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01:21<xris>anyone still awake who wants some input on the channel iconmap stuff I'm working on?
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06:11<gbee>I would have sworn that there was a setting to make UIRemoteEditType style text entry optional
06:12<gbee>as it doesn't seem to exist, any objections to adding such a setting?
06:13<gbee>UIRemoteEditType is pain to use if you are using a keyboard instead of a remote
06:16<gbee>the alternative, as UIRemoteEditType isn't used in many places (just mythmusic and mytharchive), is to drop it altogether in favour of MythRemoteLineEdit or something
06:19<gbee>actually not MythRemoteLineEdit - that's no better than UIRemoteEditType
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08:08<gbee>crap, just as I have some spending money available my sister draws me into splitting the cost of an expensive anniversary present for my parents :(
08:10<Merlin83b2>Ignore her, buy a Wii.
08:15<gbee>wish I could, but this is a rare act of generosity and thoughtfulness by my sister's standards and I feel I should encourage her
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08:53<gbee>briand: patch to allow disabling of 'remote entry' behaviour -
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11:38<grndslm>anybody know why my ivtv module won't load properly??? (using ivtv-0.7.3 on kernel 2.6.17 / ubuntu edgy)
11:38<grndslm>i get these errors after dmesg:
11:39<grndslm>[17237039.672000] Linux video capture interface: v1.00
11:39<grndslm>[17237039.696000] ivtv: Unknown symbol tveeprom_read
11:39<grndslm>[17237039.696000] ivtv: Unknown symbol tveeprom_hauppauge_analog
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11:39<grndslm>and i'm using a pvr500 if it makes a diff
11:42<gbee>supporting mouse buttons is going to be a pain, unless I translate them to normally unused keys e.g. F25-F35
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11:42<gbee>grndslm: you want #mythtv-users
11:43<gbee>or #ivtv if it exists
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15:13<daum>hey all
15:15<daum>this is really weird anyone able to tell me why when i keep setting up recordings it says "Not Recording" no matter what?
15:15<janneg>daum: read the topi
15:16<daum>my bad
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16:00<gbee>briand: you there?
16:05<briand>...and sipping on a cup of freshly brewed coffee, no less. ;)
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16:10<gbee>don't know if you saw my earlier message, I've put together a patch which disables the 'remote style' entry of text - I'll probably commit it soon, but thought you might find it useful if you are recompiling any time soon
16:12<gbee>tempted to add something about playing a bassoon, in a monsoon under the moon
16:12<gbee>but then I'm in a silly mood
16:15<briand>sure, i'll apply it.. I usually grab SVN on saturday mornings and update, so i'll patch after the download and before the compile. :) thanks!
16:16<gbee>adds a new setting, on the fourth page of the 'General' settings to toggle it on/off
16:16<briand>defaults to?
16:17<gbee>current behaviour (on)
16:17<briand>okay.. so, for me to use my speedy keyboard entry skilz, i'd toggle it off
16:21<briand>okay, i'll give it a try.. in fact, i don't have anything scheduled to record until 7:00pm, so maybe I'll do a quick patch/recompile/install right now...
16:23<briand>a hunk failed to patch. :/
16:23<briand>might be because i had already applied the shoutcast patch to this copy of the source
16:25<Chutt>i wouldn't mind getting rid of the remoteentry stuff completely, in favor of the on-screen keyboard.
16:29<eskil>that reminds me, still need to make a new version of the shoutcast patch with the theme xml files...
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16:33<briand>gbee: i cannot get this patch to cleanly apply to current SVN (12697)
16:34<briand>it keeps kicking out the majority of the changes in mythwidgets.cpp
16:34<gbee>Chutt: getting rid of it makes sense to me too, but I figure there are still people out there using it
16:35<gbee>briand: ok, obviously some changes there since I last updated
16:35<briand>the globalsettings.cpp file patched fine
16:36<briand>so, someone must have committed some changes to mythwidgets.cpp between 12648 and 12697
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16:39<gbee>are you running head or 0.20-(fixes)?
16:40<gbee>odd, applies fine here
16:40[~]Dibblah just discovers how much of a mess MythRecipe actually is.
