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04:10<gbee>something wrong with trac, won't let me download a patch
04:11<gbee>err, very wrong - login page has gone awol too :)
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06:28<zigovr3>hi all, I'm having problem with my TV listings, is it ok to just empty the "program" table and re-run mythfilldatabase ?
06:29<zigovr3>also, does mythfilldatabase empty this table, or instead does it merges the new found programs into the existing table ?
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06:39<gbee>it merges new data in - updating if necessary
06:41<zigovr3>I see, and is clearing the "program" table ok to get rid of wrong entries before a mythfilldatabase ?
06:41<gbee>emptying the program table doesn't get rid of all the data, we use the credits for example to store the list of actors in films etc
06:42<gbee>but it won't do a lot of harm to just empty the table
06:42<zigovr3>ok thanks
06:43<zigovr3>I could empty "credits" too then maybe ?
06:44<gbee>credits and people
06:44<zigovr3>programratings maybe too ?
06:44<gbee>yep, was just about to add that
06:45[~]gbee was looking over the list
06:46<zigovr3>I'm having a weird bug in fact, my listing , sometimes, get all shifted by one day
06:46<zigovr3>it's using tv_grab_fr, it's probably the grabber
06:47<gbee>I'd get the dates in the original data first, then the database
06:48<gbee>s/get/look at/
06:48<zigovr3>you mean original data from xmltv (say if I save the result in a file) ?
06:49<zigovr3>does mythfilldatabase save the xml data from the grabber somewhere ?
06:49<gbee>yes, run tv_grab_fr --output file.xml
06:49<zigovr3>yes I did that in fact
06:49<zigovr3>but the dates were right then
06:49<gbee>zigovr3: it's saved in /tmp
06:49<zigovr3>ah ok
06:50<gbee>ok, next check whether we are inserting them into the database correctly
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06:50<zigovr3>where in /tmp, I don't see anything
06:50<gbee>we probably delete if after we're finished - let me check
06:51<zigovr3>the thing is, when I did the manual tv_grab_fr, it was maybe at a time where the bug doesn't occure, I'm not sure of that
06:51<zigovr3>so I still don't know if the bug is in the grabber or mythtv
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06:53<gbee>I supect the grabber
06:53<zigovr3>me too, especially since there are comment saying they need to do some tweaks to handle programs between 00:00 and 06:00
06:54<zigovr3>could also be the web site that is buggy
06:54<gbee>looking at the code we delete the temp file after we've finished grabbing
06:54<zigovr3>ok, that's too bad
06:54<zigovr3>well, it's no big deal I can replace the tv_grab_fr by a wrapper
06:55<zigovr3>that will keep a copy
06:55<gbee>whilst grabbing it's a file named mythXXXXX where XXXXX is a random string
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06:56<zigovr3>well I'll do a wrapper , this way I'll be able to keep an historic , it might help to find the bug
06:57<gbee>if you want you can stop mythfilldatabase deleting the file by commenting line 339 in programs/mythfilldatabase/filldata.cpp (that's in HEAD)
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12:16<gbee>ProgramAssociationTable::toString rears it's ugly head again
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12:50<gbee>yeah - post in dev list
12:50<gbee>"Fwd: Mythbackend quietly exits when recording channel Five"
13:07<janneg>useless report since he didn't specifies the used version
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14:57<MrGandalf>ok, why are dvb radio SIDs limited to sistandard of dvb?
15:02<janneg>since audio-only is only implemented for dvb tuning
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16:19<MrGandalf>think I may have found a problem with the new encrypted sig monitor stuff
16:21<MrGandalf>during a rotor movement, if an encrypted channel is seen, that status isn't cleared when the final tune is completed after rotor movement.
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17:07<janneg>MrGandalf: that shouldn't be hard to fix. it needs to reset the status when it see that it is not on the right position yet
17:08<janneg>argh, current libavcodec needs libswscale
17:10<janneg>and I thought my ffmpeg resync was complete
17:11<Dibblah>janneg: I'd hold off on that resync, if I'm reading the ml right.
17:12<Dibblah>(Some of the ffmpeg people are thinking of bringing swscale in native)
17:13<Dibblah>Problems with the license, though, I think.
17:13<janneg>hmm, libswscale is in ffmpeg,
17:14<janneg>the license problems are no problem for us
17:14<janneg>libswscale is gpl but ffmpeg lgpl
17:15<Dibblah>Okay - Sorry to waste your time :)
17:16<janneg>no problem, I was first a little bit confused and thought I missed something in the last 2-3 weeks
17:17<Dibblah>Myth still doesn't use any of the pp filters anyway, does it?
17:19<xris>janneg: are you doing an ffmpeg resync in mythtv?
17:20<janneg>yes, I need faster h264 playback
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17:20<MrGandalf>janneg: how much faster?
17:22<janneg>I need only 5-10%, current mplayer is fast enough
17:23<MrGandalf>swscale would also be nice..
17:25<janneg>why? scaling in the gpu should be much faster and iirc it is not thread safe
17:25<xris>janneg: I'd settle for ANY h.264 playback.
17:25<MrGandalf>well, that's fine unless you're bumping up against the max Xv frame size
17:26<MrGandalf>mine is 2048.. when you zoom past that bad things happen
17:26<janneg>xris: I don't know that's wrong with your setup. h264 is no problem
17:27<xris>janneg: wish I knew, too.
17:27<MrGandalf>h264 has problems on my backend.. never did track down what
17:28[~]xris goes to recompile mythplugins to see if maybe things are fixed
17:28<xris>yay, it works now. aspect ratio is juts messed up.
17:29<xris>and now that's fixed, too
17:29<xris>definitely choppy, though
17:33<xris>man, ffmpeg's been having weird issues with cropping lately. everything goes all green at the edges.
17:35<MrGandalf>does the few h264 ffmpeg support interlacing?
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17:47<janneg>it supports some h264 interlacing
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21:29<MrGandalf>janneg: Wow, you got close to fixing that 720p bug..
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21:37<janneg>MrGandalf: yeah, it's almost watchable
21:40<MrGandalf>so, what do you think the problem is?
21:43<MrGandalf>damn, just realized, it must be pretty late for you..
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22:21<ivx>hey who do you email about grammer errors in the software?
22:30<GreyFoxx>translation error or just the grammar in the help text ?
22:30<GreyFoxx>I imagine you can send them to the -dev list of just put a ticket into trac
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22:43<ivx>it is a error with the 24 hour clock part
22:43<ivx>it says 13:45
22:44<ivx>there should be no:
22:44<ivx>so just 1345
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