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11:31<MrGandalf>janneg: there?
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12:11<Dibblah>Is the current tie-up for gestures in myththemedmenu the eventual intended way to do things? ie does everything else need touched to implement gestures?
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12:14<Chutt>pretty much
12:14<Chutt>the intent was to be like the key presses
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12:17<Dibblah>Okay. I'm trying to understand how it works (have a nice kitchen touchscreen as incentive).
12:20[~]Sembiance wishes he could get KnoppMyth with a CVS version installed instead.
12:21<Dibblah>So mythdialog & friends also needs modified?
12:21<janneg>MrGandalf: yes. Re Ticket #3232?
12:21<Dibblah>Apologies for the basic questions :(
12:21<Chutt>i'm not sure if the old ui classes will get those events
12:21<Dibblah>They don't.
12:21<Dibblah>Nothing apart from myththemedmenu appears to have any mouse support.
12:22<Dibblah>And that leaves many, many dead ends in the UI :(
12:22<Chutt>sorry :p
12:22<Dibblah>Hey, the base is there.
12:23<Dibblah>I just need to read more code.
12:23<Chutt>i was wanting to convert MythThemedDialog (ie, the old style base for most screens) to use the new ui code
12:23<Dibblah>I'm making the assumption that noone uses this yet.
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12:23<Chutt>that should allow most of the screens to use basic gestures
12:23<janneg>MrGandalf: the patch is half rejected
12:23<Chutt>but the big problem is that none of the old widgets have mouse support
12:24<Chutt>only the new ones do
12:24<Merlin83b>Sembiance: Easy enough, but this isn't the channel for it.
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12:32<gbee>Dibblah: I hacked in basic support for mouse _buttons_ to use my cordless mouse as a simple remote for a laptop frontend, but that's as far as it goes and the change amounts to mapping mouse buttons to F20 onwards - not much use for a touchscreen
12:32[~]o_cee just quit his job! :] scary as hell
12:32<MrGandalf>janneg: half?
12:33<Dibblah>As far as I can tell, mouse works in myththemedmenu, but nowhere else.
12:37<o_cee>new job, ~50% raise, muhaha :)
12:38<janneg>MrGandalf: the last two chunks (of four)
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12:39<MrGandalf>janneg: applied fine for me. The more important parts I think are those lines commented out.
12:40<Dibblah>Chutt: Well, if there's "mechanical" things that need done, I can do them. Creative, which is what this is looking like at the moment, is less likely :(
12:41<MrGandalf>janneg: do you have any idea why the backend would spit out a constant stream of errors though? I didn't see that before the ffmpeg refresh.
12:41<janneg>MrGandalf: Micheal Niedermeyer rejected the two changes. they are wrong
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12:45<MrGandalf>janneg: not that patch.. that I can see anyway. He stated those methods should return -1, which they are. The last email I have in that thread is from Matthias.
12:46<Dibblah>Chutt: If it's an obvious change to each of the widgets, then I can make them, but that would be silly given that Myth is meant to be OO :(
12:46<Chutt>it's a rewrite of the various screens to the new widgets
12:46<Dibblah>Ah. They're implemented already?
12:46<Chutt>well, mostly
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12:48<Dibblah>Okay. So, pick an easy screen, trace it through to the calls to libmyth, then figure out where the alternatives are in libmythui?
12:48<Chutt>pretty much
12:48<Chutt>rewrite the xml
12:48<Chutt>as well
12:49<Chutt>well, that's actually the biggest thing
12:49<Chutt>then 'implement any missing features in mythui' =)
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12:50<Dibblah>Looking at the initial commit for mythui (9254) for clues, then.
12:51<janneg>MrGandalf: he rejected it last Thursday:
12:51<Chutt>i have some docs on the xml stuff in the trac wiki
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12:54<gbee>janneg: just experienced the usb disconnect GPF for the first time - 5 days after installing the card
12:55<janneg>gbee: without eit scanning?
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12:55<gbee>without scanning, I was changing channels in LiveTV
12:56<MrGandalf>janneg: ok, then we're waiting for someone to come up with a better fix then. Maybe I can get around the issue and back rev ffmpeg on the backend.
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13:15<okolsi>janneg: about that DVB CI Menu close thing...
