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01:13<amrit>good bot... forgot the -users part ;)
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03:19<hd420>I'm interested in how mythtv "recognises" commercials, I've checked out svn and am wondering where said code would be... anyone here care to offer me a pointer?
03:23<hd420>I'm interested in how mythtv "recognises" commercials, I've checked out svn and am wondering where said code would be... anyone here care to offer me a pointer?
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03:32<stuarta>hd420: repeating yourself doesn't help, there's always a timelag between question and response in this channel
03:33<stuarta>sometime measured in hours
03:33<stuarta>the code you want is in the commflagger.
03:36<stuarta>gbee: if you haven't found the segfault, have you run mfdb under valgrind?
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03:38<hd420>thanks, stuarta, the repetition was by mistake, my apologies
03:39<gbee>stuarta: no, will do though
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03:41<hd420>stupid mouse
03:41<stuarta>heh, i have trouble using cut and paste when i'm made to use windows
03:41<stuarta>damn thing never pastes what i want it too.
03:43<gbee>doing a make clean/recompile first, was building mfdb independantly so maybe some lib changes were catching it out
03:43<stuarta>yeah, always a good ide.
03:43<hd420>I'm using mac os x, stuarta
03:43<stuarta>hd420: for the backend or just the frontend?
03:44<hd420>for IRC
03:44<stuarta>also if you put the nick at the front, then irc client side highlighting works better
03:44<stuarta>ah, never tried irc on my mac
03:44<hd420>stuarta: I have neither backend or frontend installed yet
03:45[~]stuarta has an innate distrust of .info sites.
03:45<gbee>pasting has been difficult since i got my new mouse, silly thing has a very sensitive left/right action on the wheel, so I'll it move focus or the cursor then paste :(
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06:25<gbee>heh, what are the chances I'd typo the ticket number and close another character encoding one?
06:26<stuarta>high given everyone's efforts last night
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08:22<okolsi>I'd like to be able to do Mythmusic re-scan either using some cmd line script/command or through Mythweb.. any ideas what would be the best way? Or is anyone else thinking/doing this already..?
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09:39<gbee>okolsi: xris has been thinking about doing it from mythweb
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09:40<gbee>it would be easier and less hacky to make it possible after splitting up mythmusic into be/fe components
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09:45<okolsi>okay.. I'd also prefer it in mythweb
09:47<okolsi>since this has been already thought.. I won't start to do any hacks.. better to wait a little and do it properly with be/fe
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09:58<sphery>gbee: did the make clean work for the mfdb segfault?
09:58<gbee>no :(
09:59<gbee>but it was unrelated to the changes
09:59<sphery>Oh. I really thought that was it.
09:59<sphery>Glad you figured it out.
09:59<gbee>well I haven't, but it was still segfaulting after reverting them :)
09:59<sphery>Wow. Interesting.
10:00<gbee>I think it's probably got something to do with a recent update I did to that box - about 300 packages were upgraded, gcc etc among them
10:01<sphery>Oh. That could be.
10:01<sphery>dev box?
10:02<janneg>no, I'am seeing also segfaults
10:02<sphery>only with mfdb?
10:02<gbee>production, there is only one but I tend to run it with bleeding edge packages
10:04<gbee>hang on, running it on my laptop
10:04<janneg>yes, only mfdb
10:09<gbee>only other recent change is [12964] ([12665])
10:09<gbee>janneg: what version are you running?
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10:14<sphery>I'm running r11795 and it works fine--which isn't helpful, since that's before any of the capabilities changes.
10:15<sphery>I would be willing to update to r12618 (just after capabilities and VB_XMLTV) and test if you'd like.
10:16<gbee>this segfault is recent, could only have started in the last week or so
10:16<janneg>gbee: it exits normally while running under gdb :(
10:17<gbee>janneg: didn't for me last night, got a backtrace but was too tired to work out anything useful from it
10:17<gbee>pastebin'd it, but I've lost the url now
10:18<gbee>nevermind, didn't have to scroll back far -
10:18<gbee>it's exiting normally on my laptop :(
10:18<janneg>yeah, found it too
10:19<gbee>I'm still thinking it's got something to do with my recent update
10:19<janneg>segfault in the QApplication destructor, probably hard to tell with qt debug symbols
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11:11<Chutt>hum, wonder if i should update to feisty on the production box
11:12<visit0r>should work fine for a server box, had some glitches on kde side though
11:13<Chutt>i run it on my dev box :p
11:13<visit0r>nothing major though
11:13<visit0r>yep, for example, printer setup is broken
11:13<visit0r>but otherwise, actually, it's pretty good
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11:45<o_cee>Chutt: any special reason? any nice upgrades?
