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00:30<x86>hey guys...
00:31<x86>when i'm watching something from MythVideo, i can't control it from my remote nor from my keyboard
00:31<x86>is that normal?
00:31<x86>i cant pause, fast forward, rewind, or even stop playback
00:31<purserj>x86: what format is the video?
00:32[~]purserj then rereads channel topic and points x86 at #mythtv-users
00:32<x86>ah righto
00:32<x86>i keep forgetting that :)
00:33<x86>well it depends, if the player is "internal", it works fine... if the player is mplayer, thats when the problems happen
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01:41<xris>Chutt: (or anyone else).. thoughts for
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02:45<LLyric>xris: were you going to check the .spec into svn?
02:46<xris>LLyric: not until there is some consensus between atrpms and livna about package names.
02:47<LLyric>Yeah, that stuff sucks.
02:47<LLyric>atrpms is evil
02:47<LLyric>though axel has, obviously, done a lot of good work for the community etc etc
02:48<xris>yeah, that's the problem.
02:48<xris>I prefer the direction that livna is headed... closer to fedora's organizational setup, etc.
02:49<xris>and they WILL have mythtv soon (I told them I wouldn't help until they got ivtv, which is now in progress)
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06:17<gbee>hmm, ffmpeg resync has broken editing - after a couple of jumps it freezes and goes to 100% cpu
06:18<gbee>not tried it with the revert of the mpeg changes, might fix it
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06:50<gbee>rtsai1111: just experimenting with different comm flagging methods on UK recordings, suprised to find that the 'experimental' flagger marked 14 breaks in one 2h30min film - several of those 'breaks' were too short (around a minute or even less) and some 'breaks' were within a few minutes of each other
06:51<gbee>just wondering if it might not be a good idea to consider the length of a possible break, frequency and total numbers in calculating the positions?
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08:07<Captain_Murdoch>GreyFoxx: no, from the command line. don't think my system is fast enough for on-the-fly at that resolution, it can't even play HD realtime. :)
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08:34<janneg>gbee: I can't reproduce it. Is it a dvb mpeg2 file? Has it transmission errors?
08:34<gbee>dvb mpeg2, no major errors, playback is perfect
08:36<gbee>but jumping/editing produce errors and sometimes cause a hang with 100% cpu
08:37<gbee>at least once attempting to playback a recording has caused a "NVP: Prebuffer wait timed out 10 times" loop
08:37<janneg>I've edited multiple files last week and jumped in 20s steps through a complete film and back
08:38<gbee>I use 1minute steps but other than that, the only thing connecting these recordings is the broadcaster
08:39<gbee>I'm not certain but I'm pretty sure they were all channel Five or Five US
08:41<gbee>reverting the mpeg.c changes made no difference
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10:02<gbee>relates to the error I've been seeing, but I don't think it's connected to the hang
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10:20[~]Sembiance reads up...
10:26<gbee>trying to work out what Sembiance found funny, I figured it might be that your nick is the name of an object in the code diff which I posted a link to
10:27<S2>lol :)
10:29<Sembiance>I just chuckle from time to time
10:29<Sembiance>waiting for chutt to hopefully come on ;)
10:30<briand>Output->chuckling().random = 1;
10:31<Sembiance>I have some extra HD 5500 cards I don't need and wanted to see if any MythTV coders needed one to help out MythTV's HDTV support
10:32<Sembiance>rumor has it chutt would know :)
10:32<gbee>best person to decide
10:32<briand>you don't have any extra 61" flat-panel HDTVs laying around as well, do you?
10:33<Sembiance>most certainly not :)
10:34<Sembiance>I finally got around to updating an old MythTV server I've had for several years (with five PVR-250 cards in it) to a new server with two PVR-250 cards from the old box and two ethernet connected HD Homerun boxes (yah! I finally moved to an area where there are HDTV signals :) )
10:34<gbee>Daniel and Chutt are the most likely candidates, only US developers I can think of who might work on that area of the code
10:35<Sembiance>well before I found the HD HomeRun boxes I bought some PC HD5500 cards thinking I'd have to use them. But once I found the external HD Homerun boxes, I no longer need the 550 cards ;)
10:35<gbee>being ATSC cards they are useless to us non-US devs
10:36<Sembiance>well I guess my potential receiving list just got a whole lot shorter :)
10:37<briand>how do you like the HDHomeRun boxes? I was thinking of getting one to play around with, eventually.
