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00:56<ssstormy>hello, I've been attempting to help out my master backend by starting up a slave mythbackend on my desktop (which, needless to say, has far more horsepower)
00:56<ssstormy>and that seems to work fine
00:56<ssstormy>but I have two questions
00:57<Captain_Murdoch>first answer is /join #mythtv-users
00:57<briand>i only have one.
00:57<ssstormy>Captain_Murdoch, oops crud
00:57<ssstormy>Captain_Murdoch, I forgot about that :P
00:57<briand>why aren't you asking this in mythtv-users? ;)
00:57<ssstormy>cause I forgot that mythtv irc had that kind of setup
00:57<ssstormy>sorry guys
00:57<Captain_Murdoch>too much Jeopardy, I gave him the answer first. :)
00:58<briand>yep. :)
00:58<briand>ah well.. 8 hrs of typing at work, another 5 at home.. i think it's time for bed, anyway. :) have a good evening
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06:31[~]stuarta starts his bug squashing party
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07:30<gbee>stuarta: good luck
07:30<stuarta>heh yeah.. no got very far yet.
07:30<stuarta>only svn up'd and rebuilt
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07:32<gbee>would have liked to spend some time on mythtv this weekend, but don't think I'll have enough time
07:33<stuarta>i've got this afternoon, and all tomorrow.
07:37<gbee>crap, just run out of space on my root partition
07:40<briand>gbee: i'd be happy to take a look at fixing the rest of 3085.... did that evaluateDateValue function ever work, or was it more or less a placeholder?
07:41<stuarta>i've been wondering if we should comment out that bit of code that causes the current_picture not initialzed error
07:42<gbee>stuarta: I've been running two backends and three frontends with that code commented out for a week or two - works well
07:43<stuarta>same here.
07:43<gbee>briand: I've not really looked closely at 3085, I didn't write the original code so I've no idea how or if it was ever supposed to work
07:44<briand>okay, fair enough. it's freezing here today, and not expected to get a whole lot warmer -- i may use that excuse to sit here and play on the computer... i'll poke around and see if I can't flesh out a patch to fix that, then...
07:44<gbee>when I say I've not looked closely, I mean I've not even looked at the code only what's been written in the ticket
07:45<gbee>if you can fix the issue then it saves me the time :)
07:46<briand>ah. well, when i first wrote it up, i could see the column name was incorrect, and figured "that's it!" ... turns out, even after fixing that issue, the function doesn't work with any of the date stuff (thus the addendum i added to the ticket)
07:46<briand>i'll certainly give it a try. i can't do worse than what's currently in there, right? ;)
07:48<gbee>the mythmusic code can only be improved ;)
07:48<briand>heheh. true
07:48<gbee>or I'd at least like to meet the person who can make it worse
07:49<briand>i had some "programmers", fresh out of college, on a project team at work once... I'll bet *they* could do that. ;)
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07:51<gbee>in fairness to the various contributors to mythmusic, it's because there hasn't been a proper maintainer so all sorts of patches have been committed over the years without any real regard to the overall code
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07:53<stuarta>if i run out of core stuff to fix, i'd probably put a hand up for maintaining it...
07:55<briand>my thought was that a) i've done plenty of programming before, so I just need to get comfortable with the myth stuff, and b) my music collection should fuel me to get it working properly... so, why not? :)
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07:56<gbee>I didn't originally have any intention to work on mythmusicI was motivated to fix some small issues
07:57<gbee>looking at the small issues I couldn't really ignore the larger issues
07:58<stuarta>a large broom comes to mind.
07:58<gbee>I just don't think I've got the time to do the full refactor/rewrite - at least not in one go, it would be one of those jobs I might start but never finish
07:59<briand>heheh... and maybe some screening around the perimeter, to keep other bugs from creeping in...
08:00<gbee>so if I continue working on it, then I'll probably aim to pick a particular area and concentrate on that
08:02<briand>alrighty, then... let me finish up my svn update, and i'll see what kind of trouble I can cause in there today...
08:03<briand>that particular one (3085) is a bit dear to me -- i've currently got ~ 15K mp3 files in my mythmusic directory... and that's maybe 10% of the total collection...
08:04<gbee>well, solved my space problems for now, but I guess 6Gb wasn't going to be enough forever
08:04<briand>i want... no, NEED to have that function working so I can easily create a 'smart playlist' for stuff that was just/recently imported -- so i can easily get the 'new' stuff in a list to fix up tags, categories, etc.
08:04<stuarta>my / is only 560Mb used out of ~1G
08:05<briand>i'm using 29% of my 17G / partition. :)
08:05<gbee>briand: I've got lots of ideas for improving mythmusic and I'm certainly motivated to make them happen, but I don't want to promise anything when I may not have the time to do it :)
08:05<briand>gbee: understood. I know you have a lot on your plate... heh, most of the devs do
08:07<gbee>this is a small laptop drive (60Gb), so I couldn't be that generous
08:08<stuarta>what's a good tool for playing streamed mp3 under linux?
08:09<briand>xmms ?
08:09<stuarta>never mind. vlc does the trick
08:09<gbee>I could be more productive with the time I do have (i.e. instead of typing this) - the amount of work other people managed, Daniel for example, makes me feel a little lazy at times
08:09<briand>well, he's a dynamo -- i wouldn't compare anyone to him!
08:10<stuarta>ahh, streaming triplej from back home :) bit of aussie radio :)
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08:17<gbee>my cousins are coming over from Australia this summer, think I'd rather be going over there to see them instead
08:18<stuarta>yeah, even tho at that time it'll be winter over there, it'll probably still be warmer there...
08:19<stuarta>dammit! where are the menus defined for scheduling recordings via the frontend?
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08:38<MrGandalf>janneg: around?
