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06:42<gbee> /join #amarok
06:42<gbee> /join #amarok
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06:49<gbee>ok, that's interesting - amarok uses taglib, the tags written by amarok are apparently v2.4 BUT remain readable in the 2.3 applications and hardware devices
06:52<gbee>hmm, bet we're not setting the tag type to utf8
07:04<gbee>ok, I should probably have deleted the id3v1 first ....
07:12<gbee>hmm, we're setting the tag to unicode but not converting the tag data to utf8
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09:07<gbee>any idea why we're using ID3_FIELD_TEXTENCODING_UTF_16 instead of ID3_FIELD_TEXTENCODING_UTF_8 ?
09:08<jams>is it possible for a TriggeredConfigurationGroup to span multiple pages? I'm having trouble fitting everything on one screen.
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10:17<gnome42>sphery: just looking at your CleanupRecordedTables patch ...
10:17<sphery>Cool. Let me know if you have any suggestions.
10:17<gnome42>sphery: make sense to drop the tmp table when its doen?
10:18<sphery>It's automatically dropped when the connection is closed.
10:18[~]sphery assumes when the MSQLQuery goes out of scope the connection will be closed....
10:18<sphery>I guess I should have verified that...
10:19<gnome42>oh really? cool :)
10:20<sphery>Temp tables are only available to the current connection (which is why I reused query a bunch of times when doing say may/may not affect the efficiency of the prepared statement that populates the temp table)
10:20<gnome42> btw: how can I trigger the daily cleanups? (for testing my own patch)
10:20<sphery>update housekeeping set lastrun = '2007-02-18 04:20:05' where tag = 'DailyCleanup';
10:20<gnome42>i moved the lastrun timestamp back a few days ... shouldn't that work?
10:21<sphery>then start mythbackend
10:21<sphery>It's run on startup
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10:21<sphery>Oh, but make sure it's not more than 1 period in the past...
10:21<gnome42>oh that's it! thx
10:21<sphery>IIRC there's a "feature" that prevents execution if it's too long ago...
10:21<gnome42>i moved it back two days
10:21<sphery>Was on my list, but I had forgotten.
10:21<sphery>Thanks for the reminder.
10:23<sphery>The easiest way to force a run is to stop the mythbackend, then update the timestamp, then start mythbackend.
10:23<gnome42>k thx, recording just started :)
10:23<sphery>The housekeeper gets run within seconds of startup, so there's no wait-until-next-check involved.
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10:43<sphery>Hmmm. Works even if the last run was >> 1 period ago.
10:43<sphery>It's either been fixed or I never saw what I thought I saw.
10:55<sphery>Also runs every 5 minutes + 0-8 seconds, as designed...
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10:59<mocker>Anyone know if there is a way to configure how long mythtvosd notifications stay on the screen?
11:02<gbee>mocker: #mythtv-users
11:03<mocker>Ack, my bad.
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11:14[~]jpe-nyc Hello all... anyone around?
11:17[~]jpe-nyc k:) ... noob question... im trying to install bittorrent and torrentacy (sp). are there any issues I need to be aware of (ie is bittorrent installed by default etc?
11:17<stuarta>try reading the topic
11:23<stuarta>and get a lawyer
11:24<jpe-nyc>stuck on this page
11:25<jpe-nyc>keep getting No rule to make target `/usr/share/qt3.3', needed by `Makefile'
11:25<j-rod>jpe-nyc: kindly read the topic
11:25[~]stuarta ignores jpe-nyc for not reading the topic
11:26[~]j-rod joins stuarta
11:26<j-rod>(actually, I'm going to lunch)
11:26<stuarta>i'm going home :)
11:26<jpe-nyc>sorry stuarta
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11:27<jpe-nyc>i dont know y developers always have thier heads stuck up thier asses...
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11:29<janneg>I don't know why users can't read
11:29<kvandivo>it doesn't seem like rocket science
11:30<j-rod>reading is hrd.
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11:35<okolsi>Change 12820 sort of broke my EIT.. is it okay to go it through here..? I sort of seem to need duplicate EIT info because of CAM in one card..
