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02:11<xris>anyone know off-hand if the apache license and the GPL are compatible?
02:11<xris>damn, nope
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12:46<Cyberai>Does anyone have any experience with the appearance setting for running the gui and video in different resolutions? I'm trying to use it and it's causing myth to be slow and crash.
12:46<Cyberai>I realize this isn't th support channel, but no one in the support channel seems to know squat about htis
12:46<Cyberai>I'm wondering if it's a bug
12:47<xris>there are instructions in trac for how to create a backtrace.
12:47<xris>If you feel it's a bug, feel free to get a backtrace and submit a new bug report.
12:51<Cyberai>Well, I'm using MythDora on Fedora Core 5. The hardware is a P4 2.6 Ghz, with 1 G Ram and a via mobo with 533 mhz fs bus. The video card is an nVidia 6200. Is there any chance that my hardware just isn't beefy enough?
12:52<xris>that's not a question for this channel.
12:55<Cyberai>sigh, I realize that. I've tried in mythtv-users. No one in there seems to know jack about this feature. Is there someone you can recommend I email or msg in the mythtv forums concerning this particular feature?
12:56<GreyFoxx>mythtv-users list would seem most appropriate and likely to hit the largest number of users using xrandr support
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12:56<GreyFoxx>the mythtv-users mailing list that is
12:59<Cyberai>thank you GreyFoxx
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13:50<j-rod>so... it appears nobody is building mythmusic with flac support, using flac 1.1.3 or 1.1.4...
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13:51<stuarta>certainly not me
13:51<j-rod>since <FLAC/file_encoder.h> doesn't exist anymore in 1.1.3+
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13:52[~]j-rod loves rawhide...
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13:54[~]j-rod investigates to figure out what to do about it
13:56<j-rod>ah, nice, the flac folks have a porting guide for 1.1.3+
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14:07<stuarta>j-rod: didn't someone post a patch for that recently
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14:19<j-rod>stuarta: hrm, quite possibly...
14:19<j-rod>guess I should check the archives rather than trying to reinvent the wheel (though I think I'm halfway there)
14:20<stuarta>ticket 2957
14:22<j-rod>stuarta: yeah, just found it
14:22<j-rod>my start is better
14:23<j-rod>that looks like it'll fuck anyone w/flac 1.1.2 or earlier
14:23<stuarta>that was my thought too...
14:23<j-rod>same basic approach for the 1.1.3+ parts tho
14:24<j-rod>need to ifdef on the flac api version
14:24<stuarta>yeah, just need to preserve backward compatibility
14:27<j-rod>I'll see what I can do with what I've got so far and that guy's patch
14:28<stuarta>you may as well take the ticket
14:29<j-rod>will do
14:32<j-rod>hm... I have an ssh login, but apparently, no trac login...
14:33<stuarta>want me to reassign it for you then?
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14:44<j-rod>stuarta: sure
14:44<stuarta>to jarod?
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14:46[~]stuarta notices the comment on the ticket :)
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14:48<j-rod>yep, that'll do
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15:19<stuarta>i'm going to have my own personal Bug Squashing Party this weekend
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15:21[~]Captain_Murdoch can hear it now, "stuarta, the man who singlehandedly made it possible for 0.21 to come out in Q1 2007"
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15:21<stuarta>no hope in hell
15:21<stuarta>i'm just trying to beat my way through my own tickets that i've had outstanding for a while
15:22<stuarta>then if i run out of my own tickets ..... :)
15:22<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, for some reason I actually moved some into my queue a week or two ago, just need to find time to look at them.
15:23<janneg>Captain_Murdoch: you took the system status ticket just before I could look at it
15:24<stuarta>janneg: looks like 12800 broke for some people...
15:25<stuarta>see mailing list...
15:25<Captain_Murdoch>janneg: if you want it, you can take it. I took it because I've messed in there recently adding things like the JobQueue stuff and Storage Groups info.
15:26<janneg>argh, accidently commited testing stuff
15:26<stuarta>doh! didn't you backport that as well?
15:28<janneg>the backport is correct it was a manual backport.
