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00:02<Captain_Murdoch>timing it on a 1-hour 1920x1080 program now and heading to bed while it runs. I don't care as much about speed, it would be nice to have something that even after transcoding from HD to SD it can still be played on things like the mvp and d-link dsm models.
00:02<briand>and, bed sounds like a good idea right about now... busy day tomorrow. nice chatting with ya
00:03<Captain_Murdoch>l8r, /me is gone....
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02:34<xris>anyone know what our official "minimum supported version" of mysql is?
02:38<xris>nevermind, looks like 3.23 supports BETWEEN. yay, now I get to rewrite a TON of queries, since "x BETWEEN 0 AND 1" actually touches the index, but "x > 0 AND x < 1" doesn't.
02:40<xris>crap. it's <=, >=, and the queries are mostly <=, >
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02:59[~]xris wishes he could create calculated-field indexes in mysql.
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03:13<gbee>xris: you going to commit the index changes when you're done, or are you looking for someone else to modify dbcheck.cpp?
03:14<xris>I just wanted at least one other person to sign off on them
03:14<xris>(I'm hesitant to touch non-web code without verification)
03:14<xris>unless Chutt just wants to give me the go-ahead, then I'll edit/optimize to my heart's content.
03:16<gbee>I can go over them to be sure, but you can't do any harm with indexes unless you remove them
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03:31<xris>gbee: yes. except take up disk space
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03:31<xris>I actually tested all of the ones in the ticket, though.. I've been running mysql's slow query log along with the "log queries that don't touch an index" setting.
03:32<gbee>not significant amounts when compared to the recordings :) but yeas, I know some people can be sensitive about any increase
03:32<xris>yeah. half of these optimizations won't actually DO anything noticeable.
03:33<xris>but it's good to have clean db design.
03:33<gbee>xris: that's another reason why I wouldn't worry about the index changes you're proposing, because you're using the 'no index' option I know you're unlikely to have broken index use
03:34<xris>yes. well, I also do this sort of thing for a living these days (I'm doing the exact same stuff at work lately)
03:34[~]gbee too
03:35<xris>you want my slow-query-log parser script? it's better than mysqldumpslow
03:36<gbee>sure, could be useful
03:37<xris>I'll eventually be trying to figure out a way to merge it with mysqlard, add a web interface, etc.
03:37<xris>but for now it just prints/sorts...
03:37<xris>and unlike mysqldumpslow, it doesn't replace ints with the letter N, so you can actually paste those hash values straight into EXPLAIN.
03:38<xris>(it also leaves %, ^ and $ in LIKE/REGEXP queries, which are significant to index usage)
03:39[~]xris digs how mysql is smart enough to realize that no speed would be gained by using an index.
03:40<xris>anyway, my wife just went to bed. I should follow. it's going on 2 AM.
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04:34<visit0r>Anduin: here?
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08:14<gbee>some new playback warnings with the ffmpeg resync - nothing fatal and I can't see any problems with playback but in case someone is interested:
08:14<gbee>[mpeg2video @ 0x2b822d375770]current_picture not initalized2007-01-27 11:48:31.782 AFD Error: Unknown decoding error
08:14<gbee>those two lines obviously weren't meant to run together
08:16<janneg>missing newlines in the av_log
08:18<gbee>no, there are there - my fault when copying/pasting into irc
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08:30<janneg>gbee: does ffplay rev 7671 produce the same warning?
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08:33<gbee>give me a minute, copying a recording over to this machine so I can check
08:36<janneg>fine, debug build of libavcodec is broken on x86_32
08:39<gbee>this builds and plays fine, just never seen that error before - errors are usually there for a reason however
08:40<gbee>bah, it would help if I hadn't built ffmpeg with all the error logging disabled
08:45<janneg>gcc-4* allows useful debugging even if -fomit-frame-pointer is enabled
08:49<gbee>so require start requiring gcc-4 for debug builds?
08:49<gbee>sorry about that - must still be asleep, I'm typo'ing all over the place
08:52<gbee>looking at the timing of the errors, I think they correspond to seeks I made or cutpoint jumps - they don't appear during straight playback
08:53<gbee>I'll look at it later, I'm having trouble reproducing it consistently
08:54<janneg>no, I think a warning that backtraces for libavcodec are useless if arch=86 and gcc < 4.0 is enough
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09:08<gbee>janneg: fair enough, it's not like many backtraces we get are for avcodec anyway
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10:41<LLyric>Wasn't someone going to commit the .spec files to svn, so it's easier to keep them up to date?
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12:01<MrGandalf>With the latest coreavc codec I can ALMOST play h264 1440x1080 streams in real time on my 3200+ running at 2.1ghz.
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12:49<amigrave>is it possible to make mythtv use sqlite instead of mysql ?
12:51<amigrave>is it planned in future releases ?
