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03:53<stuarta>janneg: no luck on the linking issue?
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05:24<zoli2k>With MSI VOX 2 USB TV card mythtv channel scan says: "Failed to open the card". The /dev/video0 is detected by mythv and I m in video group.
05:24<zoli2k>sorry I see, this is the development channel
05:24<LLyric>what permissions on the device?
05:24<LLyric>go to #mythtv-users ;)
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06:55<janneg>stuarta: no. at least no clean solution
06:56<stuarta>any ideas on what the underlying issue is?
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07:04<janneg>the problem is in the code. your cabac.o differs from mine though I use the same options
07:05<stuarta>that's not very nice...
07:05<stuarta>compiler or arch specific? i'm guessing arch
07:06<janneg>cabac.h:683 #if defined(ARCH_X86) && !(defined(PIC) && defined(__GNUC__)) is the problem
07:06<stuarta>which won't trigger on amd64
07:08<janneg>but only because of !defined(PIC)
07:08<janneg>I compile on x86_32 too
07:08<janneg>with gcc
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07:14<janneg>huh, my compiler doesn't define __GNUC__
07:15<stuarta>which gcc is that?
07:17<janneg>gcc version 4.1.1 (Gentoo 4.1.1-r3)
07:17<stuarta>gcc version 4.0.3 20051201 (prerelease) (Debian 4.0.2-5)
07:28<janneg>I'll try to reproduce it with ffmeg
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07:59<janneg>ffmpeg compiles fine
08:00<stuarta>something different in the configure stuff?
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10:11<Cardoe>GreyFoxx: around?
10:12<GreyFoxx>For a few seconds yeah, I'm being pulled away to lunch :)
10:13<j-rod>cool, configure already recognizes the Core 2 Quad...
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10:20<MoRpHeUz>are there any ways of transcoding video from a live tv ("on the fly") ? Probably it should use libavformat, right ?
10:20<GreyFoxx>There is no live transcoding support
10:20<GreyFoxx>not in myth anyway
10:21<MoRpHeUz>GreyFoxx: yeah, but I'm thinking about the possibility of coding this...
10:21<MoRpHeUz>just need some directions..
10:21<stuarta>step 1. get 64 core processor
10:21<GreyFoxx>It would be nice if someone connecting could specific a a/v codec, resolution/bitrate and container and have it done on the fly
10:21<MoRpHeUz>GreyFoxx: that's my idea
10:22<MoRpHeUz>stuarta: i can get the hardware.. =)
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10:22<stuarta>well okay then!
10:22<MoRpHeUz>myth first record the live video on the disk before streaming it ?
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10:24<MoRpHeUz>hhmm...I know how to transcode video using libavformat with a file on the disk, but it would be faster if I could do this while the stream is on the memory...
10:25<GreyFoxx>It would have to support transcoding of recorded content, not just livetv
10:26<MoRpHeUz>GreyFoxx: doesnt mythtranscode does it ?
10:26<GreyFoxx>The part that records wouldn't no know anything about it
10:26<GreyFoxx>MoRpHeUz: Not on the fly no
10:26<MoRpHeUz>now I understand what you mean..
10:27<MoRpHeUz>for sure, you're must support recorded stuff also...
10:37<j-rod>I have no 64-core system, but I do have access to a 32-socket, 64-cores system...
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12:22<MoRpHeUz>do you recommend any tutorial about libavcodec ?
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12:39<MoRpHeUz>GreyFoxx: if I could dump the video stream to stdout or a pipe, then I can get ffmpeg to take it on stdin, or open the pipe...what do you think ?
12:47<MoRpHeUz>CDev: what do you think about it ?
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13:04<MoRpHeUz>CDev: are you there ? =)
13:13<Cardoe>hey GreyFoxx
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13:33<gbee>Captain_Murdoch: any benefit to marking programmes as duplicates of previously recorded when they are inserted (by EIT, MFDB) instead of calculating that each and every time the scheduler is run?
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15:00<rtsai>gbee: 'experimental' flagger: it's currently focused on logo detection, after which i plan to look at audio processing. It has a blank-frame detector, but using it as a "primary" flagger is not very interesting to me.
15:00<rtsai>so it doesn't surprise me if it doesn't work very well on logo-less content
15:00<gbee>rtsai: fair enough
15:00<gbee>whereabouts does it look for the logo?
15:01<rtsai>TemplateFinder.cpp, TemplateMatcher.cpp
15:01<rtsai>it wouldn't be hard to make the BlankFrameDetector smarter (without a logo processing), if that would help you
15:01<gbee>pretty sure this wasn't logoless, but the logo is positioned quite far in so that it isn't cropped off on 4:3 TVs
15:02<rtsai>if you turn on debugging, it will leave behind some data that can be processed by the 'mythcommflag-analyze' script to show graphs and such to show what it thinks is happening.
