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00:10<xris>cool. icon lookup/submission is done (enough). now to start working on authorizing submissions.
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02:15[~]xris ponders how to handle security / spam protection on the channel icon submission stuff
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02:45<hardnova>where do i find the current bug list ?
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06:49<janneg>hi stuarta
06:50<janneg>I've fixed h264 + ac3 seeking and can now almost watch it
06:51<janneg>i.e. I have parts of a couple of minutes I can watch without framedrops
06:54<stuarta>hiya, cool, has it been submitted yet or does it need more testing?
06:55<janneg>not submitted, I want to ask Chutt first
06:56<stuarta>happy to test if needed, have a few hours where i can
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07:05<janneg>yes, but strange. the code gets called several time per pes packet so all packets end up with pts = dts = AV_NOPTS_VALUE
07:05<stuarta>so the question actually is, why does it get called so often....
07:07<janneg>I've looked hard but I think it's called for every ts packet with payload
07:07<janneg>s/I've/I haven't/
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07:22<stuarta>well my cpu still struggle to play back HD content :(
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07:32<janneg>stuarta: it helps that I have have current libav and skiploopfilter enabled
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08:02<janneg>ah and a release build helps also
08:02<stuarta>ahh yeah, i always use dbebug
08:03<stuarta>dammit backspace doesn't work from the mini mac to a screen'd session
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08:20<hardnova>is there some kind of advantage of using mplayer over xine that im missing ?
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08:26<briand>hardnova: yes, it makes the end-user more observant, giving them more time to casually read the channel topic, etc.
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10:40<briand>gbee: are you seeing any isolated single 'hiccups' in audio, immediately after a commercial skip? seems to have started after j-rod's commits earlier this week
10:40<briand>seems to happen about 10 seconds or so after the program resumes
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10:43<gbee>I'm currently running [12827], have been too busy to update
10:43<gbee>not that I use commercial flagging anyway
10:44<briand>i'll have to do some more experimenting... playing old(er) recordings, etc..
10:44<briand>it doesn't -seem- to be happening if I just seek ahead, only after auto-seeking from a commercial flag
10:44<briand>and, again, only one little 'blip'
10:45<briand>i can play through some shows recorded/flagged before this week, and see if it's happening there
10:45<briand>it almost seems like it's 'in the recording' or something
10:46<briand>i guess i can play through a few commercials (auto-skip off) and see if it still happens then
10:46<briand>maybe commercial-flagging is doing something in recordedseek or somesuch...
10:46[~]briand shrugs
10:47<briand>i'll experiment some more, and see if i can narrow it down a bit.
10:47<briand>(like i need an excuse to watch more television!)
10:48<briand>fwiw, i updated to 12857 yesterday afternoon... but i was noticing this earlier in the week as well
10:48<gbee>might be related to Janne's change, the position map change? (12819)
10:48<gbee>I've not seen it myself
10:48<briand>but then, i shouldn't be able to experience this in something recorded/flagged before that, right?
10:49<briand>I've got about 20 "Monk" episodes still on disk from a month or so ago, so I'll try with those, as well as the episode from last night
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10:55<briand>well, we'll experiment a bit... thanks for the input. :)
10:55[~]briand wanders off to the living room for some couch-potato time.
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13:47<sphery>kormoc: Did you see gbee and my discussion on mythtv-dev list about #3132 (same subject as ticket title)? He actually provided proof of the no-underscore rule at .
13:48<kormoc>yeah, i saw after I replied
13:48<sphery>Granted, he sent the proof 4 minutes before you added the comment to the ticket...
13:48<sphery>OK. Just wanted to make sure.
13:48<kormoc>but it shouldn't affect firefox, as it's been 2.1 compliant for ages, or at least I've thought so.
13:48<sphery>I was quite surprised.
13:49<sphery>Yeah. That's what we were just commenting on.
13:49<gbee>kormoc: I've been using underscore in my class names for what seems like years and they've worked in every browser I tested
13:50<sphery>I'll bet you're right and it's an extension or something to allow testing of strict-compliance with older versions of CSS or whatever...
