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00:05<xris>briand: you realize that there are two of "Chris P" ? :)
00:13<Chutt>reply to the dev list or not.
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00:19<kormoc>Sure, might as well share the fun
00:22<briand>xris: yes, I'm aware. :)
00:23<briand>but then, you only chuckled. (although I'm sure your humor is just as good)
00:25[~]briand considers adding an 'ignore flag' to his thunderbird mailer and calling it "dangerous"
00:27<xris>so many friggin' tv channels.
00:27<xris>looks like the new channel icon stuff is working, though.
00:28<briand>oh! the "SCREENSHOT keybinding" !! duh.
00:29<briand>note to self: don't hit the 'print screen' button while paused... (29 copies of ksnapshot were running - yikes!)
00:35<briand>Captain_Murdoch: is there a "developer-recommended" key for that keybinding? :)
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00:48<briand>nm. Ctrl-S suffices. nice feature. :)
00:49<briand>now if I (or, better yet, someone familiar with Qt programming) were to get off my butt and code up a lightscribe interface, i'd have some graphics to burn into the disc label...
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01:15<xris>Chut or any other devs who want access to the channel icon stuff... pm me the results from: htdigest -c /dev/stdout MythTV kormoc
01:15<xris>er, replace kormoc with your desired username
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02:41<okolsi>having cosmetic issue with configure / GCC / CPU flags.. my P4 compile shows lots of these: `-mcpu=' is deprecated. Use `-mtune=' or '-march=' instead.
02:42<xris>okolsi: you can generally ignore warnings
02:42<okolsi>I'm little bit slow.. explain..?
02:43<kormoc>okolsi, in order to support older versions of gcc, you need to use -mcpu, which works with newer versions and older versions
02:44<okolsi>all right.. this is no problem for me, just thought that if this is a typo somewhere or something..
02:45<okolsi>xris: you mentioned Jinzora the other day.. what's your thoughts about changing / improving Mythweb music..?
02:46<xris>I'm open to anyone willing to put in the work
02:46<xris>(and clean code)
02:47<okolsi>okay.. I'd love to see improvements on that section.. unfortunately I don't have enough time and/or skills :(
02:48<xris>that's a general problem all around.. :)
02:48<xris>well, mostly the time part
02:50<okolsi>what I could do, I could do some tiny improvements to current implementation.. I just tought that is there any point in improving the current Mythweb music.. but I guess there is untill someone makes some real improvements/changes
02:51<xris>the current stuff is basically a port of mp3act
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02:53<okolsi>when I last checked, mp3act seemed to be sort of stopped
02:53<okolsi>or not going forward I mean :)
02:53<xris>most of those apps are.
02:53<xris>jinzora was like that when I last looked it it.
02:53<xris>couple of helpful users, but the devs didn't even answer email.
02:54<okolsi>blaah.. thats too bad. hard to tell what project to follow or use in Myth then
02:55<mrgoby>hi, I'm in a wierd state with myth... I have a pvr350, which uses tuner1. I can't start LiveTV cause myth thinks it should use Tuner2 (according to the system status page). It looks like it looks for channel listings maybe and then complains about not finding pgm files in 1969
02:55<xris>mrgoby: wrong channel
02:55<mrgoby>i tried deleting all the cardds and channels/sources in setup, but that didnt work... should i just swat the database? or is there a particular table I should look into
02:55<mrgoby>mythtv-users ?
02:56[~]mrgoby ivtv-tune -c mythtv-users -u mrgoby
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02:58<xris>okolsi: I have a lot of cool things I'd like to do with mythweb, but a lot of it depends on help from people working on the backend.
02:58<xris>since that's often slow to appear, I work on other things.
03:00<okolsi>this sounds like improved streaming / on the fly transcodings etc. are these kind of features..?
03:01<xris>but also stuff like better file management in the backend (i.e. let the backend manage music/video files)
03:01<xris>but since that stuff is slow to appear, I have other things to do, like redesign the channel icon lookup stuff.
03:02<okolsi>nice still that things go further, at least on some areas :)
03:05<okolsi>by the way, any problems with #3138 going in at some point?
