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00:11<gardengnome>Chutt: this might be of some use for you:
00:11<gardengnome>Chutt: scroll down to "Linux-Restricted-Modules: the Tough Stuff"
00:11<gardengnome>rebuilding the linux-restricted-modules package is annoying as hell, though. i just grabbed debian's nvidia driver package and rebuilt it on my box.
00:21<rtsai1111>Can the nv driver be used with MythTV? For some reason I've been under the impression that the proprietary driver is required.
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00:29<Captain_Murdoch>not bad... my eBay auction for one of my MediaMVP boxes was only up for less than 1 hour before someone used the Buy It Now button and paid $20 more than I paid for the thing on closeout at Radio Shack.
00:30[~]xris wonders what it would take to build a channel icon database
00:31<xris>using something like xmltvid as a key
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04:32<gbee>stuarta: been a long time since I was looking at that preview thread issue, thought Daniel had made changes since which would prevent it but then again ...
04:32<stuarta>i haven't really noticed it for a while, but i though i'd throw it out there.
04:32<gbee>I don't remember anyone actually telling Daniel of the problem
04:33<gbee>I knew what was wrong, but never got around to creating a patch
04:33<stuarta>trying to remember how to reproduce it...
04:33<stuarta>i had a patch somewhere...
04:33<stuarta>probably still do.
04:35<gbee>we never blocked new threads from being created if one already existed - updates are called all the time so new threads were created before the first finished
04:36<stuarta>yeah, that's the underlying problem.
04:38<gbee>my patch just added a var to store the current state - if (!preview_generating) { start thread etc.. }
04:38<stuarta>think i'll get the series link stuff cleaned up friday (#2811)
04:38<gbee>but I can't recall how well that worked
04:38<stuarta>and try and get the language descriptor parsing to work
04:39<stuarta>which would allow easy identification of the AD audio track.
04:39<stuarta>yeah, the series link stuff works well
04:40<stuarta>apart from the EPG monkeys who a stuffing up the BBC7 data
04:41<stuarta>then again, i may get my extra disk space today or tomorrow, in which case i'll be installing that.
04:43<stuarta>another 320Gb :)
04:45<stuarta>not much further to go for my first terabyte
04:49<gbee>pretty far from a terabyte here
04:49<stuarta>i'll be up to 820Gb with the new disk
04:50<gbee>myth is the only thing which uses any real space and so far I've got by with just 80Gb dedicated to that
04:50<gbee>but I've come to accept that I'll need to double or treble that sometime soon
04:51<stuarta>i started with 40Gb which was good for 2 weeks of timeshift
04:52<gbee>80Gb is fine if I don't want to keep many films and watch stuff regularly - but if I go away for more than a few days it's not enough
04:52<stuarta>yeah, think i'll move the recordings from their 250Gb part to the new drive
04:53<stuarta>rejig the 300Gb drive where the 250Gb currently lives
04:53<stuarta>and go from there.
04:56<gbee>need a new drive for my server, it's running off the oldest disk I've still got ... takes seconds to spin up and makes plenty of noise doing so
04:57<gbee>was ok when I put the box together because it mostly just serves as a firewall but I'm moving my imap server over now
04:58<stuarta>doesn't sound pretty
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10:24<Captain_Murdoch>janneg, I saw the message about inuseprograms in scrollback. I think this is happening whenever you stream a file from the backend rather than playing it directly. I'm thinking of ways around that so that Storage Groups can still know what filesystems are being used. It's on my TODO to fix, might have something in the next couple days hopefully. The frontend is the one inserting the inuseprograms entry, but it doesn't know wher
10:24<Captain_Murdoch>located at because it is streaming from the backend.
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10:40<janneg>Captain_Murdoch: It shouldn't use streaming. it was mythcommflag --rebuild -c -s on the master backend with a local file
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10:42<janneg>the user has appropiate permissions to read and write the recordings
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11:00<gnome42>Hi janneg! :)
11:07<o_cee>does anyone know if i should remove the first digit when calling a us number from abroad? it starts with 215..
11:09<Merlin83b>No, o_cee
11:09<stuarta>their area codes are 3 digits
11:10<o_cee>okay.. ours start with a zero and is only used when you're calling in sweden.. if you call from outside if sweden you remove the first digit
11:11<stuarta>same as most places :)
11:12<j-rod>america the fucked up and different... :)
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11:39<Captain_Murdoch>janneg: ok, that's a second case then. I'll look into that also.