11:38<gbee>for some reason, stat'ing 365 directories is not much faster than stat'ing 1956 files
11:41<gbee>in fact it's over 3 seconds slower .... so much for that idea
11:41<xris>gbee: weird
11:42<xris>that could depend on the fs, though
11:42<xris>okolsi: you might have to say his name to get janneg's attention (like I just did)
11:42<janneg>okolsi: the CAM doesn't matter, EIT is unencrypted
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11:43<okolsi>janneg: yep.. my setup shortly: 3 cards, 1 CAM, all DVB-T
11:43<janneg>okolsi: please run the backend with -v eit and paste the log
11:44<okolsi>janneg: one quickie first.. I have two input sources, one for free channels and one for free + encrypted. Both sources have the free channels as duplicates
11:45<okolsi>janneg: before 12820 I had duplicate EIT.. but now it gets it only for the other input / channel set
11:46<gbee>xris: it is nfs, so maybe attribute caching is only used on files not directories
11:46<xris>gbee: could be
11:46<xris>FAM would be a better solution
11:47<gbee>ultimately it probably would
11:47<okolsi>janneg: blaah.. hard to explain.. but I get all the EIT for free channels, but it's for the wrong chanids.. and is not visible in Myth / Mythweb
11:49<janneg>I know that's wrong and it isn't a regression in 12820. You were lucky that it worked before
11:50<okolsi>okay.. I suspected something like that.. I have had the CAM only for couple of weeks.. so not yet that familiar with it or the setup
11:50<janneg>the problem is that the eit cache doesn't know the source id
11:51<okolsi>I could happily have all the channels under one input connection.. but then scheduler doesn't know which one has the CAM and schedules based on priorities
11:52<okolsi>and thats doomed to fail of cource
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11:59<okolsi>it would simplify configuration a lot if you woudn't need to add a new Video source and re-configure channels just because you added CAM to one of the cards
12:02<okolsi>the proper solution at this point of time would be to drop all the free channels from the CAM-card (what a waste..) and use it only for actually 2 encrypted channels
12:03<okolsi>janneg: I'm okay now that I know this configuration is not supported/working (yet?). I'll stay tuned..
12:03<janneg>okolsi: stop! I have a patch
12:04<okolsi>janneg: huh! what..? :)
12:06<janneg>it's a simplification and also faster: 3 files changed, 25 insertions(+), 89 deletions(-)
12:06<janneg>I'll test and commit it later this evening
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12:07<okolsi>okay.. I'll try that one then.. thanks a lot! I can only admire all your devs work..
12:08<janneg>okolsi: the proper solution (which mythtv supports only with direct DB changes) is to assign two source to the CAM card
12:09<janneg>the source with all free channels from the other cards and a CAM source only with encrypted channels
12:09<janneg>that's working fine here
12:10<okolsi>that's what I need.. but what kind of DB change is required?
12:11<janneg>you need to add an entry in cardinput
12:12<okolsi>I think I can quess the values to be added.. should I wait for your commit before trying this?
12:13<janneg>copy one of the free source's entry with a new unique cardinputid and the cardid of the CAM card
12:13<okolsi>okay, that should be easy
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12:17<janneg>then delete the free channels from CAM if they have recordings, the channel information for that recordings is lost
12:17<janneg>okolsi: as you like. with my patch your setup will work as expected.
12:18<janneg>the database manipulation is on the one hand the cleaner solution on the other hand it's not supported by mythtv-setup
12:20<okolsi>so both get the same end result? would you be commiting your patch to SVN or could I get it otherwise?
12:20<janneg>okolsi: untested at the moment
12:24<okolsi>janneg: thanks! I started with the DB manipulation, I'll probably also test the patch later
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13:13<okolsi>janneg: DB method didn't work for me.. but the patch did :) It applied cleanly and seem to do the job
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13:19<j-rod>holy shit.
13:20<j-rod>Fantastic news! We're happy to let you know your Verizon FiOS Internet Service for Business speed was automatically upgraded.
13:20<j-rod>Your current speed has changed from up 15/2 to up to 20/5
13:20<j-rod>billing stays the same
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13:26<janneg>j-rod: nice, especially the upstream
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13:27<j-rod>yeah, no doubt
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13:27<j-rod>I was wondering if they'd done something like that, since I was yanking data down at about 20Mbps a few days ago
13:28<j-rod>bumping the upstream is much cooler tho
13:35<xris>j-rod: you suck. :)
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13:43<xris>btw, if people are interested, I'm finally close to needing backend support for the new channel icon lookup code.
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13:44<xris>I can add the db field to hold the URL, but could probably use some help in mfdb or the frontend to grab the icons themselves.
