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00:25<Captain_Murdoch>cool on this end.... I have a recording setup with an alternate file and when I play it from the Watch Recordings screen, a popup comes up that tells me there are alternate files and asks which one I want to play. it has a button for the original file and a button for each alternate file listed in the DB.
00:27<Captain_Murdoch>now just need to do the other 90% of the work like handling the disk space for the alternate files, deleting them with the main recording is deleted, giving the transcoder the ability to keep both copies and set them up correctly, etc.. :)
00:28<Captain_Murdoch>proof of concept works though... time for bed...
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01:10<xris>Captain_Murdoch: THAT would be awesome.
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03:47<stuarta>changeset 12556 looks cool...
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04:28<gbee>could use another ffmpeg resync
04:29<stuarta>looks like it from the email in the -dev list
04:29<gbee>which one it this?
04:30<stuarta>erm, it was a reply to a ticket with a reference to
04:33<gbee>yep, just found it
04:34<gbee>hadn't bothered reading it before
04:39<gbee>latest ffmpeg will play back the newer FLV
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05:32<stuarta>flash i believe
05:33<MrGandalf>but will it fix ticket 2498? ;)
05:33<stuarta>i'm not convinced that additional stuff was even relevant to 2498...
05:34<MrGandalf>the frame repeat stuff?
05:34<MrGandalf>hmm, shame
05:35<stuarta>i'll have to re-read tho
05:35<stuarta>could well be...
05:35<MrGandalf>it sounded feasable
05:36<stuarta>yeah. does after a re-read
05:36<MrGandalf>ivtc filter sorta helps
05:36<MrGandalf>(I think)
05:49<gbee>flv = flash video
05:53<gbee>MrGandalf: have you tried the latest svn version of ffmpeg?
05:53<gbee>for what it's worth, it's pretty quick to compile
05:53<MrGandalf>I've tried (nearly) the latest svn of Myth
05:54<MrGandalf>I should give it a go
05:55<gbee>you'll probably want to enable a few things through configure
05:55<gbee>I use --enable-gpl --enable-pp --enable-static --enable-a52 --enable-faac --enable-vorbis --enable-libogg --enable-pthreads
05:56<MrGandalf>shouldn't need all those.. don't even think I have libs installed for all of them.
05:56<MrGandalf>but I see what you're saying
05:57<gbee>won't need the libs, but the rest won't hurt
05:57<MrGandalf>well, gotta march off to work.. cheers
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07:15<SpacePope>Can anyone here help me out with a hauppage card not loading up correctly?
07:16<SpacePope>I am loading the ivtv module, however I am not getting any /dev/video devices
07:17<gbee>SpacePope: try #mythtv-users
07:17<laga>SpacePope: the big prayer takes place in #mythtv-users.
07:18<SpacePope>haha, cool, thanks!
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08:53<minimec>Hi folks. I am debugging for three hours now to get a running mythweb... This .htaccess file is driving me mad...
08:54<minimec>Well. When I connect to localhost/mythweb I get a login prompt. I fill in login/password and I get a blank login prompt again. ... Fuck!
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08:56<laga>minimec: try #mythtv-users
08:56<minimec>AuthType Basic; AuthName MythTV; AuthUserFIle /etc/apache2/mythtvusers; require valid-user
08:56<minimec>laga: OK thx. ;)
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09:27<j-rod>anyone else seeing grossly high cpu usage watching 720p streams when they're upscaled to 1920x1080p?
09:27[~]j-rod has been meaning to poke at this for a while now...
09:29<j-rod>my cpu (A64 3500) is only 40% busy playing back 1080i stuff in my 1920x1080p mode, and actually throttles back a bit
09:29<j-rod>cpu goes full-bore, 100% used playing back 720p
09:30<j-rod>same thing across multiple nvidia driver versions now
09:30<j-rod>xv scaling problem maybe?
09:30[~]j-rod should set up xrandr, and see how 720p playback is in a 720p mode
09:30<stuarta>backend or xorg using the cpu?
09:31<j-rod>frontend sucks up about 55-65% of the cpu, xorg the remainder
09:31<j-rod>everything still plays back perfectly fine, mind you
09:32<j-rod>until I ssh into the box and start fucking around with things while trying to watch something... :)
09:32<j-rod>(yum's cpu usage is still disgusting...)