03:07<okolsi>after that, I'd like to add genre and maybe rating display to those mouse-over pop-up windows..
03:08<xris>looks ok other than the non-escaped data from the original queries....
03:08<xris>maybe if I remember tomorrow.
03:08<xris>(should really think about sleep now)
03:11<xris>heh. my channel icon search now blows away anything lyngsat has. and it's their data.
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04:40<gbee>briand: I'm looking at #3085, I've never used the smart playlists function, but with the date_added changed to date_entered it seems to work just fine, I can't reproduce any problems with "Last Play" or "Date Imported" rules
04:43<lucas123>xris: depending on what you need from "backend people" I'd like to help out. If you need infromation from backend people that are very fermiliar with how things work, I'm not your guy, but if you just need someone who's comfortable with c++, send me a msg on what kind of stuff you need in the backend to progress mythweb stuff.
04:43<lucas123>crap, he left :)
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05:38<gbee>o_cee: are you about?
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07:36<gbee>Any UK people about? I'm updating the English translation and wondered whether I should leave 'commercial' alone or translate it to 'advert'
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08:56<briand>gbee: you are correct. I thought I left a note on that ticket regarding the second part - that was an error on my part. The change to date_entered is the only problem there.
08:57<gbee>briand: thanks
08:58[~]gbee closes the ticket
09:00<briand>yay! :)
09:07<gbee>1 down, ~15 to go
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09:17<recon39>hello everyone I hate to ask quetions in this room but I am not getting any help from mythtv-users room can anyone in here help me setup mythdvd
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09:21<briand>recon39: you will get less help here (and i don't think you really tried all that hard over there) than that, per the channel's topic.
09:24<briand>gbee: too bad they're not all that easy. ;)
09:27<gbee>briand: indeed :)
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12:19<Chutt>CDev, hey, how's that ssdp patch coming?
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12:32<CDev>Chutt: I've been busy with work and my addtion to my house. The base code it ready, minus a couple of simple functions. The most recent thing I've been working on is adding a screen to have the user choose which backend, if any, to use.
12:33<Chutt>ah, cool.
12:33<Chutt>i'm mainly asking because i'd like to reuse the code =)
12:33<CDev>It getting to be a fairly large change...
12:33<Chutt>(i possibly have time to start on a db server)
12:33<CDev>Which part do you need first... maybe it's something I can clean up and commit.
12:33<Chutt>all of it, mostly..
12:34<Chutt>the frontend discovery, the backend code to be reused, etc..
12:35<CDev>I'll see what I can do to clean it up and get it committed (even if the frontend code isn't completed).
12:36<Chutt>going to use a branch at first?
12:36<CDev>Shouldn't need to. I've been making sure if it doesn't work, it will fall back to the old way.
12:37<Chutt>can you post the patch to the developers list first, at least?
12:37<CDev>Atleast until I know all the bugs are out and get dev approval.
12:37<Chutt>just to give some warning/etc
12:37<CDev>can do.
12:37<Chutt>ok, gotta go
12:37<CDev>The majority of the changes so far have been in the Upnp library.
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13:57<visit0r>kormoc: hi, is now pretty much done, if you want to use it in MythWeb
13:58<visit0r>Anduin: uploaded the latest changes, please apply
13:58<xris>visit0r: cool. :)
13:59<xris>visit0r: you'll have to give me an overview sometime so I can get nuvexport to save appropriate textfiles.
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14:00<visit0r>visit0r: it has a -h switch for listing the switches. I wonder has Anduin written support for importing the metadata textfiles...
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14:01<visit0r>xris: I meant actually ;-)
14:01<visit0r>too much python coding for this day
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14:02<xris>lucas123: ping
14:04<kormoc>visit0r, nifty
14:08<visit0r>xris: btw, how modular is the nuvexport code, I mean, is the "ui" part separated in a way that it would be easy to add more usable GUI to it?
14:08<xris>visit0r: not so much recently
14:09<xris>I'm more interested in using it as a user job, and then writing a ui for mythweb or whatever.
14:09<visit0r>hmm sounds better
14:11<xris>it all sort of depends on what happens with Captain_Murdoch on his brazil trip.. the group down there is really interested in getting on-the-fly transcoding put into the backend (or an associated util), and if he can get other-format exporting to work, nuvexport won't really be necessary.