15:28<janneg>it should only be a one line change
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16:27<MoRpHeUz>how much time does it usually take for JobQueue::RunQueueProcesser actually run the jobs ? I'm inserting jobs in the database using JobQueue::QueueJob but it look likes they never get processed...
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16:34<janneg>MoRpHeUz: the default job queue check period is 60s
16:35<MoRpHeUz>janneg: hhmm...and all we have to do is put the job we want in the queue right ? or we have to deal with some other table on the database as well ?
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16:37<janneg>is the backend running with -v jobqueue?
16:39<MoRpHeUz>it's running with -d
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17:05<janneg>j-rod: Manu Abraham has saa7162 specs and the "linux driver" which is only some sort of wrapper
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17:21<Captain_Murdoch>MoRpHeUz: you have to make sure that your backend can run those types of jobs by configuring that in mythtv-setup.
17:21<Captain_Murdoch>you should run the backend with "-v jobqueue" and it will tell you why it doesn't or does pick up a job.
17:21[~]Captain_Murdoch is headed home for the day.
17:21[~]Sembiance is soon to follow.
17:22<MoRpHeUz>Captain_Murdoch: well, I'm trying to put something to transcode there...
17:22<MoRpHeUz>always getting this with -v jobqueue: "GetJobsInQueue: findJobs search bitmask 4, found 0 total jobs"
17:22<MoRpHeUz>even with that job in the table
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17:28<MoRpHeUz>hhmm..think I found the problem
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18:44<clever`>with the frontend is selecting from the recorded mysql table to find out what the nuv file is called why is it using the local timezone?
18:44<clever`>which part of the code controls the thme its selecting for?
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18:57<j-rod>janneg: wrapper around a binary blob?
18:57<janneg>I suppose
18:58<janneg>it's called mUncle
18:59<janneg>< |MA|> the linux driver needs to be done ..mUncle is just a wrapper from Philips, like a platform device
18:59<janneg>< |MA|> not an actual linux driver
18:59<janneg>< |MA|> well, anyway OSS devels are not supposed to look at mUncle
18:59<j-rod>thanks, philips
19:00<j-rod>in that case, I guess I don't wanna see it
19:00<janneg>at least he has specs
19:00<j-rod>specs I'd take tho
19:01<GreyFoxx>What kind of hardware is it for ?
19:01<janneg>saa7162 PCI express brigde
19:03<GreyFoxx>ahhh nice
19:04<GreyFoxx>I was looking at one of those pcie -> pci expansion chassis setups. It would be neat to see just how many incoming recordings one could tweak out of asingle system:)
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19:05<janneg>GreyFoxx: do you have a link?
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19:05<GreyFoxx>hold on IU'll check. I have a url history file from every channel I'm in so it's in there somewhere
19:05<janneg>6 concurrent DVB recordings are no problem
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19:08<GreyFoxx>stuff that with pvr500's or dvb cards
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19:08<janneg>cool, thanks
19:09<GreyFoxx>that, plus storage groups or whatever else to spread the disk io around
19:09<GreyFoxx>and plenty of ram
19:09<GreyFoxx>could be interesting :)
19:10<xris>GreyFoxx: how do you get a pvr-500 into a pcie slot?
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19:11<GreyFoxx>the pcie connects you to the chassis with 13 pci slots
19:11<janneg>yeah, a little bit expensive though
19:11<GreyFoxx>it's basically a bridge
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19:11<xris>oh, I had that backwards.
19:11<janneg>it would be easier and cheaper to use multiple backends
19:13<janneg>and 13 (dual) tuner cards are too much for one pci bus
19:14<GreyFoxx>sure, but how much can you push over pcie, since that's what the data will be passing over
19:14<GreyFoxx>Personally I'm still trying to think of a real world use for 13 pci cards in a "single" system
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19:17<janneg>maybe a big pbx
19:19<briand>how about 5 dual tuners, 5 video cards, and 3 assorted I/O cards? ;) ..then you can feed all your HDTVs from one master FE/BE
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19:24<briand>of course, I'm still trying to find an optimal use for a 'spare' mb that was given to me -- dual 650MHz Celerons, with 4 independant IDE channels, 2 16-bit ISA slots, 5 PCI slots, and one 4x/8x AGP port.
