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01:26<xris>gbee or CDev looks like a compile error in httpstatus.cpp
01:27<knowledgejunkie>Captain_Murdoch: I'm here
01:27<gbee>xris: what's the error?
01:27<xris>crap, nevermind.
01:27<xris>apparently I had a local mod
01:27<xris>dunno how it got there.
01:28<gbee>ah ok
01:28<xris>I think I applied the music xfer patch, but something must have changed between applying it and the actual
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01:31<gbee>yeah, all the xml methods where removed from httpstatus.cpp into a new file
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02:13<xris>gbee: that'd do it
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02:53<knowledgejunkie>I've just submitted ticket 3207, to which I've attached a patch which fixes the formatting of 'mythbackend --printsched'.
02:54<knowledgejunkie>As I'm pretty new to SVN, should I always run 'svn diff' from the base checkout directory, or will patch/svn try to find the file within the subtree?
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02:55<gbee>knowledgejunkie: either from the base directory or within 'mythtv' or 'mythplugins'
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03:01<knowledgejunkie>gbee: thanks
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03:15<gbee>dvb-usb: Hauppauge Nova-T 500 Dual DVB-T successfully initialized and connected.
03:16<knowledgejunkie>gbee: is that card now stable?
03:17<gbee>apparently not 100%, but good enough if you don't use it for EIT scanning
03:17<knowledgejunkie>gbee: cool. 1 slot, 2 tuners
03:18<knowledgejunkie>gbee: I spent ages looking for a S939 card with >=4 PCI slots for my 3 DVB-T cards and PVR-150
03:18<gbee>I expect the bugs to be fixed in the next couple of months from what has been said on the v4l mailing list
03:19<knowledgejunkie>gbee: I've been checking the progress in my gmail every so often
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03:31<gbee>cool, now I've only got a single conflict into my entire 2 week schedule
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05:54<gbee>do we still allow passive EIT collection, without the crawl? i.e. when tuned to a channel for recording
05:56<gbee>ok, that's good
05:57<gbee>gbee: #mythtv-users
05:57<gbee>oh yeah. er sorry
06:05<okolsi>gbee: out of curiosity.. the new album-art DB thing.. how does it handle multiple images in one directory? Does it add them all to DB as cover images or just one?
06:07<gbee>it adds them all
06:07<okolsi>okay, thanks
06:08<gbee>the actual visualizer randomly picks one of the available images
06:10<janneg>gbee: iirc it's not possible to disable just the active scan. see for a possible solution
06:10<gbee>janneg: thanks
06:11<gbee>I was wondering if I can still use EIT for a handful of channels and without active scanning with the Nova-T 500
06:13<stuarta>you'd have to disable eit on the nova-t, and most of the channels on the other data source
06:14<gbee>might be more hassle to sort out than just adding xmltvids for the radio channels :)
06:17<gbee>er, except I'm forgetting why I was investigating this in the first place - there aren't any xmltvids for the radio channels
06:19<stuarta>i was wondering about that :)
06:19<janneg>gbee: just apply the patch and mark both nova-t 500 adapters as "open on demand"
06:20<janneg>this will disable the active scanning on those adapters
06:20<gbee>janneg: ok
06:20<janneg>passive scanning while recording will still work
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06:23<gbee>I'll update the patch against HEAD while I'm at it
06:25<gbee>not sure why I feel the need to capitalise head every time
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10:42<knowledgejunkie>Has xris mentioned any problems displaying normal (non search) recording schedules with latest mythweb?
10:44<knowledgejunkie>custom schedules display fine (/mythweb/tv/schedules/custom/nnnn type url) whereas manual schedules fail to display anything (/mythweb/tv/detail?recordid=nnnn)
10:44<knowledgejunkie>is there an issue with URL re-writing?
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12:19<stuarta>what's with the latest comment on #3031? Someone trying to start a flamewar?
12:22<Sembiance>not me.
12:33<gbee>coward didn't put his name to it
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12:35<janneg>strange, I didn't noticed the error
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15:00<RyeBrye>I think there is a bug with the firewire fixes that got put in recently. When I go to set up a firewire capture card, it has a spot for the GUID but it doesn't let me input or select one
15:00<RyeBrye>in the database, I don't see a column for the GUID in the capturecard table
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15:56<j-rod>jams: ping
15:57<jams>on a conf call with me new boss, but i'm around
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15:58<j-rod>ooh, new boss...
15:59<jams>same job, new boss. Seems like a decent guy so far
15:59<j-rod>old boss canned, or moved on?