09:35<j-rod>this box is a frontend-only, btw, so no backend cpu usage on it whatsoever
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10:00<MrGandalf>j-rod: I'm not seeing that issue
10:02<j-rod>MrGandalf: what video driver?
10:03<MrGandalf>NVidia 8774
10:03<MrGandalf>on a 5700LE
10:03<MrGandalf>using an AMD 3000+ slightly OC
10:03<j-rod>and you're outputting at 1920x1080p?
10:04<j-rod>pretty sure 8774 was behaving the same way for me (currently running 9746)
10:05<j-rod>never had this problem back in the day when I was outputting at 1080i to my old set
10:05<j-rod>I'll try xrandr'ing to a 720p mode for 720p content
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10:24<MrGandalf>Myth shouldn't be taking anymore CPU 1080i vs 1080p, that should be Xorg/video card.
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10:30<j-rod>that'd be my suspicion, yes
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11:20<WZ__>i get high cpu usage as well j-rod. i have amd x2 3800+ and gf 6800gt. i get around 50% mythFE and 50% Xorg with 9746
11:21<WZ__>actually 80% xorg last time i checked. not sure how that works
11:25<Chutt>are you guys setting the UseEvents X config?
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11:30<WZ__>Default: the use of the events is disabled from the docs. i'll try that when i get a chance. thx
11:30<Chutt>it's a new option, they haven't enabled it by default yet.
11:30<WZ__>new in 9746?
11:31<Chutt>in 97.xx, i believe.
11:31<WZ__>ahh 9629
11:31<Chutt>or something like that =)
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12:56<Chutt>xris, ever been any more progress on the website?
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13:01<xris>juski got distracted
13:01<xris>(and so did I, for that matter)
13:01<juski>my ears burned then
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13:02<juski>minor distraction but I've not forgotten about it
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13:08<xris>juski: still plenty of coding work for me to do, too.
13:09<xris>Chutt: what do you think of the legal ramifications of distributing channel icons from
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13:10<Chutt>i dunno
13:10<Chutt>would need to ask someone else :p
13:10<xris>I've just found that lyngsat is missing a bunch, and has no sense of organization (multiple different icons with the same name, etc)
13:11<xris>zap2it's are generally too small, etc.
13:11<Chutt>they are trademarked and all that
13:13<juski>I'd guess just linking to them would be best & let whoever hosts them deal with the legals
13:13<xris>juski: that's the current plan.
13:13<xris>it's just annoying to deal with all of these inconsistencies.
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13:13<xris>bandwidth could be a big issue, too.
13:14<juski>pity nobody transmits icons in digital streams. they have the capability to do it but nobody ever has
13:15<juski>well, not for channels anyway. in the UK's mheg stuff they shove 'interactive' onscreen logos
13:15<xris>that'd be really nice if they did.
13:15<xris>or even if the stations kept downloadable press-kit logos easily available.
13:18<juski>actually Chutt, seen as our paths have crossed I'd like to ask about the possibility of getting a 'reflection' theme element for the opengl ui code. I've toyed with a few theme ideas in the past & I think a simple mirror image with an alpha fade to make a reflection would add some 'zing'
13:19<Chutt>want like a gradient fade?
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13:19<juski>yeah so the reflection tails off towards the bottom
13:20<Chutt>have to think how to do that, but, ok =)
13:20<juski>cool! thanks
13:20<Chutt>i'd just add it as an attribute, so you could do that to anything
13:21<juski>I did a quick lookup on how qt opengl elements are drawn & I don't think it's as simple as drawing it with an end coordinate less than the start coordinate if you get my meaning
13:21<Chutt>oh, we don't use qt for opengl
13:22<juski>no? haha. proves what I know then. anyway we could eventually have a bunch of other attributes like Z-tilt for showing stuff in perspective but it's probably already been considered
13:22<Chutt>i was trying to keep most of the non-pure eyecandy stuff possible to do in plain qt
13:24<juski>cool, so maybe I can do stuff I can even use on my epia's puny graphics hardware :)
13:25<Chutt>well, a reflection will have to be opengl
13:27<xris>I have imagemagick code to create them if you REALLY wanted to do it the hard way. ;)
13:29<juski>time to eat.. back in a bit
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14:09<xris>janneg: btw, you see my question about the perl prefix thing last night?
