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02:27<okolsi>xris: noticed that MythWeb music search is somewhat broken for me. I think it might be because of various patches I've prepared lately. I could try to find out the cause before you commit those pending patches..
02:27<xris>okolsi: are you otto?
02:27<okolsi>xris: yes
02:27<xris>any chance you could not use tab chars in your patches?
02:28<okolsi>xris: sorry!! I'll fix that of cource.. I think my emacs configs has gone bad because I installed XEmacs
02:29<xris>well, the music/mp3act files are especially problematic. I think most of the mythweb files authored by me have vi commands in them somewhere (but I'm probably wrong)
02:29<xris>nope, they don't, either.
02:29<xris>anyway, 4 spaces is preferred.
02:29<xris>search seems to work for me.
02:29<okolsi>for me it fails when there are results
02:30<okolsi>if there aren't any.. it shows correctly that.. but it used to work for me also.. so it must be one of my changes
02:30<okolsi>I'll try to figure that out
02:30<xris>just tested again. works fine for me.
02:30<xris>(although I can't figure out how to test your album art patch -- no idea how to display the art)
02:31<okolsi>when you browse for artists.. then in the bottom it lists albums for that artist.. click one of those
02:32<okolsi>then it'll display info for exactly that album.. and in the top there should be a image
02:32<xris>ah, cool
02:32<okolsi>of cource, only if in the directory that holds that album, there is a jpg
02:32<xris>I never scrolled down far enough
02:32<xris>yeah, it works, though.
02:33<okolsi>I think it sucks that there are first the songs and album is at the bottom
02:33<okolsi>IMHO that should be changed
02:33<xris>yeah, it's odd
02:34<xris>I don't actually like mp3act all that much.
02:34<xris>always felt a little klunky
02:34<okolsi>hmm.. but we NEED music stuff in Mythweb :)
02:34<xris>so they tell me. :)
02:35<xris>I'd like to see a flash/swf audio player.. easier than streaming
02:35<okolsi>I made couple of additional hacks on the weekend and now I have my entire collection steramable from the work.. everything else is HTTPS but music streaming is HTTP
02:35<okolsi>yes.. thats true
02:35<okolsi>none of the players seem to support HTTPS streaming :(
02:35<xris>you *did* notice the "stream via http" setting, right?
02:36<okolsi>yes.. but it seems to enable too much stuff as HTTP.. I don't remember exactly
02:36<xris>just audio and video
02:36<okolsi>and.. I run both HTTPS and HTTP through non-standard ports..
02:36<xris>ah, that might be a concern
02:37<okolsi>yep.. I thought that the port might be usefull as a configuration parameter..
02:37<xris>probably would. would need a way to extract it via perl, though, at least until the streaming handler is ported to php.
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02:38<okolsi>okay.. haven't looked it yet.. but.. the flash/swf player would solve much of these problems.. :)
02:40<xris>would still be nice to support m3u stuff, but a flash player would be very convenient.
02:40<xris>assuming one can be made to do ogg.
02:40<okolsi>if I remember correctly.. the force HTTP streaming loads the playlist also through HTTP (which is logical).. at least for WinAmp you can load the list still through HTTPS but the actual streaming URLs must be HTTP..
02:41<okolsi>something like that..
02:41<xris>well, xmms can't do either
02:41<xris>and I don't think amarok can, either.
02:42<xris>which keeps most linux users out of the picture.
02:42<okolsi>can't do what? the HTTPS?
02:43<xris>someone submitted a patch in like 2004 but it hasn't been accepted
02:43<okolsi>okay.. good to know. I've played with streaming only in WinAmp environment.. have to try with Linux stuff also
02:44<xris>I don't touch windows unless I have to. heh.
02:44<okolsi>understandable :)
02:45<xris>anyway, there's the slimserver app, and I remember some other mp3 backend that someone tried to get mythweb hooked up with. It actually had a nice flash player built in, but I can't remember the name
02:45<xris>devs were really flaky
02:47<okolsi>hmm.. unfortunately I don't know slimserver or other such systems.. should investigate
02:47<xris>slimserver is perl, and open source. integrates with their hardware player, and itunes.
02:48<xris>pretty slick, actually.. handles transcoding, etc.
02:48<okolsi>many good words there..
02:49<okolsi>lunch time..
02:49<xris>bed time. :) (or well past it).
02:50<xris>I'll let you know if I figure out the name of that other app.
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03:29<okolsi>xris: both slimserver and jinzora seem very interesting..
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10:23<gbee>briand: I'd be suprised, that patch was well tested
10:34<gbee>the only way I can think that those files were removed is if the earlier music_directories update failed for some reason
10:39<bdale>the text of the menus for G.A.N.T. at head of release-20-fixes is failing to render after an update, though everything else seems to be worknig fine. can't find any reference to this being a known problem, -users didn't provide any useful clues. is it just me, or is this a known problem?
