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01:37<xris>ping any devs awake
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05:41<stuarta>janneg: got your email
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06:19<janneg>stuarta: do you see something similar?
06:20<stuarta>mine is always very jerky and dropping frames.
06:20<stuarta>i'll have to have a more detailed look at cpu usage when I get home.
06:23<janneg>yes, 2ghz single core is not fast enough (yet)
06:23<stuarta>i've only got amd64 3200+
06:24<stuarta>one thing i have noticed is if i playback some HD content that's been transcoded to mpeg4
06:24<stuarta>if the backend is running it stutters
06:24<stuarta>if the backend isn't running it's okay
06:24<janneg>mythfrontend + X + kernel is taking 110% cpu ona 2ghz dual core
06:24<stuarta>possibly due to the time the kernel spends servicing dvb interrupts...
06:26<janneg>and has still frame drops
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07:13<GreyFoxx>just: When yoiu have the recording selected, hit I
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08:29<lehmama>is there a mt-daapd integration for mythmusic in progress?
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10:52<okolsi>gbee: finally re-scanned my music collection with latest MythMusic.. and it is faster :) nice work. I have currently ~5000 songs and ~500 albums. Everything went smoothly
10:52<gbee>good to hear
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10:52<gbee>still a few things I want to try which may make it even faster
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11:30<gnome42>gbee: Hi!
11:30[~]gbee ducks behind the desk
11:31<gnome42>gbee: My attempt at implementing your suggestion for orphaned TVChain cleanup is in #3115
11:33<gbee>will take a look tonight :)
11:34<gnome42>oh yeah, cool thanks!
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12:24<gbee>finally won an auction for a new tuner, paid a little too much though :(
12:34<gnome42>gbee: what did ya get?
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12:35<gbee>an LR6550, nothing fancy but they are decent little cards
12:36<gbee>AFAIK they were all OEM made by Leadtek and pre-installed in Dells or similar - a few of them surface on the second hand market, I've already got one
12:37<gbee>but because they aren't the big branded ones, like the Hauppauge Nova-T they sometimes go cheaper
12:39<gnome42>yeah, cheaper with decent support sounds good :)
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13:32<janneg>argh: stupid cable provider with satellite transport descriptor over DVB-C
13:34<xris>so, anyone here have thoughts on the legality of including an apache-licensed program (flash video playing swf file) in mythweb? It's incompatible with the GPL for code, but I'm thinking that since they're not actually linking together, it might be allowable... but then again, the end product *is*...
13:34<j-rod>xris: hey, hauppauge actually has a new license for their firmware that'll allow it into Fedora, so ivtv should be entirely functional w/o anything outside of Fedora sometime in F7's lifetime
13:35<xris>!?! awesome!
13:35<xris>does that mean it's open source?
13:36<xris>too bad nvidia and ati won't do the same
13:36<j-rod>I don't think so, but I think it falls under the same category as some of the wireless card firmwares
13:36<gardengnome>ivtv should work out of the box in ubuntu feisty, too. well, you'll need to enable multiverse ;)
13:36<xris>gardengnome: yeah, but ubuntu is breaking all kinds of gpl rules (like including/enabling nvidia/ati binary drivers by default)
13:37<j-rod>they revoked that decision, iirc
13:37<xris>wiki page was still up when I looked at it a week or so ago
13:37<j-rod>still readily available, but not installed/enabled by default
13:37<j-rod>this is within the last week or so, email from mdz
13:38<xris>that's good.
13:38<xris>annoying, since it would be nice to have that stuff easily available to all distros, but annoying.
13:38<j-rod>hm... some of the lirc drivers hateth 2.6.21-rc...
13:39<xris>j-rod: that's another thing I'd like to see in fedora... lirc-kmod.
13:39<xris>not even licensing issues there, just no one wanting to maintain them.
13:39<j-rod>that would be exactly what I'm hacking on right this very minute. :)
13:40<xris>that's the last thing I still occasionally use atrpms for. :)
13:40<xris>(and also explains why lirc is disabled on my mythbox)
13:40<j-rod>all the usb drivers are puking on some SLAB_ATOMIC bit not being defined anymore in 2.6.21
13:40<xris>newer versions available?