14:12<visit0r>yep, if done well, it would make it obsolte.
14:13<xris>I almost got to go, too, but they couldn't get budget approval.
14:14<MoRpHeUz>it would be good to have both of you here! =P
14:14<xris>MoRpHeUz: you'll get no argument from me. :)
14:14<visit0r>hmm I wonder if Nokia's going to resurrect their STB business...
14:19<MoRpHeUz>visit0r: hhmm, not from my side hehe...we are doing things for another kind of software..
14:20<gbee>fixed a second spelling error, if I commit some fixed *.ts files to avoid the strings needing re-translation that should be OK?
14:24<xris>gbee: not that my opinion counts for much, but it sounds reasonable to me.
14:27<lucas123>xris: pong
14:28<xris>you asked about backend stuff?
14:28<xris>the bulk of it is sort of being worked on by Captain_Murdoch... but there are some smaller projects if you want to poke around.
14:29<lucas123>the bulk of what? :).. and what smaller stuff do you have in mind?
14:29<lucas123>small sounds good though. I've only seriously touched the commflagging code so far.
14:30<xris>well, the one small thing I've wanted for a long time is to modify the favorites stuff so that you can have multiple groups.
14:30<xris>so instead of "favorites" you could have "sports channels" and "wife's favs" etc.
14:31<MoRpHeUz>xris: that's a good idea..
14:31<xris>MoRpHeUz: I stole it from dishnetwork heh.
14:31<xris>would be a simple edit to make the frontend support/ignore the additional flags, and then mythweb could get a nice editor.
14:32<lucas123>so no mythfrontend editor perse?
14:32<xris>lucas123: well, would be cool to get one there, too... but since I don't use the frontend like that, it doesn't affect me. :
14:33<lucas123>hehe, same here, as long as it gets accepted if it has no mythfrontend editor works fine for me.. I use mythweb for most configuring anyway
14:33<xris>lucas123: other stuff (and we'd probably have to talk to Chutt about it first) would be to create some sort of "other file" management for the backend.. small stuff like channel icons, video covers, etc. Would be nice if there was a way to remotely add files to them.
14:33<xris>personally, I'm in favor of putting small stuff like those things into the db, but I think there was some resistance to it last time I asked.
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14:34<xris>lucas123: I think for mythfrontend, you'd just have it always configure "default".
14:34<xris>though I suspect that once people start using it in mythweb, frontend support would follow.
14:34<lucas123>so the mythweb editor for this would poke directly into the mysql database right ?, and the mythfrontend code would read from the backend.. no backend protocol that defines things like AddFavGroup etc.
14:35<lucas123>oops. make that "mythfrontend code would read from the db"
14:35<xris>I think the current code just pulls from the db
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14:36<lucas123>k, well that defenitely sounds small enough..
14:37<lucas123>so how to store this in the db? (browing my db now to see how it's stored at the moment)
14:37<xris>favorites table
14:38<xris>would need another table to manage the group name
14:39<lucas123>or another column.
14:39<xris>well, technically better to have another table to prevent redundant info
14:40<lucas123>technically better as in uses less megabytes on disk?
14:40<xris>imho the best thing to do would be to repurpose favorites to {fav_id, name, userid} and create a new table with {id, fav_id, chanid}
14:40<kormoc>makes queries on the data quite a bit nicer
14:41<xris>could also later expand to include stuff like "shared" or "public" or whatever.
14:43<lucas123>where name in that first table would be "chris' favorites", or "kids stuff" ?
14:45<lucas123>is that userid currently used?
14:46<xris>no clue
14:46<xris>I've never actually messed with the current stuff
14:47<lucas123>k, I'll have to check that out.. the multi user stuff from soc never made it into trunk right?
14:47<briand>which dev is currently supporting the MythArchive plugin?
14:47<lucas123>paulh I think
14:47<briand>if you specify "/video/tmp/" as the working directory, the process will crash just prior to running dvdauthor and hang the machine.
14:48<briand>if you specify "/video/tmp" as the working directory (no trailing slash), it works fine.