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14:19<Wibble->hey. I've just upgraded from 0.18 to 0.20 (by re-installing Ubuntu) and my video performance has plummeted. CPU usage of dvbstream & mplayer is ~50% but when mythbackend and mythfrontend do the live TV it is 100% and gets less than 1 frame per second displayed. Can anyone suggest why? Nova-T and graphics card TV out
14:19<gardengnome>try #mythtv-users
14:19<Wibble->oopsie - would help if I read the title :/ sorry guys
14:19<Wibble->and thanks :)
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14:33<gbee>knew a Wibble once, graphic designer named Rob from London
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14:51<Wibble->:P not me. I'm Rob from Cambridge.
14:52<xris>Wibble-: you have to specify which one...
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14:55<Wibble->xris: You mean graphics card? I've asked for help in mythtv-users now and they said the same (I told them too) its an geforce2mx and I was using the cvidix driver for mplayer and "vesa" for X
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15:21<j-rod>vesa driver. gack.
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15:45<xris>Wibble-: no, I meant which Cambridge. There's one in the US and one in the UK.
15:46<Wibble->Ah, yes, of course. I had forgotten there was a second Cambridge. I'm from the one near London ;) (UK)
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15:51<briand>gbee: i dunno.. i didn't see anything right off the bat, looking at the patch, either. the files still exist (thankfully!), but only the new files appear in music_songs... i'll do some further testing, now that I'm at home and have access to everything
15:52<gbee>the older files aren't added if you re-run the scan?
15:55<MoRpHeUz>I'm not being able to attach a file to Trac...receiving: "Rejecting spam: LED"
15:55<MoRpHeUz>any ideas ?
15:55<xris>MoRpHeUz: ticket created ok?
15:56<janneg>compress the file
15:56<MoRpHeUz>=) thanks =)
15:57<xris>MoRpHeUz: setup for the conference going well?
15:57<janneg>does anyone know if the spam filter helps?
15:57<MoRpHeUz>xris: as we talked the other day..
15:57<briand>gbee: that's yet to be determined. I didn't even realize they were "missing" until today, and I was at work, so I couldn't re-run the scan
15:57<MoRpHeUz>xris: yeah...It's another staff that is setting up the conference....just not sure that captain murdoch will be able to get his visa on time...=\
15:57<briand>I -do- have a full db backup, so I can restore the whole table if I need to
15:58<xris>MoRpHeUz: yeah, that's definitely a concern. no one ever got back to me, so I'm just giving up hoping. maybe next year.
15:58<MoRpHeUz>xris: I hope so...(sometimes big companies are not organized =\ )
15:58<gbee>I'm guessing the filename in the database didn't match the patch / file found in the scan, so they were removed from the database
15:59<gbee>well I'm not guessing, that's the only scenerio in which we remove records from the music_songs table
16:00<briand>that's the only 'delete from music_songs' that I saw in the source, as well
16:00<briand>so, I'd agree.
16:01<gbee>restoring the backup might help to debug the problem, but running the scan again should re-add the files (slowly)
16:01<briand>incidentally.. on the earlier bug I entered -- I think what caused the "save failure" was not the ' character in the song title, but the fact that it was also in the filename -- failed to write to the file, and failed to save to db. i'll do further research on that and update the ticket appropriately
16:02<briand>up to you... how would you like me to proceed? I've got a 1-hour program commercial flagging, but it should be done in a few minutes
16:02<briand>i can try whichever scenario you'd like.
16:03<gbee>how old is the backup?
16:05<gbee>if it's from before the music_directories table was added, it will be easier to re-run the scan, although you'll use the 'play count' and 'last played' info
16:08<briand>I do a daily backup, and rotate it every seven days
16:08<briand>when was music_directories added?
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16:11<gbee>couple of weeks back
16:11<gbee>doesn't seem like it was that long ago, would have said less than a week if I hadn't checked
16:12<briand>well, sunday's backup was at 4:00am local time... so, about 10 hours before I updated, and probably 15 hours before the data was deleted...
16:12<gbee>that'll do :)
16:13<briand>i can never remember the dang syntax for 'yank', tho...
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16:13<briand>i should just memorize the vi manual. :)
16:13<gbee>after restoring it, but before running the scan you should probably check the content of the filename field in the database and the contents of the music_directories database
16:15[~]briand nods.
16:16<briand>i'm wondering, though, if we didn't have an incomplete list bounded by music_files.begin() and music_files.end() ...
