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00:16<knowledgejunkie>Very nice work on MythMusic guys. Just updated to r13000 and it looks nice.
00:18<knowledgejunkie>Any plans to add mythweb navigation from a specific track/album back up to the album/artist/song listing?
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03:51<xris>anyone know how to poke the backend to tell it that there's a new jobqueue entry?
03:53<xris>ah, nevermind. was using the wrong time field.
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04:00<visit0r>kormoc: do you have plans on using in MythWeb like we discussed?
04:01<kormoc>visit0r, I believe so. I haven't poked at it yet tho :/
04:16<xris>cool. jobqueue stuff seems to work from mythweb.
04:16<xris>now to clean it up
04:24<okolsi>knowledgejunkie: I have that back navigation implemented.. should post a patch to Trac within day or two
04:24<okolsi>damn.. already left
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04:42[~]gbee wonders what knowledgejunkie meant by 'nice work on MythMusic'
04:43<gbee>yes a lot of stuff has gone into it recently, but most of that the average user wouldn't really notice as it's in the background
04:45<xris>hmm.. I just realized that I accidentally removed all of the date-setting config from mythweb.
04:46<xris>14 minutes until it's 1:14 later.
04:53<gbee>would be good if there was a way to reduce the number of date setting options ~ it's somewhere around 6 at the moment?
04:54<xris>or more
04:54<xris>and yes, I wish there was
04:56<gbee>mostly I just want them all to use a 24 clock, so if the 'time' component could be seperate it would make things easier
04:57<xris>should have "string date", "numeric date", "time", "date/time layout" and then maybe config for which version of what to use on which page.
04:57<xris>layout being "date (time)" vs "date, time" (or something like that)
04:58<gbee>sounds good
04:58<xris>I need to go sleep now.
04:59<xris>it's almost 2 AM now, and it'll be 3 AM in 1 minute.
04:59<gbee>I'm just about to go have a shave and wake up properly
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05:00<xris>there. FAR fewer xris tickets open now. heh
05:01<xris>wow.. either php or mythtv is really smart. I don't even have listings available for the 2:00 hour.
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06:55<subbyz>"anybody around I can ask a question about the db internals of autoexpire?
06:59<subbyz>I've set record.autoexpire = 0 and recorded.autoexpire = 0 for all programs, but the autoexpire module is still deleting programs, and I'm trying to figure out why.
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14:39<Keithamus>sorry wrong chan. Good day to you all.
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14:52<gbee>xris: spent the afternoon repairing my sister's car so didn't have time to work on the albumart stuff, maybe tomorrow evening I can get it done
14:53<gbee>I'd do it now, but I'm knackered
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15:22<xris>heh. user job stuff via mythweb is actually kind of useful
15:23<xris>now if only I had any user jobs.
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15:55<subbyz>"anybody around I can ask a question about the db internals of autoexpire?
15:56<subbyz>I've set record.autoexpire = 0 and recorded.autoexpire = 0 for all programs, but the autoexpire module is still deleting programs, and I'm trying to figure out why.
16:01<Captain_Murdoch>maxepisodes can also cause shows to expire whether autoexpire is turned on or not for that particular program. also, Programs in the LiveTV recording group will autoexpire whether they have the autoexpire field set to non-zero or not.
16:05<sphery>Captain_Murdoch: got a second?
16:08<sphery>Captain_Murdoch: nvm. I'll catch you later--just leaving a message for now.
16:08<sphery>Captain_Murdoch: Did you see my post at ? After wanting to put optimize and repair in housekeeping, I'm now thinking it should stay out and be put in a separate script (like mythfilldatabase).
16:10<sphery>(Just wanted to let you know where I'm at on that. I'll talk with you about it in a couple weeks. Also, I'm still planning on implementing some changes including the leadtime change we discussed, but I'd like to do it differently from how we discussed.)
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16:12<gbee>just don't actually put it in mythfilldatabase - imho it just doesn't belong there and user who have no need for mfdb won't ever benefit from it
16:14<kormoc>sphery, couldn't the housekeeper check each table's engine and then just run the commands on the myisam or similar tables?