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08:53<stuarta>ahaha! found the little bugger
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09:41<stuarta>what's going on with the post-commit hooks?
09:41<stuarta>it hasn't yet updated the ticket, maybe i'm just being impatient
10:00<gbee>should be instant
10:01<gbee>ahh, it didn't like "ref" running into "#", guess it wants a space
10:01<gbee>looked closer, what you've actually got is "refs#" space "2655"
10:04<gbee>cool, latest mandriva Gimp package has the feature I've most missed - aligning items/layers
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10:26<bzbb>mythamarok would be perhaps the single greatest thing ever
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10:49<gbee>not going to happen, the kde lib dependencies alone rule it out
10:51<gardengnome>gbee: amarok might be controlled over dcop
10:54<gbee>still requires people install kde libs
10:55<gardengnome>shouldn't be a problem if people really wanted amarok. i'm not gonna make it happen, though
10:56<gbee>well people are pushing it as a replacement for mythmusic (mailing list) I'm just saying that's not going to happen
10:56<gardengnome>yeah, that's indeed not a great idea
10:56<gbee>if someone wants to create an unofficial mythamarok plugin, good luck to them
10:57<gbee>imho we should be improving mythmusic and better integrating it with mythtv, not going in the opposite direction
10:57<janneg>MrGandalf: now
10:58<MrGandalf>wondering if you had a chance to check out the dshowloader addition with coreavc
10:58<MrGandalf>should help you with your h264 playback
10:59<janneg>kde4 and amarok2 will switch to dbus but the kde dependency should be ok for a plugin. afaik mythbrowser depends also on it
10:59<MrGandalf>especially since you have dual cores
11:00<janneg>MrGandalf: no, I haven't looked and I'll start parallelizing ffmpeg's decoder before I'll take a look
11:01<MrGandalf>janneg: well, I'm fine with that.. are you really planning work on ffmpeg, or are you just dead against using a commercial codec?
11:02<janneg>I've started to look into it but it will takes much time
11:03<MrGandalf>I can very nearly play back h264 using coreavc on my oc'ed 3200+
11:10<briand>gbee: turns out my (second) comment re: 3085 was incorrect. Today, it seems to be working after the column_name change.
11:11[~]briand shrugs.
11:12<briand>i'll attribute my last update to that ticket to "mid-week insanity", I guess
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11:39<janneg>bah, mpeg2-ts seeking in ffplay is completely broken
11:41<janneg>but reverting 7538 (current_picture not initalized) does nothing good there
11:42<stuarta>although reverting it stops things locking up (including commflagging)
11:42[~]janneg joins stuarta's bug squashing
11:42<stuarta>probably be better to commit a revert for 7538, until we actually get to the bottom of it
11:43<janneg>I'm trying to solve now
11:52<stuarta>thats the end of my bug squashing today. about to head out to dinner for my mates birthday
11:52<stuarta>i shall resume attacking things tomorrow
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12:32<janneg>I think I found the error. where for some mysterious reasons not seeking to a key frame. should be easily fixable
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12:35<janneg>no, I mixed it up
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15:02<gbee>is ylee looking for bugs, or does he just have very bad luck?
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16:19<briand>okay, whew. I got my "1 smartass reply per day" quota out of the way...
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17:03<janneg>argh, I found the issue with #3046. the position map is broken
17:05<janneg>gbee: can you try to run mythtranscode --buildindex with one of the broken recordings and test with unmodified libavcodec
17:07<gbee>janneg: it will have to wait till the morning, all of mine are patched and recording at the moment
17:08<gbee>I was just about to go to bed
17:10<janneg>no problem, shouldn't be necessary then.
17:11<janneg>but I'm not sure how to fix
17:12[~]janneg wonders if he broke the keyframe detection recently or if the problem is older
17:14<janneg>I can't really check since most of my recordings are transcoded
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17:25<janneg>found a untranscoded recording from december. it shows the same error. many broken position maps :(
17:26<janneg>but neither my find start code modifications nor the ffmpeg resync are responseable for the breakage
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18:28<janneg>evening stuarta
18:28<stuarta>evening. how goes things
18:29<janneg>I found the reason for the cureent_picture not initialized error
18:29<janneg>the position map is broken. i.e ffmpeg doesn't like the position to which we seek
18:30<janneg>it's not caused by one of my recent commits
18:30<stuarta>two completely different ways of approaching the same idea???
18:31<janneg>tested two recordings from last year and they have the same error
18:33<janneg>I think we save the sequence or gop header start but ffmpeg wants the gop or picture start
18:33<stuarta>would we break much by changing to their way of doing things?
18:34<janneg>the big but is that it requires a complete rebuild of all untranscoded recordings
18:34<janneg>that might be a possibility
18:35<stuarta>in the long run it's simpler
18:37<janneg>only if they accept such a patch. maintaining differences to ffmpeg is work in the long run
18:37<janneg>but it's simpler than telling everybody to rebuild his seek tables
18:37<stuarta>i meant if we went to their way of doing things
18:37<stuarta>change myth so it works from the same stuff as ffmpeg
18:38<janneg>oh, yes, of course
18:38<janneg>I'm dreaming of svn external for libav*
18:38<stuarta>one day :)
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23:49<monkeyBox>Hi all, sorry for talking in the mythtv channel, but I need experts. I'm not able to watch anything in LiveTV using my PCHDTV tuner. I'm getting a lot of WriteAudio: buffer underrun errors, video studders and audio sounds like broken record. I did some researching and it seems that many others are having the same problem when upgrading to 0.20. Is there a fix for this?
23:52<monkeyBox>My hardware is all Intel: Core2 Duo 1.8Ghz, Intel GMA 950 for video and Intel HD Audio.
23:52<monkeyBox>This happens on all channels. HD or SD.
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