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03:06<forkqueue>Can anyone help with a weird mythcommflag bug I'm experincing?
03:06<forkqueue>A strace shows it's stuck in a loop doing this:
03:06<forkqueue>time(NULL) = 1172826548
03:06<forkqueue>gettimeofday({1172826548, 844721}, NULL) = 0
03:06<forkqueue>gettimeofday({1172826548, 845048}, NULL) = 0
03:06<forkqueue>nanosleep({0, 10000000}, NULL) = 0
03:06<forkqueue>time(NULL) = 1172826548
03:06<forkqueue>gettimeofday({1172826548, 873399}, NULL) = 0
03:07<forkqueue>nanosleep({0, 10000000}, NULL) = 0
03:07<stuarta>did you see something like current_picture not initialized in the logs???
03:08<forkqueue>stuarta: Nope..
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03:08<forkqueue>stuarta: Logs all look normal, just entries about scheduling recordings
03:09<stuarta>you should see it starting commflagging
03:09<forkqueue>stuarta: Yup, 2007-03-02 09:02:54.739 JobQueue: Commercial Flagging Starting for
03:09<stuarta>see if there is anything odd after that
03:10<forkqueue>2007-03-02 09:02:55.869 AFD: Opened codec 0x815c550, id(MPEG2VIDEO) type(Video)
03:10<forkqueue>2007-03-02 09:02:55.910 AFD: Opened codec 0x815cac0, id(MP3) type(Audio)
03:10<forkqueue>2007-03-02 09:02:55.912 AFD: Opened codec 0x815d070, id(MP3) type(Audio)
03:10<forkqueue>2007-03-02 09:02:55.912 AFD: Opened codec 0x815d620, id(DVB_SUBTITLE) type(Subti
03:10<stuarta>please use a pastebin...
03:10<stuarta>that's normal
03:10<stuarta>i want odd
03:11<stuarta>nothing there, what the job status show?
03:12<forkqueue>stuarta: Shows 39% complete flagging commercials
03:12<stuarta>then it's running
03:13<forkqueue>stuarta: Except it's been running this job since Sunday it seems, it only restarted when I rebooted the box
03:14<forkqueue>stuarta: is the strace output
03:14<forkqueue>It seems to just be stuck in a loop..
03:15<stuarta>definitely odd. no idea atm why it would be doing that...
03:15<forkqueue>I take it as a workaround for the moment I can delete the commflag jobs from the queue?
03:16<stuarta>yeah, and kill the commflag
03:17<stuarta>you'll only need to remove the one offending job from the queue
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03:47<gbee>hmm, is NO_XV=1 really still needed to make screenshots? For a long time now I've been able to use ksnapshot without it
03:51<stuarta>i've never ever made a snapshot :)
03:53<gbee>mostly did it to demonstrate the osd 'time remaining' patch, not much reason for it otherwise
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06:27<gbee>anyone know who wrote the CD ripping code? Trying to understand the desired behaviour of Ripper::isNewTune
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06:42<janneg>gbee: xvidcap can make screen shots/movies with enabled xv
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10:25<MrGandalf>janneg: there?
10:33<janneg>MrGandalf: yes
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11:24<MrGandalf>janneg: wrt a couple patches you put in for eit and seek tables
11:25<MrGandalf>I applied both of those to 12431 and found a problem I can't explain.. dunno if it's one of the patches (doesn't seem likely) or my compile
11:25<MrGandalf>changing channels 50% of time time results in the frontend becoming disconnected from the backend for some reason
11:26<MrGandalf>times out on the short timeout in mythsocket
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11:26<MrGandalf>wondering if you knew of anything in either of thise which could potentially cause that
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11:36<janneg>the seek table patches should be completely unrelated. the eit cache looking adds DB operation during channel changes. so it might be related
11:37<janneg>but I don't want to debug a old version + selected changes
11:39<janneg>and if it's the eit cache locking that behaviour will change
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11:48<MrGandalf>janneg: just curious.. the eit cache patch didn't seem to fix my problem anyway. I would update to latest SVN but there is another nastier channel changing bug that seems nobody else has run into yet but me. :(
11:51<janneg>MrGandalf: which version causes the error?
11:51<gnome42>hmm, I've been using LiveTV a bit lately without issue. (doing testing for #3149)
11:53<gnome42>janneg: Hi! Have you managed to achieve smooth h.264 playback?
11:56<MrGandalf>janneg: which version causes which error?
11:57<janneg>the "nastier channel changing bug"
11:57<MrGandalf>ah, I believe it was ~12730
11:57<MrGandalf>I believe it may have been introduced with a patch for fast mpeg tuning
11:58<MrGandalf>though I didn't investigate all that far
11:58<MrGandalf>I put in a ticket for it. I can find it if you want
11:59<MrGandalf>if I remember correctly, it has something to do with changing capturecards + inputs at the same time
12:02<janneg>gnome42: almost. only scenes with fast motion causes framedrops or sometimes prebuffer pauses
12:03<janneg>but it looks possible that optimizations in ffmpeg will fix it
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12:05<janneg>MrGandalf: I think I've seen that too
12:06<MrGandalf>there's a claim on that ticket that the bug exists in 0.20, though I've never seen it before trying 12730.
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14:58<Dibblah>Sheesh. Some people just 'love to share'.
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15:18<jams>guess Dibblah is not one of those people
15:26<Dibblah>Sorry - The mailing list post on DVB encryption.
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15:51<Chutt>someone want to smack the people on the dev list a little harder? =)
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16:12[~]Captain_Murdoch smacks a little harder
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16:19<Dibblah>Good plan.
16:20<Dibblah>BTW, while I'm here, has anyone looked in-depth at the memory usage of qimages?
16:21<Dibblah>As far as I can follow the code, the only time qimage is really used is to load and scale the theme. They're then converted to qpixmaps.
16:22<Dibblah>Is that wrong, since there's a large amount of qimages still resident...
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16:27<janneg>Dibblah: I haven't seen anything that deletes the QImages
16:29<Chutt>the qt painter uses the qimages directly.
16:29<Chutt>err, opengl painter
16:32<Dibblah>Ah. That's unfortunate :(
16:33<Dibblah>blootube-wide looks really nice... But 768Mb is not enough without swap :(
16:33<janneg>yes, but the qt painter uses pixmaps but still holds the qimages
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16:34<Dibblah>The dumb option, obviously, doesn't work.
16:35<Dibblah>Unless I'm misunderstanding things (again) the pixmaps can also be local to the graphics card for storage, dependent on how the X driver is implemented.
16:36<Dibblah>(qpixmap on X11 is stored server-side)
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17:53<GreyFoxx>Anduin: You around ?
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17:58<GreyFoxx>Anduin: Is that guy just talking about bookmarks with the internal player + mythvideo? or am I misreading his ticket ?
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18:03<GreyFoxx>there is acrop filter, though I've never used it
18:14<Anduin>GreyFoxx: That was how I read it (yes I do know that it works, it just doesn't work well (like normal recordings))
18:23<GreyFoxx>I use it a lot and gotta say I've yet to have aglitch. But from reading what he was saying sounded like the feature wasn't even there hence my confusion :)
18:25<Anduin>Yeah, I had typed a longer answer but decided I'd keep it short, most of the stuff I want to add in that area is UI related (thus the API change), so we can get play with ignore, auto-save, etc.
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