
15:47<gbee>on second thoughts it'll make better bedtime reading
15:48<stuarta>not the best, surely there's something better to read?
15:48<gbee>it'll put me to sleep - so nothing better ;)
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15:54<gbee>either that or Catch 22 which I've only just got around to reading
16:00<stuarta>indeed. i've got a whole series of formerly banned books.
16:00<stuarta>they are quite good to read.
16:00<stuarta>on the bright side. the latest stuff works
16:00<stuarta>i've dual head with no tearing of image or corruption
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16:03<stuarta>w00t. hd playback works much better too
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16:51<plink212>anyone up to speed on building osx front ends?
16:52[~]stuarta gets his mac on saturday
16:53<stuarta>AFAIK you use the osx-packager script to do the hard work
16:55<plink212>yes... so I installed an svn client via darwin ports, i then svn the trunk. i then run the, which runs through (although it fails on the mysql which i drop to the disk image directly bad mirror), after in finishes I end up with 2 apps and running either of these ends up with them just bouncing in the dock and then going away.
16:56<plink212>now i have built a frontend sucessfully before and all was dandy but lately no dice
16:56<plink212>i have removed the .mythtv folder as well in case
16:57[~]janneg suspects that plink212 hasn't read the topic
16:58<plink212>so the gist is it does seem to build just not work. I thought for a while it might be something left over so I have done a -distclean and then a -clean
16:58<plink212>valid point, i understand that this isn't user support
16:59<stuarta>janneg: osx support isn't quite end-user yet, so i don't mind (for once)
17:00<plink212>my question was more based around whether I am a dufus or whether they just aren't working
17:01<plink212>or if there is a cunning build script switch combination to make it work
17:01<stuarta>several devs have osx boxes already, so i'd be surprised if it's broken.
17:01<janneg>I thought the packager script takes care of everything. and in -users is maybe actually a macosx user
17:02<stuarta>there was a thread last week with someone else having build issues (in -dev IIRC)
17:03<Chutt>think avahi's enough of a standard now to req it?
17:04|-|aevil [] has quit ["Verlassend"]
17:04|-|Cardoe [n=cardoe@gentoo/developer/Cardoe] has quit ["Leaving"]
17:04<plink212>seems to be about waking from sleep, I will keep plugging away at it but I think the mac os frontends are bust from a trunk clean co
17:05<stuarta>avahi looks intruiging...
17:05<Chutt>just zeroconf
17:06<Chutt>get rid of the implementation in mfd, use it elsewhere
17:06<Dibblah>... What about just extending the uPnP stuff instead?
17:06<stuarta>ie. throw out our old half done stuff in favour of a working lib?
17:06<CDev>I've already got that with upnp & windows vista (I know... it's microsoft)
17:06<Chutt>Dibblah, itunes interop
17:06|-|beavis [] has quit ["Ex-Chat"]
17:07<Chutt>the upnp stuff works, too
17:07<Chutt>just a question of how much to support :p
17:08|-|juski [] has joined #mythtv
17:08<CDev>fyi: I have backend (master/slave) discovery mostly working from the library point of view. just restructuring it a little to make it usable from the frontend without all the media server stuff.
17:08|-|juski [] has quit [Client Quit]
17:08<Chutt>CDev, neat.
17:09<Dibblah>Besides, an external lib dependency... First in a while :)
17:09|-|plink212 [] has left #mythtv ["is it acceptable to"]
17:09<Chutt>it does also pull in dbus
17:09<CDev>It's amazing how many devices on on the network that don't show up in other apps. I have over 40 services on my network from about 7 devices.
17:12|-|MrGandalf [] has joined #mythtv
17:12<gbee>avahi is standard in mandriva - that's the extent of what I can say about it
17:13<gbee>guessing it's probably pulled in by kde
17:13<o_cee>why is SPEEDINC a mandatory action? especially when it by default collides with DETAILS (key U)
17:16<stuarta>it's in debian too
17:18<o_cee>(ubuntu edgy as well)
17:20<gbee>is any action mandatory?
17:21<gbee>you mean why is it given a default binding?
17:24<o_cee>try removing the binding..
17:25<o_cee>with mythcontrols
17:27<o_cee>never seen it before either
17:30<gbee>looking at KeyBindings::LoadMandatoryBindings it shouldn't be ... didn't even know such a list existed, although it makes sense to prevent users unbinding the keys they need to use/navigate mythcontrols
17:32<gbee>guess there is a bug if SPEEDINC is causing an error
17:38<o_cee>yeah doesn't feel like the most important key there is ;)
17:41<o_cee>erhm.. if i'm adressing a woman in a mail (who called me Mr. Carlsson hehe), do i write ms or mrs?
17:42<stuarta>unless you know better ms is safe
17:42<o_cee>mkay thanks
17:42<stuarta>ms is the female version of mr
17:43<o_cee>thought ms and mrs was unmarried vs married?
17:43<stuarta>thats miss & mrs
17:44<o_cee>ah okay, thought ms and miss was the same.. thanks :)
17:44<o_cee>not get the chance to be that formal very often hehe
17:45<xris>ms (pronounced mizz) is marriage-generic.. though often in culture used to refer to older single women since somehow the "miss" bit got attached to the idea of younger wimen.
17:46<stuarta>another of life's little minefields where the female of the species is involved
17:46<o_cee>hm okay.. hehehe
17:46<gbee>silly question - is there any reason why I shouldn't add doxygen format comments to somewhere like mythcontext?