16:00<j-rod>and/or was old boss not decent....
16:00<jams>moved on
16:00<jams>old one was a good guy as well
16:00<j-rod>that's good
16:01<j-rod>so now what I'm pingin' ya for...
16:01<j-rod>I'd started playing with pungi, our new distro spin tool, and had a nice Fedora 7-based single-cd mythtv install together
16:01<j-rod>but rather than reinventing the wheel, I'm now working on some stuff w/the mythdora guys
16:02<j-rod>one of the big complaints about mythdora is this text menu setup thingy
16:03<j-rod>and you mentioned you thought your gui stuff should be albe to run on pretty much any distro some day...
16:04<jams>j-rod- the gui will run on any distro. It's the scripts that do the work that will need to be modified
16:04<j-rod>that could certainly be done
16:04<jams>all the gui does is collect the info/write the info to a file/ and the run a script with various options
16:05<xris>j-rod: congratz on the new release. :)
16:05<j-rod>and then I wanted to also ask if you'd be okay with mythdora using your stuff at some point
16:05<j-rod>xris: woo! now let the bug storm cometh... ;)
16:05<jams>it's also fairly modular, so changing the scripts should be straightforward.
16:06<jams>sure, thats not a problem.
16:06<j-rod>jams: I imagine some of it overlaps w/things mythdora already has scripts for
16:06<jams>be warned that right now it only compiles against svn. It will not compile against -fixs
16:07<j-rod>I wouldn't anticipate merging it being a big deal
16:07<j-rod>that's no biggie, this would probably be something we'd target for a Fedora 7-based mythdora
16:07<knowledgejunkie>xris: are you aware of any problems displaying normal (manual, non search) recording schedules with latest mythweb?
16:07<j-rod>of course, if mythtv 0.21 still ain't out by then... ;)
16:08<knowledgejunkie>custom schedules display fine (/mythweb/tv/schedules/custom/nnnn type url) whereas manual schedules fail to display anything (/mythweb/tv/detail?recordid=nnnn)
16:08<knowledgejunkie>is there an issue with URL re-writing?
16:08<jams>maybe you can help me with my X config stuff =)
16:08<j-rod>jams: absolutely
16:09<jams>j-rod- I have made some big improvements since you last looked at it.
16:09<xris>knowledgejunkie: haven't looked in the last day or two, but things were fine last time I checked
16:09<j-rod>I don't doubt it
16:09<jams>like everybody else lack of time to complete stuff
16:09<j-rod>I hear that
16:10<j-rod>fortunately, work has been a little slow the past few weeks
16:10<j-rod>(lull between rhel5 going gold master and the actual release, basically)
16:11<j-rod>jams: once the fc6/myth 0.20 mythdora is out the door, I'd love to start rolling regular F7-based spins and start working on integrating your stuff
16:11<jams>how do you see it working? calling the config screens on firstboot?
16:12<j-rod>not entirely sure yet
16:12<j-rod>could probably call it from firstboot somehow
16:12<j-rod>or run at first login time
16:12<j-rod>I'd certainly prefer within firstboot somehow
16:13<knowledgejunkie>xris: line 104 of mythweb/modules/tv/tmpl/default/schedules.php seems to be related to the problem - the "if ($schedule->search)" seems to fail, resuliting in the "echo 'detail?recordid='.$schedule->recordid" url
16:14<jams>j-rod- do you know python?
16:14<j-rod>well enough, yeah
16:14<jams>right now the scripts are bash, but I have been thinking of moving to python
16:14<jams>have not done it yet, but the thought keeps coming up
16:14<j-rod>all the mythdora stuff is perl, and I'd been wanting to redo a lot of it in python too. :)
16:15<jams>you will get to help from me with that perl stuff =)
16:15<j-rod>a lot of the work I've done for mythdora has been on anaconda and some of the firstboot stuff, which is all python
16:15<j-rod>(and a bit of c)
16:17<j-rod>firewall bit now has a checkbox to allow all MythTV traffic, just like the ssh/http/etc ones
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16:17<j-rod>anaconda is heavily tweaked to reflect that its a mythtv dvr install, not a "general internet usage" desktop install
16:18<jams>i once started on a fedora based product (before mythdora) but anaconda kept ticking me off so I gave up
16:18<j-rod>heh, its done its share of that to me
16:19<j-rod>I have the good fortune of being able to walk down the hall and kick the anaconda devs if I need to
16:19<jams>give them a kick for me (even if it is two years late)
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16:20<briand>j-rod: how does your fc7-based stuff (or for that matter, mythdora) handle installing the stuff not in core (mp3, etc) ?
