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---Logopened Sat Mar 10 00:00:52 2007
00:08<xris>CDev: ping
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00:57<Speedy2>Hey all. Does anyone have any links to DVB-S specs or standards info? I'm interested in improving the MythTV DVB-S channel scanner, but I'm lacking some details on the DVB-S stream.
01:11<xris>gbee: thanks
01:11<xris>not that it does me much good. unless CDev has something that'll stream cover art, too
01:12<gbee>sorry I went to bed just before you asked
01:12<xris>you're up early
01:12<xris>and didn't sleep much
01:12<gbee>yeah :/
01:14<gbee>[12983] < excellant, wanted that for a while
01:16<xris>trying to catch up
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01:17<xris>I want to get mythweb as distanced from local file access as possible
01:18<xris>the music stuff looks problematic, though, since it actually scans the filesystem for cover.{jpg,gif} and prints it out
01:23<xris>do musicmetadata and musicplaylist tables still exist? I have them, but they're empty
01:26<gbee>they don't exist, they are still in the schema but only to allow people to downgrade
01:27<gbee>xris: I'm planning on putting the album art info into the database, so that will make it easier and I can then add another XML method to fetch it
01:27<xris>that'd be awesome
01:28<xris>should get someone to add it for video art, too, esp. since that's already in the db.
01:33<gbee>that would be simple enough
01:35<kormoc>is there gonna be a way to add in via xml request or similar?
01:35<gbee>xris: if it fails to find an icon then it's not failing silently
01:35<xris>gbee: error msg?
01:36<gbee>file_get_contents( [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found
01:36<kormoc>harsh, I'm getting the same
01:37<gbee>kormoc: possibly, you'd have to ask CDev what his plans are there
01:38<kormoc>I'd love to just say, BACKEND!!! I command thee to use *THIS* cover art! and not care beyond that :P
01:40<xris>kormoc: fyi, I'm still having weird stuff with the frontend not displaying cover art
01:41<xris>gbee: thanks. and blech.
01:41<kormoc>xris, can you check the database for the coverart path that is set for the problem videos
01:41<xris>kormoc: yup. just doesn't show them
01:41<kormoc>for a few hours, I was setting the path wrong...
01:41<xris>kormoc: I see them all in mythweb video
01:41<kormoc>might be permissions then...
01:41[~]kormoc blinks
01:41<xris>like I said, it's weird
01:41<xris>it's only some files.
01:42<xris>hahaha. ok, I see in the db.
01:42<kormoc>yeah, you got hit by the wrong art dir bug :P
01:43<xris>yeah. thought it was temporary and self-correcting
01:43<kormoc>I totally spaced on that one...
01:43<kormoc>"Why am I calculating the real path for these icons? I can just give the path I saved to... oh wait..."
01:44<xris>yeah, that's definitely it.
01:46<xris>REALLY need a browse mode in mythweb video.. heh
01:46<kormoc>yeah, I've been pondering how to do one
01:47<xris>mythvideo's looks like it actually browses the filesystem. that's kind of annoying
01:47<kormoc>yeah, it does
01:52<xris>ah, annoying that the covers are forced into a certain shape in mythweb
01:52<kormoc>in order to keep the layout, it's sorta needed
01:52<kormoc>I've been pondering putting them though gd or something similar
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01:53<xris>just annoying
01:54<xris>or pull in the dimensions of the image and let the browser resize it within the boundaries
01:54<kormoc>that's what it's doing now
01:55<xris>no it doesn't
01:55<kormoc>ooh? what do you mean?
01:55<xris>it just hard-codes the boundaries all to a fixed size
01:55<kormoc>yeah... how else would the browser resize it?
01:55<xris>I mean if the image is 300x100, that you would pick a size like 30x10... keep the image's display ratio the same
01:56<xris>not turn it into 60x100 or whatever
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02:06<gbee>more intelligent scaling of the channel icons might be nice, so of them look a little distorted
02:06<gbee>could probably display them at a larger size on the channel detail page too
02:09<xris>yeah. haven't gotten that far yet.
02:09<xris>would rather let the backend do any scaling, etc.
02:09<xris>don't want people to have to muck with things like imagemagick in order to get mythweb working
02:09<gbee>most of my icons seem to be around 132px X 99px, so 44x33 would be better than 30x30
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02:12<gbee>actually 132x99 seems to be the standard size of icons from lyngsat
02:16<gbee>should be simple to rescale the channel icon in the same way the preview images are now, it's just a QImage smoothscale
02:16<xris>gbee: not all channel icons come from lyngsat
02:16<xris>but yeah, lyngsat has a standard size. that's one of the things the put down as a benefit.
