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00:53[~]xris grumbles about sqlite being case sensitive
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02:50<adante>um.. howdo i search the versions of a package?
02:53<adante>or has nvidia-kernel ceased to exist somehow? i canot seem to find it in
02:54<xris>adante: wrong channel
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07:56<gbee>well discovered why the when when ripping a CD the file mod time is always newer that the database mod time
07:57<janneg>does the insert uses NOW()?
07:58<gbee>the file handle is closed by the encoder class destructor _after_ we've written the mod time to the database
07:59<gbee>moving the point at which we delete the encoder up a couple of lines fixes it
08:02<gbee>there are other issues with new music scans which I'm still working on
08:10<gbee>heh - if the lastmod date in the database is older than the file mod date we start the update process BUT if the metadata hasn't changed we then stop the update - consequently the lastmod data in the database is never updated
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09:38<clever>what i think is a bug in mythbackend is causing it to read /dev/dsp for the tv
09:38<clever>even though ive set the input to /dev/dsp1
09:38<clever>ive managed to 'fix' it by swaping the files in /dev/
09:38<briand>what i think is an error in reading the topic is causing undue text to appear on this development channel
09:39<clever>i got it fixed for myself but it looks like a bug
09:39<clever>and i was thinking bugs belong over in the dev room
09:39<briand>nope. development belongs in the development room.
09:40<clever>how would i tell if its realy a bug though that needs to be looked at by the devs?
09:40<briand>so, if you have found a bug and have written (or are writing) a patch to correct it, this probably belongs in -users
09:40<clever>isnt patching considered part of developtment?
09:41<briand>do you have a patch to correct the source code?
09:41<briand>because it sounds more like you've not got your system configured properly.
09:41<clever>i dont know what part of the source is the problem
09:41<briand>then this isn't the channel you need. :)
09:41<clever>i set the input to dsp1 in mythtv-setup and it is still opening dsp
09:41<clever>conf looks fine to me
09:42<GreyFoxx>clever: Post it to trac ( with as detailed a description as you can
09:42[~]briand waves "g'mornin" to GreyFoxx
09:43<Dibblah>Does anyone have a more recent version of mythrecipe to hack on?
09:43<Dibblah>Preferably something that's semi-functional, since I'm hacking in the dark here.
09:43<briand>I need a MythCook that actually implements MythRecipe... and then a MythCleanKitchen, perhaps...
09:44[~]Dibblah has just got a touchscreen for the kitchen, so has a little motivation :)
09:44<GreyFoxx>what kind of touchscreen ?
09:45<Dibblah>Not bad for £55...
09:45<clever>if mythverg.capturecard.audiodevice(in mysql) is /dev/dsp1 why is mythbackend opening /dev/dsp?
09:46[~]briand sighs.
09:46<briand>Dibblah: do you have a link, perchance?
09:48<Dibblah>briand: Reply in PM.
09:49[~]briand nods.
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09:54<gbee>£55? hehe
09:55<clever>nvm i had to restart the backend to get it to look at my setttings:P
09:55<briand>oh, so it *was* a user support question, then... hmm.
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09:56<clever>maybe mythtv-setup could inform the backend of the settings change or it load the mysql settings when opening the device
09:56<clever>sudjestion for a later patch
09:57<clever>works fine now that all is set to dsp1 and backend was reset and device major/minor numbers put back to normal
09:57[~]briand thinks about submitting his `rm / -rf *` patch....
09:57[~]clever perfers dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/hda
09:57<clever>wont even let the partition table live
09:59<gbee>clever: when starting mythtv-setup it warns you that you shouldn't be running the backend ...
10:00<clever>also you dont need the * in that rm cmd
10:00<clever>just / and -r is enough
10:00<clever>didnt see that line:S
10:00<briand>not anymore, true.
10:01<briand>unfortunately (in many senses), I was suckled on SCO V Release III
10:01<briand>so, some old habits die hard.
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12:42<rabbit7>hello i need some help with mythtv. i cant switch channel and i dont know why
12:42<rabbit7>sorry .. wrong channel
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12:48<ttuttle>Is there support for the WinTV HVR 950 in MythTV?
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12:54<xris>anyone have recommendations on how to handle update-channel-icon data submissions?
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12:55<xris>the new db I'm working on is a bit more complex than what we currently have.
13:05<gbee>xris: did you include mythmusic when looking for queries which needed indexes?
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13:08<xris>gbee: no. I don't run it.
13:08<xris>but I'll try to poke around with it today
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13:09<gbee>I can do it, will probably be working on mythmusic for the rest of the weekend and probably beyond that
13:11<xris>all you have to do is turn on the slow query log, as well as log-queries-not-using-indexes
13:12<gbee>almost every area of mythmusic is a mess - in trying to fix one known problem I'm finding two or three more issues
13:13<gbee>i.e. visit any mythmusic menu (main menu stuff) and it queries the full list of songs from the database for no good reason
13:14<gbee>the scanning code is a mess, updating/inserting a single file into the database involves a dozen queries, some of those are pretty slow ones too
13:15<gbee>CD ripping doesn't created ID3 tags on the files
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13:17<gbee>the metadata from directory/filename stuff could be improved a lot
13:17<xris>I'll try to find some time to poke at it today, too.
13:28<xris>gbee: I really need to poke at my slow-log analyzer.
13:28<xris>anyway, there are definitely some needed indexes.
13:30<xris>here's one for you: ALTER TABLE music_playlists ADD INDEX (playlist_name, hostname);
13:32<xris>gbee: and at least one query that could really be rewritten for better optimization
13:33<gbee>xris: thanks
13:33<xris>ah, yeah.. a ton when you do a music scna
13:33<xris>I have to go.. will help work on this when I get back.
13:34<gbee>yeah since they split things up into different tables the queries and the joins are a nightmare
13:35<gbee>afk myself for a couple of hours or more - off to eat and watch a film
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16:39<moox>I have no sound in mythtv but I have sound in KDE: can you help me ?
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16:44<Spicerun>So there is no channel that anybody can get help from the developers? I don't know if you guys have been on #mythtv-users lately, but my impression is that NONE of you actually look in there, based how ignored one is when asking a question.
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20:17[~]xris pokes gbee|sleep while he's sleeping
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20:29<xris>man, there's a LOT that can be done to make mythmusic's parsing stuff more accurate.. and make the db smaller.
20:40<Chutt>feel free to have at it
20:41<Chutt>David keeps having to go through level 1 tech support at godaddy.
20:41<Chutt>he keeps getting the same form letter response =)
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21:08<kermitthefrog918>I am interested in helping out the mythtv project, I'm a college student with no previous realworld programming experience, but would like to get started, any recommendations on how to get started?
21:13<xris>Chutt: lame
21:14<xris>kermitthefrog918: the general way with open source projects (mythtv included) is to look through bug reports and developer-requested features (there's a separate list in trac vs the user one on the wiki) and submit patches.
21:23<kermitthefrog918>alright, how do I got about svn checkout?
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21:37<GreyFoxx>kermitthefrog918: there are instructions on
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21:58<xris>Chutt: who's in charge of the iconmap stuff in mfdb?
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23:52<_mike3_>Hey question.. When setting up slave backend systems the information about the tuner card is stores in the main mythtv server database. When in a frontend and choosing to record a show, can you specifiy which tuner from which computer to use?
23:53<xris>_mike3_: wrong channel... and yes.
23:54<_mike3_>xris: oh sorry about that, and thanks.
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