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00:37<t0ny-p402>Any one alive tonight?
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00:37<t0ny_>The f key does not work. I dont gets the color settings menu thing.
00:38<t0ny_>any ideas?
00:38<xris>t0ny_: helps if you ask in the correct channel
00:38<t0ny_>oh oops sorry
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06:21<gbee>could use some caching in the music scan to cut down on the number of queries - artist/genre id for a start, probably albumid
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09:05<briand>gbee: while you're playing in mythmusic, could you make a few more id3 tags available to the theme (and/or lcd device)? Perhaps configurable? Most of my mp3 files have no (valid) album information (as they're pop singles), but I try to always populate the Year. I'd like to be able to place the year (and maybe genre) on the screen, but those tags aren't sent to the UI.
09:06<briand>...or, i could tack this on to #3041, if that'd make it easier to track...
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10:30<QuesarVII>I think I've found a bug - mythfrontend hangs in live tv when changing channels with irsend
10:31<QuesarVII>I've dug into the lirc code, and it looks like a separate thread is used for handling lirc events, so I'm not sure how that thread hanging is hanging the whole frontend
10:31<stuarta>QuesarVII: build a debug version of the svn code, and test it there
10:31<QuesarVII>the lirc.cpp file in libs/libmyth/lirc.cpp
10:32<stuarta>attach the debugger when it's "locked"
10:32<stuarta>and find out where it's stuck...
10:32<stuarta>section 22.2 of the howto
10:32<QuesarVII>just fyi, this problem started happening after switching from channel changing with a serial cable to channel changing with infrared
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10:32<QuesarVII>only change was to replace my external channel change program with a different one
10:33<stuarta>unless your new program is doing something odd..
10:33<QuesarVII>i can reproduce it just by using irsend manually while live tv is running
10:34<stuarta>definitely time to start debugging then
10:35<QuesarVII>is there anything in the current svn that will mess with my database? I've had trouble going back and forth from svn to stable in the past
10:35<stuarta>always make a backup of your database first
10:35<stuarta>restore the DB when going back
10:36<GreyFoxx>tux: IT's not suppose to
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10:47<gbee>briand: I'll bear it in mind
10:48<gbee>right now #3041 is about sorting out the importing of music into the database, I don't want to attach any other jobs to it (keeps the tasks managable and acheivable))
10:51<briand>okay, fair enough. :)
10:55[~]gbee looks at paulh's changes hoping that it doesn't mean re-writing existing patches
10:56<gbee>oh paul ...
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13:35<QuesarVII>hello all. I have a problem with myth hanging on live tv when changing channels using irsend
13:36<QuesarVII>I talked to stuarta earlier, and he asked me to run it through the debugger
13:36<QuesarVII>I have the output now, should I post it here?
13:38<QuesarVII>well, here it is:
13:39<QuesarVII>Program received signal SIGINT, Interrupt.
13:39<QuesarVII>[Switching to Thread 47631162762336 (LWP 32189)]
13:39<QuesarVII>0x00002b51fc75b8b1 in nanosleep () from /lib/
13:39<QuesarVII>Thread 11 (Thread 1149778256 (LWP 32248)):
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13:41<QuesarVII>sorry to flood
13:41<QuesarVII>i asked if I should post but didn't see a reply
13:41<QuesarVII>my irc client crashed when i did it too
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13:55<QuesarVII>I have a backtrace from a hang. Can someone help? It's at
14:02<gbee>QuesarVII: you may have to be patient, this channel can be quiet at times
14:02<QuesarVII>thanks gbee
14:02<gbee>everyone checks back to see what has been happening while they were away, so you just need to wait
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14:22<gbee>janneg: thanks for mentioning intptr_t, believe it or not I'd forgotten it
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14:25<xris>gbee: get anything done on mythmusic yesterday?
14:25<gbee>minor stuff
14:25<gbee>nothing concerning the queries or indexes
14:28<xris>really need to change the way that info is stored. using a TEXT field as the effective primary key (full path) is really inefficient
14:29<xris>even something as simple as storing the directory tree would be good.
14:30<xris>but it'd be cool to get something like we talked about with mythvideo.. size+content hash for tracking moved files, etc.
14:30<xris>although that could get slow to generate with my current music collection. heh.
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14:31<xris>anyway, storing the directory tree in a separate table would help a BUNCH with disk space and search times.
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14:33<gbee>so assign each song a directory id? that would help, the filename could then become a varchar
14:34<gbee>you'd give each full path an entry in the table I take it? or something more complicated?
14:34<xris>and store each directory as its own record, too
14:35<xris>with a parentid
14:35<xris>then you're dealing with varchars instead of texts
14:35<xris>and it'll also take up less space in the db.