02:17<gbee>if CDev doesn't want to do the copy/paste in httpstatus to allow the backend to do the rescaling, then I can do it
02:17<xris>at the moment, I'm more interested in getting the backend to download the files. heh.
02:17<xris>then I could put the new channel icon grabber into mythweb instead of a perl script. heh.
02:20[~]xris grumbles about bad patches
02:26<okolsi>xris: my patches..?
02:27<xris>it's just really old
02:27<xris>but he also switched back and forth between the db object and straight mysql functions
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02:30<xris>don't worry, not you. :)
02:31<okolsi>:) by the way.. I've improved the navigation in Mythweb music. I've added "Back" button to couple of places (in Browse)
02:32<xris>I just wish I could use it.
02:32<okolsi>now you can: from the album -> back to artist, from the artist -> back to Artists beginning with X
02:32<okolsi>so its much more easy not go around when you find music
02:33<okolsi>much more easy NOW to go around..
02:33<okolsi>also, I've changed so that when you list all stuff from particular artist, albums now come first and after that all songs.. much more logical
02:34<xris>yeah, definitely
02:39<okolsi>xris: I already asked.. but again.. these latest changes.. should I prepare patch against current head? or first myself apply pending tickets in trac and then mention in newest ticket that before this.. you should/must apply first this, this and that..?
02:40<xris>go ahead and put in references to dependent tickets.
02:40<xris>I don't see any reason why I wouldn't be applying your patches, so I'm not too concerned if the order I apply them in matters.
02:43<okolsi>okay.. if you at some point end up in situation where my patches don't apply cleanly.. I can rework the patches.. it's a bit hard to maintain several patches in correct order etc..
02:47<knowledgejunkie>Should program.originalairdate always contain NULL/0000-00-00 for non-US grabbers? recorded.originalairdate contains valid dates for recordings, but all upcoming listings show original airdate as 1900-01-01, which is neither correct nor particularly helpful. (Refs
02:48<xris>okolsi: I know the feeling
02:54<gbee>knowledgejunkie: xmltv, for example, doesn't really have an originalairdate field and I know EIT doesn't so it would seem only US grabbers have that info
02:54<knowledgejunkie>xris: with regard to the new infrastructure and its icon url database, should I continue to update ticket #3066 with future updates I'm making to the XMLTV uk_rt grabber? Because the channel data is timely I'd like to try and keep the icon grabber in sync with the status of the XMLTV grabber
02:54<gbee>mythweb currently doesn't honour the hasairdate flag, so will show 1900-01-01
02:55<xris>gbee: yeah, I know. I think Bruce sent me an email about it (well, he did about something)
02:55<xris>knowledgejunkie: not sure, actually
02:56<xris>theoretically, the new stuff should handle all of that sort of stuff
02:56<knowledgejunkie>gbee/xris: thanks for the info
02:56<xris>knowledgejunkie: the new stuff should pull based on dvb ids as well as xmltvid.
02:57<gbee>knowledgejunkie: I wouldn't bother, once everything in lookup.txt is imported into the the new database the uk icon script will probably be removed
02:58<xris>gbee: I got all of the xmltvid fields imported. don't have enough "votes" (so to speak) for most of the dvb stuff, so I don't want to just approve randomly
02:58[~]xris wonders if he'll get his mysql training approved.
02:59<knowledgejunkie>xris: note that earlier this morning (UK here) I put through some updates to XMLTV CVS which updated some XMLTV IDs and channel names
02:59<xris>knowledgejunkie: that's fine. next time someone runs the script, it'll send the new ids to the server.
03:01<xris>yet another good thing about the new method. :)
03:01[~]knowledgejunkie is glad he found the MythTV project :)
03:05<knowledgejunkie>one last thing before I crash - what's the likelihood of ticket #2862 (default playgroup fix) being committed soon?
03:07<xris>possibly.. I'm working on playgroup stuff right now, actually
03:08<xris>there. it'll go in with my next commit.
03:09<knowledgejunkie>awesome - I'll let you get on with it then :)
03:09<knowledgejunkie>night all, and thanks
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03:59<xris>ok, that's done.
03:59<xris>OLD ticket closed. heh
04:00<gbee>333 tickets to go
04:01<xris>okolsi: ping
04:02[~]xris grumbles about a protocol update breaking mythweb.