16:21<j-rod>briand: its on the cd...
16:21<jams>thats the screen that i'm working on. It works and that Test X button collect parameters and passes them off to a script. But i'm not for sure how to handle it from there. Each card has it's own quirks
16:21<jams>sometimes a 2nd X session works and sometimes it doesn't
16:22<briand>j-rod: wow... you have a semi-official pseudo-distro from RH/FC that includes mp3 support? I'm impressed!
16:22<j-rod>briand: we just twiddle comps.xml and the packages that go on the cd, and it installs like any other package
16:22<j-rod>its not officially from RH at all
16:22<briand>ahh.. gotcha.
16:22<jams>yesterday I was thinking of maybe only doing limited testing in known good configurations. Anything else say "here is your config file"
16:23<j-rod>jams: I have X guys I can kick too...
16:23<briand>so it's a "tweaked" FC install, specific for myth
16:23<jams>i was hoping you would say soemthing like that
16:23<j-rod>briand: pretty much, yeah
16:24<j-rod>jams: of course, they may well ignore anything having to do with closed-source drivers...
16:24<briand>j-rod: can I make my case for making two tweaks for it, then? a "user" install for the plug-n-play weenies, and a "dev" install that puts all the necessary dev stuff on there, along with the current "mythdora" package(s) and myth source, so we can bump it up to svn head, if we wish? :)
16:25<briand>...without getting all the extra extra extra "dev" stuff that fedora normally piles onto the drive..
16:25<j-rod>briand: the installer asks "which tasks do you want ... blah blah?" and the checkbox options are 1) MythTV DVR 2) MythTV Developement and 3) Additional Hardware Support
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16:26<j-rod>of course, the development stuff isn't quite fleshed out (running into iso size issues right now, debating saying fuckit, and moving to >700M)
16:26<kantlivelong>llo all
16:26<j-rod>two CD isos and one DVD is what I'm currently thinking
16:26<briand>I've avoided the 'all-in-one' type distros (knoppmyth and mythdora) in the past, because I knew I didn't want to be limited... I like that there'll be a "mythdev distro" option. :)
16:27<j-rod>things are slightly busted for FC6's anaconda, but for an F7-based spin, there'll be check boxes to enable the main fedora repos at install time too
16:27<briand>2 cds (cd 1 for 'normal', all/most of the dev stuff on cd2) would be okay.. and, heck, don't most myth systems have a DVD player (if not recorder) now, anyway?
16:27<j-rod>as well as rpmfusion
16:28<j-rod>a surprising number of people don't have DVD burners yet
16:28<jams>or dvd drives
16:28<briand>I don't know why. I have a samsung $39 18x DVD burner (and it's $42 cousin with lightscribe support) on my machines
16:29<briand>newegg is my friend.
16:29<j-rod>but still
16:29<xris>knowledgejunkie: looks like a bug. feel free to submit a bug report.
16:30<briand>j-rod: of course, I'm old enough to remember saving for a couple months to buy ONE meg of memory.. and it arrived as 48 individual 16-pin DIP chips
16:30[~]j-rod isn't that old... :)
16:30<briand>it only cost me somewhere around $850 at the time. :)
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16:30[~]briand isn't that old, either. just started out young. :)
16:30<j-rod>but yeah, it boggles the mind that people don't have a dvd burner when they can be had so cheap
16:31<j-rod>hell, I have at least five
16:31[~]j-rod still hasn't crossed the 30 barrier
16:31<briand>i've two burners and one dvd (non-burner) from my original myth box
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16:31<briand>yeah, you are a youngster, then. ;)
16:32<briand>although, i'm not TOO much further down the track than you
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16:33<briand>but i did have the opportunity to play in DOS, DEC VAX, OS/2, Warp, etc before Windows took over the market
16:33<knowledgejunkie>xris: will do
16:33<j-rod>DOS 6.22 and/or Mac OS 6.x was about where I started
16:34<briand>my first machine ran DOS 2.2.. a 4.77MHz dual-floppy IBM-PC clone
16:34<briand>I sold my old RS Coco to a guy for $350, and spent that on a ST-238 RLL 30M hard disk. :)
16:35<j-rod>my first was a Mac SE at a whopping 8MHz, w/a 20MB HD and 1MB of RAM, iirc (well, it was my parents, actually)
16:35<briand>..and that machine became an "XT"
16:35<briand>so, yeah.. about the same era, I think.. maybe a year or three later
16:36<briand>first mac I ever touched was a Lisa that we had in our development shop (that product never panned out, but the machine was still around [hmm.. well, *it* didn't pan out either, did it??)