11:46<janneg>subversion 1.4
11:48<janneg>it has working copy speed improvement
11:50<xris>o_cee: you should reset your channel icons and retry the script. it *should* pull your .se icons now.
11:50<o_cee>not using it on my webserver.. considered it though, would probably work well for setting up a testsite
11:50<o_cee>xris: reset as in delete them
11:51<xris>UPDATE channel SET icon='';
11:51<o_cee>hold on
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11:53<o_cee>hmm didn't you fix the skip issue?
11:53<xris>oh, no. heh
11:54<o_cee>hmm thought i read that :)
11:54<o_cee>[12970] ?
11:55<xris>blank vs undefined
11:55<xris>should work now.
11:56<o_cee>seems to be working really well
11:56<o_cee>"Submit channel information to" might need some more explanation
11:56<xris>it's a proof of concept script.
11:56<o_cee>ah it silently imported the ones that it found right away?
11:57<xris>it should be integrated into setup and mythweb in the future
11:57<xris>perfect matches just happen
11:57<o_cee>let me start the tv
11:57<o_cee>just to be sure
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11:58<o_cee>yep excellent :]
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12:02<gbee>xris: I know it's just proof of concept atm, but might be good if it could ignore channels which don't have 'visible' set
12:02<xris>and then I just have to go in and approve "nordic discovery mix" and no one else in .se will have to actually pick any icons
12:02<xris>gbee: easy enough to do.
12:02<o_cee>xris: how does it decide when to update?
12:03<xris>o_cee: decide?
12:03<xris>you run the script, it redownloads.
12:03<o_cee>xris: yeah, like if i update the file on the server
12:03<xris>as long as the filename on the server stays the same.
12:03<o_cee>it would
12:03<xris>if the filename changes, I need to rerun the scanner on the webserver
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12:05<xris>ok, time to go to work. later.
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12:57<o_cee>hmm firebug isn't entirely stable.. heh
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13:25<MrGandalf>janneg: you there?
13:25<MrGandalf>remember I told you I had issues with one of those two patches I installed with an older svn?
13:26<MrGandalf>updated to latest and still seeing them..
13:26<janneg>channel change issue, right?
13:27<MrGandalf>no, socket connection gets cut right after I change channel
13:27<MrGandalf>will try backing out of the eit patch and see what happens
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13:35<MrGandalf>yep, that's it.. the frontend shows a socket a timeout on readStringList and it seems the backend never even acts on the tuning request.
13:35<MrGandalf>it's like the backend gets bogged down doing something
13:36<MrGandalf>though your channel change patch seems to be working good so far..
13:37<janneg>MrGandalf: which changeset, the eit channel locking?
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14:47<MoRpHeUz>janneg: you have a minute ? =)
14:50<janneg>MoRpHeUz: sure
14:51<MoRpHeUz>janneg: =)
14:51<MoRpHeUz>janneg: well, I'm learning how to use avcodec, so I can code something for FileTransfer (regarding livetv trans)
14:51<MoRpHeUz>janneg: but I'm having an issue...
14:52<MoRpHeUz>janneg: every video after my transcode is too fast, like it was loosing some frames...
14:52<MoRpHeUz>the framerate is the same from the input video
14:52<MoRpHeUz>(I've set up this inside AVCodecContext)
14:53<MoRpHeUz>is there some basic step here that I'm missing ?
14:53<janneg>MoRpHeUz: I don't know, sorry
14:54<MoRpHeUz>janneg: that's ok! =) thanks!! =)
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15:05<dverzolla>Hello, I have a application with mythtv, where I record 24h of an TV Station. I'm using two PVR-150 to do this work, recording hour by hour, and swithcing between the boards... What I want to do is: Put a string in my records with Date/Time... I can do this with ffmpeg, but I can't do any postjob... It's possible do to this with mythtv?
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15:07<janneg>no. mythtv doesn't process the data it gets from the ivtv devices (assuming you're using the mpeg encoder)
15:07<dverzolla>janneg: yes, I'm using the mpeg encoder...
15:09<dverzolla>janneg: I will buy a hardware to put before the cable in.
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16:22<sphery>gbee: re: your segfault, did you see "Info: MythTV and QT 3.3.8" on the -dev list?
16:22<sphery>Since you said you just updated your box...
16:27<janneg>I use still x11-libs/qt-3.3.6-r4
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16:31<vorratt>I've got a Hauppauge PVR 150 card, and am running MythTV on x64 Gentoo. The automatic channel detetection doesn't seem to notice the composite inputs, and I don't know how to access them. I can only watch the one incredibly grainy station that can be picked up from inside my case without an antenna. That's bad, I think. Am I missing something really obvious?