04:02<xris>time to recompile the backend...
04:11<xris>gbee / kormoc: I think I fixed that channel icon transfer bug
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04:15<xris>crap, how'd it get to be 2 AM?!
04:15<gbee>heh, I've asked that question a lot
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04:19<gbee>xris: it's not fixed, the problem is that file_get_contents doesn't like it when it when the http_request fails
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04:19<gbee>umm, actually should probably update mythweb first before saying that it doesn't work
04:21<gbee>yeah it's fixed, my brain isn't in gear yet this morning
04:21<xris>best I can do is disable error reporting on that function call
04:23<gbee>331 ...
04:24<xris>man, this mp3act code is UGLY
04:32[~]xris twiddles his thumbs while mythtv recompiles.
04:33<kormoc>heh, yeah
04:33<gbee>isn't #2574 the same or related to the ticket you just closed?
04:33<gbee>ahh, that one was mp3_act
04:34<xris>music vs tv
04:34[~]gbee in_serts r_and_om _unde_rscore cha_rac_ters
04:35<gbee>just looking through tickets mentioning mfdb for anything which can be fixed/closed
04:36[~]xris remembers he can't test mythweb stuff because the backend is still busy compiling
04:40<xris>anyway, 2574 is closed now, too
04:40<kormoc>xris, I lost the css on the settings pages now
04:40[~]kormoc loads up firebug
04:41<xris>I can't test anything until this compile is done (mythproto conflict)
04:41<kormoc>ooh nice... only in opera
04:43<xris>so maybe opera doesn't like the dashes?
04:44<kormoc>loading fine on every other page
04:44<gbee>well you could just change the proto version in mythweb for now
04:45<xris>gbee: could, but the system is bogged down, too
04:45<gbee>hmm, same here with opera
04:45<gbee>konq's fine
04:46<gbee>don't suppose you're interested whether it works in lynx ;)
04:47<xris>elinks, maybe. but not lynx
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06:52<stuarta>did we get anywhere with qt 3.3.8?
06:56<stuarta>is it actually a Qt bug?
06:56<gbee>seems so
06:57<stuarta>it's not triggered by the way we use it or anything silly like that...
07:02<gbee>from the description it's nothing to do with the way we use it, but I might be wrong - it's clearing up the mysql plugin in the QApp destructor even if it's already been done, I'm not aware of any requirement in the QT docs that we don't unload the mysql plugin
07:03<gbee>the original email to the list says that a bug has been filed with Tolltech, so obviously the Suse team don't see it as a mythtv bug
07:05<stuarta>cleaning up what's already cleaned up is never a good thing
07:05<gbee>maybe we can do something to avoid the segfault because I suspect a lot of users will upgrade to 3.8.8 before a fixed version is available
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10:46<gbee>heh, somehow I accidently ended up on an archive news page when I thought I was on the homepage - it just so happened that the top news item was dated March 9th, so at first nothing looked wrong - so I was puzzled why it was talking about the upcoming release of 0.15
10:46<Chutt_>i should update the website sometime
10:46<Chutt_>i'm too lazy, though
10:56<gbee>who's reponsible for the CD Ripping code? I'd commit #3154 if I just knew that my changes don't change the intent of that function
10:59<Chutt_>paulh has touched it most recently
11:02<sigger_>to get mythfrontend to recognize a plugin, do I just have to restart mythfrontend with the plugin in the right dir and have a menu button point to it?
11:11<ryanr23>Are there any guidelines to changing datatypes in database tables? The MythArchive table needs the size entry to be a BIGINT instead of an INT... don't want to break anything.
11:12<stuarta>guidline is just that "don't break anything"
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12:15<fugu>I was told by the mythtv-users channel I should come in here
12:16<fugu>I sometimes get the following error when I attempt to use the guide:
12:16<fugu>2007-03-10 13:15:06.657 XMLParse::LoadTheme using /usr/share/mythtv/themes/MythCenter/ui.xml
12:16<fugu>X Error: BadAccess (attempt to access private resource denied) 10
12:16<fugu> Major opcode: 142
12:16<fugu> Minor opcode: 5
12:16<fugu> Resource id: 0x800009
12:16<fugu>sometimes it works
12:17<fugu>when I get that error video continues to play
12:17<GreyFoxx>I didn't see anyone tell you that, but if they did, they were wrong
12:17<fugu>but I have to restart the frontend
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13:37<sigger_>can anyone confirm that the wiki page re building plugins works?