13:50<kormoc>We had an issue at work where _class didn't work in ie, but class_name worked fine
13:50<gbee>I only became aware that underscore wasn't permitted in the specs by accident whilst doing some reading a few weeks ago
13:50[~]kormoc nods
13:50<sphery>And here I thought gbee just knew everthing...
13:51<kormoc>Well, hopefully (s)he'll respond with some more info
13:51<sphery>I was amazed at how quickly you corrected me.
13:51<gbee>underscore/hyphen or numbers preceeding the identifier is a definately prohibited though, at least up to 2.1, 3 might allow it, I don't know
13:53[~]sphery is worried about sending his next e-mail, now...
13:53<sphery>Trying to help with #3133...
13:53<gbee>sphery: I may give that impression, but I gain more knowledge in the average day that I dispense
13:54<gbee>it just so happened that after seeing 3132 I had gone back to the specs to confirm what I'd read, I still had the page open when I saw your post
13:55<sphery>I'm still impressed.
13:55<kormoc>it's still sucky that it validates even tho it's against spec
13:55<sphery>I know I don't know everything, but now I'm pretty sure I know nothing compared to you.
13:55<sphery>Yeah. I don't understand that.
13:56<sphery>I even specifically set it to validate against CSS 2.0 and 1.0 and never even got a warning about the underscores.
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13:57<briand>i wonder if that _ issue is why mythweb looks like it does in IE6
13:57<gbee>well the original item I read was actually complaining about the flaws in the validators, I went on to look for information on those 'flaws' and eventually to the underscore issue
13:58<sphery>Funny. Guess we've confirmed those flaws...
13:59<gbee>I suppose so ;)
13:59<gbee>I'm off to eat
14:01<briand>heh.. strike my last comment -- i just read the last note on 3132.
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14:08<briand>incidentally, it looks like 3132 is probably a dupe of my mythweb bug from last year (which is still open, I believe)... albeit, much better outlined than mine, and with a probable solution.
14:09<briand>that is to say, xris/kormoc - if you fix/close 3132, you can probably close 14xx along with it.
14:11<xris>I've only ever seen problems with things starting with _ and then only in IE
14:11<stuarta>xris: pong from yesterday :)
14:11<xris>the ticket thingie you assigned to kormoc. what is that?
14:12<stuarta>there's a new dup match type.
14:12<stuarta>there is a basic mythweb patch in the orig tickey
14:12<stuarta>but needs some work.
14:12<briand>with current svn, most of mythweb is viewable/usable in IE6... but the worst screen is probably the 'program details' screen when you click on a program in the guide (or search results list, or whatever) -- that one's a real mess in IE
14:12<kormoc>nifty, I was gonna look at that later today
14:13<stuarta>it's pretty simple i'd guess
14:13<kormoc>briand, how's the new video module look?
14:13<xris>stuarta: ok, maybe I just misread the original ticket. Didn't look like it was applied.
14:13<briand>kormoc: i haven't looked at it -- I don't have any "videos" on my myth system.
14:13<kormoc>heh, fair nuff
14:13<briand>sorry. :(
14:13<kormoc>no worries
14:14<stuarta>xris: the core changes have been, the mythweb ones haven't. mainly cause you guys are busy rewriting things :)
14:14<xris>I haven't touched mythweb in weeks.
14:14<briand>ping me here in channel after you submit something for 3132, and I'll `svn up` and test it out in IE for ya.
14:14<xris>life, and the stupid channel icon stuff have been getting in the way
14:14<kormoc>briand, kk, I'll likely work on it this weekend
14:14<stuarta>it's been months since the original ticket was issued....
14:15<briand>and, as i said above, it should probably close my 11/12-month old bug as well (#14xx)
14:15<briand>I'm poking through the LightScribe Linux API Reference Manual (a mere 48 pages) this afternoon....
14:16<stuarta>xris: last time i tried the original patch, mythweb bitched about lack of translations.
14:16<xris>stuarta: I was just a little thrown off because bruce and others have been talking about rewriting all of that stuff, so I wasn't sure if it conflicted, etc.