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16:18<briand>speaking in ui-mode, though.. we should probably warn the user that "x files were specified in the database, but do not exist and will be deleted. proceed? y/n"
16:19<gbee>that's one of the changes I plan to make before I close the scanning improvements ticket
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16:55<briand>628 lines of inserts... :)
16:59<briand>hmm. definitely a problem here...
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17:01<briand>I updated my music_songs table:
17:01<briand>mysql> select count(*) from music_songs;
17:01<briand>| count(*) |
17:01<briand>| 15239 |
17:01<briand>1 row in set (0.00 sec)
17:01<briand>ran "Scan for new music" (which should pick up the 109 new files)
17:01<briand>mysql> select count(*) from music_songs;
17:01<briand>| count(*) |
17:01<briand>| 28 |
17:02<briand>1 row in set (0.00 sec)
17:03<briand>and the files *do* exist: [root@myth ~]# ls /video/music | wc -l
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17:05<gbee>what was in the filename column of music_songs before the scan?
17:06<gbee>the output of -v database might help
17:07<briand>the files are (currently) named like: "Artist Name - Song Title.mp3"
17:07<gbee>actually it won't, not a lot of useful output when it's deleting files
17:07<briand>i dunno...
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17:08<briand>after I restore the db, I can go into mythmusic and play any of the files... so they're definitely "there" and mythmusic is finding them alright...
17:08<gbee>ahh, bugger, think I know the issue
17:09[~]gbee goes to the code to check
17:11<gbee>hmm, no, didn't find what I was expecting
17:11<gbee>sorry I think you might need to do some more debugging
17:12<briand>no problem. it only takes a few seconds to feed the backup SQL back into mysql
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17:16<briand>it was working properly on 2007-02-13 12:05:02, when I successfully imported 7 Gin Blossoms songs...
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17:21<gbee>think sticking a couple of VERBOSE in there is going to be the quickest way to establish the problem, but with the number of files in your collection that'll mean a *lot* of worthless info too
17:22<briand>i could trim the temporary sql down to a few hundred.. that'd speed it up 10-fold
17:24<gbee>first I'd check that we are actually finding the files on the drive by putting a verbose in BuildFileList, just before "music_files[filename] = kFileSystem;"
17:24<gbee>to output 'filename'
17:25<briand>if you want to patch up something for me to try, i'd be happy to plug it in... you're much more up-to-speed on the c++ (and object-oriented) programming, in general, than I am
17:27<briand>i've trimmed my test suite down to a couple hundred files, and verified the problem still occurs with the sub-set.. so we're good to go at this end
17:28<gbee>it's a very simple "dumped everything to the log" approach to debugging the problem :)
17:33<briand>it's `mythfrontend -v important` right?
17:35<gbee>yeah, although it should output important and general messages by default
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17:36<psyon>Is there any way to make mythtv pump DVD video out my PVR-250, but decode the audio and pump that out the sound card?
17:36<psyon>sorry, I need to be in the other channel
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17:39<briand>wow. self-correcting users. nice improvement. ;)
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17:40<briand>heheh.. nice. I ended up removing -exactly- 14,000 entries for the test set. stand by for the log...
17:42<briand>hmm. and only 15 imported this time.
17:43<gbee>technically it's failing at an area of the code I didn't touch which is what's bothering me most - can't wait for that log
17:43<briand>I think I see the problem...
17:44<briand>contrast this:
17:44<briand>2007-02-26 18:41:19.826 File in path: /video/music/William Devaughn - Be Thankful For What You've Got.mp3
17:45[~]gbee knows where this is going
17:45<briand>2007-02-26 18:41:20.974 File not in database: /video/music//William Devaughn - Be Thankful For What You've Got.mp3
17:45<briand>one too many /'s there...
17:45<briand>so, it deletes everything
17:45<briand>i could send you the whole log, if you'd like... ;)
17:45<gbee>yeah, know why and simple to fix
17:46<briand>basically 1200 lines of 'we have this file' followed by 1200 lines of 'we don't have that, though'
17:46<gbee>I don't have any files in the root of my music directory so I didn't hit that problem when testing
17:46<briand>if the directory contains a trailing slash, don't add one
17:47<gbee>actually if the dir = "" then don't add a slash
17:48<gbee>it'll only happen for files in the base dir
17:48<briand>heh.. the -only- subdirectory I have under that is from when I ripped "After The Gold Rush" from CD.. everything else is in /video/music/
17:48<briand>ah, gotcha
17:49<briand>well, eventually, I think I'm going to rename all of my files...