16:36<briand>second one was an old 7100 with OS7 on it
16:36<Dibblah>Course it did.
16:37<Dibblah>Still lives on in the Mac Classic, in ways.
16:37<briand>i guess, kinda...
16:37<j-rod>heh, #2 for me was a 6100
16:37<briand>except a lot of the lisa hardware was proprietary and wasn't carried over to the rest of the line
16:37<Dibblah>ST-506, surely?
16:38<briand>I still have my Newton (and it still works!)
16:38<gbee> /join #mythtv
16:38<Dibblah>Ahem. Sorry :)
16:38<briand>gbee: your'e already here.
16:39<briand>gbee: over in #ancientcomputerhardware, they're talking about MythTV development right now. ;)
16:39[~]briand re-lurks.
16:39<xris>j-rod: I started with an apple IIe.... then went for a few years without a computer, and got a mac plus when we moved back to the US.
16:39<xris>the Plus is probably still around at my grandparents' house. got an upgrade to a 16mhz 68020. heh
16:40<j-rod>ooh, nice... :)
16:40<j-rod>I had an SE w/an Ethernet card at one point
16:40<briand>sweet! my HDHR just arrived. :) :)
16:40<j-rod>okay, I should stop, definitely wandering way too far OT... :)
16:40<briand>so, umm... who's working on that PMT issue?? ;)
16:40[~]briand got back on topic...
16:41<j-rod>what PMT issue?
16:41<gbee>I don't really mind, I just happened to come back to my machine and thought I had the #mythtv-users tab up for a moment ;)
16:41<briand>20-30% of the recordings will fail, and channel scanning is borked, since 12619
16:41<gbee>briand: Daniel
16:41<briand>according to what I've read. I haven't plugged this beast into anything, yet.
16:42<j-rod>ah, okay
16:42<j-rod>still running 0.20-fixes on my main setup
16:42<gbee>but it doesn't, as some posters to the ticket imply, affect every dvb user
16:42<briand>ah.. and he's almost back from his moving adventure, is he not?
16:42<j-rod>he's moved, dunno if he's fully settled in
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16:43<briand>gbee: my impression is that I won't be able to scan channels with the HDHR; I'll have to manually add them.. and even then, a percentage of recordings will just 'fail'.. is that accurate? semi-accurate?
16:43<j-rod>I do get the occasional wonky recording off my hdhr, and a lot more artifacting/dropped-data-looking recordings than w/a DVB card
16:43<j-rod>had a recording the other day that caused mythfrontend to segfault
16:43<j-rod>spew on the console was something about trying to create too large an Xv surface
16:44<briand>j-rod: are you using ATSC or QAM (or both)?
16:44<j-rod>seems the video somehow claimed to be bigger than 1920x1080 for at least a few frames
16:44<briand>that's my plan here, as well... for both ports, probably
16:44<j-rod>works fine for the most part
16:45<briand>supposedly, comcast here in tally has all but premium content 'in the clear'
16:45<briand>(even though I'm just an analog subscriber)
16:45<j-rod>I found that comcast in northern MA finally started sending valid stream info across the wire in the past month or so
16:46<j-rod>my hdtv w/built-in tuner suddenly didn't have the hd channels in the craptastic range they were before, they were suddenly at 4-1, 5-1, 7-1, etc, and had station identifiers
16:46<briand>that's progress...
16:46<j-rod>still need to do a fresh scan, but I presume myth is gonna pick those up now too
16:47<briand>I finally got them to fix the switch with the wonky ports serving our neighborhood. I've been nearly two months without a service dropout. Used to happen several times per day, for (often) hours at a time.
16:48<briand>I can't possibly believe I was the only person complaining about internet service (and wouldn't digital subscribers be affected as well?) in this neighborhood for the past 2.5 years. anyway.. fixed now, it seems, so I'm happy.
16:49<gbee>briand: I honestly don't know what is and what isn't affected - only that none of my machines/cards are and I don't know any devs who are affected either
16:49[~]briand laments ...ooOO(oh, how I hate being the guinea pig...)
16:50<stuarta>daniel must have some idea of what's going wrong...
16:50<briand>i've been pretty good about keeping up with SVN, so I'll find out in fairly short order, I should imagine.