17:47<stuarta>documentation is good :)
17:47[~]xris also likes documentation.
17:47<gbee>after discussing documentation today I thought I might at least properly comment anything I was working on or near
17:47<stuarta>good plan 99
17:48<gbee>not about to comment the whole of mythcontext, but it's better than nothing
17:52<o_cee>xris: i sent you an email the other day didn't i? don't remember what it was
17:53<xris>me, neither
17:53<xris>oh. untranslated page titles
17:53[~]stuarta chuckles
17:53<o_cee>ah yeah
17:53<xris>been too ill to reply
17:53<o_cee>didn't want to change them without knowing if i should prefix mythweb or not
17:53<o_cee>ah :/
17:53<xris>I actually don't know the best answer to that.
17:54<o_cee>i'd prefix mythweb everywhere
17:54<o_cee>but that's me :)
17:54<xris>makes it hard to have any info in tabs, then..
17:54<xris>mine only give me 2 chars after "Mythweb - "
17:55<o_cee>press the drop down at the far right side.. it's nice
17:55<o_cee>use it all the time now
17:57|-|Cardoe [n=Cardoe@gentoo/developer/Cardoe] has joined #mythtv
17:59<xris>no drop down for me. I prefer to see all of my tabs at once, in as many rows as it takes
18:05<o_cee>xris: what extension do you use for that?
18:05|-|stuarta [n=stuarta@unaffiliated/stuarta] has quit ["zzzzzzz"]
18:08<xris>tabmix plus
18:08<xris>a little outdated, but the plugin list should be up to date
18:10<o_cee>xris: ah okay, didn't think that was needed anymore since they added most of the stuff to the core
18:10<xris>tabmix still does a lot of extra stuff
18:22<MrGandalf>stuarta: seems that loop is caused by going into "Watch Recordings" and browsing recordings..
18:27|-|jclark12 [] has joined #mythtv
18:27<jclark12>can you use MCE's remote with this software?
18:28<jclark12>anyone there??
18:28<MrGandalf>join #mythtv-users
18:31|-|topillo [] has left #mythtv []
18:35|-|jclark12 [] has left #mythtv []
18:58|-|Defend changed nick to defend
19:10|-|Charbal [n=Charbal@unaffiliated/charbal] has joined #mythtv
19:14[~]xris curses sqlite
19:25|-|br14 [n=rick@] has joined #mythtv
19:26|-|br14 [n=rick@] has left #mythtv []
19:28<xris>figured out how to query trac to pull up info about WHO closes tickets... so the "closed" report has been updated:
19:40|-|heanol_ [] has joined #mythtv
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19:58|-|defend changed nick to Defend
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20:49|-|cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
21:16<xris>ok, I think I'm ready to make the perl bindings install by default... last chance for anyone to voice strong objections.
21:28<xris>janneg: you know that prefix patch for perl? it REALLY mucks with people who install mythtv in /usr/local/
21:29|-|[g2] [n=g2@nslu2-linux/g2] has joined #mythtv
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21:56|-|ShorTie [] has joined #mythtv
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21:57<ShorTie>g00d evening guys
21:57<ShorTie>having problems tuning to 82
21:58|-|Anduin [] has joined #mythtv
21:58<ShorTie>i get (L_n) M never comes in and only a partial lock
21:58<ShorTie>signal says 80%
21:59<ShorTie>oops sorry, wrong channel
22:00|-|ShorTie [] has left #mythtv []
22:03<CDev>Is it possible to use the myth_source_version in the upnp library? I'm getting "Undefined reference" in he mythtv project (even though it never uses any classes of the upnp library)
22:04<CDev>Let me re-ask the question. Is there any reason I shouldn't add a reference in the MythTv project to
22:08<CDev>Never mind. I'll figure a different way to handle it... I would have to add to most projects in the programs directory.
22:21|-|heanol [] has joined #mythtv
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22:56<Captain_Murdoch>dsm-320 is now $92 after rebate, seems someone is trying to get rid of the things...
23:04<Captain_Murdoch>debating picking one up as my Christmas present from the in-laws. :)
23:04<Captain_Murdoch>only issue is the MPEG-2 only, no .nuv, so I'd have to transcode my HD down to MPEG-2 for playback on it.
23:09|-|Wayhigh [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
23:26<xris>well, could be a good reason to enable mpeg2->mpeg2 transcoding. :)
23:27<Captain_Murdoch>that won't resize currently and the 320 won't do HD, need a 520 for that.
23:28<Captain_Murdoch>unless I finish the rest of the patch I was working on to allow NVR to generate mpeg-ps files as an alternate to nuv
23:28<xris>that's why I said transcode.
23:29<Captain_Murdoch>ah, ok. :) yeah, had considered that at one point, that's part of why I added the ability to override the built-in transcode command in the JobQueue.
23:31<Captain_Murdoch>looking at adding multiple file support currently, so you could transcode and keep both files around and both would still be playable via the same recording entry in the DB. 2nd file would just be an 'alternate' file that you could choose to play.
23:31<Captain_Murdoch>so I could transcode down for low-end players and still have the original HD around for playback as well.
23:33<Captain_Murdoch>still thinking about your free space thing as well, was thinking about that the other day.
23:37<xris>I'd still love to see a way to transcode to any format... as I understand it, just have to get some sort of missing-frame stuff added into the decode process rather than only during encode
23:39<xris>cool. I think I've finally gotten this iconmap stuff straightened out.
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