15:02<rtsai>So if the logo just happens to be somewhere where the detector isn't looking, that will be easy to determine (and fix)
15:03<gbee>I've lived without commflagging since I first used myth, not really motivated to get it working for UK stuff if I'm honest but I'll play about with it if I get some time
15:03<gbee>thanks for the pointers
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15:05<rtsai>Sure. The notes are at
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15:33<MoRpHeUz>it's inside "encoderlink.*" that the backend get the stream from the capture card in order to use live tv ?
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15:48<xris>janneg: you ever end up getting a usable download from me?
15:48<xris>hmm, he's probably asleep.. oh well
15:49<gbee>not that late, but he might have got an early night
15:50<gbee>then again I nearly forgot he's on the continent, so an hour ahead of here
15:51<janneg>xris: yes and I'm pretty sure that I reported that I can play the file fine except the green artifacts
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16:23<jwestfall>did anything ever come of the ../../libs/libavcodec/ undefined reference to `last_coeff_flag_offset_8x8' discussion yesterday?
16:24<stuarta>nope, still getting that error...
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16:25<stuarta>does it bite you as well?
16:25<janneg>jwestfall: you have the sae problem
16:25<janneg>err: same
16:26<Chutt>lots of issues with the resync :(
16:26<Chutt>janneg, there's still mpeg4 playback issues, right?
16:26<janneg>daniel couldn't reproduce it
16:27<Chutt>but bruce can?
16:28<gbee>and mpeg2
16:29<gbee>bugger, my backends just jumped to 99% cpu - never done that before
16:34<gbee>why would I be seeing avcodec messages in the backend log? didn't think it was involved at all in recording
16:35<Chutt>preview generation
16:37<jwestfall>seems to be debug vs release builds
16:37<jwestfall>debug bombs, release is fine
16:37<jwestfall>probably the -DPIC in the release causing last_coeff_flag_offset_8x8 to not be used
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16:38<stuarta>ahh, you use debug builds as well???
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16:39<stuarta>same here.
16:40<gbee>Chutt: ahh - yep, ok so the mpeg2 bug I've been seeing with channel Five recordings is still present and clearly affecting preview generation too
16:43<janneg>Chutt: I just saw the error message (after 10 minutes playback) but no visual error
16:44<janneg>jwestfall, stuarta: in ffmpeg it is compiled fine without PIC
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16:53<xris>janneg: ah, I remember now... I wonder what my issues are, then.
16:53<xris>ah, yeah. you had me grep for _MOV_ and then you must have gone to sleep or something before I answered.
16:54<jwestfall>well removing static from the line fixes it for my debug build
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16:58<janneg>skamithi: seeking works with the is_streamed workaround for you?
16:59<skamithi>janneg: it does..
17:01<janneg>strange, it doesn't work for me. have you changed anything except AVFormatDecoder::InitByteContext and reverting 12659?
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17:03<skamithi>yes.. let me update my dev build and try again. i'm pretty sure all i did was undo the #3000 commit and applied the is_streamed workaround.
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17:17<skamithi>janneg: just tried madagascar, akeelah and the bee, and hero (jet li).. all work fine with the patch. i can ffwd/rewind..also sticky rewind/ffwd works like normal. what problem are u seeing ? .. is this the right patch ?
17:20<janneg>skamithi: yes, my patch looks similar. dogville rc2 didn't work. same effect as seeking with my byte seek patch
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17:25<skamithi>what about just preventing avf_seek for in ? is this a viable approach ?
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17:29<janneg>I'm not sure that avf_seek is the problem. I added debug output to it and it seems liked it is never called (with is_streamed = 1)
17:30<skamithi>janneg: then maybe this issue is a new one ?
17:30<skamithi>janneg: was it working before the ffmpeg sync ?
17:31<janneg> I don't know. it works with unmodified 12659
17:31<janneg>i.e. the ffmpeg change reverted
17:32<skamithi>without the is_streamed workaround right ? ..
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17:33<skamithi>janneg: are getting the issue where its calling dvdringbuf::seek a million times ?
17:34<skamithi>or its something else
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17:37<skamithi>janneg: i think your is_streamed patch works since you say it prevents avf_seek from been called for dvds. i have to go now. send me the -v playback output if you'd like my opinion about the dogville dvd.
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18:55<xris>Sembiance: you seem like a happy kind of guy, smiling like that all the time.
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18:58<Sembiance>yah, that's me
18:58<Sembiance>how could you not be happy when your a coder? :)
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19:18<Cardoe>GreyFoxx: ping
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19:51<Cardoe>GreyFoxx: hey
19:51<Cardoe>GreyFoxx: was gonna ask if you can push some UPnP fixes into 0-20-fixes
19:51<Cardoe>GreyFoxx: like the one to make fast forward and rewind work
19:52<Cardoe>GreyFoxx: i.e. the missing "bytes" word.. and that RANGE needs to be range
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22:32[~]CDevMobile is testing his new motorola Q.
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