10:38<Sembiance>I love them! Right now I just have one hooked up, just finished building my mythtv box today (got all the parts on friday)
10:38<Sembiance>They just work.
10:39<Sembiance>I had to use a SVN version of mythtv though, as I had issues with 0.20 that were fixed in 0.21
10:39<Sembiance>namely transcoding the 1080p content from the HDHomeRun boxes into 720p content caused 8 pixels of junk to appear at the bottom of the video. that was corrected in the 0.21 version of mythtranscode
10:39<stuarta>there is no 0.21
10:39<Sembiance>well, the 2500 version of the SVN trunk release
10:40<Sembiance>err 25000
10:40<Sembiance>or something ;)
10:40<stuarta>very important distinction...
10:40<Sembiance>It was the 0.21 changelog I found the change listed on
10:40<Sembiance>thank goodness that page existed, or it might have been a lot longer before I corrected the problem
10:43<briand>I like that they require 0 available PCI slots. :)
10:43<Sembiance>that's why I chose them
10:44<Sembiance>I wanted a board with 6 SATA ports so I could build my 2TB RAID 5 array, but the more SATA ports you add, the less regular PCI slots seem to be available.
10:44<Sembiance>The board classes I really wanted only had 2 regular PCI slots. And since I wanted to be able to record 4 HDTV streams at once....
10:45<Sembiance>I did the math (probably bad math) and I think my hardware (CPU, gigabit ethernet, hard drive) should be able to keep up with saving 4 HDTV streams and 2 Standard def PVR-250 streams at once
10:45<Sembiance>once I get my second HD Homerun box hooked up, I'll test that out rofl
10:46<Sembiance>I like TV :)
10:46<briand>my mb has two IDE channels and two SATA channels onboard... 3 PCI slots and one AGP. I still have available one PCI slot and two SATA slots
10:46<Sembiance>I just finished writing a quick webpage/mysql table that would select unique program.title that I haven't yet marked as 'Seen'
10:46<briand>and I've got 1TB of storage available
10:46<Sembiance>that way whenever any new shows come on the air, I'll see them on this list
10:46<Sembiance>so I don't miss anything good :)
10:47<briand>you live in the US, right?
10:47<Sembiance>yup, Boston
10:47<briand>you can probably power down your box and not "miss anything good". ;)
10:47<Sembiance>Some of the PBS shows in HD are nice
10:47<Sembiance>not as good as BBC's "Planet Earth" though
10:47<briand>i'm a yankee transplant, formerly from upstate NY (just a tad north of Saratoga), now in Tallahassee, FL
10:49<stuarta>huh? wtf? undefined reference to `last_coeff_flag_offset_8x8`....
10:50<stuarta>dammit might have to remove the ccache....
10:51<janneg>stuarta: MacOS X?
10:52<stuarta>no x86
10:52<stuarta>rebuilding with a clean ccache now
10:53<Sembiance>stuarta: does ccache really mess up that often?
10:53<Sembiance>stuarta: when you encounter something like that... what are the steps to cleaning the ccache for that package/file?
10:53<stuarta>no, if that's the problem it'll be a first for me
10:54<Sembiance>k :)
10:54<stuarta>but it's always a danger with caching
10:55<stuarta>rm ~/.ccache
10:55<stuarta>rm -rf ~/.ccache
10:55<stuarta>blow it all away and start again. no point in beating around the bush
11:05<stuarta>well it's not ccache
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11:06<stuarta>fails trying to link mythtv
11:06<janneg>stuarta: please paste your configure command line and output
11:06[~]stuarta tries it without the local patches
11:07<stuarta>will do in a minute
11:08<stuarta>janneg: you want the configure output?
11:08<janneg>yes, and the configure options
11:10[~]stuarta waits for
11:11<stuarta>yeah, just going there now
11:14<stuarta>gunna have to update my header reference....