12:52<amigrave>ok thanks
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12:54<visit0r>Anduin: e-mailed
12:55<CDev>Chutt: Are you still having studdering issues with the DSM-320?
12:57<Chutt>haven't used it recently.
12:59<CDev>np. Still not sure what the issue is, just wondering if you noticed a pattern yet.
13:05<Anduin>visit0r: I'm here now
13:09<visit0r>Anduin: got the mail?
13:09<Anduin>visit0r: Not yet, I graylist
13:10<visit0r>Anduin: sent from
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15:16<visit0r>Anduin: my reply bounced back permanently
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15:31<Anduin>visit0r: If you could, resend
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17:10<Roey>hello all
17:10<Roey>is there a way around this stupid HDCP thing?
17:10<Roey>if I want to record high-definition digital cable, say.
17:21<Roey>interesting article.
17:38<xris>Roey: wrong channel.
17:40<Roey>is there a correct channel?
17:40<xris>it's in the topic, which most people read when they enter a new channel for the first time.
17:40<Roey>sorry about that
17:40<Roey>my mistake
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18:04<doc|home>hello. I've set up mythtv, gotten the tuner and channel listings set up (so auth info should be correct and fine) but mythfilldatabase as root is giving me 'Authorization failed'. Anyone got any idea why this would happen?
18:04<xris>doc|home: read the topic, please
18:04<doc|home>crap, my bad. apologies
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18:13<briand>my turn!
18:14<briand>read the topic!
18:15<briand>evenin', xris
18:15<xris>afternoon. :)
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18:53<a1fa>trunk svn version 12651 has a nasty bug
18:53<a1fa>everytime you watch live tv, and a show ends, it freezes up
18:55<xris>a1fa: ?
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18:59<a1fa>xris : i submited the ticket
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19:15<briand>xris: have you ever tried eskil's shoutcast patch out?
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19:24<pkh>can someone recommend a tuner card for a mythtv installation? We're on the east coast of Australia and interested in digital mainly, but would like the option of analog input, particularly composite inputs -- and a remote.
19:25<pkh>ooops, sorry -- moving
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19:37<Sembiance>I bought some extra PC HD5500 cards that I don't need. Do any mythtv developers need one to develop with?
19:38<Sembiance>I could consider donating one or two :)
19:38<xris>Sembiance: if you're giving them away, I wouldn't mind playing with one.. but there are other devs who could probably benefit more than me.
19:39<Sembiance>I am willing to give them away, if I know that the person getting them is going to put them to good use and it will benefit MythTV :)
19:40<xris>hang out and chat with Chutt (Isaac). He would know who might benefit most.
19:40<Sembiance>k, I'll idle around here for the next few days/weeks :)
19:40[~]Sembiance loves having irssi loaded in a screen session on his server. :)
19:44<tarteauxpommes>Sembiance: first sorry for my bad english, i will try to do my best :) So, is irssi difficult to install and "play with" ? i know that it has no gui, so i am afraid :)
19:46<Sembiance>tarteauxpommes: It's not difficult. If you are comfortable with a linux console, you will find irssi easy enough to use
19:46<Sembiance>tarteauxpommes: you can always ask questions in #irssi here on Freenode, very helpful those folks are.
19:47<tarteauxpommes>ok, does it have plugins to extend its capabilities ? exemple: colors, things like that
19:47<tarteauxpommes>Sembiance: ok, thank you
19:48<Sembiance>tarteauxpommes: most things like colros are built in. But it has a VERY GOOD scripting environment based on perl. If you need more power than that it has a C/C++ plugin interface. There are a lot of existing scripts/plugins available as well.
19:52<tarteauxpommes>great ! i can't wait to try this irc client .
19:55<briand>okay, i'm officially stumped.
20:00<Sembiance>? :)
20:01<briand>sorry.. more or less talking to myself. :/
20:02<briand>i installed eskil's shoutcast patch, and everything seems to indicate it's "in" .. patched okay, the music-ui.xml file contains the appropriate changes, the database tables exist... yet, there's no discernable difference in the UI -- there's still no shoutcast available to me. :(
20:02<briand>but, that question doesn't belong here. :)
20:25<LLyric>xris: were you going to check the .spec into svn?
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22:47<Captain_Murdoch>just tested the 1920x1080 HD recording that I transcoded down to a 640x368 mpeg-ps file with MPEG-2 video and AC3 5.1 audio using mythtranscode and NuppelVideoRecorder and it played fine in my dsm-320 except for the dsm issue of trying to play 16:9 video on my 4:3 TV.
22:47<Captain_Murdoch>the AC3 5.1 was copied from the original HD recording and the video was resized and reencoded to MPEG-2 usinv libavcodec. output file is mpeg-ps using libavformat.
22:52<GreyFoxx>On the fly transcoding ?
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