14:12<janneg>xris: yes, sorry I forgot. Not sure what to do about it.
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14:58<mythtv>hey, what is the kernel module lirc_dev for?
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15:00<xris>janneg: what was your reasoning for wanting to include it in /opt ?
15:01<xris>only thing I can think of as a solution would be to make a --perl-prefix option, since perl really does like to handle its own site vs vendor directory structure.
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15:10<janneg>xris: I ahve to reason. keep non distro files out of /usr and installing as user
15:11<janneg>and it is no problem to have perl modules outside of the standard perl directories, just set PERLLIB
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15:12<xris>just that average users won't be doing that.
15:12<xris>perl manages its own distro-vs-not by the whole vendor/site-perl directories... annoying, but that is how they seem to want it to work.
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15:17<xris>sort of why I think a --perl-prefix override setting might be the best option.
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15:31<janneg>xris: I don't know a better solotion that fullfills both needs
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15:32<xris>yeah. just feels messy, which is annoying
15:35<janneg>the only other option that would probably work in most cases is use the prefix for perl only if it was in the configure options
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15:36<janneg>i.e. if you only run ./configure it will get into the standard perl directory
15:37<janneg>but if the user chooses a different prefix it get installed under the prefix
15:38<janneg>rationale is that the user has probably to change $PATH and ld.conf if he uses a non-standard prefix
15:38<janneg>but that's imho to moch magic
15:39<xris>wow, got a random phone call from someone in AU asking about issues mythtv has run into with mpeg4 licensing.. apparently he has some gpl product that's starting to use ffmpeg, and wondered what issues mythtv has run into. He might pop in here later.
15:41<xris>janneg: that might actually work.. heck, could even just check and only pass the prefix to perl if it isn't /usr/ or /usr/local
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15:46<xris>janneg: I'll poke around in the .pro files to find some syntax for using if(), and add something for it tonight.
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16:01<fmu>Hi there, I'm having a problem compiling mythplugins trunk svn with dbcheck.cpp. I've downloaded a new version of mythtv, mythplugins and myththeme from the trunk. The make and make install on mythtv didn't produce any error, but mythplugins don't want to compile correctlu
16:07<fmu>dbcheck.cpp: In function 'bool UpdateDBVersionNumber(const QString&)':
16:07<fmu>dbcheck.cpp:20: error: could not convert 'gContext-> ... Any idea?
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16:10<xris>fmu: other channel
16:10<fmu>oh, sorry!
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16:34<j-rod>WZ__: what output resolution on your setup?
16:34[~]j-rod wants to go home and play with myth box, but kernel bs beckons...
16:35<WZ__>good timing. i just sat back down. :) i'm at 1280x720
16:35<j-rod>mmm, cpu frequency scaling code...
16:35<j-rod>WZ__: and is that universal for 1080i and 720p recordings?
16:35<j-rod>or just for one or the other?
16:36<j-rod>I'm assuming if you've got the same problem as me, it'd only be w/1080i stuff
16:36<WZ__>thats the output for my display. 1280x720. everything is getting scaled to that
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16:36<Kronuz>how well threaded is the MythTV backend code?
16:36<j-rod>WZ__: 'cept 720p material is already 1280x720... :)
16:36<j-rod>hence no scaling
16:36<WZ__>oh source u mean. some channels will be 1080i
16:37<j-rod>see, 1080i content viewed in my 1080p output mode is ~40% cpu usage (on an a64 3500)
16:37<j-rod>720p content scaled up and viewed in that same 1080p hammers the cpu
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16:39<Chutt>j-rod, try that UseEvents setting.
16:39<j-rod>hey! co-worker...
16:39[~]j-rod waves at cattelan
16:39<WZ__>im going to try UseEvents now and see if there is a difference
16:40<j-rod>Chutt: nod
16:40<j-rod>knew nothing of it 'til I saw ya mention it, will have to read up some...
16:41<Chutt>this is annoying.
16:41<Chutt>updated kernels in ubuntu, and now my keyboard doesn't work.
16:42<jams>hey j-rod
16:42<j-rod>jams: 'sup
16:42<jams>usb keyboard?
16:42<mikegrb>Chutt: obviously it is the keyboards fault
16:43<Chutt>bluetooth keyboard, usb bluetooth dongle.
