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00:58<gbee>it was added after 0.20
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01:23<xris>so to get channel icons from the backend... just a standard file transfer?
01:27[~]xris wonders how hard it would be to expand that to send music and video files, too
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01:43<xris>ok, definitely some wacky stuff in the file xfer code in the backend.
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05:59<CDev>xris: you do know that you can retrieve the channel icons, videos, music & recordings using the xml methods.
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07:32<gbee>CDev: have you written any client libs or just server stuff?
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08:05<CDev>gbee: Mostly just the server stuff.. However, I will most likely need to put together a client library to fully utilize the methods needed for autodiscovery.
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08:13<gbee>ok I was just toying with the idea of making mythmusic use the uPnP/XML code to access files remotely - seems silly to write a new server or extending the myth protocol if the current xml methods can already do it
08:14<gbee>might even do something at the weekend
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08:19<CDev>gbee: keep in mind that I will be commiting a change to the methods that changes the xml format and the url needed during the request (I've been treatenning a commit for a couple of weeks now, but keep finding things to do)
08:20<CDev>I'm almost done with my latest changes, and once I feel I've tested them enough, I will commit them.
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08:27<gbee>CDev: no worries, If I start work on this I probably won't be committing anything useful or usable for a few weeks and can easily adjust to any changes
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08:39<MoRpHeUz>CDev: how the url will look like after your changes ? probably this will affect the patch I sent to you, right ? =)
08:40<CDev>MoRpHeUz: It justs adds a Myth after the port and capitalizes the method name... i.e. http://server:6544:/Myth/GetRecorded
08:41<MoRpHeUz>ow, ok..
08:41<MoRpHeUz>it'll be easy to modify =)
08:41<CDev>It should require no or little changes to you patch (which I can take care of when I merge it)
08:41<MoRpHeUz>CDev: that's ok! thanks! =) if you want me to change this, just tell me.. =)
08:42<CDev>MoRpHeUz: once I complete my changes, I'll take a closer look at you patch, and will let you know if it needs major changes.
08:43<CDev>(I don't think it will)
08:45<MoRpHeUz>CDev: ok! =)
08:50<stuarta>gbee: since you've been poking around the translations lately
08:50<stuarta>can you comment on the translations in the eitfixup on 3180
08:50<stuarta>i'm thinking they shouldn't be translated here...
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08:51[~]gbee goes to have a look
08:53<stuarta>i'm going to take the ticket anyway...
08:54<gbee>hmm, well it is the right place to translate them, but maybe not the best place
08:55<gbee>we expect the categories to be placed into the database in the native language and we make no attempt to translate them later on, they are displayed untouched
08:55<stuarta>ahh, i was getting confused after the film/movie thing...
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08:56<gbee>yeah, what we really need is a similar fixup for the UK so that 'movie' is translated to 'film'
08:57<stuarta>that shouldn't be too hard to whip up. might have a bit of time on the weekend
08:57<gbee>the important bit is the category type, which must be 'movie' for canned searches etc to work
08:58<stuarta>right, and they all look okay, apart from a lot of use of Category_None
09:00<gbee>putting translations, and fixups in general into the code is a little bit cumbersome though (we've covered it before) - would be good if fixups could be dynamically loaded and used like translations, or at the very least broken down into country specific files maybe as virtuals?
09:00<stuarta>it's tied to the netid,transportid out of necessity
09:02<stuarta>mmmm, thinking we can expand on the current categoryType list (see dvbdescriptors.h:372)
09:03<gbee>stuarta: probably
09:03<stuarta>at minimum add Documentary & Kids
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09:08<gbee>I think I might propose the addition of category types to the xmltv spec, we would then be able to take advantage of them better for searching
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09:44<gbee>anyone got the xml retrieval methods working?
09:45<CDev>gbee: having problems?
09:48<gbee>just messing about, getting a feel for things, GetRecorded returns nothing (maybe I'm getting the parameters wrong) and GetMusic throw a 404
09:48<gbee>obviously that should read getRecorded and getMusic
09:48<CDev>Are you using MythXMLTest in the contrib directory or are you just using a browser?
09:49<gbee>both (and GET)
09:50<CDev>Keep in mind that it's all case sensitive.
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09:52<gbee>hmm, confused getRecorded and getRecording
09:52<CDev>GetRecorded returns xml data of all recorded programs.
09:52<CDev>GetRecording returns the actual video file.
09:55<gbee>getRecorded works fine, getRecording returns a 404 header
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09:56<CDev>hum. Working Fine here. What is the query string you're trying?
09:58<CDev>They look ok. ( the 28 secs looks odd, are you using the starttime, or RecStartTime?)