16:31<vorratt>oh crap i can't read
16:31<vorratt>never mind.
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16:34<gbee>sphery, janneg: It certainly seems to fit the facts
16:35<gbee>just checked and that update did install 3.3.8
16:36<gbee>janneg: are you using a packaged version of QT? possibly those changes were backported? otherwise it may be a different segfault
16:37<janneg>gbee: it's probably a different error. I saw it only once so far
16:44<gbee>well at least I don't have to figure out the cause anymore
16:55<gbee>little puzzled with the explaination given, as far as I can tell we're not clearing up the mysql object in mfdb, it's possible we're doing it in the mythdbconn destructor (if such a thing exists) but then I'd expect to see the segfault with every mythtv application and I'm not
16:57<gbee>doesn't really matter, it's not a mythtv bug and it's certainly not that serious
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17:12<sphery>gbee: Yeah. Segfault on shutdown is probably the best place for one. :)
17:12<sphery>You don't see the segfault when shutting down other myth apps?
17:13<gbee>no, at least not mbe or mfe
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18:03[~]diseaser waves
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19:44<Chutt>stupid ivtv doesn't want to work
19:44<Chutt>DMA TIMEOUT's out the wazoo
19:47<Chutt>looks like it's only the 2nd tuner on the 500
19:51<MrGandalf>the 500 disappoints me.. noisy tuners.
19:55<Chutt>these worked fine before
19:58<MrGandalf>my 250 worked as well until a power outage and I quickly learned I couldn't switch video sources.. thought it was a fried card. Bought a 500 and learned it was that particular driver version and not the card.
19:58<MrGandalf>never had the need to switch sources before
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20:17<briand>MrGandalf: I would agree re: noisy tuners on the -newer- 500 cards.
20:18<briand>both tuners on my (old revision, Phillips tuner) 500 work fine
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20:20<MrGandalf>the phillips tuners are ok.. the new ones, sanyo or something, leave much to be desired.
20:20<briand>samsung, i think
20:20<briand>well, I think they changed a bit more than just the tuners on the new cards
20:20<MrGandalf>wish I had known that before I spent the $130 or so..
20:20<briand>there's apparently some built-in cheap line amp in the new cards as well
20:21<briand>you might check the ivtv-ctl settings (or v4l-ctl, whatever) if you're running a recent rev of the ivtv stuff...
20:21<MrGandalf>I need to send them a support ticket..
20:21<briand>maybe you just need to toggle that amp on (or off... too much video signal is just as bad as too little)
20:22<MrGandalf>I have, only hides it slightly
20:22<MrGandalf>I use svideo only
20:22<briand>ah. i bought a decent variable distribution amp for my house, so I've never seen too much signal problem
20:23<briand>oh.. you're not using the RF inputs on the card?
20:23<MrGandalf>nope, only svideo
20:23[~]briand wonders why you'd buy a 500, then... there's two (albeit one on a header) composite/svideo inputs on a 150
20:24<MrGandalf>two captures at once
20:24<briand>ah.. good point.
20:24<briand>i've got (currently) a 350 and a 500
20:25<briand>that gives me 3x RF inputs for SD cable. Someday (soon) I'm thinking of getting an HDHomeRun to grab a peek at the HD (and SD) digital stuff on QAM
20:25<MrGandalf>I still have a couple 250s.. I just need to get a PCI expansion unit now to give me 5v slots.. my new server only have 3.3v slots.
20:26<briand>and I still need to play around with adding the satellite box in via one of the composite inputs on the PVR cards
20:28<briand>then, let's see.. SD (analog) cable would be channels 2-99, digital cable would be 100-300, and satellite would be 500-1500, or somesuch.
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20:30<MrGandalf>then get dvb from 1500 - 2000
20:30<briand>dvb from where?
20:30<briand>the satellite is already dvb :)
20:30<MrGandalf>fta dvb (I assume you're in the US)
20:31<briand>i've got a couple fta boxes here
20:31<briand>plus a circular LNB so I can snag NASA-TV from the freebie open channel on the EchoStar bird
20:31<MrGandalf>there's a few good free DVB feeds in the US
20:32<briand>yes.. including FSU Football, in season. :)
20:32<briand>and usually yields a better picture/signal than the local coverage
20:33<MrGandalf>and direct NBC feeds, only Myth doesn't support 4:2:2 yet. :(
20:33<briand>i have a feeling it'll be worth watching FSU play again, now that they've got Jimbo Fisher in the offensive coordinator box.