11:44<Chutt>cute, my 32-bit chroot has lost the ability to look up hostnames.
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13:21[~]j-rod wonders why an hour long recording claims to be only 3:52 long after trying to rebuild its seek table...
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14:04<j-rod>sweet, and another one that thinks its 4hr long
14:04[~]j-rod scratches head...
14:05<jams>j-rod- are those HD recordings?
14:05<j-rod>jams: indeed they are...
14:05<jams>i have seen that as well, but only with HD
14:05<j-rod>yeah, I think I did one of the sd progs too, and it came out fine
14:09<j-rod>and without fail, re-running mythcommflag --rebuild -f filename.mpg, they always wind up with the same incorrect lengths...
14:09<janneg>j-rod: try mythtranscode --buildindex
14:10<j-rod>janneg: ok, will try that next...
14:11<j-rod>odd that the mythcommflag output shows the correct duration and bitrate, but the end results in the frontend are horked
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14:20<janneg>j-rod: the keyframe detection has problems with some files
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14:27<j-rod>janneg: that seems to have worked, cool
14:28<janneg>gnome42: hi, sorry I hadn't much time lately and it won't get better the next two weeks
14:28<j-rod>mythtranscode -m -b -i <file>
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14:32<janneg>j-rod: mythtranscode --buildindex --chanid <chanid> --starttime <starttime>. I'm not sure if -i <file> works with --buildindex
14:33<j-rod>janneg: heh, I was meaning to say 'mythtranscode -m -b -i <file>' is what worked. :)
14:34<jams>mine is still running, hopefully it works as well
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14:44<j-rod>worked perfectly on several recordings now, and greatly improved seek performance over when it was first imported
14:45[~]j-rod has to give a talk in a few hours, making sure the demo system is top-notch. :)
14:45<Chutt>to who?
14:47<j-rod>an area lug
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14:47<Juski>oo presenting mythtv in public.. always 'fun'
14:48<j-rod>brushing up a bit, there will be co-workers there. :)
14:48[~]j-rod is actually talking with people internally about some stuff...
14:48<Juski>if I'm ever going to do it again ( not likely) I'll need to brush up on my presenting skills & then some
14:49<j-rod>this'll be like the 5th time or so I've done it, but its been at least a year
14:49<j-rod>(its been a busy year)
14:49<Juski>it's dead easy on a show stand at an expo, but on stage in front of a couple of hundred people.. eek!
14:49<j-rod>already been asked to do the same prez for another lug in a month or two
14:50<j-rod>I like a crowd. :)
14:50<Juski>I used to DJ, so I thought it'd be much easier.. alas no. there were some heavyweight geeks there & it spooked me
14:51<j-rod>I work with way too many heavyweight geeks now to be spooked by them anymore :)
14:51<Juski>actually the demo went better than the interview on stage the day before
14:52<j-rod>hm... I wonder if I could manage a free trip to San Diego...
14:52<j-rod>nm, deadline for talk ideas was yesterday
14:52<j-rod>(Red Hat Summit, San Diego)
14:55[~]j-rod has started working on talking his wife into okaying a PS3 purchase, since it would appear he can write it off on his taxes...
14:56<Juski>nifty :) though SWMBO is always a harder taskmaster than the taxman I find
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15:00<Juski>would any UK devs be up for attending LugRadioLive this year if I get wind of an offer of a show stand? Or any other shows come to think of it? Not saying I'll be coordinating it again though.. let's see what happens
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15:11[~]j-rod puts demo box to bed...
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15:26<gnome42>janneg: Oh, ok. No problem. :)
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21:16<rtsai1111>every set of "IOBOUND begin" should have a final "IOBOUND end", right?
21:18<rtsai1111>I'm not seeing any "IOBOUND end", which means TFW::DiskLoop is probably stuck somewhere, either on disk (I doubt it, since the rest of my system is fine), or the size/written/tfw_min_write_size stuff is stuck.
21:19<rtsai1111>The deadlock would be between TFW::Write stuck on bufferWroteData.wait(), and TFW::DiskLoop stuck at bufferHasData.wait; eachis waiting for the other
21:19<rtsai1111>(assuming that we can get into this hole with size/written/tfw_min_write_size)
21:20<rtsai1111>assuming the hole is there, would it be a bad thing for DiskLoop to write anyway, if it's been just sitting there long enough?
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