16:14<gbee>actually I think it would be better in housekeeping actually, when we've switched to using an embedded database issues of the user changing the engine won't really apply and the errors can be caught/ignored
16:14<gbee>or we can check the engine first
16:14<gbee>heh, what kormoc said
16:15<xris>gbee: repair/etc works fine on inno tables. just doesn't actually DO anything on engines that don't support them
16:15<kormoc>xris, actually, on memory and heap, i thought it threw an error
16:16<kormoc>although, that hardly matters in this case
16:16<xris>doesn't actually hurt the tables, though
16:16<kormoc>true enough
16:16<xris>would be another concern if we were trapping errors and reporting back
16:16<kormoc>well, I do agree with the issue of a crash during a 'hidden' repair
16:17<kormoc>but a optimize I believe should be safe
16:22<gbee>kormoc: thanks for adding the new duplicate check to mythweb
16:22<kormoc>you're welcome
16:22<kormoc>gbee, I was right in reading that it is not the default?
16:22<kormoc>*now the
16:23<xris>that's what I get for closing the OLD tickets first. heh
16:24<gbee>it's not the default no, too many competiting viewpoints on the issue and most people like the status quo
16:24<gbee>in the UK at least it probably would be better if it were the default :)
16:24<kormoc>hrm... kk
16:24<xris>should eventually add tooltips so people know what things mean
16:24<kormoc>I'll swap it back to the 'Subtitle and Description' as the default then :P
16:27<gbee>in mythfrontend it comes second in the list
16:28<xris>okolsi: you need to remember to put your name on tickets.
16:28<xris>click "session" and add it there so it auto-fills
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16:31<GreyFoxx>Hrm, this is odd. My mythweb is showing shows off by an our, but upcoming reecordings and the frontend show everything correctly.
16:32<xris>GreyFoxx: php has its own timezone settings
16:32<xris>okolsi: your patch doesn't work
16:33<okolsi>xris: before Trac update you could just enter your name/email to reporter field.. now it changes that to anonymous
16:33<xris>okolsi: always? that's lame
16:33<GreyFoxx>xris: Ahh
16:33<okolsi>xris: you mean this latest patch or the one I sent you earlier?
16:37<janneg>ah, that explains all the anonymous reports lately
16:39<sphery>kormoc: I'm mostly worried about server crash during repair. On restart, we can't guarantee a repair on that table before it's accessed if we're doing things in mythbackend.
16:39<okolsi>xris: I keep messing with these patches.. I believe you need both the one that I sent you earlier and 3195.. I'll clean my tree and try both patches..
16:39<xris>3195 is the only "music" patch for mythweb
16:39<xris>at least, by ticket title
16:39<xris>oh, you mean the one you sent in email.
16:39<xris>hang on
16:40<kormoc>sphery, yeah, that I understand... Any reason not to at least put the optimize in the house keeper thread and the repair as a separate script?
16:40<okolsi>xris: yes, that one
16:41<xris>nope. hunk 1 of the albums patch still fails
16:41<xris>but hang on, I'll commit your other stuff first
16:41<okolsi>could it be related to one tab character there..?
16:42<sphery>kormoc: we could do that, but as long as the user needs to do a repair...
16:42<xris>okolsi: could be
16:42<xris>you're still using tabs?
16:42<kormoc>sphery, yeah, it's just most people don't realize that running a optimize does/can help, and thus if we could do that for them, I think people would be a little bit happier
16:42<sphery>And, gbee, as far as mythfilldatabase goes, I was recommending they put it in the mythfilldatabase script (not in mythfilldatabase, itself). I.e. if not using mfdb, just put some script name in there to execute daily.
16:43<okolsi>no, not anymore! I just saw one tab left in mp3act_functions.. thought it was because of the earlier editor problems
16:43<xris>there. big convert
16:43<xris>all tabs removed
16:43<sphery>Seems reasonable. Once I'm back from a 2-week trip, I'll work on patching housekeeper to allow jobs to request a leadtime before the next recording.