11:14<stuarta>not that it'll make any difference
11:16<janneg>grep TARGET_ARCH config.mak
11:18<stuarta>FYI. wasn't the headers
11:23<janneg>nm libs/libavcodec/h264.o | grep last_coeff_flag_offset_8x8
11:23<stuarta>00006020 r last_coeff_flag_offset_8x8
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11:27<janneg>stuarta: nm libs/libavcodec/ | grep last_coeff_flag_offset_8x8
11:28<stuarta>002b12e0 r last_coeff_flag_offset_8x8 U last_coeff_flag_offset_8x8
11:36<janneg>stuarta: please try to remove __attribute((used)) in the declaration libs/libavcodec/h264.c:5985
11:38[~]stuarta cleans libavcodec
11:42<stuarta>doh! EWRONGKEYBOARD
11:43<janneg>stuarta: please repeat nm libs/libavcodec/ | grep last_coeff_flag_offset_8x8
11:44<stuarta>002b12e0 r last_coeff_flag_offset_8x8 U last_coeff_flag_offset_8x8
11:54<gbee>stuarta: ccache -C would do the same as rm -rf ~/.ccache
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15:57<xris>gbee: fyi, I just committed those db changes. seems to work fine.
15:58<gbee>great :)
15:58<xris>and I just discovered another. lol
15:59<gbee>sorry I didn't have a chance to look them over closely, but don't really think anyone needed to - perfectly safe and you probably know as much (or more) about mysql as anyone else here
16:00<xris>wait. odd. for some reason it didn't apply
16:00<xris>does only the backend apply db changes?
16:01<janneg>no, all applications should
16:01<gbee>no frontend, mythtv-setup, all of them
16:01<xris>it didn't apply my changes.
16:02<janneg>xris: I'll test
16:02<xris>dbvers is still 1177, not 1178
16:02[~]xris recompiles to test again
16:02<gbee>ahh, you need to change the const near the top
16:03<gbee>13 const QString currentDatabaseVersion = "1177";
16:03<gbee>line 13
16:03<xris>oh, gotcha.
16:03<xris>I'll fix
16:04<xris>guess I thought that's why performActualUpdate got the new version and the variable passed into it.
16:04<xris>fixed. thanks.
16:06<gbee>not sure why it's structured like it is, never thought to ask that question :)
16:07<xris>yeah, I always send the update at the end of the string based on increments during the update routine
16:09<gbee>guess it's for some speed reasons as we return early if the database version matches that constant, but not sure what would be so slow about going through the whole lot each time
16:14<xris>janneg: I think something in your ffmpeg resync broke mp4 playback with the internal player
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16:17<xris>yup. avi works fine. mp4 doesn't
16:18<janneg>xris: works here with a mp4 file created by older ffmpeg
16:18<xris>I get: Couldn't open decoder for: /mnt/auto/pub/tv/Follow That Food/Follow That Corn.mp4
16:19<xris>"mov header not found"
16:19<xris>ffplay works fine, so I know it's not an ffmpeg thing
16:19<xris>maybe missed some compile option?
16:20<janneg>no, mine is compiled with standard options
16:20<xris>your ffmpeg?
16:20<janneg>is the sample somewhere available?
16:20<xris>I meant that maybe there is some new option in ffmpeg that mythtv doesn't set
16:20<janneg>no, mythtv
16:21<xris>I can post one of the smaller files for you. they're all somewhat large, though.
16:21<xris>janneg: actually, can you pm me your ssh key?
16:25<gbee>still haven't got around to copying my key to the mythtv server and I'm so lazy that although it would take 30 seconds to do it right now, I'm not going to bother
16:26<xris>I rely on ssh agent for a lot of stuff... easier than typing passwords in everywhere
16:29<gbee>thinking about it I may not bother for the mythtv server, having to type my password prevents me accidently checking things in
16:29<gbee>I've done that before ....
16:35<Captain_Murdoch>doesn't matter for the non-updating issue, but not all programs apply DB changes. I believe that only mythbackend, mythfrontend, and mythtv-setup will apply changes. I'm pretty sure mythcommflag and mythtranscode don't but not sure about things like mythwelcome and any other apps I'm forgetting.
16:36<Captain_Murdoch>the constant at the top is so we can know in the code what the current version is so we know whether we need to apply any updates or not.
16:36<Captain_Murdoch>if we're at the current version we don't even go into the function that does all the checks and updates.
16:37[~]Captain_Murdoch goes back into hiding so he can go grab some dinner.
