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00:01<xris>not sure how much I really want to expose all of our web stuff to the world, though.
00:02<Chutt>you can always make a separate svn dir
00:03<xris>like /var/lib/svn.www ?
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00:04<xris>good enough. you prefer . - or _ ?
00:04<Chutt>doesn't matter
00:05<xris>you're no help. I hate minor decisions like that.
00:05<Chutt>agonize over the naming for another hour
00:05<xris>- it is
00:07<Chutt>google still hasn't paid some orgs for SoC yet
00:07<xris>they never sent me a 1099, either
00:07<Chutt>i never got my money!
00:07<Chutt>(i never asked for it)
00:07<justinh>yeah a certain shadow/noshadow/highlight thing springs to mind xris ;)
00:08[~]xris grumbles about creating the svn repo on the wrong server
00:09<justinh>since I've managed to put neon-wide down for a few days, gonna be playing with the .org stuff again. hopefully I'll be able to come up with something nice that has a consistent look
00:14<xris>woot. and in goes in its entirety. heh
00:14<Chutt>even the wiki?
00:14<xris>and good thing I stopped it. 55M .sql file
00:14<xris>figured we should get it in for backup/etc.
00:15<xris>but it'll have to wait until Snow-Man can clean out cache files, etc.
00:17<xris>ah, and no http svn for this repo, either. oh well
00:17<Chutt>that's for the best.
00:17<Chutt>no need for it to be public.
00:17<xris>but means that I'll be the only one who can run "svn up" on the server
00:17<xris>since it'll be tied to my ssh login
00:18<Chutt>naw, we can add a user
00:18<Chutt>there's already one for the docs
00:19<xris>ah. could just use that one, then.
00:19<xris>I'll use that to make the checkout
00:22<xris>oh, but you don't use svn to check out with that user... I was actually going to do a checkout straight to the web dir
00:23<xris>I'll just write a script to push it out, though.
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06:22<justinh>Anduin: you around? I'm having a dig in the mythvideo source with a view to giving the gallery view a background element like the other screens have, but I'm a bit lost
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08:58<gbee>is it a good or bad idea to make query (MSqlQuery) a member variable? Thought it might be a little faster and better than opening and closing multiple database connections
08:59<stuarta>what about nested queries?
09:00<stuarta>foreach (queryresult) differentquery
09:01<gbee>these are connections in different functions - the only want to reuse the same connection would be to make it a member
09:02<gbee>I just wasn't sure whether there is a reason it shouldn't be done - only because I can't remember seeing it done anyway else
09:02<stuarta>they only place i've used that has 2 different MSQLQuery objects
09:05<gbee>I'll leave it alone for now, it's not a major problem - got better things to do
09:05<stuarta>bit like stopping to look at flowers while being chased by a large bear...
09:11<gbee>something like that, aye ;)
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09:37<Chutt>yeah, "i don't know why those locks are there, and it runs fine on my box without it"
09:37<Chutt>that's great.
09:38<janneg>"you should also remove them on linux"
09:40<Chutt>i like it when my first email reading session of the day includes lots of laughing
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11:41<justinh>saw that earlier gbee - doesn't bode well for the 'free' part of 'freeview' IMHO
11:41<gbee>not sure they'll actually get it off the ground though
11:41<justinh>I hope ofcom kybosh it
11:41<gbee>which wasn't intended as a pun on the article's title ;)
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11:43<gbee>I think it's highly likely ofcom won't like it - but I wouldn't bet on it, these regulators make some odd decisions
11:43<justinh>in other UK broadcasting news though :
11:44<gbee>it would be a shame to replace sky 3 with an encrypted service
11:44<justinh>I especially like the bit about the broadcasters wanting HD so badly they'll even go for it at the expense of trimming cruft from the freeview lineup
11:44<justinh>byebye quiztv et al :))
11:44<gbee>not that it shows anything good 99% of the time
11:45<justinh>those quiz channels can bugger off onto dvb-h instead :)
11:45<justinh>finally - a use for it!
11:45<gbee>their support for HD is odd though, if you consider that HD means increased costs for them but won't bring in more viewers
11:46<justinh>a good number of broadcasters are already producing shows in HD for sale worldwide though
11:47<gbee>I suppose they think that they may lose viewers to cable or satellite if they don't offer HD
11:47<justinh>and it'll help em win ad revenue - more HD viewers on their platform vs $ky
11:47<xris>gbee: you'd be surprised.. in the US, it's been quite a big deal.