16:44<sphery>I'll put a patch in for the optimize (with appropriate leadtime) once that's done.
16:44<sphery>I'm also looking at doing a backup with rotate in there (i.e. to default storage group).
16:44<sphery>Still have to determine if that's a good idea, though.
16:45<janneg>can we detect crashed tables? it would be nice to display some sort of warning if there is a crashed table
16:46<sphery>good question...
16:46<sphery>If someone else doesn't get to it first, I'll do some research on that...
16:46<kormoc>sphery, I've wondered if perhaps backuping up would be good. I've also wondered if we could auto-backup before schema updates
16:46<sphery>Even if we don't detect it on every table access, we could potentially do so during a daily job...
16:47<sphery>Yeah. If I put it in housekeeper, I'll do it so we could call the same function before schema upgrades.
16:47[~]xris wishes schema updates could be transactional.
16:47<kormoc>sphery, I *think* crashed status is shown in the comment field of SHOW TABLE STATUS
16:47<sphery>I guess I could quit running repairs on my tables to eventually find out. ;)
16:48<sphery>If in table status, though, it would be easy to add that to daily housekeeping.
16:48<xris>kormoc: see, lots of benefit from going to that mysql training. :)
16:48<sphery>Then, we just need a way to get it to the UI (i.e. System Status and Backend Status stuff?)
16:48[~]kormoc laughs
16:48<janneg>the only table crash I expierenced was a hdd failure
16:49<janneg>caused by
16:49<sphery>Wouldn't it have been nice if Myth told you about it after your Myth disk died? :)
16:49<okolsi>xris: did the tab conversion help, does the 3195 now apply?
16:51<xris>okolsi: you'll have to regenerate the patch against current svn
16:51<okolsi>I'll do that
16:52<sphery>It would be nice if when we detect a crashed table, we could write some file as a lock to prevent myth from starting, then repair, then remove the lock, but that won't help with remote backends/frontends...
16:53<kormoc>sphery, well... couldn't we have the MBE as the only one that can repair and if a FE/RBE detect it, ask the MBE to do stuff?
16:53<kormoc>or isn't there any communication channels of that sort yet?
16:53<janneg>sphery: write the log into the settings table. I doubt mythtv would start if the settings table is crashed
16:54<Captain_Murdoch>sphery: look at how I did the db schema updating lock, that uses a separate schemalock table that is only used to allow anyone to lock the DB for a schema upgrade.
16:54[~]Captain_Murdoch goes back to lurking
16:55<sphery>Only the MBE would detect it, but if a FE/SBE tries to read some table (if MySQL crashes during the repair and the user restarted MySQL) before someone (MBE or user) re-repaired it...
16:55<sphery>(I.e. if the check is in housekeeping, we would only run it on the master backend.)
16:56<kormoc>ahh, yeah
16:56<sphery>OK, thanks Captain_Murdoch. I'll look at it.
16:58<sphery>Might be able to do both repair and optimize, after all.
16:58<sphery>Anyone know if ANALYZE is also necessary/worthwhile/whatever?
16:59<sphery>I know it's not being run in (and probably doesn't need run daily), but I don't know if our usage (especially of things like recordedseek) could benefit from running it every couple of weeks.
17:00<kormoc>sphery, yeah, it likely would help
17:00<sphery>that was a worthwhile MySQL class :)
17:00<xris>hmm, I always figured that kind of thing happened automatically
17:00<xris>sphery: and we haven't even taken it yet. heh
17:00<sphery>Wow. Ahead of your time.
17:01<kormoc>sphery, in theory, it won't actually /help/ anything, but it gives the engine better data to index in the future
17:01<kormoc>which might give better results, or might not
17:01<kormoc>well, for joins at least
17:02<kormoc>which we do use a lot in myth if I'm remembering correctly
17:02<okolsi>xris: how about now?
17:02<okolsi>xris: updated the patch in 3195
17:04<xris>okolsi: you know you can replace uploads, right?