09:59<CDev>Just make sure you use the startTime from getRecorded data.
10:00<gbee>ahh, I'm using recstarttime
10:00<CDev>doesn't explain the music request not working.
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10:02<gbee>hmm, still doesn't work
10:03<gbee>btw should StartTime include seconds? the XMLTest stuff suggests not
10:04<CDev>Works both ways for me (with & without seconds)
10:04<CDev>Do you have the backend running with -v upnp?
10:05<gbee>yep, no output
10:05<gbee>except for methods which are working
10:05<CDev>Let me test my production box... maybe I fixed something without knowing it.
10:06<gbee>hmm running with -v database shows that it's looking up the files
10:07<gbee>well at least for getMusic
10:08<CDev>I'm getting 404 - not found on my production box. :-(
10:08<CDev>Then again... nothing seems to be working. (Checking into it)
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10:30<CDev>gbee: Not sure what's happening with current SVN. MythWeb generates previews fine (it uses the xml method getPreviewImage), but when I request the same image using wget, I get a 404.
10:32<CDev>I put some debug statements in and it's failing when I call ProgramInfo::GetProgramFromRecorded(...)
10:35<gbee>hmm, just tried the test pages again and it's working
10:35<gbee>maybe because I was supplying bad params before
10:36<gbee>doesn't explain why it's not working with GET though, unless it requires the method be POST?
10:36<CDev>It should work with a get or post.
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10:37<CDev>(querystring, form post, or SOAP request - all should work)
10:37<CDev>I know I had to put "s around the querystring when I was using wget.
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11:03<gbee>heh, got a good reason why the getMusic request may not be working - it hasn't been updated for the addition of music_directories
11:04<xris>gbee: ?
11:04<xris>what'd I miss?
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11:09<GBee1>ok, how much of what I said got sent before my machine froze?
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11:09<xris>(09:03:39) gbee: heh, got a good reason why the getMusic request may not be working - it hasn't been updated for the addition of music_directories
11:10<xris>that's all I saw, but I only just logged in
11:11<gbee>xris: thanks
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11:18<xris>no flooding. :)
11:19<gbee>what did I flood, did actually see anything? :)
11:20<stuarta>it was a silent flood...
11:20<xris>didn't see anything. just that you got kicked for flooding
11:22<xris>really should make the column names explicit
11:22<xris>but I understand that most of the rest of the code doesn't, either
11:22<xris>e.g. d.path, s.filename
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11:24<gbee>it's easier to read granted, I've always tended to abbreviate them to keep the overall length down
11:24<xris>easier to maintain, and to figure out what's going on to build indexes, too.
11:26<gbee>should probably be CONCAT_WS actually, if path is null CONCAT won't produce the right result
11:27<xris>does that work with mysql 3.2?
11:27<xris>afk, meeting.
11:28<gbee>just checked, yes
11:28<xris>can you get a directory id with a null path?
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11:29<xris>ok, really afk now
11:30<gbee>xris: yes, the root directory
11:30<gbee>hmm, actually it's probably empty, not NULL, but that's easily fixed
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11:57<CDev>xris: looking for the perl bindings... can't even find where they are :-(
11:58<janneg>CDev: bindings/perl
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12:00<xris>CDev: they're supposed to install by default now
12:00<gbee>after re-running configure?
12:01<CDev>I see them, but it looks like they are only dealing with the MythProtocol... you said I need to update them with my XML changes... Did I understand correctly?
12:04<xris>CDev: I thought I had done the preview pixmap stuff via xml, but apparently didn't
12:04<xris>so no big deal, then. :)
12:05<CDev>np... Just trying not to miss anything. I think I'm at the point where I can do a final test (when I get home) with my upnp devices and then commit tonight (assuming I don't find any issues).
12:05<gbee>ok this is a little better
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12:12<CDev>gbee: let me know when you have the music code tested. It will no longer be in httpstatus.cpp after I commit and would be easier for both of us if I just apply it now before I commit.
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12:19<xris>gbee: you went the really verbose route. :)
12:19<gbee>xris: yeah ;)
12:20<xris>the "80 columns max" thing can be a bit annoying.
12:20<gbee>ok, works fine
12:21<CDev>I know I'll get in trouble for this comment, but I don't follow the "80 column limit" rule in my files.
12:21<gbee>xris: it can
12:21<xris>gbee: (mainly to point out the indenting in the sql stuff)
12:21<xris>doesn't really apply here, but I like readable code. :)
12:23<xris>I don't even know if strings in c++ can cross lines like that.