11:47<justinh>plus a lot of people now have HD ready TVs, which freeview mostly looks *appalling* on
11:47<gbee>xris: possibly - I just can't imagine anyone watching more TV just because it's HD ;)
11:48<xris>gbee: but watching different tv, yes.
11:48<xris>sat vs cable is competing heavily for the HD marketshare here.. satellite claims to have more hd content, etc.
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11:48<gbee>HD doesn't make the acting any better in soaps, or the plot lines in tired cops shows any more exciting
11:50<justinh>reminds me of an article I read on 'the onion' a while back. HDTV - same old crap but doesn't it look nice? ;) something I find myself agreeing with to a large extent
11:51<justinh>still, if it wasn't for technical improvements we'd all have old tea chests containing spinning metal discs in our lounges
11:52<janneg>HD doen't look much better than DVB at high bitrates (but much lower than HD content)
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11:53<justinh>janneg: I've noticed that on some test streams I've seen.. like er.. what's the big fuss all about then?
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11:53<justinh>but I think once you go beyond a 32" screen, our DVB-T starts looking very macroblocky
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11:58<janneg>yeah, but I doubt that one would notice difference between HD and 7-8mbit/s MPEG2 PAL at the normal viewing distance
11:59<justinh>depends on what's doing the source encoding no doubt. what I've seen of Sky HD in the UK hasn't wowed me at all, especially compared to the 'proper' HD demos from standalone playout devices
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12:54<gbee>met my typo quota for the year
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13:23<stuarta>that "current_picture not initalized" can also cause commflagging to get stuck looking for a logo
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14:12<gnome42>janneg: I found one more spot where ff_find_start_code() could be used.
14:12<gnome42>janneg: attached patch to #2984
14:18<stuarta>i need to up the width of programid & seriesid to accomodate the new UK CRID based id's
14:18<stuarta>longest so far seen would be 28chars.
14:18<stuarta>shall i just make it 32 chars and hope nobody makes a longer one?
14:19<stuarta>or give it a bit more room?
14:19<stuarta>btw. CRIDs are of the form or
14:20<janneg>gnome42: there's another one in dvbrecorder: CreateVideoFrame
14:20<gbee>give them a little more room, 4 chars isn't much
14:21<stuarta>my thoughts exactly. how about 48chars?
14:22<gnome42>janneg: oh, ok. I'll attempt it next. :)
14:23<janneg>no, I'll handle it
14:23<gnome42>janneg: oh, ok
14:26<gbee>stuarta: sounds fine, just curious as to how your choosing the figures - they would seem to be multiples of 16? ;)
14:26<stuarta>or 8
14:28<gbee>or 4 or 2
14:28[~]stuarta can't decide if 48 is too big
14:29<stuarta>hmmm, think i'll settle on 40 for programid & seriesid, and 32 for default_authority (new)
14:30<gbee>42 would be 50% again - might as well rounf that to 40
14:30<stuarta>40 & 32 it is...
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15:04<MrGandalf>Can someone tell me the latest supported ivtv version?
15:04<MrGandalf>do you how far back that's supported?
15:05<MrGandalf>like, would it work with 12431?
15:05<MrGandalf>getting "failed init" from Myth with 0.8.2
15:06<janneg>I would think so
15:07<MrGandalf>hmm, found a patch against avformatdecoder for 0.8.0
15:08<janneg>MrGandalf: paste the full log messages
15:09<janneg>gnome42: I just found another one in mpegrecoder
15:10<janneg>I don't see how the avformatdecoder should be related to ivtv support
15:10<MrGandalf>it's against that and mpegrecorder.. doesn't help any
15:11<janneg>is that with -v record? and it's off topic for this channel
15:12<MrGandalf>off topic how?
15:13<janneg>it's not development related
15:16<MrGandalf>well, I'm sure it's setup differences with v4l2.. when I get home I'll pull up mythtv-setup and see what's what.
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15:18<Hellaenergy>What is a good command line dvd burning utiliity on linux?
15:20<gbee>Hellaenergy: wrong channel you want #mythtv-users, or even #linux should it exist
15:20<Hellaenergy>oh sorry bout that
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15:21<Hellaenergy>Have you ever thought about re-naming this channel mythtv-devel and giving mythtv-users this one?
15:21<Hellaenergy>something to think about then ;)
15:21<Hellaenergy>have a nice day
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15:21<stuarta>been thought about and rejected
15:21<stuarta>oh well. back to testing....