16:50<gbee>I've not been following the issue - all I know is that the claims most recently given aren't exactly accurate, seem more like an attempt to start an argument
16:51|-|Dibblah changed nick to Intel^
16:51<briand>gbee: you should read the stuff from the guy in the HDHR forum
16:51|-|Intel^ changed nick to Dibblah
16:51<briand>he claims that "the mythtv guys" wouldn't allow him to subscribe to the -dev list!
16:52<briand>"Dennis" is his nick, there. don't know that he's ever visited -users or this channel
16:52<gbee>briand: rubbish :)
16:52<janneg>briand: DVB as in DVB-SI seems not affected
16:53<gbee>but I'm not sure what gives these users the impression that they can use a development version and not encounter bugs
16:53<briand>well, then, clearly somebody needs to send me a gratis satellite card. I already have a dish. ;)
16:53<janneg>briand: have you tried enabling quick tuning?
16:54<gbee>or that when they find a bug, no matter how serious, that it should be fixed yesterday
16:54<briand>janneg: honestly, the HDHR *just* arrived while j-rod and I were waltzing down computer-memory lane a few minutes ago.
16:54<janneg>that's working for me too
16:54<briand>gbee: that's typical users, of any product.
16:54<stuarta>i get the feeling it's mainly us dvb that's affected
16:54<briand>janneg: so I haven't actually installed it, as yet.
16:54<janneg>briand: oh, I thought you were affected by that bug
16:55<briand>janneg: no, I was asking if I would be affected by it or not, since i'm on latest SVN
16:55<janneg>just missed it that. I'm still ill :(
16:55<stuarta>hmpf. just crashed the frontend.
16:56<stuarta>trying to use DecoderBase::GetFramesRead after it's been deleted.
16:56<briand>the popular reply in the HDHR forum seems to be to `svn -r 12618` and wait for the fix. I don't want to revert way back there... :)
16:56<gbee>briand: I know and for a paid product I can understand it a little easier, it's difficult to justify when they are getting mythtv free based on the work of unpaid volunteers
16:56<janneg>stuarta: plain head or modified?
16:56<stuarta>head as of this morning
16:57<stuarta>few patches, but not in the affected area...
16:57[~]briand holds off on his 'svn up' command...
16:57<gbee>anyway, this argument is as old as the hills
16:57<stuarta>briand: no need. i was mistreating it :)
16:57<briand>ah. okay.. i gotta wait till 7:00 local to compile/install anyway
16:58<stuarta>playing how many recordings can i queue for transcoding and still navigate my recording list
16:58<briand>it's due to start recording in 2 minutes, so I'll wait for the next window and sneak the update in after commercial-flagging finishes at 7:05-ish
16:58<gbee>briand: well the answer to that is you are free to use a version after 12618 but don't complain if it doesn't work ;)
16:59<briand>gbee: yeah, but but but
16:59<gbee>hmm, maybe I should have tested that albumart stuff with more than two images
16:59|-|jgarvey [] has quit ["Leaving"]
16:59<briand>gbee: i need it fixed yesterday, because I know the developers by their irc nicks and first names! ;)
17:03<stuarta> <- lemme know if you want more info
17:03<janneg> is slightly off
17:03<stuarta>i have the core file :)
17:04|-|gbee [] has quit [Excess Flood]
17:04|-|Cardoe [n=cardoe@gentoo/developer/Cardoe] has quit ["Leaving"]
17:05|-|gbee [] has joined #mythtv
17:06<briand>hmm. this must be my banner day. the LCD module for my myth box just arrived
17:06<briand>I fully expect that the next time the doorbell rings, Publisher's Clearing House will be standing outside with a giant check...
17:07|-|PointyPumper [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
17:07[~]stuarta wonders if briand is dreaming
17:07<briand>stuarta: not about the HDHR and the LCD. Probably about the sweepstakes -- especially because I don't send in those things
17:09|-|onixian [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
17:09<j-rod>I should get an external usb LCD thingy I can mount somewhere
17:09<j-rod>actually, first, I should buy the damn ram I need for my mini so it can replace my current frontend
17:09<stuarta>usb lcd thingy? as in a 2x40 display?
17:10<briand>j-rod: I _wanted_ a 2x20 VFD, but it wouldn't fit in the box. :(
17:10<briand>stuarta: mine is a 2x16 display, but yeah.. same idea
17:10|-|Nick2 [] has joined #mythtv
17:10<gbee>ok - smallish bug with the GetAlbumArt method, it needs to cleanup the temp files after resizing
17:10<j-rod>stuarta: dunno exactly what, just something I could put somewhere in my entertainment center to show what's going on
17:11<stuarta>back in a bit. need to queue some more transcodes...