19:25[~]j-rod wraps up hacktastic flac113 mythmusic patch and tries building...
19:39<clever`>with the frontend is selecting from the recorded mysql table to find out what the nuv file is called why is it using the local timezone?
19:39<clever`>which part of the code controls the thme its selecting for?
19:43<clever`>im trying to figure out why it depends on the frontend timezone
19:44<clever`>because if its getting the line from the mysql to begin with when getting the list of shows why is it converting to the local time then trying to fetch from mysql again with the wrong time
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20:25<clever`>with line 1486 of programinfo.cpp ' query.bindValue(":STARTTIME", recstartts);' is that a string its using(recstartts)?
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20:38<GreyFoxx>It's a QDateTime containing the starttime of the show it's pulling the basename for
20:39<clever`>yeah i traced that
20:39<clever`>trying to find out how its set now
20:40<clever`>the value comming out of it is shifted by 2 hours between the querys
20:40<clever`> SELECT recordid, type, maxepisodes, next_record, last_record, last_delete FROM record;
20:40<clever`> SELECT recordid, type, maxepisodes, next_record, last_record, last_delete FROM record;
20:40<clever`>oops double paste
20:40<clever`> SELECT basename FROM recorded WHERE chanid = '1045' AND starttime = '2007-02-15T14:25:18';
20:41<clever`>SELECT basename FROM recorded WHERE chanid = '1045' AND starttime = '2007-02-15T16:25:18';
20:41<clever`>used mythfrontend -v database and all i did was change the timezone between the 2 runs
20:41<Captain_Murdoch>because the date conversion from local to GMT is occurring locally, not on the SQL server. the DB stores in GMT I think and the local system converts when loading/saving.
20:42<clever`>but if my clock and zone are set properly
20:43<clever`>going to/from gmt should work fine
20:43|-|PacketScan [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
20:43<clever`>enless its buggy and needs fixing
20:43|-|PacketScan [] has joined #mythtv
20:43<Captain_Murdoch>some info comes from the backend though and some comes from the frontend hitting the DB directly. so wherever the SQL actually occurred is where the time conversion took place.
20:44<clever`>my frontend was gmt-4 and the backend gmt-6
20:44<Captain_Murdoch>all machines need to be in the tame TZ for it to be supported.
20:44<clever`>yeah being in the same TZ does 'fix' it
20:44<clever`>was just looking for a diff fix which would be more transparent
20:45<Captain_Murdoch>TZ=blah mythfrontend
20:45<clever`>i had checked echo $TZ to copy it from the backend but it was blank
20:45<clever`>then the helpers in #mythtv-users suddently went silent leaving me on my own
20:46<clever`>what would i set it to though?:P
20:46<clever`>gmt-6 i know will be invalid
20:47<Captain_Murdoch>if that is what the backend is then that is what the frontend should be. try "date +%z" on the backend to see what it is set to.
20:48<clever`>ahhh so TZ=-0600 would be valid?
20:48<clever`>i know which zone it is just not the format for TZ
20:48<Captain_Murdoch>-5 is CST
20:48<Captain_Murdoch>sorry -6 is CST, -5 is EST. typoed that :)
20:49<clever`>backend is set for -6 and frontend is -4 right now
20:49<clever`>would be usefull if the backend was changed instead so its clock matches everything else
20:49[~]clever` plays with TZ
20:49<Captain_Murdoch>CST isn't the valid string through, forget what it is.
20:49<clever`>what would be the proper way to shutdown the backend other then ctrl+c?
20:50<Captain_Murdoch>-users question (as is the TZ question which I never should have replied to in here). :)
20:50<clever`>without causing it to loose any posibly unsaved settings
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20:50<GreyFoxx>clever`: that is the proper way, send a TERM signal to it
20:50<clever`>but if we(devs) mod the code to allways use gmt when sending over the network it wont matter what zone the other end is in
20:50<GreyFoxx>-9 is the one to worry about
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20:53<clever`>front and backend are TZ=-0400 and they work fine
20:54<clever`>guide claims its 2:53 am
20:54<clever`>off by 4 hours
20:54<Captain_Murdoch>clever`: we convert to unixtime when sending over the network using QDateTime::toTime_t(). It is the fact that your SQL server doesn't know what timezone you are in that is the problem I think.
