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01:39<briand>LLyric: u there?
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02:42<LLyric>briand: Yeah, a bit
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04:29<gbee>you're up late, or very early!
04:30[~]gbee looks at the clock and reaslises that he's up late instead
04:30<kormoc>heh, seems like everyone is up late
04:31<xris>only 2:30 AM here.
04:31<xris>gbee: feel free to contribute with that script. would be good to get some international channels.
04:32<xris>not that I actually have the tools in place to do anything with the submissions yet. lol.
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04:33<gbee>I'll have a look at it later today :)
04:35[~]xris goes to sleep.
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05:25<gbee>in light of the mess I made last week, could someone look over the patch attached to #3041 before I commit it
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05:50<hardnova>this seems a bit strange to me i have defined another input on the composite and given the channels xmltvid id's but the program data is not added if i change the input to the tuner it gets added , it should not matter what imput it on should it ?
05:51<hardnova>im looking in the database but cant see any difference
05:55<hardnova>when mythfilldatabase connects to the sql does it only address one sourceid
05:57<hardnova>ok never mind i found it --file <sourceid> :)
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10:18<CDev>GreyFoxx: Was a decission ever made about your changes to use the http methods for reading settings?
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12:05<briand>LLyric: the `cp` didn't work to clone... but `dd if=/dev/hda of=/dev/hdb` did. now, to add the remainder of the new disk to the lvm.... :)
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14:24<xris>saw it
14:24<xris>just had to finish the channel icon lookup stuff (which I finally did last night)
14:24<LLLyric>I saw that too :)
14:28<xris>I need to get the editor side of that hooked up now, but it can at least wait for a little while to catch up on some mythweb/nuvexport stuff.
14:36<briand>LLLyric: the 'cp' didn't work for the hd upgrade/swap.
14:36<briand>but, it looks like `dd if=/dev/hda of=/dev/hdb` worked. :)
14:37[~]LLLyric shrugs.
14:37<LLLyric>Good luck.
14:41<briand>with what?
14:42<LLLyric>Everything - it's a little bit tricky.
14:42<LLLyric>Anyyway gotta go!
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14:42<briand>tricky, maybe... but it's up & running...
14:43<jams>briand- did i read correctly a bit ago , that you are working on a theme?
14:44<briand>i've played around with themes a bit, but no.. I'm not creating a new one
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14:56<xris>hmm.. wonder how hard it would be to use the user job table to kick off things like video or music scans...
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15:08<xris>hmm, guess not.
15:21<gbee>no way to do it at the moment
15:22<xris>would be nice to be able to kick off scans remotely
15:26<gbee>probably be easier and worth doing when mythmusic/mythvideo become integrated with the backend
15:27<gbee>IF they ever do
15:27<kormoc>Well, I'm hopefully gonna have a scan button in mythweb that will (hopefully) work well enough for most people
15:27<xris>for video, anyway
15:28<kormoc>xris, only outstanding opera issue is that ticketed one, and I can't seem to work around it without doing that div thing
15:29<xris>Chutt: ping
15:29<xris>kormoc: I vote for just redoing that front page somehow.
15:29<kormoc>xris, ooh, it's on the upcoming recordings page, not the front page
15:30<xris>oh, gotcha
15:30<gbee>div thing?
15:30<kormoc>gbee, the boxes on the that page use a floated check-box next to a label for
15:31<kormoc>gbee, in opera, the label is pushed down a line, so it's 2 lines high. if I try to push it up, it pushes the check-box outside of the green background
15:31<xris>technically an opera bug...
15:31<kormoc>gbee, if I put the entire line into a div and put the background on the div, it keeps them together just fine, but it add an extra layer
15:31<xris>must be a cleaner way to fix it than your original thing, though
15:32[~]gbee fires up opera to take a look
15:41<gbee>silly suggestion maybe, but have you thought about just sticking the checkbox inside the <label></label>
15:41[~]kormoc blinks
15:41<kormoc>actually, I have not...
15:41<kormoc>I wonder if it will work...