17:04<xris>that worked
17:04<kormoc>xris, only if logged in I believe
17:05<xris>but that makes sense
17:05<okolsi>xris: good that it now works
17:06[~]xris grumbles about not being able to search on diacritic chars
17:09<okolsi>gotta go now.. I still have that Back navigation and genre addition things almost ready (for Mythweb music).. I'll post these within couple of days
17:09<xris>hmm, jinzora is gpl. means we could use their swf music plaer
17:09<okolsi>xris: have to discuss that another time..
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17:11<kormoc>xris, well, perhaps you can add ANALYZE to the script and see if people think it helps or not?
17:11<xris>though it'd be a lot faster to test with the db at work. heh
17:11[~]kormoc laughs
17:12<kormoc>well, it won't ever hurt (beyond the extra second it takes to run...)
17:12<kormoc>I've been running it on mine for a while... but I donno if I noticed it speed things up or not
17:16<xris>man, it's handy having so many copies of the same db laying around.
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17:36<xris>one more bug fixed
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17:41<xris>kormoc: analyze DOES seem to help, at least on large tables
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17:43<xris>it's added to optimize_mythdb
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18:03<hd420>how do i get the schema version of the mythconverg database?
18:04<gbee>SELECT * FROM settings WHERE value='DBSchemaVer';
18:04<sphery>or read like line 7 of a log file after starting mythfrontend or mythbackend...
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18:05<gbee>bah, too easy
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18:10<knowledgejunkie>tac /var/log/mythtv/mythbackend.log |grep -m 1 "Current Schema Version"
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18:27<kormoc>tac? don't you mean cat?
18:30<hd420>tac just reverses cat, kormoc
18:31<kormoc>yeah... but for one file it doesn't do anything different and honestly, most people don't know bout it
18:31[~]kormoc shrugs
18:32<kormoc>of course, what is better is just grep -m 1 "Current Schema Version" /var/log/mythtv/mythbackend.log
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18:37<hd420>does 0.20 correspond to schema version 1160?
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19:10<gnome42>xris: there's a typo in that optimize db commit :)
19:11<knowledgejunkie>kormoc: your grep will match the first Schema in the logfile - using tac will get the most recent
19:11<kormoc>ahh, fair nuff
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19:52<theBishop>hi, i have a Motorola 6412 DVR, and i'm trying to capture video from it using Firewire
19:52<theBishop>i've had this working in Windows, but i can't find a gnu/linux solution
19:52<briand>possibly reading channel topics before typing in channels might help...
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22:07<benlake>any thoughts on the Hauppauge WinTV-HVR 1600 HDTV 1080i PCI?
22:08[~]Captain_Murdoch thinks you should try #mythtv-users
22:08<benlake>oops sorry about that
22:08<knowledgejunkie>benlake: unsupported in Linux
22:08<benlake>knowledgejunkie: oh well that sums that up :P
22:09<benlake>keep up the good work, you enrich my life. Cheers!
22:09[~]benlake hugs all devs
22:10[~]knowledgejunkie refers benlake to
22:11<benlake>knowledgejunkie: danke
22:12<knowledgejunkie>benlake: keine probleme
22:20<knowledgejunkie>Is trac no longer applying the "reported by:" field when not logged in?
22:21<knowledgejunkie>Tickets 3197 & 3198(dupe) show anonymous even though the field was set to my email address
22:29<knowledgejunkie>subsequent ticket updates do honour the reported by: field
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22:34<waldo>wrong place, technically, but who should I ask about why an apt-get upgrade hosed lirc?
22:35<hd420>your distribution's IRC channel?
22:35<hd420>waldo: your distribution's IRC channel?
22:35<waldo>you'd think so. good luck getting a word in edgewise on #ubuntu :]
22:42<hd420>just wait,waldo, I've had good luck on #ubuntu
22:52|-|t0ny-p40 [n=t0ny-p40@] has joined #mythtv
22:53<waldo>they've been arguing about apt-get v. aptitude. it's fairly tedious.
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23:01<knowledgejunkie>Beirdo: does BeirdoBot collect logs from #mythtv?
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23:28<knowledgejunkie>night all...
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23:38<mark_>is there documentation for the -ui.xml themeing system?
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