16:43<Chutt>the (separare) numpad and mouse both work fine, just no keyboard.
16:45<j-rod>Chutt: UseEvents a plus on your end?
16:45<Chutt>don't need it here.
16:46<j-rod>I didn't used to... unfortunately, not sure how long this cpu hit w/720p stuff has been going on
16:46<Chutt>it's a new options.
16:47<j-rod>yeah, I meant "there was a point in time it wouldn't have been something worth trying, if it had existed then" :)
16:48<j-rod>way back when, 720p was always lower cpu usage than 1080i
16:48<Chutt>were you scaling then too?
16:49<j-rod>though I dunno if it only happened when I changed TVs (now running 1080p instead of 1080i)
16:49<j-rod>but the nvidia 8000-series drivers definitely had the same problem (at least, the last one)
16:50<j-rod>also dunno if it could be related to moving from a gf5 series to gf6 series card
16:50[~]j-rod apparently doesn't know shit...
16:50<Chutt>quite possibly
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17:09<Kronuz>hey, what about the multithreading of MythTV?
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17:10<Kronuz>is it designed for multiple threads?
17:10<Kronuz>(as in a CPUs with SMP)
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17:15<GreyFoxx>It has many threads, but I doublt multiple CPU's would really make much of a difference
17:15<GreyFoxx>Especially if you are recording from pvr cards
17:15<GreyFoxx>the only cpu intensive stuff is the comflagging and transcoding, and those are not something that recieve much benefit from multiple cpu's really
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17:16<janneg>except you're running multiple jobs at the same time
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17:52<ssstormy>hello, is there any way to set up mythtv to flag commercials and then remove them from the video? (instead of just autoskip)
17:53<ssstormy>the only way I know of right now is to transcode, but to get them cut out I have to manually load the clip points
17:53<ssstormy>and I was hoping to set it up to automatically remove the commercials
17:53<Kronuz>GreyFoxx: remember I'll be using 18 cards ;)
17:54<Kronuz>so if it's designed for threads I guess it could use SMP
17:55<Kronuz>is transcoding done via software?
17:55<Kronuz>I mean, the PVR-150 has hardware encoder, right
17:55<Kronuz>but that's for the timeshifting and buffer, isn't it?
17:55<gbee>ssstormy: #mythtv-users
17:56<ssstormy>gbee, oh this is devel? sorry!
17:56<Kronuz>when I do the transcode then I suppose it has to "cut" and "append" the video, but I'm not sure if that requires re-encoding of it
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19:46<xris>Snow-Man: looks like a hard drive got sent out. did you get the tracking num?
19:53<Snow-Man>yah, thanks
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21:11<sri>is anybody having trouble connecting to
21:12<sri>it says the requetsed object does not exist on this server.
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21:34<_Sam--> do you add new rss feeds into the rss reader?
21:38<fragged>_Sam--, shouldnt that be directed at #mythtv-users?
21:39<_Sam-->im sorry - i didnt realize there is another channel..this is for development?
21:39<_Sam-->bitchx...i dont read topic well :)
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21:47<fragged>this is the dev chan
21:47<_Sam-->i can tell everyone is too busy to give 2 seconds of help :)
21:47<_Sam-->but i get it
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21:50<xris>anyone know if there is a way to do conditionals in a .pro file?
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22:04<BULLE>xris: 1 hour ago, i didnt know what a .pro file was =)
22:05<xris>BULLE: look in the mythtv source some time. :)
22:05<xris>yay for the frontend crashing on one of my tuners
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22:12<Anduin>xris: there are several test functions (qmake manual has them), also simple things like how we do using_blah
22:12|-|eskil_ changed nick to eskil
22:12<xris>Anduin: just need to check if prefix is /usr/ or /usr/local
22:13<Anduin>xris: equals(blah, blah) {}
22:13<xris>cool, thx
22:13<xris>I think my cable boxes just went wonky. :(
22:13<Anduin>and that prefix will save me a copy in my .spec :)
22:14<xris>huh? shouldn't need any copy weirdness with spec
22:14<BULLE>mmmmm .spec
22:14<Anduin>xris: I keep the /usr/local prefix, but like to just put the perl modules in the normal place.
