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00:01<Cardoe>stuarta: around?
00:01<Cardoe>Captain_Murdoch: I have the same exact thing
00:01<Cardoe>Captain_Murdoch: the choppiness on a remote frontend?
00:01<Cardoe>Captain_Murdoch: I have mine over wireless
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00:02<Cardoe>Captain_Murdoch: Data just stops flowing across the wireless
00:02<Cardoe>I was planning on running a ethernet cable to test it.
00:03<Cardoe>Captain_Murdoch: but if I bookmark and restart... it works just fine.
00:03<Captain_Murdoch>Cardoe: yeah, remote over 100Mbit ethernet now, was 54g wireless. it's like the video only updates 4-5 times a second but the audio keeps closer to normal.
00:03<xris>Captain_Murdoch: oh, mine's not remote, either.
00:04<Captain_Murdoch>sometimes audio is choppy also, but that's usually after a commercial skip.
00:04<Cardoe>So my ethernet test probably won't work
00:05<Captain_Murdoch>I've been wondering if it was that ringbuffer tuning that Bruce did. I use nfs though and I'm not sure if his changes affected direct reading of a file. could be nfs related also, but I think I tested by removing the mount on my frontend and it still happened, but it's been a while since I tested that so I can't say for sure.
00:06<Cardoe>Captain_Murdoch: Here's the oddity.. the same issue happens on my Xbox Media Center machine
00:07<Cardoe>only if I have commercial cuts enabled
00:07<Cardoe>so I was thinking it was somehow the way the mpeg file was recorded
00:07<Cardoe>since that uses mplayer to play the files.
00:08<Captain_Murdoch>I don't cut, I only skip, but it coudl be sync issues after the skip/cut.
00:09<Cardoe>well I don't cut
00:09<Cardoe>I skip
00:09<Cardoe>on Xbox Media Center you only have the choice to "enable" them at the start of the recordings
00:09<Cardoe>and it'll auto-skip
00:10<Cardoe>Captain_Murdoch: know who maintains mytharchive any chance?
00:11<Captain_Murdoch>Paul Harrison
00:11<Captain_Murdoch>paulh I think is his svn login when he commits
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00:12<Cardoe>cause I need him to push some stuff from trunk into fixes
00:13<Captain_Murdoch>I don't think he comes around here much if any, so email is the best bet.
00:13<Cardoe>like ffmpeg's new command line switches...
00:13[~]Captain_Murdoch needs to get to bed because he has to be back up in a few hours for a maintenance window.
00:13<Cardoe>I'm pretty much taking the policy in Gentoo of only packaging exactly what you guys ship in release-0-20-fixes so I don't have to worry about patches.
00:13<Captain_Murdoch>that's good (and stable)
00:14<Captain_Murdoch>be back in a few (hours that is)
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01:01<xris>Snow-Man or Chutt: ping
01:02<xris>nevermind, will pm
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03:01<stuarta>Cardoe: i'm here now...
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04:02<gbee>stuarta: I suspect he was looking for me -
04:03<gbee>though only because I'd backported a fix for mythfilldatabase 24 hours earlier and posted such to the gentoo bug tracker
04:04<stuarta>maybe, i did ask him to test something regarding his HD playback last week
04:05<gbee>could be it, just that he CC'd me on that ticket at 06:02:59 and then asked for you in here at 06:03:04
04:06<stuarta>i'm sure we'll find out soon :)
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04:08<gbee>either way, he doesn't really want me - Paul should handle backporting mytharchive fixes :)
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10:35<stuarta>ticket 3093 is free to a good home, i've no time to work on it
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10:43<gbee>the segfault?
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10:46<stuarta>yeah. shouldn't be too hard
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12:00<MoRpHeUz>mythtv gets the content of an analog tv card (yuv) and then transcodes to mpeg4, right ?
12:05<GreyFoxx>Yes, mpeg4 or rtjpeg depending on what the user chooses
12:07<MoRpHeUz>GreyFoxx: hhmm...maybe it should be possible, on a DVB card, to capture in mpeg2 and transcode to yuv ? (maybe to mpeg4 too)....
12:08<GreyFoxx>well, yuv is really just the unenacoded raw video.... so you wouldn't really "transcode" to it
12:08<GreyFoxx>and there is nothing stopping anyone from auto transcoding their mpeg2 recordings to mpeg4
12:09<GreyFoxx>myth will do that
12:09<GreyFoxx>though the built in stuff stores it in .nuv containers
12:09<MoRpHeUz>I'm thinking about the live-tv.....
12:10<MoRpHeUz>a way to transcode live-tv..
12:11<GreyFoxx>Well, you would have to write in the transcoding support fo course
12:11<GreyFoxx>as right now the backend takes the data from the card, writes it to disk and does nothing with it
12:12<GreyFoxx>It's just read back and fed voer the network to the player
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12:13<GreyFoxx>so when the client sets up the connection and requests the show it will need to tell us what codecs/whatever to use and we transcode it on the fly
12:14<MoRpHeUz>GreyFoxx: perfectly...that's what I'm thinking about...
12:14<MoRpHeUz>maybe if next week I can meet Captain_Murdoch we'll do some code camp regarding this stuff...
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12:23<xris>GreyFoxx: he's trying to set up a way to stream livetv to other devices in a transcoded format.
12:24<xris>MoRpHeUz: assuming realtime encodes, it really should just be a matter of getting Captain_Murdoch's "multiple files per recording" code enabled, and then adding a parallel transcode process while the show is recording.