15:22<gbee>well thought about for two seconds
15:22<stuarta>going to get the series link stuff sorted out tonight. this is my mission
15:23<gbee>well good luck - my misson to get the scanning code sorted in a week backfired - more speed less haste etc ;)
15:24<stuarta>what's record_tmp used for???
15:27<gbee>mentioned once, in scheduledrecording.cpp
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15:29<gbee>hmm, from context looks like it's used to create a temporary copy of the record table and is somehow used in the 'preview schedule changes' stuff
15:29<stuarta>mine seems to contain bits of my schedule rules.
15:29<stuarta>so that all figures.
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15:31<gbee>no idea why it doesn't just use CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE instead
15:31<stuarta>no idea either.
15:31<stuarta>and since it contains the columns i'm updating, i'm putting it there as well
15:32<gbee>ahh, it's not supposed to be deleted with the connection
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16:01<Chutt>so how low on the priority list is a patch that doesn't actually do anything?
16:03<xris>does it clean up the code?
16:03<Chutt>not really.
16:05<janneg>depends, I've just added extern "C" to all libav* includes
16:05<Chutt>just in case? :p
16:06<janneg>I'm pretty sure they will remove them soon from their headers
16:15<gbee>PlaylistLoadingThread::run - any idea why such a long sleep is needed there?
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16:19<stuarta>gbee: you are having a bad week aren't you....
16:19<gbee>I've had better
16:22<stuarta>right, i think that's good to go. dbupdate works as expected...
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16:22<stuarta>Chutt: fyi, seriesid & programid -> varchar(40) with this update
16:23<stuarta>to accomodate CRID programid's
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16:41<stuarta>that's enough achievement for one evening. time to watch some tv
16:45<gnome42>janneg: Oh yeah, I see that one in mpegrecorder. I guess you'll take care of that one too?
16:45<stuarta>dammit... this preview thread keeps locking my frontend out for about 40seconds
16:46<janneg>gnome42: yeah
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16:49<gnome42>janneg: Okie dokie
16:57<gbee>stuarta: have you removed the current picture stuff?
16:57<MrGandalf>damn, IVTV: "S-Video 0" == "S-Video 1"
16:57<stuarta>which is probably 9/10ths of the problem...
16:58<gbee>will probably fix it :)
16:58[~]MrGandalf smacks himself.. updated capturecard but not cardinput.
16:58<stuarta>but i do have a few recordings with a bogus audio track...
16:58<stuarta>post ffmpeg resync...
16:59<gbee>I had one where the transcoder removed all the audio tracks
16:59<stuarta>how unpleasant
17:00<gbee>it was recorded/transcoded after the ffmpeg resync - never had that happen before the resync
17:00<stuarta>i'm trying to add support for the language descriptor
17:00<stuarta>so we can be told which stream is the AD stream and which is the normal one...
17:00<MrGandalf>I noticed that h264 feeds are failing to record after the ffmpeg resync..
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17:02<gbee>this wasn't the usual problem where the AD and normal tracks were reversed - it just deleted the lot, so I had to lip read the second half of Top Gear
17:02<stuarta>never heard of that one before...
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17:14<janneg>MrGandalf: I can record them
17:17<MrGandalf>9/10 times I get a 0 byte file and the frontend times out on the ringbuffer..
17:18<MrGandalf>some off message like something not being ready.. don't remember the error..
17:18<janneg>MrGandalf: live-tv?
17:19<MrGandalf>yes, haven't tried just recording.. but the error is on the backend and the file size is 0 so I'm assuming the backend is throwing away the packets
17:21<janneg>works here, except that my frontend isn't fast enough to play it without frame drops
17:22<MrGandalf>try coreavc..
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17:26<stuarta>we are back to having recordings with a bogus mp3 audio stream in them.
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17:37<gbee>any ideas why creating a new MythThemedMenu object would be taking 3-4 seconds?
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18:07<janneg>MrGandalf: would coreavc work in a pure 64bit system? I doubt that very much
18:08<MrGandalf>janneg: Um, don't think so.. however, it is threaded
18:08<MrGandalf>64bit doesn't buy much anyway
18:14<janneg>more registers help were ffmpeg has custom asm and I won't change my system
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18:15<janneg>I'll start parallezing ffmpeg's h264 before I use a multilib or 32bit system
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18:56<Chutt>actually, that locking is a little wrong
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