14:35<xris>not sure how that'd affect mythweb's mp3act stuff, though
14:36<gbee>would that not get a little complicated in terms of the SELECT queries needed to join the parts together - in circumstances such as this it's not always better to normalise the data
14:38<xris>it's not so bad when you have access to subqueries.
14:38<xris>but people seem averse to requiring mysql 5. heh
14:39<xris>however, yes, where I do the tree-based thing for work, I have some processing that goes on to deal with it.
14:39<gbee>I think storing the full path would still be worth doing, without making it more complicated
14:39<xris>how does mythvideo do it?
14:40[~]gbee looks to Anduin
14:42<gbee>considering that I've got my music broken down into an album per directory, that is a 10-15x reduction
14:42<xris>yeah. splitting out directories in SOME way would also make for an easier "browse filesystem" view, too
14:43<xris>mythvideo stores the whole path
14:43<gbee>I don't use mythvideo, so I can just look at the tables for an answer
14:44<gbee>I think storing the whole path would be a step in the right direction, we can still use a parent id and maybe in the future come up with a more elaborate method
14:45<gbee>s/so I can/so I can't/
14:45<xris>yeah. splitting the path out of the filename field in the individual-file record would help some.
14:45<xris>one messy-index select per directory
14:46<xris>can also add a partial index of the paths... index the first 128 chars or so.
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14:48<gbee>so, you want to do it, or shall I? (the schema part at least)
14:49<xris>I'll help. I'm still stuck working on channel icon lookup/organization stuff.
14:49<xris>that should be "I'll help, but can't do the whole thing at the moment"
14:52<gbee>sure, right now I'm trying to get at least one, maybe two of eskil's patches committed
14:52<gbee>that's what I started the weekend intending to do, but I got sidetracked when I noticed how slow the scanning was :)
14:58<gbee>the one I'm most keen to get in, is also the one which needs the most care
14:59<xris>trying to make it easier for users to submit updated channel icon URLs
14:59<gbee>it fixes some id3 tag issues, but as it directly truncates the mp3 I need to be sure I won't be blamed for destroying peoples entire mp3 collection
14:59<gbee>xris: cool
15:01<xris>makes the contrib directory pretty big, though. heh
15:01<Anduin>gbee: It doesn't use the DB for a tree structure
15:02<xris>Anduin: you haven't implemented any of the hash-based stuff that visit0r, kormoc and I were talking about a couple of weeks ago, though, have you?
15:03<Anduin>xris: Nope, no recent work on myth, still need to fix, my next checkin will be to fix the bjm button issue (much more work than I had hoped, combined with little myth time)
15:05[~]xris wonders if the channel icon lookup should link primarily to lyngsat
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15:20<xris>hmm, I think I *can* switch this whole thing to lyngsat
15:22<gbee>might be worth keeping some flexability, so other providers can be used
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15:30<xris>of course.
15:30<xris>no worries there.
15:30<xris>but the way lyngsat works, if they're missing a logo, you just send it to them and they add it
15:55<briand>lyngsat seems to be much more consistent, as well, in terms of the quality of logos/icons it keeps online
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17:04<gbee>oh fantastic, the mpeg2-mpeg2 transcode has removed the audio completely
17:09<xris>briand: yeah. they're all user-submitted, too.
17:09<xris>sort of a pain to navigate, though.
17:10[~]briand nods, vehemently.
17:10<xris>I have a ripper, though. takes down all of their icon URLs (tv, radio, corp, etc) and searchable.
17:11<xris>will hook it into the mythtv db so that users can search for channels with missing icons.
17:11<xris>and then submit somewhere that we can then update the db as necessary.
17:11<xris>will get it all tied into a web page eventually
17:14<xris>would like to make grabbing icons an EASY process... and automated.
17:14<briand>when i was running 0.18.1, way back when... I had downloaded a bunch from lyngsat and had all my icons present
17:14<xris>could even tie this lookup stuff into the UI somehow. let users pick the icon graphically
17:14<xris>I have all but one of mine in master_iconmap now... and that one is the local public access channel.
17:14<briand>they disappeared when i upgraded from 0.19 to .20 SVN
17:15<xris>emailed them yesterday to see if I could get a copy of the logo to submit to lyngsat.
17:15<briand>so, i've been patiently waiting for your project, to complete my channel icons again
17:15<xris>have you tried the latest master iconmap?
17:15<briand>i've been routinely grabbing it from SVN, but haven't played with it yet
17:16<briand>(as I saw you were still committing changes to it)
17:16<briand>I need to submit some changes for it, myself, in fact..
17:17<xris>feel free to hold off. maybe you can be my first tester for the new submission format.