20:54<Captain_Murdoch>could be the conversion takes place on the SQL server end, I can't remember
20:54<clever`>the sql and backend are the same box
20:54<Captain_Murdoch>so SQL server thinks you're -6 when your frontend is -4 so SQL gives you dates 2 hours off.
20:54<clever`>could be
20:55<clever`>i'll play with TZ a bit more to get the time in the guide to show up right
20:55<Captain_Murdoch>this issue has been brought up many times before and the answer is we don't support running them in different time zones. easiest fix is the "TZ=CST6 mythfrontend" wrapper script.
20:56<Captain_Murdoch>times will show up as the backend times if you do that because that's what's important since the backend doesn't care what time you're seeing, it cares what times the shows come on local to the backend's timezone.
20:56<clever`>seems date is also affected by TZ that should help speed up fixing
20:56<Captain_Murdoch>everything is because the conversion routines are in libc
20:57<Captain_Murdoch>and any sensible OS
20:57<clever`>:S 'date' is returning 2 diff times on the same box
20:57<clever`>after unsetting TZ
20:58<clever`>should have undone it:S
20:59<clever`>and having my ethernet cable come loose for 3 seconds kills everything for a min:P
20:59<Captain_Murdoch>definitely a -users issue. :)
20:59[~]Captain_Murdoch is afk for a while again
21:00<clever`>not even a mythtv problem now:P
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21:02<mhuetsch>just perusing mythcommflag... you guys don't use bayes nets anywhere, eh? what kind of accuracy do you get on your flagging?
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22:11<xris>hmm, SoC 2007 is "on" apparently
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23:11<j-rod>yay, so I've got mythmusic building against flac 1.1.4... now to test against 1.1.2...
23:11<Chutt>breaking api on a micro version change seems odd to me.
23:13<j-rod>and they didn't just break it a tiny bit
23:13<j-rod>yeah, woulda made more sense to bump from 1.1.2 to at *least* 1.2.0
23:14<j-rod>its a bloody ugly patch at the moment
23:14[~]j-rod is finally trying to remember some more C/C++...
23:15<j-rod>I've got these massive, fugly #ifdef/#define stanzas in the header files atm to obfuscate the fact that nearly every call is named something else now
23:17<Chutt>might be worthwhile to look into the flac stuff in libavcodec
23:17<Chutt>i dunno if there's an encoder, though
23:18<Chutt>or the file format parser
23:18<j-rod>i.e., dump libflac altogether?
23:18<Chutt>i'd get it working with the ugly defines, though, first =)
23:19<j-rod>it compiles with 1.1.4 now, at least...
23:19<j-rod>wow, holy shit, 4083 bugs fixed...
23:19<j-rod>we have a gm tree...
23:20<j-rod>here's the ugly patch right now:
23:21<Chutt>that's not too bad
23:21|-|CDev_ changed nick to CDev
23:21<Chutt>the header defines clean it up quite a bit
23:23<j-rod>yeah, the cpp winds up being fairly neat
23:23<j-rod>just a massive fugly block in the header
23:26<CDev>Chutt: Have a minute?
23:30<j-rod>CDev: you're nearby...
23:30<CDev>western mass.
23:31<j-rod>ah, not that nearby
23:31<CDev>close enough... (boston right?)
23:31<j-rod>relatively speaking, of course, since I can drive through like 10 states in an afternoon out here... :)
23:31<j-rod>on hwy 3, just south of the NH border
23:31<j-rod>(~25-30 miles north of Boston proper)
23:31<CDev>ah. I have family in cambridge.
23:32<j-rod>lots of friends and coworkers who live in cambridge and arlington
23:34<j-rod>too busy, too far a drive to the office, not enough house and/or yard for the money for me down there
23:35<CDev>One of the reasons I stay 90 miles west. more house for the money.
23:49<Captain_Murdoch>Chutt, you still around?
---Logclosed Fri Feb 16 00:00:24 2007