12:23<CDev>just close and qoutes and then re-open them
12:24<gbee>"SELECT * FROM "
12:24<gbee>"this_table WHERE 1;"
12:26<xris>ah, it auto-concats?
12:28<xris>doesn't keep the newline, though... although I suppose it'd be easy enough to add with \n or something
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12:36<gbee>CDev: got everything working now, problem with getRecording was just a matter of using the correct time (not recstarttime) and escaping the url when using Get
12:39<gbee>I revert my changes to httpstatus if you're going to apply the changes?
12:43<CDev>If you already committed them, I'll just do the merge.
12:45<gbee>I've not committed them, I meant in my local tree
12:46<CDev>oh. Sure, can you give me the final changes again. I will add them right now.
12:46<gbee>anyone know of an svn command which removes files not under revision control from the local copy?
12:47<Chutt>svn status, grep for the ?, rm?
12:48<gbee>Chutt: can do that, just wondered if it had a builtin thing which did the same job :)
12:48<Chutt>i don't think so
12:49<CDev>gbee: thanks. Just added the change.
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13:17<CDev>Chutt: Available for a quick question?
13:18<Chutt>was that the quick question? =)
13:18<CDev>I pulled some code out of mythcontext and created a global function called GetInstallPrefixPath. I needed the same code before mythcontext was created. Do you see any issue with me doing that?
13:19<CDev>fair enough. (don't like making changes to mythcontext )
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13:46<Chutt>Captain_Murdoch, the live-tv not disconnecting when the frontend goes away's a bug. the code's all there for it to work properly, and i've never managed to repro it not working properly.
13:49<gbee>I can't really reproduce it, but if my frontend hangs I do see it happen
13:50<jams>I get it fairly often, anything I should look for when it happens?
13:50<Chutt>the code in the backend & mythsocket.cpp that detects a socket disconnect
13:52<gbee>actually I can repro, just needed to pull the network cable on my backend
13:52<jams>seems to happen more often when using svideo input as compared to using the analog tuners
13:53<Chutt>gbee, that should time out eventually
13:53<gbee>ahh yeah it did *shrug*
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14:07<jams>I find it intresting that scheduled recordings still work, and then the tuner goes right back into "live-tv" mode when the scheduled recording is done.
14:22<CDev>wow! A full compile from a distclean only took 8 minutes! (using distcc on 3 dual processor VM's running under VMWare on a quad core vista 64bit system)
14:23[~]CDev wonders how fast it could be if he loaded linux directly on the quad core
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14:59[~]xris might get a new dual quad core (or quad dual core) box to play with at work.
15:01<CDev>xris: its nice to have... I haven't been able to max out all 8 cores yet .
15:02<xris>this is the "we need power, we have free hardware" fix
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15:03<CDev>I had to pay for mine :-(
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15:06<xris>we have lots of free beta processors from intel
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15:08<xris>(hence the choice between dual quad or quad dual)
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15:08<kormoc>should do quad dual with a mobo that supports quad quad...
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16:26<xris>Chutt: you have any problems with me working to rewrite the LocalFile function (or whatever it's called) that checks to see if a requested file transfer is a valid file?
16:27<xris>would like to figure out some way to use nonstandard locations for channel icons, as well as add hooks for transfering videos/music files, etc.
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16:51<briand>good afternoon, xris and kormoc's laptop. :)
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16:54<xris>kormoc with the shiny new macbook.
16:54<briand>uncle sam kindly deposited my tax refund today
16:54[~]xris fears that fixing the file sending thing would probably entail something really ugly like an "allowed directories" array
16:55<briand>so, now there's an HDHomeRun on it's merry way to my door.
16:55<xris>briand: nice. mine was over $1900. :) almost enough for a new roof.
16:55<briand>fortunately for me, 1) my roof is okay, and 2) the homeowner would buy a new one, if necessary. :)
16:56<kvandivo>much better off owing $999 in taxes each year. Tax refunds are a psychological faux pax.
16:57<briand>but if i kept the money to myself during the year, it'd disappear. this way, I *know* I won't have an "extra" bill once a year.
16:58<xris>kvandivo: true. but in my case, it'd be owing a lot more than that. I only have one withholding. I get so much back because my wife is in school.
16:58<briand>xris: what is currently considered a "local file" ?
16:58<xris>briand: anything with /channels/ in the path, or a recording.
17:00<xris>my problem is that I stored all of my channel icons in /var/video/.channel-icons/
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17:00<xris>yeah, that's how I got around it for now
17:00<xris>but it's annoying
17:01<xris>imho stuff like that shouldn't be stored in a homedir
17:01<xris>either way, it'd be nice to be able to request mythvideo/mythmusic files, too.
