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00:25<xris>gbee: any ideas how to get the filesize for a music file out of the db/etc?
01:10[~]xris thinks the xml music streaming stuff is broken.
01:10<xris>CDev or gbee: either of you awake?
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01:13<xris>ahh, it doesn't like non-english filenames
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01:29<hads>heh. Don't you hate it when you lose window focus. Excuse me.
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01:55<xris>well, looks like the albumart streamer isn't working quite right
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02:13<infinity1>what are the better hd tuners for mythtv?
02:15<xris>infinity1: depends on where you are and what kind of HD signal you're trying to capture
02:16<xris>and you're asking in the wrong channel
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02:27<infinity1>oh ..oops. yer right.
02:27<infinity1>comcast cable.
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02:32<NefariousPrior>Diverting to #mythtv-users
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03:29<gbee>xris: music streaming works here
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04:16<knowledgejunkie>I would like to write and submit a patch for mythfilldatabase to add '--cleardata' support, which would allow simple removing of program listings from the command line. Is/has this feature been contraindicated in the past?
04:27<gbee>I'm not aware of any reason why it shouldn't be done
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04:41<knowledgejunkie>gbee: thanks
04:41<gbee>just make sure it cleans up the connected tables at the same time
04:41<gbee>anyone have a clue why the output of "mythweb/music/stream?a=1" would give the error "The image ? ... " cannot be displayed, because it contains errors." in firefox? Yet the output is identical to the original image, the headers are fine and it works in Opera?
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05:15<knowledgejunkie>gbee: will do
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06:52<sambiase>hi...i need some help...i just installed mythtv and I would like to run it with my DVB device...i ran a step by step installation...started SQL...and i just opened mythtvsetup .... i can choose Card Type: DVB DTV capture cadr (v3.x) ... my card is found: Zarlink Zl10353 DVB-T Subtype ... the problem is that I dont know how to search for channels
06:52<sambiase>its nor working
06:52<sambiase>ooppss...wrong channel...sorry
06:52<Merlin83b>Read the topic, sambiase.
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07:21<gbee>#3210 - deserves a slap
07:26<Merlin83b>At least he provided the ffmpeg stuff and not just said what he wanted leaving it at that.
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09:27<stuarta>ah the stupidity. "i've patched myth so it compiles with uClibc, but i have no idea if it works and i have no idea how to program."
09:27<Snow-Man>haha, nice.
09:28<stuarta>that summarizes a post to -dev from this morning
09:29[~]stuarta rants about 3210 to himself
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09:46<Chutt>the big list of SoC projects is up
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11:17<xris>gbee: you awake now?
11:22<xris>I think the music art downloader doesn't work
11:22<xris>and I know that the music downloader doesn't work for non-english filename
11:22<gbee>worked fine for me - did you see the fix I committed to your mythweb changes last night?
11:23<xris>no, but I will look now
11:23<gbee>the music download problem should be easy to fix, I'll look at that now
11:24<gbee>still a problem with firefox, which doesn't like the output from readfile on the url for some reason - other browsers work fine
11:25<gbee>a possible solution, is to change the readfile for a redirect - header("Location: http://hostname:port/Myth/method?Id=123");
11:26<gbee>I'd rather work out why the readfile output isn't right, but I didn't find anything by googling and the output file itself is identical to the original
11:28<xris>would only work if the browser is on the same network as the mythbox.
11:29<xris>gbee: yeah, I realized the issue with art with what you committed, however, I still am not able to download art even directly linked to the backend (without mythweb)
11:29<xris>page just loads and stops, no logs in the backend,e tc.
11:31<xris>I'm assuming that id is the album art id, not the song id, correct?
11:31<xris>yup. it just returns a blank page for me
11:33<gbee>SELECT CONCAT_WS('/', music_directories.path, music_albumart.filename) FROM music_albumart LEFT JOIN music_directories ON music_directories.directory_id=music_albumart.directory_id WHERE music_albumart.albumart_id = '541';
11:33<xris>yeah, it returns data
11:33<xris>Classical, Orchestral and Instrumental/Mozart - Gardiner; Bilson - The Piano Concertos/cover.jpg
11:34<gbee>xris: you did mis-type that url above?