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14:32<CDev>xirs: noticed you were looking for me last night.
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14:36<xris>CDev: have you given any thought to requesting album art, etc. via the xml interface?
14:37<xris>also wanted to ask about gbee's music directory patch, but he showed up and gave me a copy so I could compile it in.
14:37<CDev>no, but if you give me a method name, it's parameters and where to find the cover art, it would be easy to implement.
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14:37<xris>we may have to wait for gbee, then. I think he said something about wanting to add a cover art table or something like that.
14:38<CDev>Yes, I have merged gbee's patch, just haven't committed yet. Found a few issues when testing upnp clients.
14:38<xris>actually, could do the video artwork stuff now, though. that's stored in the db.
14:39<CDev>Shouldn't be a problem.
14:40<CDev>do you need to be able to resize the images when requesting?
14:41<xris>now THAT would be awesome.
14:41<xris>actually, resizing channel artwork would great, too.
14:41<xris>the other cool thing would be having a way to request that the backend download/store a file.
14:42<CDev>Not sure what you mean. Send a command to the backend and have it retrieve a file from a remote location?
14:42<xris>mainly for channel icon artwork.
14:42<xris>I'm trying to get mythweb to the point that it doesn't need local access to any of the files.
14:42<CDev>Not sure I'd like that... could be used to have the backend retrieve unwanted files
14:42<xris>yes, that's the problem
14:43<CDev>I know the upnp Content Director Service spec has methods for transfering and creating content on the server. Didn't implement any, but may be a place to look for ideas
14:43<xris>that could work, too.
14:44<xris>I can get mythweb to download channel icon artwork, but it seems that in most cases, the channel icons are stored on the backend in a user's homedir, and mythweb shouldn't/wouldn't have access to that.
14:44<xris>personally, I'd rather just stick them in the db, but I've never really seen any interest in that from other people.
14:45<CDev>We are really only taking about issues with initial channel setup. right?
14:45<CDev>taking == talking
14:46<xris>and maintenance, yes.
14:46<xris>but video and music artwork could also be a possibility in the future
14:46<CDev>I agree with you that the icons/cover art should only be on the backend server and not copied everywhere.
14:47<CDev>just need to work out how it will get there in the first place.
14:48<CDev>I think it would be less of a security risk if the artwork was stored in the db.
14:49<CDev>not sure how well mysql handles blobs.
14:49<xris>won't help for music artwork, though. too many other players rely on that being in the fs (including stuff like gtkpod)
14:49<xris>mysql has no trouble. we've been using it at work for years to store images (5+ meg images)
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14:51<xris>though I'm also less concerned about music artwork.. but damn, would be cool to be able to add a lookup feature like amarok has.
14:51<CDev>Will have to think about the updatablity of the images. I need to get back to working on my house addition. Hopefully, I'll have time later tonight to fix the remaining issue I have and get evertthing committed.
14:51<xris>(too bad dealing with the service license stuff is a pain)
14:52<xris>I'll talk to gbee if/when he shows up again
15:22<gbee>xris: I'm here
15:25<gbee>I can probably implement an album art table tomorrow, or at least the bulk of it - juski wanted some help with a patch he's writing so it depends if he wants to work on it tomorrow
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15:52<Dibblah>janneg: ?
15:52<Dibblah>Re ticket #3189...
15:53<Dibblah>Pretty sure what's happening is it's trying to rescale the images that are missing from the theme.
15:55<janneg>I think it's just image loading
16:00<xris>gbee: cool
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16:01<xris>question about the scanner.. How easy would it be to trigger the scanner remotely via a user job? (or a cron job?)
16:02<gbee>not easy at the moment
16:03<xris>ah, lame
16:03<xris>I know the video scanner has a small amount of interactive check in it, which is kind of annoying.
16:04<gbee>to ways to do it, either build the scanner as a seperate application (like mfdb or mythtranscode) OR move it to the backend and trigger it through the protocol/xml methods
16:05<gbee>I'm already leaning towards the second
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16:21<xris>they're not mutually exclusive
16:21<xris>ala mythtranscode, mythfilldatabase, etc.
16:24<gbee>no they aren't, it's just a question of whether we want another little app floating around ;)
16:26<gbee>I mean maybe I'm being short sighted, maybe people would like a way to load music data into the database without running a backend, in which case the first method makes more sense
16:27<xris>sort of goes to the point of whether or not you want to require a backend.