13:16<Dibblah>statusbox looks so _simple_ from the outside :((
13:17<okolsi>janneg: does absolutely nothing useful, just prevents some error messages that are otherwise printed to backend logs
13:19<janneg>okolsi: ok, please create ticket, I'll apply it in the next days
13:19<Chutt>Dibblah, check the ui-rework branch from last summer of code
13:20<Chutt>statusbox was started
13:20<okolsi>janneg: all right, thanks
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13:21<Dibblah>Aha! Thanks!
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13:41<Dibblah>Any point in trying to resync this to trunk?
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13:57<Chutt>Dibblah, from trunk, or to trunk?
14:01<Dibblah>From trunk into the branch.
14:01<Chutt>sure, that'd be fine
14:02<Chutt>if you think you want to work on this stuff
14:02<Chutt>and don't mind working out of that branch, i can set you up with access
14:02<Dibblah>Well, I'm trying a merge on a checkout first to see how much work there actually is.
14:04<Dibblah>Hrm. Except I can't do that, since it doesn't merge new files.
14:04<Dibblah>I can work round that, though.
14:05<Chutt>i don't know how well the statusbox was converted over
14:05<Chutt>i didn't especially like the screenshots i saw of it
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14:06<Dibblah>Ah. Great. :)
14:06<Chutt>Cardoe, would you mind filing that configure bug upstream against ffmpeg?
14:07<Chutt>(i think 3231 was you, right?)
14:07<gbee>hmm, bug in channel change code - Tuner 2 can't be tuned to the same channel as Tuner 1
14:07<Cardoe>Chutt: sure
14:07<Cardoe>Chutt: mcpu -> march right?
14:08<Chutt>for ppc and sparc, iirc
14:09<Dibblah>Heh. So an externally developed app fakes the protocol version and gets into problems. Shock, horror.
14:09<Chutt>all those socket errors say it's doing _something_ wrong
14:09<Chutt>i don't care to debug it =)
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14:14<Cardoe>I'm having an issue compiling trunk at all.
14:14<Cardoe>I gotta login to my box at home and try it again to get the exact error
14:14<Cardoe>but basically linker issues
14:15<Chutt>upnp related, if you remember?
14:15<Cardoe>Some MHsomething function isn't there.
14:15<Cardoe>Lemme just SSH into the box at home and svn update and try to compile again
14:15<Chutt>might just need a distclean
14:16<Cardoe>First time I've ever tried to compile trunk.
14:16<Cardoe>Brand new checkout... was 13073
14:16<Cardoe>I say ever... but not true.. It was a brand new checkout
14:16<Cardoe>Since all my other stuff is 0-20-fixes
14:17<Chutt>right, same thing
14:18<Cardoe>Alright.. updated to 13075
14:18<Cardoe>And that's compiling. I'll let ya know if it happens again
14:21<Chutt>#ifndef MKTAG(a,b,c,d)
14:21<Chutt>what the hell
14:24<Cardoe>Is that this...
14:24<Cardoe>In file included from frame.h:5,
14:24<Cardoe> from filter.h:12,
14:24<Cardoe> from filtermanager.h:5,
14:24<Cardoe> from filtermanager.cpp:8:
14:24<Cardoe>fourcc.h:16:14: warning: extra tokens at end of #ifndef directive
14:24<Cardoe>That was on my list to look at..
14:25<Chutt>just need to remove the ()
14:25<Chutt>and the stuff in it, of course
14:25<Chutt>i'm too lazy to do it
14:28<sigger>Chutt, I'm about to send -dev maillist a request for feedback on enabling mythmusic to supplement its internal player with mpd. That sound like something you might be amenable to?
14:29<Chutt>i dunno
14:29<Chutt>i haven't really been doing anything with mythmusic in ages
14:29<Chutt>other people have
14:29<sigger>ah, I just assumed you had ultimate oversight on direction.
14:30<Chutt>yeah, but..
14:33<eskil>Trying to say that you're more focused on the TV stuff and that people should talk to gbee about music stuff ?
14:33<sigger>:) I read that into the ..
14:34<Chutt>eskil, has he ever said anything about your streaming patch?
14:34<sigger>and not a prob. spoke with him some and he was not discouraging.
14:34<eskil>Chutt, nope.
14:35<eskil>Chutt, I kinda need to drive that effort a bit more, maybe make the patch split and more digestable instead of a monolithic patch.