12:25<GreyFoxx>Hopefully that is extendable to finished recordings as well
12:25<MoRpHeUz>xris: ;-)
12:25<MoRpHeUz>so, it's all perfectly possible of being implemented... =)
12:26<GreyFoxx>an I don't mean a persistant copy of it in the second format, just "gimme that mpeg2, but transcode it on the fly to xxx with xxx WxH and Y bitrate thanks)
12:26<MoRpHeUz>perfectly....then it would be flexible enough to any application..
12:26<MoRpHeUz>that wants to use this feature..
12:29<xris>GreyFoxx: yeah. I want it for flv streaming to mythweb, too.
12:29<MoRpHeUz>flv streaming would be great also...
12:29<xris>MoRpHeUz: you need to convince nokia that the best way to get your features into the backend is to send free devices to all of the core devs. :)
12:29<MoRpHeUz>(watch mythtv's videos on wii ! =P )
12:29<xris>MoRpHeUz: yup, that, too.
12:30<MoRpHeUz>xris: hahaha, it would be great !!! =P
12:30<xris>I'll get a wii in fall when they support dvd playback, so that'll eventually happen, too
12:30<GreyFoxx>I want on the fly transcoding to wmv :)
12:30<xris>MoRpHeUz: yes, unfortunately, I know it's not going to happen. but it's nice to dream.
12:30<MoRpHeUz>xris: it was hard to get a device for me.. =\... I had to pay for one...(they gave a discount but still had to pay)
12:30<MoRpHeUz>xris: for sure! =)
12:30<xris>GreyFoxx: yeah. it'd benefit a lot of different devices, apps.
12:31<MoRpHeUz>I'm surrounded by a lot of this devices at work, but nothing for me hehe...(the discount was only valid in US...had to ask a friend to buy for me and bring to me in brazil hehe)
12:34<xris>MoRpHeUz: at least you get to play with them at work. :)
12:35<MoRpHeUz>yeah hehe
12:35<MoRpHeUz>have something for you guys:
12:36<MoRpHeUz>at the end of the animation you can put your name and email to try to win a device =)
12:36<MoRpHeUz>( better than nothing hehe )
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16:25<xris>Chutt: alternative to incorporation, might be worth researching:
16:28<Chutt>i still don't really see a need for that sort of thing.
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16:36<xris>well, my main thought is so that the financial burden (tax stuff) of the project doesn't fall on you.
16:37<xris>it'd be nice to be able to let mythtv manage its own money, too.
16:37<xris>but other than that, no biggie.
16:39<xris>anyway, thought I'd mention it. they don't seem to require incorporation. just act as a bank, so to speak.
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19:21<mattwj2005>I just got a HDHomeRun :)
19:23<mattwj2005>how is everything this lovely evening?
19:23<mattwj2005>how is everyone doing?
19:32<mattwj2005>sorry wrong channel.......thanks to the hard working programmers.....I am sorry and thank you for a great program! :)
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21:51<xris>Snow-Man: you restarted apache, correct?
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22:34<Snow-Man>xris: I reloaded it..
22:34<Snow-Man>I can restart it if that wasn't enough.
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22:52<xris>needs a graceful/restart
22:52<xris>otherwise the currently running threads don't have the module
22:52<xris>graceful is the best method... lets threads die off without killing existing connections
22:54<xris>thx. :)
22:55<Snow-Man>a'ight, there you go..
22:55<xris>wonder why it's still barfing on the command.
22:56<xris>doesn't recognize AuthDigestFile or AuthUserFile
22:56<xris>hmm, maybe a module change requires a full restart
22:57<Snow-Man>There you go, full, complete, blah, blah, restart.
22:57<Snow-Man>It work now?
22:58<xris>and that concerns me
22:58<Snow-Man>===# mo mods-enabled/auth_digest.load
22:58<Snow-Man>LoadModule auth_digest_module /usr/lib/apache2/modules/
22:59<Snow-Man>[Fri Mar 02 05:00:09 2007] [notice] Digest: generating secret for digest authentication ...
22:59<Snow-Man>[Fri Mar 02 05:00:09 2007] [notice] Digest: done
22:59<Snow-Man>[Fri Mar 02 05:00:09 2007] [notice] Apache/2.2.3 (Debian) PHP/4.4.4-3 configured -- resuming normal operations
22:59<xris>/data/www/ Invalid command 'AuthUserFile', perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration
22:59<xris>I'm not using php
22:59<xris>that's from the apache logs for the services vhost
23:00[~]xris is confused
23:05<xris>Snow-Man: I'm guessing it also needs authn_file.load
23:05<Snow-Man>yea, was just seeing that
23:06<Snow-Man>Try it now..?
23:07<xris>apparently still needs that
23:07<Snow-Man>blah, blah, blah
23:08<xris>probably also authz_user.load
23:08<Snow-Man>done, done, and done, anything else before I restart again?
23:08<xris>no clue
23:08<xris>I'm just getting these from a quick websearch of the errors
23:09<xris>seems to work now
23:09[~]Snow-Man glares at evil lisp code.
23:09<Snow-Man>yay for AI classes...
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23:16<xris>sounds fun. heh
23:21<Snow-Man>Well, I just evolved the perfect food-finding ant program.
23:21<Snow-Man>So, like, that's kinda coo..
23:26<xris>sweet, it works
23:27<xris>now I can actually log in and look at the submissions for xmltvid, callsign, etc.
23:27<xris>feel free to add yourself to the htdigest file
23:27<xris>I'll eventually get it hooked up to approve/deny submissions, block IPs, etc.
23:29<xris>yeah. it'll be a major improvement over the current half-broken method of getting icons.
23:30<Snow-Man>You say half-broken like it's a bad thing!
23:36<xris>only when there are improvements that can be made. :)
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