14:17<stuarta>doubt it conflicts... at this point in time
14:17<xris>briand: you mean ?
14:18<briand>yes, that's the one
14:18[~]stuarta apologises for having been down the pub to watch the rugby this afternoon
14:18<xris>lol, esp. since the status page is controlled by the backend. heh.
14:18<briand>i was "used to" the non-transparent png thing...
14:19<briand>but the "" link that is (was?) at the bottom of the opening page was placed there in the .css file....
14:19<briand>incidentally, that screen looks fine in IE6 with current SVN
14:21<briand>xris: at that time, the only screen that IE6 was really messing up badly was the opening mythweb screen (the one with the menu that now includes the 'statistics' menu option, etc)
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14:22<briand>in current svn, the 'program details' screen is probably the worst-rendered in IE6
14:22<xris>briand: can you send me a screenshot?
14:23<briand>sure, lemme kvm over to the ie box and snap a pic
14:23[~]briand grumbles
14:23<briand>lemme try that again, without the fat-finger error.
14:24<xris>it still may be prudent to switch to using dashes.
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14:32<xris>lol, wtf.
14:32<xris>maybe I didn't clear out all of the the starting-underscore things
14:33<briand>it's looked like that for quite some time... since you rewrote the mythweb presentation screens, anyway
14:34<briand>looks fine in firefox from my linux boxes, tho
14:34<xris>yeah. I probably didn't fix the starts-with-underscore stuff
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15:30<CDev>xris: Not sure if it matters, but here is the same screen that briand sent using vista & ie7:
15:31<xris>CDev: thx.
15:31<CDev>Haven't looked at firefox in a while, but the page looks fine for me.
15:33<xris>I'll just have to go and fix all of the underscore-prefix stuff
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16:14<okolsi>xris: have a minute?
16:24<xris>okolsi: ?
16:24<okolsi>xris: I've worked a little with music part of the MythWeb
16:24<okolsi>basically fixed the streaming, album art etc now after the music DB table has changed
16:25<okolsi>also tiny optimizations to queries, added genre display to some lists etc
16:25<okolsi>how should I proceed with these?
16:25<xris>ticket. :)
16:25<okolsi>okey :)
16:25<xris>kormoc or I will get to it eventually.
16:25<okolsi>but.. presumably not a one big one?
16:26<xris>try to at least separate the patches out by feature.
16:26<okolsi>or incremential patches one after other?
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16:30<xris>"be right back" (was fixing lunch)
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16:32<okolsi>xris: I'll make one ticket and attach different patches to that one
16:32<xris>sounds great
16:32<okolsi>gotta go now..
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17:01<MrGandalf>damn.. I wish I could make the huge scheduler query about 10x faster..
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17:03<janneg>MrGandalf: I have now almost working h264 HD playback with my Athlon64 X2 2Ghz.
17:03<MrGandalf>really? How?
17:04<MrGandalf>that's impressive, if you're still using ffmpeg
17:04<janneg>only in scenes with fast motion I get sometimes prebuffer pauses and frame drops
17:04<janneg>I'm still using ffmpeg
17:04<MrGandalf>still single threaded?
17:05<MrGandalf>did you commit your optimizations yet?
17:05<janneg>skiploopfilter, ffmpeg rev 8117, release build and a seeking fix
17:05<janneg>no. nothing commited yet
17:06<MrGandalf>I saw there were a couple small optimizations added to ffmpeg, one being disputed somewhat
17:07<janneg>and I can't commit the ffmpeg sync since it has currently no internal AC3 decoder
17:07<MrGandalf>do you have content which has ac3?
17:08<MrGandalf>curious, have you ever noticed how ac3 audio is lower than standard mp3?
17:08<MrGandalf>I mean at times it seems less than half
17:09<janneg>the skiploopfilter patch misses the gui option to activate it and I think it should be go to mythtv-vid
17:10<janneg>and I'm not entirely sure about the seeking patch
17:10<MrGandalf>well, it won't help me much since ffmpeg still doesn't support PAFF interlaced streams
17:12<janneg>Have you read Michael Niedermeyer on that topic. I don't think I would want to implement it
17:13<MrGandalf>no, I haven't
17:15<MrGandalf>thanks, reading now..