20:33<briand>my box won't handle the 4:2:2 stuff, either. :(
20:33<briand>gets a great PBS signal, tho. :)
20:34<briand>no, not HD. dvb stuff in SD
20:34<briand>but they run a pretty wide mux, so not too much artifacting
20:34<MrGandalf>there's PBSHD you can view with Myth.
20:35<briand>in theory, I should be able to snag that from QAM, without worrying about cloud cover, etc.
20:35<MrGandalf>always better
20:35<briand>I'm told PBSHD, DiscoveryHD, and ESPN-HD are all 'in the clear' on our local Comcast digital stream
20:36<MrGandalf>the first two are in the clear in DVB land
20:36<briand>Nova -already- looks pretty nice in SD via satellite... I can't wait to see what it looks like in HD
20:36<MrGandalf>PBSHD is quite nice
20:36<briand>the thing that gets me about PBS is...
20:37<briand>I like Nova, and watch it semi-regularly (well, my myth box does, anyway)
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20:37<briand>any time (and I mean *any* time) I see anything else mildly interesting on their schedule...
20:37<briand>it's because they're in the midst of their "once a year" program drive
20:38<briand>so that 2.5 hour Moody Blues concert is really only just a tad over an hour of actual programming
20:38<MrGandalf>for the most part.. Nova is good. Frontline is also good at times.
20:39<MrGandalf>movie channel HD is also nice, if you have a C-band dish..
20:40<briand>parents have a C-band dish, but it's up in your neck of the woods, and they don't have a dvb-capable box (videocipher III, I think)
20:40<briand>so, that's a good 1350 miles from here.
20:40<MrGandalf>videocipher.. wow, not much used anymore..
20:41<briand>used by my step-father, still... and he still has a subscription package on there for hbo, cinemax, etc, too
20:42<briand>I don't want a big c-band dish here -- not really enough room on this lot
20:43<briand>and I already have 1 1-meter dish, 3 18" dishes, two VHF amateur antennas, a 40m delta-loop and an 80m dipole for HF... pretty much "antenna saturated" for a 1/2-acre lot.
20:43<briand>my neighbors must think I work for NSA or something.. :)
20:44<MrGandalf>wow, now THAT sounds interesting! I only have three dishes, one on a rotor
20:44<MrGandalf>and all Ku
20:44<briand>my 1-meter dish is on a H-H rotor
20:44<briand>the three "pie-plates" are fixed
20:47<briand>so are you guys still buried in snow/ice, or is it starting to thaw?
20:47<briand>spring seems to have arrived here in northern FL... azaleas are in bloom, robins have been spotted, etc.
20:48<MrGandalf>ice.. I live next to a lake.. or what used to be a lake. now it's the arctic north pole
20:48<briand>..and you're close enough to get occasional lake-effect snows off erie, too, aren't you?
20:49|-|rtsai [] has joined #mythtv
20:49<MrGandalf>no, wrong lake :) it's rare when we get lake effect
20:49<briand>when i live in ny, we were just a tad north of saratoga... so often protected by the upper hudson valley, unless a nor'easter blows through
20:49<MrGandalf>it's bad enough without it
20:50<briand>oh, I remember...
20:50<MrGandalf>snow and cold is ok.. I like all the seasons
20:50<briand>sometimes the weather here is not so nice... but I don't have to shovel it or chip my car out of it, so I'm not complaining.
20:51<briand>i do remember, not so fondly, getting up at 4:00am, so I could snow-blow the drive, chip out the car, warm it up, then shower, shave and dress for work.. at 9:00
20:52<MrGandalf>global warming.. it's getting better over time
20:52<briand>i remember we had a 72" snowfall one time, when i was in 10th grade...
20:52<briand>my pop handled the snowblower to clear the drive and walks... i took a shovel up on the porch roof to clear it
20:53<briand>when i finished it, i stepped off the eave onto the snowbank and walked down to the front door.
20:53<MrGandalf>that's lake effect
20:53<briand>no, that was a nor'easter.
20:53<briand>no lake effect snows in eastern NY
20:54<MrGandalf>east of any great lake.. that's where you get lake effect snow
20:54<briand>we were an hour north of albany.. semi-protected by the adirondacks there and the green mts in vermont
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23:24<livingtm>Im looking in the MySQL database on my backend, and the recorded table has a "watched" column, but the developer docs on the wiki dont list that column. Has this been removed?
23:26|-|strankan [] has joined #mythtv
23:27<xris>livingtm: it's relatively new, actually.
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23:27<livingtm>xris im running the stock ubuntu package.. do i need SVN to get that function?
23:28<xris>it should be in .20. I don't think it does much, though
23:28<livingtm>cant find all new un-watched recordings?
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