16:28<xris>personally, I don't see why not
16:28<gbee>in which case a mythmusicscan app would be built against libmythmusic (decoders, metadata classes) and the same for the now smaller, lightweight frontend
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17:22<niter3>Where can I set Aggressive sound card buffering ??
17:23<niter3>I can't seem to find this option anywhere.
17:24<niter3>forget it. I found it
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18:37<briand>xris: I'd love to report that the removal of the "_" in the class names fixed the problem in IE6... but, sadly, it is not so. :(
18:38<briand>sorry. :(
18:47<xris>anyone know if Captain_Murdoch ever got his visa in time to go to brazil?
18:47<xris>briand: have you tried clearing the cache, etc?
18:48<xris>though I guess the changed classnames in the html itself would work around that.
18:48<briand>no, i hadn't tried that... lemme switch over to the WinXP box and give it a shot
18:48<xris>I doubt it will help
18:56<briand>looks slightly different.. but it still seems most of the css styles are not being honored:
19:02<xris>ok, THAT looks more like the new css file isn't being loaded
19:03<briand>yeah, it looks different than before.. maybe slightly better...
19:04<briand>but it looks like there's no table(s) there, even though they're in the page source
19:04<briand>and then, yeah, the styles from the css are missing as well
19:06<xris>IE is notorious for ignoring cache control stuff, and for not checking for updated files often enough
19:08<briand>IE is notorious for a *lot* of things...
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19:09|-|jams [] has joined #mythtv
19:13|-|LLLyric [] has joined #mythtv
19:13<xris>briand: does IE 7 work?
19:14<briand>I don't have IE7 on any of my machines... other (web) applications have problems with that, so I've not upgraded
19:14<Speedy2>Why not just use firefox?
19:15<briand>but, I believe someone in here mentioned it looked okay in IE7, last week -- also provided a link to a screenshot of the same program details screen...
19:15<briand>Speedy2: I can use what I choose to, here... but at work I don't have that luxury... we're stuck with IE6
19:15<xris>briand: ahh...
19:15<xris>yeah, it's a pity that people are still stuck with IE 6. I thought MS had made it a nearly-mandatory upgrade.
19:16<briand>yes, nearly so.
19:16<xris>there may not be much I can do about it, unfortunately.
19:16|-|LLLyric [] has quit [Client Quit]
19:16<briand>the State of Florida uses an application called "People First" for payroll and timesheet services... and *it* will not work under IE7, so our network blocks that 'mandatory' upgrade
19:20<briand>I should probably just force an install of firefox on my machine at work and start writing up tons of application bugs and anomolies... those apps, too (unfortunately) are mired within IE6 folklore rather than sticking to the specifications
19:25<briand>well, yeah.
19:26<briand>mostly not the developer's fault(s)... they're just coding what they're told to code by the bone-headed program director. she's not technically-oriented *at all* but places herself in "oversight" (read: bottleneck) mode for every little detail.
19:27<briand>we basically have to get -her- permission to send an email to the development staff.
19:27<briand>occasionally, we actually do that.
19:27<RvnPhnx>do the stockholder's know of this menace?
19:28<briand>do you mean the fine people of the State of Florida?
19:28<RvnPhnx>that would apply
19:28<briand>I doubt it.
19:28<briand>their project is being audited this year..
19:28[~]briand snickers
19:28<briand>no formal project management plan...
19:29<briand>no developer guidelines
19:29<briand>no bug tracking/resolution.. just all 'seat of the pants' stuff.
19:29<briand>if there is a God, the audit will produce a new Project Director...
19:29<RvnPhnx>........or a new god
19:30<briand>y'know if the application in question were a search engine or a "you-tube" socialization site, who would care?
19:30<briand>unfortunately, it's a bit more vital than that
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20:12<xris>anyone here have any custom jobs configured?
20:29<kormoc>I do
20:29|-|daMaestro [n=jon@fedora/damaestro] has joined #mythtv
20:30<xris>kormoc: thx.. got my answer already. :)
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20:45|-|knowledgejunkie_ changed nick to knowledgejunkie
20:48<xris>anyone here have thoughts about a "transcode" option in mythweb for the jobqueue? Should I just use defaults, or give users the ability to select a transcode profile, too?
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22:49<sigger_>anyone tell me what .h I need to include to use getUITextType. seems it should be mythdialogs.h but that's not getting it done.
22:52<sigger_>sorry, its a compilation issue, so I'm asking in -users
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