17:17<MrGandalf>well, he says it's messy.. maybe someone else won't think so.. there's still hope
17:26<MrGandalf>So I set mysql to use a query cache nearly twice the size of the entire database, indexes and all and my scheduler runs are still 6-10 seconds.
17:27<MrGandalf>obviously not io bound
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19:35<LLyric>looks like mythweb/modules/music/mp3act_playstream.php doesnt handle music in sub-directories properly?
19:35<LLyric>It uses: $filename = 'data/music/'.$row['filename'];
19:36<LLyric>Where $row is from music_songs
19:47<LLyric>Fixed, submitting a patch
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20:09<LLyric>Wasn't someone doing a big mythweb rewrite? I've got so many ideas for mythmusic, in particular :)
20:09<LLyric>mythweb+music that is
20:13<briand>i look forward to the change.. :)
20:14<briand>and, please, allow ordering the artists via the artist_sortkey column, hopefully coming soon to a mythtv installation near you. ;) (#3104)
20:15<LLyric>It's missing lots of features: download tracks, add all search results to playlist (maybe with checkbox). A proxy to add track information toe the streaming audio, ...
20:16[~]briand nods vigorously.
20:16<LLyric>I'm adding a "download track" link to the playlist now, but need to reuuse a bit of code from the patch above, so thinking about refactoring a little
20:16<LLyric>But iirc the guy who does mythweb is very protective, so my stuff isn't that likely to get in.
20:16<briand>i can't even get mythweb+music to come up when i access it from work.
20:17<LLyric>That's a more fundamental issue. Does mythweb work?
20:17<briand>i dunno about that, per se... if the code is clean, and works, i don't think xris would have a problem with it.
20:17<briand>oh, yes.. works fine. :)
20:18<briand>i haven't delved into finding out where it's going askew; been too busy with other projects
20:18<LLyric>Yeah, me too. I only fixed this one because Wifey complained about it.
20:18<LLyric>Now she wants a download link
20:18<briand>say, how are you with 'basic linux' stuff?
20:19<briand>or, just beyond 'basic linux' stuff, anyway?
20:19[~]LLyric is a big linux geek
20:19<briand>can i pick your brain for a minute or two?
20:19[~]LLyric been running linux, on and off, since 1992. My desktop has been 100% linux since about 2001
20:19<LLyric>Sure, ask away
20:19<briand>okay, here's the situation;
20:20<briand>my main mythtv box has two IDE channels
20:20<briand>on channel 1 is the boot drive (a 40G maxtor) and the dvd-rw drive
20:21<briand>on channel 2 are two 500G drives, LVM'd and mounted as /video
20:21<briand>i want (yea, need) to replace the 40G drive -- it's noisy compared to everything else, and sounds like I'm making popcorn every time mythfilldatabase runs, or commercial flagging, etc.
20:21<briand>so, I have another 250G drive
20:22<briand>i want to partition it so I've got the same 40G boot+root area, give a few gig or so for /music, and throw the rest into the /video LVM
20:22<LLyric>Except for the LILO bit - see
20:23<briand>will look at that. :)
20:23<briand>the question becomes:
20:24<briand>if I unplug the LVM volumes on channel 2, and plug the new drive there, I should be able to boot from the dvd drive and do the copy, etc, right? then, once finished, put the 250G drive in place of the 40G drive, boot it up, and have my working myth system back
20:25<briand>then, at my leisure, I can add the rest of the 250G drive to the LVM
20:26<LLyric>Do it the other way. Remove the dvd, plug the second disk in there, boot normally, copy the files.
20:26<LLyric>Then put the 250 in position one, boot off the dvd, and fix up the mbr.
20:29<briand>so, leave the LVM connected, then?
20:30<LLyric>Do the LVM add bit last
20:30<LLyric>After you've got it booting of the new drive
20:31<LLyric>By doing it like I suggest, you do 90% of your work under a normal environment. The only thing you do off the boot disk, is to rewrite the mbr
20:31<briand>which leads to the really shaky part (for me)... how do i invoke grub to install to the boot sector of the new drive?