17:50<briand>probably use a AAA######.mp3 naming convention
17:50<briand>first letter = genre, second/third letters = first two of artist last name, then sequential 6-digit number
17:51<briand>and i'll just use the database to select a given song
17:51<gbee>I use directories to divide them up "genre/artist/album/"
17:52<briand>one of these days, I want to add a Billboard data table to my database, and link it to the song_id in music_songs... then I'll have all the chart data (date entered, number of weeks on chart, peak position, etc) available as well
17:52<gbee>although the genre groupings are pretty general - e.g. anything near, or a sub-genre of rock goes in the rock dir
17:52<briand>then I can start constructing "really, really smartplaylists"
17:53<briand>these are 99.9% "pop chart" songs... with a few other random cuts in there now and then...
17:53<briand>i've got the billboard charts for 1954-present available, but it's a lot of data entry, even for the small portion of the Top100 I have encoded at the moment..
17:55<briand>okay.. how do I quickly revert the previous patch?
17:56<Anduin>briand: you can just patch again, it will ask to revert, or run patch with the revert flag
17:56<gbee>patch -Rp0 < patch
17:56<gbee>-R for revert
17:57<briand>gotcha.. thanks.
17:58<gbee>what format is that information in? if it's consistent you can probably write a script to handle the parsing and input
17:58<gbee>alternatively you can 'svn revert filename'
17:58<gbee>obviously you wouldn't want to do that if you had multiple patches applied and only wanted to revert one :)
17:59<briand>it's in book form (Joel Whitburn's Top Pop" book). I believe you can "rent" database access by the month, however... so I could electronically get the data if I don't feel like typing it
18:01<gbee>pretty telling that I didn't even consider a non-digital format when you said you had the charts available
18:01<briand>I *wish* I had it on cd or dvd data disk... that'd be sweet.
18:01[~]gbee hates data entry with a vengence
18:02[~]gbee hates any repetitive activity
18:02<briand>i hear ya.
18:03<briand>first, the "import songs" ran significantly quicker than before...
18:03<briand>mysql> select count(*) from music_songs;
18:03<briand>| count(*) |
18:03<briand>| 1239 |
18:03<briand>1 row in set (0.00 sec)
18:03<briand>mysql> select count(*) from music_songs;
18:03<briand>| count(*) |
18:03<briand>| 1238 |
18:03<briand>1 row in set (0.00 sec)
18:04<briand>net result: -1 entry, rather than adding in the 109 new songs.
18:04<gbee>rerun it, see what happens
18:05<briand>stayed at 1238
18:06<gbee>sticking the debug strings back in would tell you which file was removed - are you sure the 109 songs aren't included in the 1239 figure?
18:06<briand>that's what I'm checking now..
18:08<briand>-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 4.6M Feb 25 21:05 Eric Carmen - All By Myself.mp3
18:08<briand>-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 3.8M Feb 25 21:05 Eric Carmen - Hungry Eyes.mp3
18:08<briand>-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 4.4M Feb 25 21:05 Eric Carmen - Make Me Lose Control.mp3
18:09<briand>mysql> select artist_id,artist_name,artist_sortkey from music_artists where artist_name like 'Eric Carm%';
18:09<briand>| artist_id | artist_name | artist_sortkey |
18:09<briand>| 709 | Eric Carmen | Eric Carmen |
18:09<briand>| 710 | Eric Carmen | |
18:09<briand>mysql> select count(*) from music_songs where artist_id in (709,710);
18:09<briand>| count(*) |
18:09<briand>| 0 |
18:09<briand>1 row in set (0.00 sec)
18:10<briand>so, umm.. it added the artist, but didn't add the song. :/
18:10<briand>good part is, it didn't -delete- any songs this time, anyway. :)
18:11<gbee>it's progress
18:11|-|Cardoe [n=cardoe@gentoo/developer/Cardoe] has quit ["Leaving"]
18:14<gbee>not sure why it would add the artist but not the song "-v database" might shed some light
18:15<briand>i've only been restoring the music_songs table, as it appeared to be the only one affected
18:15<briand>let me delete those rows from music_artists and re-run the import
18:17<briand>interesting.. it imported one of those three songs.
18:22|-|daMaestro [n=jon@fedora/damaestro] has joined #mythtv
18:38<gbee>briand: I committed the fix for the first issue
18:38<briand>okay, thanks...
18:39<briand>i'll see if i can find out why it's not picking up the new stuff, now.
18:41<briand>if you happen to be as much (or *bigger*) pop music fan, check out:
18:42<briand>that's where i order my copies of the book. he tracks several different genres/charts and publishes fairly often
18:42<briand>in the us, this is the "industry standard" bible for pop radio stations
18:46|-|robthebob [] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
18:48<briand>$9.95/month for a subscription to the online database
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19:58<tanq>OK so i made the mistake of buying the hauppauge HVR -1600.. I tend to buy the unsupported hardware 9 out of ten times..
19:58<tanq>that is my luck with most OS projects.
19:58<tanq>what is a middle of the road HD tuner card?
19:58<tanq>that is supported by this project
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20:00<xris>tanq: /topic
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