16:41<briand>[root@myth mythtv_build]# patch -p0 < /home/mythtv/patches/mythmusic_keyboard_entry.patch
16:41<briand>patching file mythtv/libs/libmyth/mythwidgets.cpp
16:41<briand>Hunk #1 FAILED at 799.
16:41<briand>1 out of 1 hunk FAILED -- saving rejects to file mythtv/libs/libmyth/mythwidgets.cpp.rej
16:41<briand>patching file mythtv/programs/mythfrontend/globalsettings.cpp
16:41<gbee>last change to mythwidgets.cpp was 12347 a month ago
16:41<gbee>have you other patches applied?
16:42<briand>just eskil's shoutcast patch, but it doesn't touch mythwidgets at all
16:42<gbee>try svn revert mythtv/libs/libmyth/mythwidgets.cpp
16:42<gbee>then reapply the patch
16:42<briand>i even deleted my mythwidgets.cpp file and did a new `svn up` and got the same message
16:43<briand>same message
16:44<briand>want me to post the .rej file on pastebin?
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16:46<gbee>I've recreated the patch against 12697 - try this
16:46<gbee>if that doesn't work I'd be interested to see the rejects
16:47<briand>okay, just a sec..
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16:49<briand>that worked just fine.
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17:04<Chutt> is now reversing to, right?
17:04<Chutt>someone mind checking for me?
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17:08<briand>but my dns server was last updated at 5:19 Eastern time. when did you make the change?
17:11<gnome42> domain name pointer
17:15<briand>[root@turbo ~]# ping
17:15<briand>PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
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17:19<rikstah>Chutt, works here
17:19<rikstah>oh wait, naw it's the old one
17:20<xris>Chutt: works for me
17:22<gbee> 86400 IN PTR
17:22<gbee>heh, bit slow
17:25<Chutt>just verifying for david
17:25<Chutt>since that might make godaddy happy
17:28<rikstah>bahhh, i forgot to patch one of my server's cacti installations....someone has sploited it
17:29<gbee>seriously can't be the only reason they are blocking mail, none of my domains have reverse dns and I'm guessing that's the case for a lot of people
17:34<xris>gbee: many mail servers are set to reject IPs with *no* reverse... but not all that many require that it match the forward address (and when they do, you're technically supposed to just adjust the server's HELO string to match the reverse IP)
17:36<gbee>right, not a subject I know much about - guess I'll look at what my outgoing mail is doing :)
17:37<GreyFoxx>expecting the HELO to match the reverse is so wrong
17:37<GreyFoxx>I've run into a few that do, but it's not required by spec
17:38<GreyFoxx>but then, I run into more and more "broken" mail setups these days as people try to block spam it doesn;t suprise me :)
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17:42<xris>GreyFoxx: it's not "broken"... just an anti-spam feature gone wrong...
17:42<xris>requiring SOME kind of reverse can be nice, though.. but again, anti-spam feature gone wrong.
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17:43<GreyFoxx>I have no problem with requiring reverse, but requiring the HELO to match is what is broken
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17:44<GreyFoxx>the HELO tag is purely informative and for debugging purposes, not some sort of authentication method
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17:45<GreyFoxx>Especially if the local PC doesn't have a FQDN, so the system only knows it's hostname
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17:46<briand>gbee: patch is working great here... default properly set, toggles appropriately in setup, and I can enter #'s from the keyboard now. Thanks!
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18:05[~]briand sighs.
18:05<xris>GreyFoxx: most mail servers let you override the HELO name manually (specifically so you can set it to match the reverse IP.
18:10<gbee>remind me in future to only ask for 'arguments against' - could become a very long a useless thread if everyone starts posting "I agree"
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19:30<Chutt>gbee, and a timelimit
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22:28<Chutt>gbee, btw - should just make the popup keyboard work by default, except if specifically disabled..
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22:31<gbee>it's enabled by default in the setttings, unless you mean something different?
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23:32<briand>Chutt: fwiw, I've been playing with myth all night, with gbee's UIRemoteEditType patch applied -- if you're thinking of deprecating the 'remote' method, I think the patch stands well as is -- maybe just change the db setting to default to (off). Standard numeric entry via keyboard works, and hitting <Enter> on the field yields the popupkeyboard widget for use via remote.
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