17:11<j-rod>that'd work
17:11<briand>yep. i just got the 632 version, otherwise the same thing
17:12<briand>if your system wouldn't be taxed by it, though, I'd recommend the VFD. *much* more readable from couch distance
17:12<j-rod>I know nothing about VFD vs. LCD
17:13<j-rod>what's taxing?
17:13<briand>and lcdproc will run it
17:13<briand>power, mostly. VFD takes a bit more amperage to run
17:14<briand>this is the one I wanted:
17:15<briand>..but it doesn't fit the HTPC 200BA case. :(
17:15<j-rod>I'd need an external one
17:15<j-rod>seems it'd exist tho, since its just usb
17:16<briand>they have a 5.25 slot cover for it.. should mount in an old external drive case with no problems
17:16<briand>$65 from them, when I last inquired as to price... so not much more expensive than a comparable LCD
17:16<j-rod>that would be bigger than my frontend box itself
17:17|-|malban [] has quit [Read error: 145 (Connection timed out)]
17:18<briand>mine's a combined be/fe, all in one box.. but the box matches the rest of my home theater/audio equipment rack (well, except that all of *that* equipment does have VFD displays)
17:19<gbee>I wanted a double 3.5" bay mount similiar to this 5.25" one here -
17:19<gbee>couldn't find one though
17:20|-|onixian [] has joined #mythtv
17:21<stuarta>i'm doing well tonight. now i've deadlocked the frontend and smashed the stack.
17:22<j-rod>current box matches the AV stack, but its a frontend only, takes up way more space than need be
17:24<briand>j-rod: I like the looks of that white/blue display.. wish they had that for the 632 series...
17:24<jams>crap the lcd arm I ordered is not height adjustable.
17:24<briand>maybe, down the road (certainly no sooner than may, since they're back-ordered) I'll get one of those and see about frankensteining the case a bit. (I have a dremel, and I know how to use it!)
17:27|-|madfactor [] has joined #mythtv
17:29<j-rod>oy, time to run away...
17:29<j-rod>off to swing wooden clubs
17:31<briand>good luck. :)
17:35|-|rbellamy [n=rbellamy@pdpc/supporter/silver/rbellamy] has quit [Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer)]
17:37|-|Cardoe [n=Cardoe@gentoo/developer/Cardoe] has joined #mythtv
17:38|-|knowledgejunkie [n=knowledg@unaffiliated/knowledgejunkie] has left #mythtv ["I want my, I want my, I want my MythTV"]
17:40|-|RyeBrye [] has left #mythtv []
17:43<gbee>I'm really starting to like the albumart visualizer, don't fancy the job of adding images for my entire mp3 collection however
17:52|-|RyeBrye [] has joined #mythtv
18:04<briand>gbee: a question on that...
18:04<briand>it randomly picks the album art to be displayed, right? there's no correlation with the music currently playing?
18:04<stuarta>dammit, never record seems to be broken for me...
18:04<stuarta>(via mythweb)
18:06|-|RyeBrye [] has left #mythtv []
18:06<gbee>briand: it randomly picks an image from the same directory as the track which is playing - so if you've got your collection organised into folders by album then there will be a correlation
18:06|-|kantlivelong [] has joined #mythtv
18:07<briand>gbee: ahh.. cool
18:07<briand>kantlivelong: before you say more (hi, by the way), please read the topic.
18:07<kantlivelong>did :)
18:07<kantlivelong>just saying hi thats all :)
18:07<briand>'k. 'scool
18:08<kantlivelong>hehe :)
18:08|-|kantlivelong [] has left #mythtv []
18:10<stuarta>he should've been called kantstaylong
18:12[~]briand grins
18:15<briand>aha! and he *did* have a user support question, too!
18:16|-|malban [] has joined #mythtv
18:18<gbee>thinking about adding an option for an inactivity type timer for livetv -> return to main menu if no input after X hours, any support for that?
18:25<stuarta>we should be able to detect the reading socket has closed
18:28<Chutt>that's what it tries to do
18:28<Chutt>apparently it's either not working in some cases, or just broken
18:37<briand>that would satisfy missing/crashed FE with the BE still happily streaming LiveTV... but doesn't address the "user has fallen asleep and we shouldn't be wasting the processor power/disk space on this" issue
18:39<stuarta>the first is a bug, the 2nd is a "PEBKAC"
18:39<stuarta>or perhaps PEBCATV
18:39<briand>or PEBRAMB
18:39<briand>"remote and myth box"
18:41|-|robthebob [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
18:43<stuarta>some people should just use a STB
18:43<briand>anyway.. i see gbee's comment as a "solution" to the 2nd situation. I should hope the 1st situation would cause the BE to stop recording LiveTV within a minute or two of a "missing" FE
18:44<stuarta>isn't that what the live tv chain stuff is supposed to do?