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13:58<gbee>well caching the artist, album, genre and directory ids during scanning seems to do it's job - will try and benchmark it, but it's MUCH faster
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14:04<gbee>still not fast enough for me though, the main problem now is Metadata::isInDatabase()
14:07<gbee>think I can safely drop all but one of the joins in that query which would help and I don't see the need to call it at all when adding new files
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14:11<okolsi>gbee: that makes sense.. music_songs is the 'main table'
14:12<okolsi>e.g the cleanups should be done using music_songs as the 'master' and cleaning stuff from the other tables
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14:55<Centinul>Just out of curiousity is there a web front-end to MythTV?
14:56<GreyFoxx>Mythweb can do a lot of stuff. Pssstt You want to try #mythtv-users :)
14:56<stuarta>has anyone read the topic today????
14:57<Centinul>GreyFoxx: Thanks I figured I'd ask here since I wasn't sure if it was in development yet :)
14:57<Centinul>GreyFoxx: Thanks!
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14:58<stuarta>it's been one of those days
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16:07<briand>stuarta: 1,$s/ today????/? ...ever??/g
16:10<stuarta>today has jst been worse. at least 3 of them
16:12<stuarta>hmmm 366 open tickets...
16:12<stuarta>336 even
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21:28<Captain_Murdoch>sphery, I can't say for sure (haven't looked at the code), but don't think we close the connection when the MSqlQuery goes away. the benefits of connection pooling would be gone if we did that.
21:30<sphery>Cool. Should we drop the temp table or not?
21:35<Captain_Murdoch>yes, explicitly drop it.
21:35<Captain_Murdoch>sorry for the delay, responding to the undelete thread. :)
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21:53<Captain_Murdoch>hmm, my reply was 4x longer than the total of both of Bruce's. :)
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22:39[~]Captain_Murdoch wonders if that heh was for him. :)
22:40<Captain_Murdoch>she keps stealing the remote.
22:40<Captain_Murdoch>odds are it will be one of my wife's shows that she's watching while home during the day, not mine.
22:41|-|Nem^1 [] has joined #mythtv
22:41<Captain_Murdoch>I can make backups of files, but backing up my /*/video*/mythtv/recordings/ directories isn't feasible.
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22:44<Chutt>see, personally, i'd rather take out the delete function (or make it much harder to use), rather than add undelete
22:45<Captain_Murdoch>you use autoexpire. :) I don't and I'm the one that added it. :) kinda like auto-skip
22:45<Chutt>i can't see _not_ using autoexpire
22:45<Captain_Murdoch>I have it on, but never get to that point.
22:46<Captain_Murdoch>we'd just rather not se the clutter on the Watch Recordings screen while waiting for stuff to auto-expire.
22:46<Chutt>have you tried Bruce's Watch List?
22:46<Chutt>I don't mind the extra clutter
22:46<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, I tesetd it before he committed. it.
22:46<Chutt>it's what I bought lots of disk space for =)
22:47<Captain_Murdoch>I'm thinking more of finding which episisode out of 20 I need to scroll down to to find the one I need to watch.
22:48<Captain_Murdoch>we have some shows that started last fall where we haven't watched any at all yet (saving for later in the seasons when nothing better is on), but others we only keep 3-4 episodes on while others have only the most recent that we haven't watched yet.
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22:50<rtsai>i have 2 years of L&O to catch up on :P
22:51<Captain_Murdoch>I cut L&O down to a maxepisodes of 4 because we had too many episodes queued up and there's other shows we watch now.
22:52<Captain_Murdoch>L&O was demoted to our show of last resort about a year or two ago. I can't remember the last time I've watched it outside of a hote w/o Myth. :)
22:52|-|word [] has left #mythtv ["Konversation terminated!"]
22:52[~]Captain_Murdoch thinks "s/hote /hotel /" and wonders if it's his typing or if he can somehow blame it on vnc.
22:53<rtsai>Same here. Last summer I worked through SVU, but didn't make it to L&O or Criminal Intent before fall arrived
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23:05[~]Captain_Murdoch figures it's time for bed since he has to get up at 3am to work, but isn't sure how much sleep he'll miss worrying if his daughter has figured out how to use the tag/play-list functionality to delete whole seasons... :)
23:07<LLyric>enable access control?
23:07<LLyric>or remove filesystem permissions from the mythtv user
23:14<Captain_Murdoch>LLyric: you need to either read scrollback or my -dev post to understand that comment. :)
23:14[~]Captain_Murdoch is actually gone now after checking email one last time.
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