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08:59[~]j-rod pokes Chutt
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13:08[~]j-rod wonders if deafening silence means he just should just commit the hdhr patch to -fixes and be prepared to pick up the pieces if shit breaks (shouldn't, works great locally)...
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13:27<gbee>just one of those periods when everyone has something else to do so it goes very quiet
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13:55<j-rod>screw it, I've got multiple people who say this fix works for them now, and no negative feedback, so I'll throw it in
13:56<j-rod>oddly enough, I for once DON'T have something else to do... :)
13:58<j-rod>(well, I do, but nothing all that pressing for a bit)
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14:33[~]j-rod just needs to remember how the hell to commit stuff now...
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14:34<o_cee>did that message go through?
14:34<o_cee>Channel(/dev/video0): SetInputAndFormat() failed <-- anyone know what could be causing that?
14:35<o_cee>(irc client was acting strange..)
14:36<o_cee>0.20-fixes doesn't work with ivtv 0.7.3?
14:38[~]j-rod dusts the cobwebs off his brain and properly checks out via svn+ssh...
14:39[~]stuarta offers j-rod a broom
14:39[~]j-rod thanks stuarta, takes broom
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14:59<xris>no smile today?
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15:01[~]j-rod commits hdhr patch back-port to 0-20-fixes
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15:31<MoRpHeUz>how do I debug QT3 strings inside gdb ?
15:54<Anduin>MoRpHeUz: If you google you will find a few ways
15:55<MoRpHeUz>Anduin: I found how to debug qt4..and the same procedure is not working...
15:55<MoRpHeUz>and QTString.ascii() is always returning a null string..
15:57<Anduin>MoRpHeUz: here is one way:
15:57<MoRpHeUz>Anduin: that's exactly what I'm doing and it's not working hehe =)
15:58<MoRpHeUz>let me compare both functions...
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16:03<MoRpHeUz>Anduin: for some reason, the one that I had a look didnt access the "unicode" parameter...
16:03<MoRpHeUz>actually it tried to access besides d.unicode...
16:03<MoRpHeUz>thanks for the help
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17:38<xris>Snow-Man: found out how to enable/disable eaccelerator per-vhost.. but it doesn't matter since I've rewritten it in perl
17:41<xris>fyi for anyone who cares:
17:42<xris>will eventually be able to search on xmltvid, and atsc/dvb frequency id stuff, too.
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17:53<xris>briand: even better is that there will be a search function so either via a script (which I'm using at the moment) or directly in mythtv-setup, users will be able to search for and assign icons to missing channels, which will submit to its eventual home at
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18:01<briand>now *that* _will_ be cool. :)
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18:16<xris>that's my hope
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20:08<j-rod>xris: sweetness!
20:09<j-rod>wlvi still spits a WB logo instead of CW, but everything else here looks good at a glance
20:09<j-rod>(and that ain't your fault)
20:09<xris>yeah. just needs to be updated in the db.
20:09<xris>I'll provide a way to override/submit new logos,e tc.
20:09<j-rod>so... got my hdhomerun into my prod setup... but my master backend can't connect to it for some reason...
20:10<j-rod>tried a channel scan, and it can't find the thing, hook to a slave backend, no problems
20:10<j-rod>not a firewall issue, but could be related to multiple interfaces
20:10<j-rod>hdhomerun_config discover finds it just fine though
20:11<j-rod>xris: so where is the interface to that? mythweb? mythtvsetup?
20:11<xris>nowhere yet
20:11<j-rod>sorry, meant to say that going to be?
20:11<xris>the files are checked into a different svn repo (for web stuff).
20:12<xris>I'll put a script in contrib for testing, and would eventually like to get it into the channel editor in mythtv-setup.
20:13<xris>I need to finish the "import missing" stuff into the web app before I can commit something to contrib.
20:13<xris>and make an admin section to approve submissions.
20:16<CDev>Chutt: When you have a few minutes, I need advice on how to add a screen to MythFrontend before MythContext gets created to allow choosing of the backend.
20:19<xris>CDev: how's that work for localhost stuff?
20:20<CDev>xris: localhost?
20:23<xris>CDev: dunno. kormoc just asked if it'd check to use the lo interface instead of the network IP, for localhost connections.
20:25<CDev>First I've heard of it. I don't have any special code for localhost.
20:26<xris>might be smart to try to connect first via localhost, before transmitting over upnp..
20:26<xris>something about the network stack being slightly more optimized if you try for vs the machine's external IP
20:28<xris>anyway, I'm outta here. later.
20:28<CDev>The code I'm implementing is to expose all pieces of Myth (Master / Slave Servers and all Frontends) to be seen by the entire network.
20:28<CDev>talk later, have a good night.
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22:11<Captain_Murdoch>hmm, is it better to fix the source:q
22:11<Captain_Murdoch>:q doesn't work in xchat... :)
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