13:40<j-rod>gonna check lirc cvs shortly
13:40<j-rod>first want to see if this beast actually builds
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13:41<j-rod>both kmod and kmdls are satanic
13:41<j-rod>not really sure which is the lesser evil
13:42<j-rod>I've got an ivtv kmod building for the current rawhide kernel, based on the one submitted to livna
13:42<j-rod>but outside of that, this is my first real crack at a kmod
13:44<j-rod>SLAB_ATOMIC thing is an easy fix
13:45<j-rod>lo and behold, my lirc kmod actually builds and looks sane...
13:45<xris>if you point me at an src.rpm, I'll test it out tonight
13:47<j-rod>sure, coming shortly...
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19:49<PeregrineFalcon>Anyone available to assit with a TV Out setup?
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20:02<xris>PeregrineFalcon: wrong channel
20:02<PeregrineFalcon>ya sorry, realized after posting that
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20:41<toad0225>anyone know if I can use dvb-s in mythtv and with multiple tuners?
20:44<GreyFoxx>read the topic :)
20:44<toad0225>oh. sorry
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22:00<Captain_Murdoch>xris, do you have any issues with me committing the mythweb portion of the patch in this ticket? It just changes the formatting of the originalAirDate as it is passed around in the myth protocol so that we can preserve dates prior to 1970.
22:01<xris>from int to string?
22:01<xris>yeah, no problem
22:01<Captain_Murdoch>so no conversion necessary on your end.
22:01<Captain_Murdoch>actually, I need to modify the place where you fill in that field if you ever do. his patch missed that (and was against -fixes anyway).
22:03<Captain_Murdoch>looks like you just passed YYYY-MM-DD anyway in Program.php backend_row()
22:03<Captain_Murdoch>actually, guess I need to look at implode() once I find that. :)
22:04<Captain_Murdoch>nevermind, shows my lack of php. :)
22:04<Captain_Murdoch>knowledge even
22:06<Chutt>Captain_Murdoch, was there ever any more action on getting that recorder thread/sql stuff worked out?
22:06<Captain_Murdoch>this will bump the proto version as well from 32 to 33 since it changes it
22:06<Captain_Murdoch>no, haven't had time to do anything with it. haven't heard from Bruce or David in a while regarding the scheduler changes they were talking about.
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22:09<Captain_Murdoch>I didn't want to put in a hack if they were going to fix the contention issue.
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22:15<xris>Captain_Murdoch: haven't heard anything about that stuff, either.
22:15<xris>couple of emails back and forth and then nothing
22:20<Captain_Murdoch> is down (or maybe it's just really really slow), but isn't.
22:22<xris>wow, it's running a LOT of apache2 threads
22:22<xris>Snow-Man / Chutt: ping?
22:22[~]Captain_Murdoch is telling Tony Lill that he doesn't think that original air date patch is a candidate for -fixes since it requires a protocol version bump.
22:25<Captain_Murdoch>has trunk stabilized after the ffmpeg update?
22:25<xris>I still can't play mp4 files, but that's nothing new
22:26<xris>only two issues I have are that livetv is choppy (but watching recorded tv as it records is fine) and sometimes commflag doesn't kick off
22:27<Captain_Murdoch>I've been having the choppy issues lately sometimes as well. mainly on transcoded material I think. if we bookmark and restart the choppiness goes away for a while or possibly never returns.
22:27<Captain_Murdoch>this is on an older trunk version.
22:28<Captain_Murdoch>haven't debugged any though. hard to say "honey, bookmark this and let me go upstairs for a while and try to troubleshoot this while you continue watching" :)
22:28<Captain_Murdoch>when you say mp4, are you talking .avi or .nuv?
22:29<xris>the choppy stuff for me is only livetv from the livetv menu option.
22:29<xris>if I hit R and go watch it from the recorded menu, things play fine.
22:29<xris>and by choppy, I mean so choppy it's unwatchable.
22:29<Captain_Murdoch>I thought it might be my wireless, so I ran ethernet to my frontend but it still happens occasionally.
22:29<xris>no odd IO wait, cpu usage ia 7% or so, no swapping ram
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