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02:00<martin_>Guten Morgen ...
02:00<martin_>Mein Mythtv läuft schon fast so wie es soll ...
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02:01<martin_>hab nur noch ein Problem, wenn ich neu starte mekert mythwelcome, dass mein mythbackendserver nicht gefunden wird
02:01<xris>martin_: #mythtv-de or #mythtv-users
02:01<xris>wif sprechen kein Deutsch hier.
02:03<briand>Dieses ist die falsche Führung für Unterstützung. Versuch #mythtv-users
02:04<xris>briand: you have me beat on that one. My german was never very good.
02:04<briand>xris: nor mine. French or Russian, sure... German, not so much.
02:04<briand>xris: ;)
02:06<briand>I said (or babelfish tells me I said): This is the wrong channel for support. Try #mythtv-users
02:06<xris>briand: ahh.. cheater. :)
02:07<briand>it's not cheating to use the internet for support while providing support on the internet, is it? ;)
02:07<briand>i think i found another (minor) problem with the mythmusic db code...
02:09<briand>i kept updating the tags/database metadata for one mp3 file that originally had no tag data.. so it showed up with artist='video' and album='music' (cuz it's stored in /video/music) and title="Billy Joel Its Still Rock And Roll To Me"
02:09<briand>every time I fixed it, it wouldn't change...
02:09<briand>so, finally, I stopped trying to correct the title to "It's" instead of "Its"
02:10<briand>apparently, with the single quote in there, the whole db update gets quietly trashcanned.
02:40<xris>should submit a bug, or at least ping gbee
02:43<gbee>Submit a bug - that's a long standing bug
02:44<gbee>fwiw you can change how metadata for files without id3 tags is created under the mythmusic settings
02:47<xris>he went to sleep
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02:49<xris>gbee: you're up early on a sunday
02:50<hads>Damn, Sunday dissapeared.
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03:52<gbee>hmm, wonder why 'anon' felt it necessary to tell me that the music_directories table needs to be included in the 'cleanup'
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08:45<doc__>i've mythfront with remote nfs boot, but i get a lot of prebuffering pause when watching recordings
08:45<doc__>any suggestion ? :/
08:46<gardengnome>doc__: try nfs-mounting your recordings. and use the correct channel: #mythtv-users
08:46<doc__>ops, sorry
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09:57<briand>gbee: okay, i'll write it up and send it thru trac -- looks like paul just fixed fetching that char out of the database. :)
09:58<briand>gbee: and, yeah, I know about metadata settings in setup -- I *thought* all of these mp3 files had id3 tags in them, but apparently 30 or 40 (of 15,000) did not. :shrug:
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10:22<gbee>that metadata setting isn't a lot of use imho - I plan on improving it, but it's still only going to apply to music collections which have been carefully sorted
10:23<gbee>good afternoon stuarta
10:23<stuarta>how's the weekend been?
10:25<gbee>busy for me (had some family visiting), but very quiet in here
10:26<stuarta>been driving a van and moving wardrobes with the GF
10:26<stuarta>so now having a well deserved beer and watching rugby
10:29<gbee>beer sounds good, might watch the rugby if there is nothing else on
10:29<stuarta>better get to it, only 15mins left
10:29<gbee>was just going to say, probably over by now ;)
10:30<stuarta>ireland v france
10:30<gbee>yeah, not that exciting imho
10:30[~]stuarta raises an eyebrow
10:31<stuarta>14-13 is a good game :-P
10:31<doc__>mmm... is a k7 700 enough to play SD video ?
10:32<gbee>well I never really did understand why they expanded it to include France and Italy
10:33<stuarta>improve the rest of the world, so the world cup isn't only with 3 teams.
10:33<gbee>it was more intresting for me when you've got Wales, England and Scotland playing each other - maybe the odd Ireland game
10:34<gbee>doc__: should be enough for playback
10:34<doc__>ops... wrong channel
10:34<stuarta>i'd say it was a -users question but we are hardly on topic :)
10:34<doc__>sorry again :/
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10:34<stuarta>no worries...
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12:00<stuarta>gbee: rumour has it that there's issues with the RT grabber under mfdb
12:01<gbee>what sort of rumours? I'm using the grabber myself without any issues
12:02<gbee>or no issues which I'm aware of
12:02<stuarta>me either.... just came up in -users
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20:15<j-rod>okay, anyone know of any compelling reason NOT to commit a back-port of fixes for QAM tuning w/the HDHomeRun?
20:15<j-rod>fairly trivial back-port, and its working rather nicely with my brand new, previously non-working-with-0.20 hdhr
20:25<j-rod>Chutt: any objections to the above?
21:19<xris>could cut a 0.20.1 release...
21:19<xris>lots of fixes in .20-fixes, and .21 nowhere on the horizon.
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21:35<j-rod>I'm game
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