18:44<stuarta>change to a new live tv recording on a show boundary
18:45<briand>perhaps let it wait a bit to see if a FE reconnects, then rejoin them to the current LiveTV stream if so... else if the FE doesn't come back within 'x' minutes, stop the LiveTV stream to disk
18:45|-|beavis [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
18:45<stuarta>(as defined by the guide data)
18:45<stuarta>ah, yes that would work....
18:45<stuarta>first though, we need to sort out why it doesn't detect that condition...
18:45<briand>as you said, there's two distinct issues here, with two different solutions
18:46<briand>gbee is (I'm assuming) looking at addressing the "inattentive user" situation.
18:46<briand>the "missing FE" situation should already be gracefully handled (but, from reports, apparently isn't)
18:46<gbee>actually the backend recording livetv without a connected frontend wasn't the motivation behind it
18:46<gbee>heh, yep
18:47<briand>agree, gbee.. what you propose is what some folks have asked for...
18:47<briand>what stuarta mentioned is probably what should already be in place for the LiveTV chain
18:48<gbee>I've got a mythtv box setup for my parents, but they never remember to exit from livetv and aside from the waste of their power, it just bothers me :)
18:48<briand>but apparently a few folks have been bitten with a 'crashed FE', and the BE is still occupying a tuner (and disk space) with the LiveTV stream
18:48<stuarta>maybe an osd popup, kinda like the "a recording is about to start"
18:48<briand>`service mythbackend restart` would stop that LiveTV stream, but you don't want to do that if the -other- tuners are still busy recording something
18:49<gbee>briand: I've seen that one a few times, but the change I had in mind would be on the frontend, not the backend so would be of little use in that scenario
18:49|-|onixian [] has quit ["This computer has gone to sleep"]
18:49<briand>stuarta: for gbee's idea, you mean? yeah, I could see that "Your LiveTV session is about to expire due to inactivity"
18:49<briand>gbee: exactly. :)
18:50<stuarta>"you've been watching the same channel for 6hrs! are you stupid?"
18:50<briand>and then, maybe, if they pause/play from the remote that would satisfy the inactivity timer and reset it to its user-defined start value
18:50<gbee>stuarta: that's what I had in mind - after say 3 hours without input, pop up a dialogue warning the user and after 30 seconds drop back to the main menu
18:50<briand>stuarta: hahaha!
18:51<stuarta>it would have to be long enough to account for some of the epic movies/superbowls
18:51<briand>stuarta: perhaps with a bit of AI involved. make it 6 minutes if it's a soap opera or shopping channel
18:51<briand>why not make it user-defined with a 'median' default value (if option is checked 'on' to begin with)
18:51<gbee>in the case of my parents, they will have changed channel, pressed pause or at least hit mute at least once every 90 minutes
18:52<briand>gbee: probably true with most folks, I should think
18:52<briand>or at least pull up the guide to see what else is playing on other channels, etc
18:52<gbee>yeah - some form of activity at least
18:53<stuarta>yeah, any activity resets the timeout i'd say...
18:54<briand>and, even with the superbowl, for instance... I should imagine you'd have hit pause or rewind at least ONCE in that 3.5~4.5 hour time period... so maybe 3 hrs is a good 'default' for those that enable the option
18:54|-|kali67 [] has quit []
19:04<gbee>I'll put something together then, I would have done it just for the sake of my parents, but it's worth knowing that there are no objections
19:04<briand>I really need to get to work building up my billboard chart tables, and link it to music_songs -- then I can make some "REALLY smart playlists" (give me a random selection of songs in the Top 40 that were in position 22 or higher between April 1973 and November 1975)
19:08|-|onixian [] has joined #mythtv
19:08|-|PointyPumper [] has joined #mythtv
19:09<Chutt>gbee, i'm not in favor of a timeout.
19:10<Chutt>i prefer to fix the bug, not work around it :p
19:10<briand>Chutt: i think there's two issues... one bug, one feature
19:10<stuarta>there's the bug, and there's the user who walks away leaving livetv running
19:10<Chutt>what's wrong with leaving live-tv running?
19:11<briand>fills up disk space, at least temporarily
19:11<stuarta>that's what a STB is for.
19:11<Chutt>why would it do that?
19:11<Chutt>and, why would it matter, if it did?