14:48<xris>briand: bug report time. :)
14:49<briand>i dunno if i wanna try creating a patch for it, though...
14:50<xris>lol, I think the "delete recording" javascript math in mythweb is adding to the total-used instead of subtracting.
14:52<lucas123>xris: this does need some sort of gui on the frontend to select the "favorites group" you'd like to use... do you happen to know if "zapping up and down" also takes favorites into account?
14:53<xris>(don't know, that is)
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15:17[~]xris is putting way too much effort into this channel icon management app
15:17<gardengnome>do you enjoy it?
15:17<xris>some of it.
15:18<xris>I will enjoy providing a cool service to users.
15:18<gardengnome>then it's worth it.
15:18<gardengnome>yes, people will love it. including me.
15:18<xris>the management stuff is actually kind of cool
15:18<gardengnome>channel icons are underrated :/
15:21<xris>I just like presenting a good UI
15:22<briand>xris: I certainly appreciate your efforts! :)
15:24<xris>just need more users to start using the system. not enough data collected for me to start approving too many selections.
15:24<gardengnome>i'll give it a try next weekend
15:25<xris>there are already a handful of dvb submissions.
15:26<briand>what do i need to do to start experimenting with it?
15:27<xris>running svn?
15:28<xris>you basically need the perl bindings and the new .pl script in contrib/master_iconmap
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15:41<lucas123>xris: the icon management UI is trough mythweb?
15:42<briand>yes, i'm running svn, and i've compiled with perl bindings
15:44<xris>lucas123: not yet
15:44<xris>but there's a util running on with a web interface to go in and approve icon submissions, etc.
15:45<xris>briand: check out the script, then. all you need to do is run it with --find-missing
15:46<briand>alrighty.. i'll give it a try this week
15:46<xris>it basically just walks you through picking the correct icon for your channels.
15:47<xris>and then submits a list to
15:47<Anduin>visit0r: Not I haven't written the import code yet, I'll get to it soon (hopefully)
15:48<Anduin>visit0r: Why do you attach both? (last time they were different are they this time?)
15:54<visit0r>Anduin: both?
15:54<visit0r>Anduin: I atteched both the full scripts so people outside trunk can more easily test and also a patch against the trunk
15:57<lucas123>hey xris, have you given any thought on the UI on this favorite groups stuff? We'd need a way to select the "current favorite group". I guess this should work
15:57<lucas123>while watching livetv, and while browsing the epg.
15:58<xris>probably best just to extend the current UI
15:58<xris>assuming that there is one.
15:58<lucas123>well, for livetv, it could be stuffed in the overlay menu that also has the audiorate stuff and all.
16:00<lucas123>for in the epg... I'm not sure if there is something to extend there.. might need to use something like the standard myth dialog's... I'd have to dig a bit deeper to see if the standard myth dialog would work well enough.
16:15<xris>yay. icon assignments can now be deleted and reassigned.
16:15<xris>that's all I need for now.
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16:30<Anduin>visit0r: If you bug me or I notice the time to commit should be about a day or less (no need to the tar.gz in my opinion)
16:31<Anduin>visit0r: I'm reverting the plot outline test back, Movie.__contains__ is a person check making .has_key != in
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16:33<visit0r>Anduin: it was broken previously, you used the key as index without testing whether the key was there, thus it threw exception if there was no plot outline. btw. why the Outline:: prefix?
16:34<Anduin>visit0r: Yeah, mine crashed when the key wasn't there, you way of never working is better in that respect :)
16:34<visit0r>hmm :)
16:35<visit0r>I thought I checked that it worked
16:35<visit0r>ok then
16:35<Anduin>visit0r: I'll merge them and get a non-crashy working one (my python, well isn't great)
16:35<visit0r>Anduin: alright, good.
16:35<Anduin>visit0r: The Outline:: is for the split a few lines down
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16:38<visit0r>Anduin: if 'plot outline' in movie and len(movie['plot outline']):
16:38<visit0r>should be in movie.keys() right?
16:38<Anduin>visit0r: Yes, though I'm just going to .has_key (it is a container, and if they didn't provide __contains__ and make it only work for Person it would work as is)
16:40<Chutt>i think i'm going to try upgrading trac.