20:31<LLyric>$ grub
20:31<LLyric> grub> root (hd0,0)
20:31<LLyric> grub> setup (hd0)
20:31<LLyric> grub> quit
20:32<LLyric>At the time you run that, the 40 isn't installed, so you've got no risk of breaking that.
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20:32<LLyric>You've booted off the cd
20:32|-|mine [] has joined #mythtv
20:32<briand>ah.. okay.. that'll install it to the boot sector of what will become the primary drive (the 250)
20:32<daMaestro>you guys kick arse.
20:32<LLyric>Another howto
20:33[~]LLyric chuckles at daMaestro
20:33<briand>okay, cool... so it *is* just about as easy as I thought it would be...
20:33<LLyric>Just found mythtv?
20:33<daMaestro>hey LLyric.. i've noticed you lurk in #fedora.. i'm planning on doing a frontend livespin for myth, wanna help
20:33<daMaestro>LLyric, finally bought a tuner
20:33<daMaestro>LLyric, also.. j-rod is doing a single CD install image with f7 ... that is kick to be sweet
20:33<briand>I've got a recording going until 10pm, then another from 11-12, then nothing until 9:30pm tomorrow.. so, maybe I'll get this project underway at/around midnight, then...
20:34<LLyric>daMaestro: I'm a bit busy with my other projects, but can probably offer specific advice if you have questions
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20:34<daMaestro>that is *going* to be sweet
20:34<daMaestro>LLyric, ok.. and i will
20:34<briand>ah, so _that's_ where I recognize the nick from!! #fedora. :)
20:34<daMaestro>LLyric, you on the devel team?
20:34<daMaestro>LLyric, i'm not sure how well i can make mythfrontend stateless
20:34[~]LLyric is waiting for his second tuner to be supported in linux - helping the author test stuff.
20:34<LLyric>daMaestro: the frontend only needs the mysql config
20:35<briand>what kind of tuner is that, LLyric ?
20:35<LLyric>briand: a DViCO Dual DIgital 4 (dual dvb tuner).
20:35<LLyric>My existing Dual Digital 1 works fine
20:35<briand>ah... :)
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20:36<briand>I was thinking of getting one or two HDHRs, eventually. they require 0 available slots. :)
20:36<GreyFoxx>What is LiveSpin ?
20:36<daMaestro>LLyric, i'm wondering if i should spend the time to do a 'firstboot'esk "give me all your mysql info" service for when booting
20:36<daMaestro>LLyric, or do you think most users will know how to configure their frontends
20:37<GreyFoxx>Just wait
20:37<daMaestro>GreyFoxx, a spin of fedora that is statless/live
20:37<GreyFoxx>cdev is working on autodiscovery
20:37<daMaestro>stateless* ... jeeze.. bending over to type is a pita
20:37<daMaestro>GreyFoxx, aswesome.. even better news :-)
20:37<GreyFoxx>upnp based autodiscovery for finding the backend + sql settings
20:38<LLyric>An entirely stateless frontend would be a bit of a pain, I think.
20:38<daMaestro>hmm i need to switch to my desktop.. stooopid leaning over to type on the laptop.
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20:38<LLyric>For example, my frontend mounts the video and music fileshares, so it can play them.
20:40|-|daMaestro [n=jon@fedora/damaestro] has joined #mythtv
20:40<daMaestro>well the / will be rw
20:40<daMaestro>the current tool set being worked on for fedora live images has a rw root
20:41<daMaestro>and, actually, you can run the entire system from RAM, if you have enough
20:41<daMaestro>do you guys mind if i lurk?
20:41<briand>lurking is fine.. :)
20:42<daMaestro>cool.. just added to autojoin
20:42<briand>...and, good evening to mr. GreyFoxx :)
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21:43[~]LLyric adds a download link to mythweb+music search results
21:47<Chutt>with the upnp autodiscovery, the frontend shouldn't need any local write access, aside from any caching it does..
21:47<Chutt>no initial config
21:47[~]LLyric isn't too familiar with upnp
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23:46<eskil>gbee, dude ?
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