11:34<gbee>should be a /Myth in the middle
11:35<xris>yes, mistyped, but the same thing happens
11:36<xris>backend shows the db query happening
11:36<xris>but I get no data
11:36<xris>it looks from the code like you're converting to png.. any way NOT to do that?
11:37<gbee>xris: sure can be avoided, I was being lazy so I copied/pasted the channel icon stuff in places
11:37<gbee>we can look at the existing image type and send that out
11:38<gbee>it only happens when we resize the original though - calling it without height/width sends it unmodified
11:38<xris>that's actually fine, then
11:38<xris>well, if it worked.
11:40<gbee>so the file produced from wget is entirely empty then?
11:41<gbee>mind tagging ".local8Bit()" onto the line "pRequest->m_sFileName = musicbasepath + query.value(0).toString();" and seeing if that helps?
11:42<gbee>ahh, hmm - which version are you running? does changing Id to ArtId help?
11:42<xris>recompiling. maybe I missed something
11:42<xris>artid doesn't seem to help
11:42<xris>actually, id is fine, since I see the db query happening properly in the backend logs
11:42<gbee>yeah rethought that even as I typed it, we throw the 404 long before looking at the arguments
11:43<gbee>hang on - you see the db query, but still get a 404?
11:43[~]xris chuckles at the guy who submitted a patchless feature request against nuvexport 0.3 for a feature that's been in 0.4 for months
11:43<xris>gbee: yup
11:44<gbee>well now I'm _really_ confused
11:44<xris>restarting the backend in -v all mode
11:45<gbee>try the local8bit fix - that should be there anyway
11:45<xris>wget produces this in the backend:
11:45<xris>2007-03-15 09:45:23.347 MSqlQuery: SELECT CONCAT_WS('/', music_directories.path, music_albumart.filename) FROM music_albumart LEFT JOIN music_directories ON music_directories.directory_id=music_albumart.directory_id WHERE music_albumart.albumart_id = 541;
11:45<xris>(first time also had the musiclocation request)
11:46<gbee>or wrap "query ... toString" in QString::fromUTF8( ... )
11:46<gbee>does much the same thing but seems to work for the GetMusic request
11:46<xris>local8bit fix?
11:46<xris>my local is utf8, though
11:47<gbee>black magic this character encoding stuff
11:48<xris>yes, I do agree with that
11:48<gbee>right lets start again - I'm confusing my own changes in the last 5 minutes with code that's been there forever
11:49<gbee>GetMusic works for files in that same dir as the Music yes?
11:50<xris>haven't tried. hang on
11:50<gbee>s/Music/album art/
11:50<xris>lol. no songs registered in that directory.
11:50<xris>hang on
11:52<xris>confirmed, yes. music downloads, art fails
11:52<gbee>right I think I know what's happening
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11:57<gbee>the music filename isn't stored as utf8 in the database, the albumart filename is
11:57<xris>shouldn't matter. no weird characters in any of that
11:58<gbee>but quite why that makes a difference on 'cover.jpg' I don't know
11:58<gbee>however it's the only thing I can spot that is different between the two methods
12:05<gbee>the first of those should work - the second to try if it doesn't
12:05<xris>easy enough to test
12:11[~]xris waits while things compile
12:11<xris>guess I should go get dressed for work now.
12:14<gbee>need to spit out some useful errors along with that 404 status, the method to do it already exists, it's just not used everywhere
12:19<xris>hmm, ccache was supposed to speed up compiles like this
12:23<xris>ok, done with what I have to do for work. can't wait for mythtv to finish. will pick it up later.