17:01<xris>even without direct interaction between the backend and mythvideo/etc.
17:01<briand>I'd agree... except the "mythtv" user is really just the application (or should be) login account
17:02<briand>so in that scenario, the /home/mythtv/.mythtv directory should be "fair game" for whatever localizations, configurations, etc are necessary
17:03<xris>briand: except that the backend runs as root, and I often run mythfrontend as myself (or root)
17:03<xris>and non-login users like daemon accounts (for those who don't want to run the backend as root) shouldn't have an entry in /home
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17:04<briand>mythtv isn't a non-login user... it needs a WM and a shell
17:05<briand>...that said, I do understand your point...
17:05<xris>briand: there are distros that use "mythtv" as the backend user, too..
17:05<xris>either way, my icons used to be in /home/xris/.mythtv/
17:05<briand>why not /usr/local/share/mythtv/* for that stuff, then?
17:05<xris>you don't store data in share
17:05<xris>that technically goes somewhere under var
17:06<xris>Captain_Murdoch and I briefly talked about the idea of creating something under the primary storage group for storing things like video cover art, channel icons, etc.
17:06<briand>is it data, really, though, as far as the app is concerned?
17:06<xris>briand: it's downloaded, changed, etc. outside of the package itself
17:06<briand>I look at that more as 'configuration' than 'data'. the data is *.mp? files
17:06<xris>but frankly, it'd be just as easy to store the stuff in the db itself.
17:06<xris>channel icons are jpg or png or whatever
17:06<briand>true, in blobs
17:07<xris>and smallish blobs.
17:07<briand>i meant to ask you, when I had your ear...
17:07<briand>are there png icons (with transparent backgrounds) available on lyngsat?
17:07<briand>it'd be nice to get rid of the big white squares...
17:08<xris>no, lyngsat is all about all of their icons being a standard size/format
17:08<xris>so they're all jpg
17:08<xris>or smaller versions as gif
17:08<xris>the lookup code now links against o_cee's swedish png icons, but that's only good for swedish users.
17:09<briand>do you think it'd be worth the time/trouble/diskspace for your server to cache png versions, then? least for the popular ones? and maybe a wiki page with the line to feed to your favorite shell-based graphics manipulation program to change .jpg -> .png with transparency
17:09<briand>I'm assuming the lyngsat 'standard' uses the same color "white" for all their backgrounding...
17:11<CDev>xris: you know there are XML methods to retrieve channelicons, videos, recordings, songs...
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17:16<briand>anyway.. on my other point: themes (and their associated elements) are also editable/downloadable from sources outside the application. I should think storing channel icons there is as valid as storing themes there. one might argue they are, in fact, part of the theme(s).
17:20<gbee>there is a discrepancy in the channel icon code, the OSD and programme guide code looks in different places - one uses the protocol to get icons from the backend, the other only looks locally
17:20<gbee>I've been meaning to fix that
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17:21<gbee>don't ask which does which, I can't remember just now ;)
17:21<briand>and good afternoon, gbee.
17:22<gbee>it's night here and I really should be in bed, but good afternoon anyway
17:22<briand>indeed. i keep forgetting your on the other side of the pond
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18:36<prekitt>Hi everybody
18:36<prekitt>anyone using a remote wonder II
18:37<xris>CDev: didn't know about the xml stuff for videos or music, no. I'll have to poke at it tonight. it would really help kormoc with the mythvideo stuff he's working on
18:44<briand>prekitt: you're probably looking for #mythtv-users (see the topic?)
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19:54<mark_>do I need to use QT4 to develop a plugin (and have it be usable by the mainstream) or do I want QT3?
19:54<GreyFoxx>Myth is QT3 only :)
19:54<mark_>k, thanks
20:08|-|mark_ changed nick to sigger_
20:10<sigger_>what's the right library package (debian) to use for dev? whole lotta them. libqt3-mt-dev?
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22:17<sigger_>anyone around? compiling mythhello (plugin stub from wiki) in prep for writing a plugin but I'm getting errors.
22:18<sigger_>I must be missing some header files/libs: uitypes.h mythdialogs.h
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22:18<xris>sigger_: please direct compile questions to the -users channel (even if it's prep for dev stuff)
22:18<sigger_>ok thx
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22:25[~]xris things gbee missed the xml downloading resource stuff when he added the new musicdirs table
22:27<gbee>I did but I've already supplied the fix to CDev
22:27<xris>gbee: gotcha
22:27<xris>was going to start using that for mythweb's music stuff
22:27<xris>anything to reduce cache dirs in mythweb, etc.
22:30<xris>gbee: got a link to the patch?
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