15:41[~]kormoc trys it
15:41<xris>I might have done that
15:42<xris>if it fails, it'll double-check them
15:43<xris>as in, if the technique fails
15:44<xris>clicking once on the checkbox would check it, but then the click would bubble down to the label and uncheck it
15:44<gbee>works here
15:45<kormoc>seems to work fine, now to make it pretty
15:45<gbee>once I removed the left padding on the label and the float on the checkbox
15:49<kormoc>I get expanded lines if I remove the float
15:49<gbee>blindly fiddling with the margins and padding got it looking right - I couldn't be bothered to find the correct css file, so I just overrode them with some style attributes
15:50[~]xris grumbles about how to fix the php glitch that destroys all objects before trying to write the session data
15:51<xris>and by glitch, I mean feature.
15:51<gbee>style="float:none;padding:0px;margin:0px;margin-right:5px;" on the checkbox and style="padding:4px;margin:0px;" on the label
15:52<gbee>put it in the right area, but probably needs tweaking
15:53<gbee>btw anyone think checking in a four line whitespace fix is worth doing?
15:54<kormoc>ahh, it's the block on the label that's doing it
15:54<xris>gbee: lol
15:54<xris>sure, why not?
15:56<gbee>I've reverted the change for now, will do it when I sort the variable naming in that file later
16:01<gbee>bbl, off to watch TV
16:02[~]xris waits for mythplugins to recompile
16:04<kormoc>xris, I think it's looking nice now. not pixel perfect from before, but I think it looks nice
16:04<xris>commit it, I'll take a look
16:04<xris>I'm not that picky on the looks. just didn't like the messy <div> fix
16:05<kormoc>ooh, I didn't like it, I just knew it worked :P
16:08<xris>btw, you should svn up, too
16:08<xris>a few minor fixes
16:08<kormoc>kk, done
16:09<xris>it took a shift reload, but looks great
16:09<kormoc>Thanks gbee!
16:10<xris>any idea how IE handles it?
16:10<kormoc>sadly not
16:10<kormoc>and that's the one that would get confused in my opinion
16:11<gbee>well I didn't go far, or rather I did but took the laptop with me
16:12<gbee>figured I might as well get some useful done in the ad breaks
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16:20<xris>hmm, mythmusic visualizer is borked on my box.
16:20<gbee>one in particular or all of them?
16:22<xris>no clue. I hit 4 and the screen went black. escaped back to the player, pressed 4 again and there were a bunch of red lines, and when I escaped the second time, it segfaulted.
16:22<xris>the music scan went really fast, though. :)
16:23<gbee>this with the stuff I just checked in?
16:23<xris>I just compiled it about 20 minutes ago
16:24<gbee>I checked it in about 20 minutes ago ;)
16:26[~]xris checks
16:26<xris>looks like I missed the changes.
16:26<xris>time to recompile again, lol
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16:30<gbee>the earlier changes I made would make an update scan much, much faster - catch is that because the timestamps in the database needed updating, the first scan after upgrading would still be relatively slow
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16:42<xris>gbee: how do you change the visualizer?
16:42<gbee>I haven't touched it
16:42<xris>no, how does one go about switching between them?
16:43<briand>xris: did i read in the scrollback that you need something looked at in IE ?
16:43<xris>interesting. switching between vdesktops makes the visualizer go away and need to be reinitted
16:43<briand>I was just about to svn up and recompile everything
16:43<xris>briand: look at the upcoming recordings page in mythweb.. shift-reload and then poke at the checkboxes at the top
16:43<xris>kormoc committed an opera fix, we just wanted to make sure it didn't break ie
16:44<briand>okay. the full recompile usually takes about an hour... I'll check it out
16:44<xris>briand: you don't need to recompile mythweb
16:45<briand>:) yes, i know...
16:45<gbee>xris: sorry mis-read, in the settings you can define the list of visualizers to use, press 6 to switch between them
16:45<briand>but mythweb won't be able to talk to mythbackend until it has been (re-)started. :)
16:46<xris>it's been that long since up recompiled?
16:47<gbee>briand: only if there is a protocol difference, the last change was some time back, I'm tempted to say three or more months
16:48<xris>gbee: ok, the one wth all of the vertical lines is messed up (extends too high in fullscreen mode), and whenever you switch out of it, mythmusic segfaults
16:48<xris>wow, nice that it prints a backtrce, too
16:48[~]xris grumbles that mythtv still won't play his mp4 files
16:49<gbee>xris: beat me to it, open a ticket with the backtrace, I'm no expert on the visualizers but I'll take a look if Chutt doesn't beat me to it
16:49[~]gbee wonders what would be needed for mp4 support
16:50<xris>let me install the debug headers first so it's a little more informative.