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12:25<gbee>a change to mythxml.cpp compiles in a few seconds here
12:29<jams>pretty sure he builds rpms for everything, which means building from scratch
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12:49<j-rod>rpm builds will use ccache if set up properly tho
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13:09<AtSquiggs>hey all
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13:58<xris>gbee: first of your patches seemed to do the trick
13:59<xris>for album art
14:01<gbee>the music problem is another char encoding prob - I'll see what needs doing in a minute
14:02<xris>should probably apply the same fix to album art, since the chars can be in directory names, too
14:05<sigger>gbee: there currently a problem with scanning files' tags in SVN?
14:11<gbee>xris: is it the directory names, or the filenames? makes a difference in how/where I fix the problem
14:11<gbee>sigger_: I'm not aware of a problem, what are you seeing?
14:12<xris>gbee: definitely directories. haven't tested cases where only the filename has diacritic chars
14:12<sigger>The files load but tags not recognized. Tree is built, but it appears to be based off filesystem tree, not tags. Tree nodes are filenames.
14:14<sigger>gbee: may I PM or can you join -users? I don't want to use this room for wrong purpose.
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14:19<gbee>sigger: you can pm
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14:43<livingtm>Im new to the mythfrontend code.. can someone show me which code draws the menus?
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15:11<janneg>Chutt: can you make something up from following qt errors the mythui mythfrontend menues don't render at all.
15:11<janneg>0.20-fixes revision 12854 with opengl renderer
15:20<Chutt>Xlib: extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0"
15:20<Chutt>that's the entire reason :p
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15:26<janneg>argh, yes, sorry. I'm just too tired
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15:41<gbee>hmm, were I to guess at the cause of #3213 I'd say m_startdir wasn't being set - but that doesn't explain why it works for me and not him
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15:45<gbee>too tired to be fixing obscure bugs, that whole area of metadata needs to be re-written anyway
15:45[~]stuarta suggests gbee watch some pointless tv
15:46<gbee>good idea
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16:22<briand>am I seeing a potential failure in the SQL syntax above ??
16:22<stuarta>what sql?
16:22<briand>if we're selecting CONCAT_WS('/',, blah blah...
16:22<briand>what happens if my is blank (everything in one directory)
16:23<briand>does it not cause a built-up path like "/mnt/myth//albumart.jpg" ??
16:23<briand>similar to what happens (and/or used to happen) in parts of mythmusic with the *.mp3 files..
16:23<livingtm>you guys familiar with the menuing code?
16:23<kormoc>briand, what's the problem with a build-up path?
16:25<briand>kormoc: if you don't store your stuff in separate subdirs, but rather dump it all in one place (ie: the "root" of the mountpoint, or whatever), then you end up with '//' embedded in the returned full filespec
16:25<briand>for display that's 'okay'.. for *some* operations, the '//' is ignored and/or worked around. other things just outright fail.
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16:26<livingtm>Im a total newb to the code, but it looks like the menu's are loaded once at the start, built up at qt objects, and those object are displayed when the menu is drawn
16:27<briand>i've run into a couple situations (gbee fixed some, paul fixed others) in mythmusic where that was the root problem i was having
16:27<briand>just a basic assumption that "everybody has their music in subdirectories"
16:27<briand>perhaps, eventually, I will do that.. but for now, they're all dumped into the "base" mythmusic directory.
16:27<stuarta>also "everyone uses itunes to manage their music"
16:28<briand>looking above.. i can foresee users doing the same with a bunch of album art
16:28<kormoc>briand, ahh, yeah. it's just posix specs that // is perfectly valid as /
16:28<briand>and that sql query will return an invalid path as a result
16:28<briand>but not always true, unfortunately, kormoc
16:28<kormoc>heh, well, it's speced that way, just not always implemented that way :P
16:28<briand>mytharchive was just patched last week to avoid that situation
16:29<briand>(i fed it a 'work directory' that had a trailing '/' character [and isn't that the "proper" way to designate a full filespec for a path, vs. a filename? -- '/mnt/video/tmp/' rather than '/mnt/video/tmp']
16:30<briand>strictly speaking, the former refers to a directory, the latter to a file
16:30<kormoc>aye, directory paths are speced to end with a /
16:30<kormoc>the theory is
16:30<briand>there ya go.