19:12<briand>for me, it wouldn't... I could probably leave LiveTV on here for days without autoexpiring to reclaim disk, without a problem
19:12<briand>but it asthetically bothers some folks (like gbee, with his parents) to run it "for no reason"
19:12<gbee>Chutt: my main reason is power use, and also I just dislike the idea of it running when no-one is there to see it
19:12<Chutt>you going to turn off the tv, too?
19:13<Chutt>that'll be using a bit more power than live-tv mode vs sitting at a menu
19:13<gbee>my Dad is a stroke victim, I can't explain to him that he needs to exit livetv before turning off the tv - he just can't remember it
19:14<Chutt>well, i still don't see the need for yet more settings bloat
19:14<briand>and it'd be an option anyway, right? [off] or [on + timeout value]
19:16<gbee>well I can keep it as a local mod, which is what I had first intended, just thought there might be something which others would be interested in
19:17<gbee>anyway, I'm off to sleep
19:17<Honk>i wonder if anyone'd accept my no-mmap patch for alsa =)
19:39<briand>gbee: just from the tone of the msg on 3031, I'd be willing to bet that *is* the guy (Dennis) from the HDHR forum that's been on that tack for a couple weeks.
19:42|-|DrNickRiviera [] has quit ["Leaving."]
19:45|-|daMaestro [n=jon@fedora/damaestro] has joined #mythtv
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20:15|-|gnome42 [] has joined #mythtv
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21:02|-|sigger_ [] has joined #mythtv
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21:24|-|reaspired [] has joined #mythtv
21:25<reaspired>why is it when I close down mythfrontend that I still hear audio, ubuntu..
21:25<reaspired>I go into alsamixer and I have linein as record
21:26<reaspired>yes I have a old bt card
21:31<kormoc>reaspired, wrong channel, and your issue is covered in the docs under setting up audio
21:32|-|daMaestro [n=jon@fedora/damaestro] has quit ["Leaving"]
21:35|-|BenDailey [n=ben@] has left #mythtv []
21:48|-|Anduin [] has joined #mythtv
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22:01|-|cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
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22:29[~]briand sighs.
22:30<briand>well, I did (again!) try to send him on a proper path... looks like we'll be getting spammed with his nonsense for a while, anyway.
22:32<kormoc>Xi guy?
22:34|-|nullman [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
22:38<briand>he was spamming the mythtvtalk forums for quite some time.
22:38<briand>"Hi. I wish to build mythtv plugin" what does "#include <stdio.h>" mean?
22:38<briand>shit like that.
22:39|-|Netsplit <-> quits: cmorgan, joejaxx, kormoc, janneg, sphery, tstm, sc00p, Sembiance
22:39<briand>and, every time it's pointed out to him, he responds with "thank you kindly for your advice. I think I will continue, anyway"
22:40[~]briand sighs.. and the netsplit took that off to the ether.. ah well.
22:41|-|Sembiance [] has joined #mythtv
22:41|-|Netsplit over, joins: tstm
22:41|-|Netsplit over, joins: sphery
22:44|-|sc00p [] has joined #mythtv
22:44|-|kormoc [] has joined #mythtv
22:45<briand>welcome back. :)
22:45<briand>he was spamming the mythtvtalk forums for quite some time.
22:45<briand>"Hi. I wish to build mythtv plugin" what does "#include <stdio.h>" mean?
22:45<briand>shit like that.
22:45<briand>and, every time it's pointed out to him, he responds with "thank you kindly for your advice. I think I will continue, anyway"
22:47<Captain_Murdoch>at least he picked the mythhello plugin and not something larger like mythmusic and then ask us to explain what lines 1-15000 mean. ;)
22:47<briand>that's like going on some NASCAR engineering forum and saying "I wish to improve on the engineering of these fantastic race cars, and build winning vehicles for next year's NASCAR series. Can somebody explain what a 'throttle' is? How is it used?"
22:47<briand>Captain_Murdoch: true enough.
22:48<briand>his problem, over on mythtvtalk was that he had installed the mythhello stuff and -only- the mythtv-libs package from some repository, and the `make` was failing because he was missing all sorts of dev libraries. :/
22:49<Captain_Murdoch>:) wonder who told him about make?
22:49<briand>I think it's on the wiki page about mythhello
22:49<briand>in any case, he didn't even have a myth system in which to test the plugin, had he been able to build it
22:51|-|MoRpHeUz [] has joined #mythtv
22:51<briand>anyhow.. I'm off to bed... early day tomorrow. g'nite all
23:09|-|kormoc [] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
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