16:50<xris>gbee: the error I get is "can't find mov header".. weird thing is that janneg has no problems.
16:50<xris>leads me to think it's a compile option, or something in a linked package.
16:50<gbee>yeah, sounds like it
16:51<briand>gbee: my 'full compile' script stops mythfrontend, mythwelcome, and mythbackend at the start
16:52<gbee>silly script :p
16:53<briand>well, this way I know there were no libs or whatever "in use" when they were replaced by the `make install`
16:54<gbee>I'd just stop them after the make and before make install
16:55<briand>this way, it can run unattended. :)
16:55<briand>the script actually does a `make distclean` and full configure, then a `make && make install`
16:56<kormoc>meh, it'll replace them on the disk and just keep the ones in use in memory, I fully compile and install and then restart the backend/frontend :P
16:56<kormoc>but I like living on the edge like that :P
16:57<gbee>backend and frontend tend to crash when I do that :)
16:57<briand>i've been on my machine via ssh and done an svn up and full compile.. and everything was ready to go when I got home
16:58<briand>gbee: yeah, i think they crashed out on me once, so maybe I'm just a bit gunshy
16:58<gbee>but I can usually have them down for just the time it takes to do a 'make install' - ~10-30 seconds
16:59<gbee>never bothered to script it as I'm often just recompiling certain components instead of the whole thing
17:01[~]gbee gets on with exporting and copying mythweb to the webserver
17:03<gbee>xris: get a javascript related error when loading mythweb in konq
17:05<gbee>actually there's one in firefox and opera too
17:07<gbee>big bag o' errors
17:12<xris>should only be one from prototype
17:15<gbee>one in init.js line 32
17:16<gbee>the one in prototype causes a lot of output in opera's error console, but looks like it all comes from the one problem
17:17<gbee>konq reports the prototype error as being on a different line, so I thought it was a different problem but it's probably related
17:25<gbee>amused by the guy in the -dev list who thinks having a lot of records in a table isn't 'good database design'
17:31<xris>what does the data have to do with the design?
17:33<xris>gbee: the init.js stuff will go away as we switch more and more to prototype
17:34<xris>ok, weird. no backtrace this time it crashed
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18:09<briand>xris: upcoming recordings looks/functions fine in IE6
18:10<briand>would've been quicker with the results, but someone (ahem) made a change to metadata.cpp so I had to edit out some >>>>>>> and <<<<<<< stuff.
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18:31<xris>I hate when that happens
18:31<briand>twas no biggie
18:33<xris>yeah, but understandably annoying
18:33<briand>well, it could have been considerably worse...
18:33<briand>he could have also made changes to the rest of the source files in that patch...
18:39<LLyric>briand: you got your disk upgraded?
18:43<xris>LLyric: your bug is fixed, btw
18:44<LLyric>I was wondering if it was the tip of the iceberg, rather than a simple bug.
18:44<LLyric>But wanted to chat with you before I spent a lot of time barking up the wrong tree.
18:48<briand>LLyric: yep.. no problems using dd ...
18:49<briand>added the remaining 230G to the VG4Myth LVM group, so now I've got some wiggle room there (for now)
18:49<LLyric>It just delays the inevitable
18:49<briand>which is?
18:49<LLyric>I've got 1200GB /mythtv/recordings - and it's still > 90% full
18:50<briand>I doubled the /video partition in December, and was ~ 55% full.
18:50<briand>yesterday, it was hovering around 98% full
18:50<briand>now, it's down to 65%
18:50<briand>give me a couple weeks. ;)
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18:52<briand>but, most importantly... the myth box is **quiet** now.
18:53<briand>used to sound like I had a popcorn maker hidden behind the entertainment center, especially when mfdb was running or I was scanning for new music
18:53<briand>with my ear pressed to the myth box, I could just barely distinguish the noise during my svn recompile about an hour ago. :)
18:55<briand>Seagate 250G 7200.10 UltraATA, if anyone's wondering.
18:55<briand>LLyric: when this fills up (yes, i said 'when' not 'if'), I'll have to start using the SATA ports on the motherboard
18:56<LLyric>I'm alreayd looking for an 8-port motherboard :)
18:56[~]LLyric has 6 sata drives now
18:56<briand>mine has two ide channels and two SATA channels
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