16:30<kormoc>/path/to/dir//file is valid where as
16:30<briand>that's why MythArchive was failing on me
16:30<kormoc>/path/to/dirfile is not
16:31<briand>because /video/tmp//work/1/blahblah/etc.mpg was okay for some programs/libraries, but not for others
16:32<kormoc>that's really strange. all the standard libs (should) support //... I wonder if it was a form input issue of some sort?
16:32<briand>i fed it an empty "/video/tmp/" to play with, and an hour and a half later, the 'authordvd' program choked on the filename fed to it.
16:32<briand>everything before that was happy with the '//' in the path as a result... anyway, that's fixed now
16:32<briand>i just saw that SQL above (gbee and xris's conversation), and I can see the same sorts of things creeping in to bite us down the road
16:33[~]kormoc nods
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16:33<AtSquiggs>hey all
16:34<briand>dang it.. I *knew* this was going to happen.. :grrrr:
16:35<briand>I was "forced" to re-enable upnp the other day.. and it looks like my backend crashed at 1:00am. machine is totally locked up now. can't ssh to it, no local control via keyboard or mouse. it's 'big red button' time. :(
16:36<briand>(note: I'm not -saying- there's a problem with the upnp code, mind you.. I only know that, with my hardware, myth was [more] stable when I could disable it)
16:36<briand>and it's obviously unstable now. :/
16:37<jams>briand- as of change 13045 you should be able to disable upnp again
16:37<briand>jams: does it actually disable it, or simply no longer segfault if you try? ;)
16:38<jams>i suppose it says fixes segfault
16:39<briand>after it boots back up, i'll ssh into it and put the flag back in the init script, and we'll see what happens.
16:39<briand>i had updated to 13047 yesterday afternoon/evening... so it shouldn't choke on it
16:48<briand>okay, started up again with the --noupnp flag, and we'll keep an eye on it.
16:48<briand>again, like before, it looks like the last thing it did was run mythfilldatabase.
16:50<briand>and, before, at that point, mythbackend would peg the cpu at 99% and everything else was shut out. no ssh, no frontend, etc.. even mythweb couldn't connect to the backend (presumably because it was in some furor trying to do nothing and spending all the cpu doing it)
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17:10<gbee>briand: CONCAT_WS avoids the // issue you mentioned, if an argument is null then it's ignored so CONCAT_WS('/', NULL, foo, NULL, bar) would output 'foo/bar'
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17:10<briand>ah, okay.. :) good deal.
17:10<briand>thanks for verifying that. :)
17:12<gbee>I was previously using CONCAT which didn't do that, which is why I switched to CONCAT_WS
17:12<briand>, by inference, the previous problems with the // issue were because the code -didn't- use CONCAT_WS on the select, but simply concatted strings in code somewhere else
17:12[~]briand nods
17:15<gbee>the whole business of building the full or relative paths needs to be consolidated, it's a little messy in mythmusic right now
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17:43<briand>gbee: I would agree with that statement. but there are certainly more (higher priority) items to work on, too
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17:51<gbee>briand: it's a minor thing which would probably make some of those higher priority jobs a little easier - I'd rather get those little things done now, than let them build up
17:52<briand>yeah, good point...
17:53<briand>i guess what I meant is: it needs to be done, so if you've got that code open anyway, go ahead and do it.. but don't "make a special trip" for it. Then, it becomes too much like fighting a forest fire with a bucket of water and a stationary holding tank.
17:55<gbee>that metaphor probably took longer to write than the 'fix' ;)
17:55<briand>hmm. i thought i extracted all that evolution/beagle nonsense from my myth box.. and yet, there's the 'beagle-build-in' process, chewing up 96% of my cpu
17:55<briand>gbee: probably took me longer to think out, then for you to type the fix in
17:56<briand>anwyay.. I'm off to dinner.. have a good (well, _there_ it'd be night!) evening
17:56<gbee>I'm procrastinating
17:56[~]briand is real good at that.
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