22:15<xris>well, you can blame janneg for the original idea. :)
22:15<xris>hmm, no man page for qmake. blech. (goes to google)
22:16<xris>ok. cannot browse my mythtv sourcecode when the mythbox is in the middle of rebooting..
22:16|-|_Sam-- [] has left #mythtv []
22:17<xris>ok, what good is that without a "not equals"
22:19<xris>or maybe else {} just works
22:20<xris>lol, they really need someone to typo-check their work: because "1 2 3" does not equal "1 2 3".
22:26|-|cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
22:28<Anduin>xris: You can do !equals()
22:29<xris>and apparently else will work
22:32<xris>so weird. one of my cable boxes causes the frontend to segfault. but only on this machine. looks like something with nvidia drivers, though.
22:34<xris>man, this looks ugly. can't be right.
22:36|-|Nem^1 [] has joined #mythtv
22:37|-|j-rod_ [] has joined #mythtv
22:37<j-rod_>Chutt: holy fuck
22:38<j-rod_>simply enabling UseEvents -- HUGE plus
22:38<j-rod_>720p playback just went from pegging the cpu to 25% usage
22:38<j-rod_>and the cpu never ramps up over 1GHz
22:39<j-rod_>1080i, cpu usage is about 30%, cpu does scale up halfway (to 1.8GHz)
22:39<j-rod_>bloody impressive
22:40[~]j-rod_ does a little happy dance
22:43<xris>j-rod: what's this for?
22:45<WZ__>good to hear j-rod. i havent had a chance to try that yet
22:46|-|scott [n=scott@oftc/staff/scott] has left #mythtv []
22:47|-|Cardoe [n=Cardoe@gentoo/developer/Cardoe] has joined #mythtv
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22:52[~]xris grumbles about lack of regex support
22:53|-|Nem^ [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
22:53|-|Nem^1 changed nick to Nem^
22:54<xris>ah, sweet. contains() allows regex
22:55<j-rod_>xris: cpu usage playing back 720p streams just went from pegging my cpu to 25% usage
22:55<xris>right. but what did you tweak?
22:56<xris>Anduin: let me know how that commit works for you.
22:56<xris>I *think* it should work (tested as best I could)
22:58<j-rod_>oh, heh
22:58<j-rod_>Added to xorg.conf Option "UseEvents" "True"
22:59<xris>(I want to try it)
22:59<xris>I sometimes even get skippy playback on SD
23:00<j-rod_>in Section "Device"
23:01<xris>yeah, trying it out in a sec
23:01<j-rod_>I wasn't even getting skipping 720p, its was just annoying that it was hammering the cpu
23:01|-|xris [] has quit ["Leaving."]
23:03<j-rod_>wasn't expecting it to be *that* big of an improvement :)
23:03<j-rod_>didn't get around to xrandr'ing to 720p, but might try later for giggles
23:04|-|xris [] has joined #mythtv
23:05<xris>no good for me.
23:05<xris>It feels like network latency (lots of prebuffering pauses), but my network SHOULD be able to push through more than this.
23:05<Chutt>it'll only help if you're getting excessively high X cpu usage
23:07<j-rod_>yummy, my wife is snacking on chips and salsa while watching an autopsy, and the guy's innards look a bit like the salsa...
23:07<Chutt>i have to figure out how to compile the nv kernel driver in ubuntu.
23:08<j-rod_>fun fun
23:08<Chutt>updated the kernel, and it broke my keyboard
23:08<Chutt>easier to just revert, but it updated the nvidia stuff to, so :/
23:08|-|gnome42 [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
23:08|-|gnome42 [] has joined #mythtv
23:09<j-rod_>updated in a non-revertable way? suck.
23:09<Chutt>well, the kernel module is a separate package
23:09<Chutt>there's not one for the older kernel
23:12<j-rod_>ah, so nv driver version bump too then?
23:12<Chutt>yeah, that bumped as well
23:12<j-rod_>sometimes, the method to Axel's madness reveals itself...
23:12<Chutt>so i just need to figure out how to recompile the package
23:16|-|cmorgan [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
23:42<xris>any AU users online?
23:43[~]j-rod_ goes to bed...
23:43[~]j-rod_ thanks Chutt for Events
23:43|-|j-rod_ [] has quit ["reality calls..."]
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