17:17<briand>here in Tallahassee, our PBS station is WFSU.. they also operate 4FSU, which is normally a re-feed of The Florida Channel... so I would probably map it to that icon.. also, a couple of the local network stations logos are crap
17:18<briand>i'd be happy to play around with it... let me know when it's in late-alpha or beta period, and I'll give it a test drive
17:18<xris>I'll check it in when it's ready to be poked at
17:19<briand>i need to create one (I think) for our local pub-access channel (WCOT [city of tallahassee]) cable channel, too
17:20<briand>dang.. you want to feel old? rewind your LiveTV buffer and take a look at Billy Joel singing the national anthem! balding/greying
17:20<briand>i remember buying his first album!
17:28<xris>I can't feel old yet. ask me next month when I turn 30. :)
17:29<xris>submitting to lyngsat is easy, though.. you just have to email the guy and he puts it online.
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17:59<briand>uh-huh. it'll seem like just a couple months have gone by past your 30th birthday, and you'll be wondering why you're getting cards with "40" on them...
18:03<xris>my mother in law had 2 40th birthdays.. went from "I'm going to be 39, that's almost 40" to "I'm going to be 40".. she called her mother after the first, to say what a nice party she had, and was told "but you're only 39 this year!"
18:06[~]briand is still 'holding' at 35
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18:28<QuesarVII>I'm having a hang in mythfrontend when watching a recording or live tv when irsend sends a change channel command
18:29<QuesarVII>i used to use the serial port to change channels, but comcast just screwed up my box, so I'm back to ir and now having this problem
18:29<QuesarVII>I have a backtrace from gdb if someone wants to look at it please
18:30<QuesarVII>it seems like the lirc thread gets screwed up when something else sends a command via irsend
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18:36<gbee>QuesarVII: you might consider opening a ticket,
18:36<QuesarVII>for the time being, I'm trying to use irxevent again instead of the native lirc support
18:37<gbee>it just doesn't look like anyone who might help you is on tonight, I'm off to bed myself
18:41<QuesarVII>thanks gbee
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19:25[~]janneg sighs. paul didn't get it and the code looks very suspicious
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19:50<alfonxalfonx>hi. i want to report a bug: With fglrx and mythfrontend (and xv i suspect) the colores of all internal playback are totall wrong (grue=green). mplayer can play with xv. this problem is at least in 0.19 and 0.20. i tried the three last ati-drivers for my X1400. any ideas?
19:51<alfonxalfonx>or should i go to myth-users?
19:52<alfonxalfonx>I have posted this here awhile ago, but no clues yet.
19:55<QuesarVII>do the regular ati drivers work on your card?
19:57<alfonxalfonx>nope... but i was fastes talking here that regoogleing ... i found this, which points to a ati ticket : (at the end) i am following this now.
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20:06<alfonxalfonx>mmm.. the ticketnumber doesn't exis and i dont understand if he found a solution...
20:07<alfonxalfonx>the "f" key in the playback to change hue etc is gone in 0.20. but it didn't help anyway.
20:08<alfonxalfonx>how can it be, that mplayer + xine play the files correctly? is mythtv it own implementation of a mediaplayer?
20:08<alfonxalfonx>...using its own..
20:09<QuesarVII>it plays the video itself
20:10<QuesarVII>did you accidently build with xvmc?
20:11<alfonxalfonx>mmm.. i think xvmc is not available for fglrx. i have got ubuntu breezy debs for 0.20 from
20:11<alfonxalfonx>can i check if they use xvmc?
20:11<QuesarVII>that's why I was checking to see if it was built with that by accident
20:13<QuesarVII>I know it's a shame to use it with a good card, but does the vesa driver work for you?
20:13<alfonxalfonx>the videos play quick at high resolution. no framedropping reported. i think the internal player uses xv... (if that statement makes sense).
20:13<QuesarVII>yes, it uses xv internally
20:13<QuesarVII>I think that can be changed though
20:13<alfonxalfonx>if i don't use fglrx, the playback is bad and slow and framedropping, but right colors.
20:14<QuesarVII>try building myth with --disable-xv
20:14<QuesarVII>see if that resolves it
20:15<alfonxalfonx>all my research got me to the feeling, that maybe mythtv is setting the hue etc on a wrong scale (for the x1400 and others)
20:15<alfonxalfonx>what playbay method will mythtv try to use then (without xv) ?
20:16<GreyFoxx>alfonxalfonx: That bug is with the ATI drivers, there is a #define you can uncomment to make myth work around it
20:16<GreyFoxx>everything is blue shifted without it
20:16<GreyFoxx>It's at the top of libs/libmythtv/videoout_xv.cpp
20:17<GreyFoxx>and this is really a -users type of thing ;)
20:17<GreyFoxx>uncomment that line, recompile and you should be fine
20:18<alfonxalfonx>cool, i will try that now. but i will have to get the source set up here first.
20:18<alfonxalfonx>what means "a users type of thing" ?
20:18<GreyFoxx>#mythtv-users like the topic mentiones
20:20<alfonxalfonx>got it. thanks a lot lot anyway.
20:22<GreyFoxx>Assuming the path between you and the backend works, that would work
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