16:41<Chutt>get their latest spam stuff
16:43<visit0r>Anduin: ah.. got it
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16:51<Anduin>serves me right thinking I'd beat the trac update
16:51|-|heanol [] has joined #mythtv
16:52<Chutt>i can turn it back on if you'd like
16:52<heanol>i'm running my frontend on an nvidia card (using the xv-stuff) and the OSD is missing colors and sometimes a part of it stays on the tv when its removed
16:52<heanol>i didnt have this problem with my ATI card
16:52<heanol>so i assume it's nvidia related..
16:52<Chutt>heanol, topic.
16:52<heanol>i guess users-channel is better
16:52<heanol>yeah, sry.
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16:53<Anduin>Chutt: No need, I committed before I checked anyway.
16:59<janneg>the post commit hook worked
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17:02<xris>janneg: new post commit hook?
17:03<janneg>xris: no, the trac post commit hooks. trac is offline but I got the ticket modification notice mails
17:21<xris>heh. well, the post-commit is definitely broken now. :)
17:21<xris>janneg: you said you had no trouble playing my mp4 file in mythtv, right?
17:24<Chutt>trac has gotten rid of the severity field for a while now
17:24<Chutt>should we?
17:26<janneg>xris: yes, it had some artifacts but played
17:26<xris>janneg: I'm still getting that weird "mov: header not found" error.
17:26<xris>Chutt: I don't think I use it
17:27<xris>janneg: but the routine that generates the error is identical in ffmpeg svn and mythtv svn
17:28<Chutt>anyone have a commit pending that would update a ticket?
17:28<janneg>Chutt: it has overlap with priority and I don't think we need it
17:28<Chutt>janneg, that's the reasoning behind getting rid of it, yeah.
17:29<janneg>yes, but I could commit it tomorrow
17:30<janneg>xris: I've seen that error with a different sample
17:30<xris>janneg: I get it with any/all of my mp4 files
17:30<xris>other apps play them fine (ffplay) or with minor glitches (xine)
17:32<janneg>I get it now with your sample too :(
17:33<janneg>could have different reasons though
17:33<xris>I think that and my "livetv skips" are the two remaining bugs that really bother me.
17:33<xris>janneg: weird.
17:34<xris>my ffmpeg is about a month old. maybe something broke in their svn
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17:37<xris>ok, the channel icon lookup stuff is now "stable"
17:38<janneg>I don't think so. google's movie trailer (ipod version) plays fine in ffmpeg svn from last week but not with my devel mythtv which has the same ffmpeg libs (+ our local changes)
17:39<janneg>and my dev version is not bug free
17:39<xris>got a link to that video?
17:45<janneg>xris: and then download video ipod
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17:51<xris>yup, mythtv freaks out on that one, too
17:51<Chutt>trac's ticket delete plugin no longer works
17:51<Chutt>ah well
17:53<xris>no updates to it?
18:06<xris>Chutt: you have any ideas where I could start looking to figure out why my livetv is unwatchable (skips, etc) but watching the same file selected from the recordings page plays fine?
18:06<xris>on the local frontend. remote frontend seems mostly fine.
18:06<janneg>xris: direct file access?
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18:07<janneg>so I guess yes
18:07<xris>yeah. should be
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18:07<janneg>pausing for ten seconds doesn't fix it?
18:08<xris>wel, I didn't try pausing, but I skipped 30+ seconds back in the buffer
18:08<janneg>should have the same effect
18:09<xris>I'm going to disable xvmc (didn't realize it was enabled) and see how that goes.
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18:14<xris>ok, xvmc seemed to be the issue.
18:15<xris>I still can't play HD properly, but at least the cpu usage numbers match up with the skipping there.
18:15<janneg>strange. I was just about to ask if 'mythfrontend -O AlwaysStreamFiles=1' helps
18:16<xris>I really need to take my mythbox apart at some point and figure out what kind of RAM I need to get to add to it.
18:17<xris>oh well. time to go shopping or something... laterl.
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19:12<briand>xris: looks good, overall. national pbs (fetched it for Georgia PBS on local cable) is returning a plain white blank icon.
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