16:38<xris>yup. looks like "mythtv" app doesn.t
16:38<xris>mythfrontend does, and after fixing the global db version var, it applied my changes.
16:39<gbee>so confirming what I said then :)
16:39[~]xris really wants to know why the commflagger doesn't always run anymore.
16:40<xris>oh, interesting. looks like there's a stuck job.
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16:42<xris>wonder if that prevented new commflag jobs from being added
16:43<janneg>argh, truncated mp4s doesn't play
16:44<xris>hmm, this says that commflag ran, but didn't detect commercials. but when I run by hand, it works.
16:44<janneg>Captain_Murdoch: I can't reproduce the MarkAsInUse anymore
16:45<gbee>xris: are automated and manual using different detection rules/methods?
16:45<janneg>xris: I tried to stop the download after 2M
16:45<xris>gbee: I just run "mythcommflag -f /path/to/file"
16:45<xris>hat should use the same defaults, no?
16:45<xris>janneg: oh, yeah. you can't truncate mp4 files like that. needs the whole thing
16:46<gbee>probably, but I've no idea to be honest :)
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16:46[~]xris needs food. bbiab
16:55<gbee>heh, keep hearing references in US film/Tv to 'weed whackers', finally googled it to find out what they were talking about
16:55<xris>what do you call them in the uk?
16:55<gbee>turns out it's just a funny name for a strimmer
16:56<gbee>Line Trimmer or more commonly Strimmer
16:57<gbee>heh, that's just reminded my I've got to put mine away, was using it this morning and it's still by the back door
16:58<xris>see, "strimmer" sounds really funny to me. :)
17:03<xris>granted, so does weed whacker
17:03<gbee>need to put a light by the shed, fumbling with the combination padlock in the dark is a pain
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18:45<janneg>xris: "Follow That Macadamia Nut.mp4" plays fine here. without audio but mythtv is compiled without --enable-faad
18:49<janneg>ah, it has green artifacts
18:51<janneg>mplayer svn has no artifacts
18:51<mikegrb>gbee: iris reader
18:52<gbee>probably put my eye out on a rusty nail trying to find it ;)
18:52<mikegrb>well, with the light
18:52<mikegrb>if you are running power for one, might as well install the other, right?
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19:32<xris>janneg: odd. what compile options did you use for mythtv?
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19:37<janneg>xris: ./configure --compile-type=debug --arch=athlon64 --enable-proc-opt --enable-dvb --enable-xvmc --enable-opengl-vsync --with-bindings=perl --prefix=/opt/mythtv
19:38<xris>btw, perl is on by default now
19:38<janneg>but it isn't HEAD
19:38<janneg>it wasn't then
19:38<xris>so you're NOT running with the ffmpeg resync that you just committed?
19:39<janneg>I do. I'm just a couple of revisions after HEAD
19:40<xris>oh. thought you meant "not" as in "-fixes"
19:40<janneg>I'm running r12654
19:46<janneg>xris: grep _MOV_ config.h
19:46<janneg>xris: grep "_MOV_" config.h
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20:26<xris>janneg: nothing in ./libs/libmythmpeg2/config.h
20:26<xris>and that's the only config.h that I have
20:26<xris>janneg: and just for reference, I'm running 12668
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20:33<janneg>xris: config.h is a symlink to libs/libmyth/mythconfig.h
20:36<xris>I don't have a mythconfig.h
20:36<janneg>huh? it's created by configure
20:37<xris>this is untouched source
20:37<xris>hang on
20:38<xris>ok: CONFIG_MOV_DEMUXER, CONFIG_MOV_MUXER (and the "enable" counterparts) are all set to 1.
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20:39<xris>fyi, there is a file in the source called ./libs/libmythmpeg2/config.h (hence my confusion)
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22:53<purserj>just out of curiosity, is there any good doco on writing modules for myth?
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23:24<Captain_Murdoch>docs are in trunk/mythplugins/*/*/*.cpp :) there aren't any really. look at this wiki page that a user just put up a week or so ago. he posted on the -dev mailing list with the subject "Plugin Guide: Hello Myth" so you can search the archives for that.
23:25<Captain_Murdoch>his wiki page looks like a good place to start. have tested it, just skimmed it right now.
23:25[~]Captain_Murdoch is afk and gtb (gone to bed)
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