14:39<gbee>I've not even looked at the streaming patch, I've been focused on small patches or things which I personally wanted to see change/improve
14:41<eskil>gbee, some day I'll start annoying you about it, and it is really going to be annoying.
14:41<Dibblah>Anyone got any hints why I'm getting so many fake conflicts with this merge?
14:42<gbee>I'd be happy to review/commit the streaming stuff, especially if it was broken into easily digestible chunks ;) My priority is to finish what I started with the scanning changes and commit the patches which I've already 'owned'
14:42<Dibblah>There's no change to some files in the branch and the conflict makes no sense to me :(
14:42<gbee>Dibblah: fake? could be whitespace?
14:42<gbee>umm, no idea
14:42<Dibblah>Oh ick. I hope not.
14:43<gbee>got an example of a problem file?
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14:46<eskil>gbee, I can break it into smaller patches, but making them by appliable/useable on a pr. patch basis is hard.
14:47<eskil>gbee, I've tried with some things like the metadata constcorrectness, but some things are just a tad too intertwined.
14:47<Dibblah>Not whitespace. Nothing between <<< and === in some of them.
14:47<Cardoe>../../libs/libmythtv/ undefined reference to `MHSetLogging(_IO_FILE*, unsigned int)'
14:47<Cardoe>../../libs/libmythtv/ undefined reference to `MHCreateEngine(MHContext*)'
14:48<Chutt>that's odd
14:48<Chutt>issue with the dep stuff the qmake files?
14:48<Cardoe>sigger: mpd support for mythmusic would be awesome.
14:48<Cardoe>Chutt: yeah
14:49<sigger>gbee, I'm at the point where I can do a couple paragraphs on the nature of the code changes to include mpd as alternate player. you mind taking a look?
14:49<gbee>eskil: that's not a big problem - I can review a set of smaller patches but still commit them as one OR if splitting them is too much work for little benefit, then you don't have to bother
14:49<sigger>thanks Cardoe
14:49<gbee>sigger: sure, if you don't mind waiting for a response
14:50<sigger>sure, its a lot better than implementing something and finding out its in a direction you totally don't want :)
14:50<sigger>btw, mpd can play from urls, so it would not be incompatible with upnp.
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14:52<eskil>gbee, cool. I'll try and split out the smallest parts and file them as bugs, and then some day bombard you with the whole thing.
14:52<Cardoe>Chutt: If you're interested in the linking line.
14:53<gbee>eskil: best approach
14:53<Chutt>Cardoe, i'll check it out in ab it, conf call starting that i need to prepare for
14:54<Cardoe>when ever you get a chance.
15:13<janneg>Cardoe, Chutt: iirc mcpu is our modification
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15:18<janneg>not true, ffmpeg's configure has also mcpu but the lines are modified in our version. add_cflags "-mcpu=bla" vs. ARCH_FLAGS = "$ARCH_FLAGS -mcpu=bla"
15:20<janneg>Chutt: btw I sync ffmpeg regularly into my dev tree
15:21<xris>janneg: any luck with recent versions playing mp4 files?
15:22<janneg>I would like to do another sync soon but ffmpeg misses currently the internal ac3 decoder
15:23<janneg>xris: no haven't tried lately
15:24<MoRpHeUz>janneg: one question: a lot of ffmpeg's functions uses uint8_t* as the type for "data" (video..)....inside myth's code we use a char*...may I just cast or do I need to do any other work on this ?
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15:29<gbee>oh $#!&
15:31<Cardoe>janneg: well mcpu is deprecated and will be removed from GCC
15:31<Cardoe>I believe GCC 4.3 will lose it entirely
15:31<janneg>MoRpHeUz: cast shouldn't be necessary. those two types are on most/all? archs compatible. if they are not mythtv code should change to unsigned char* or uint8_t* too
15:32<MoRpHeUz>janneg: that's ok! thanks! =)
15:33<MoRpHeUz>I've heard that linux's kernel will no longer support v4l's api version 1...just v4l version 2. Is myth prepared for that ?
15:33<janneg>Cardoe: yes. I wasn't sure if the mcpu usage was inherited from ffmpeg. if not it is kind of useless to report it there
15:35<janneg>Cardoe: do you know if gcc-2.95 supports -mtune?
15:36<Cardoe>janneg: you're using mtune as it is.
15:37<Cardoe>So... does Myth currently compile on gcc 2.95?
15:37<Cardoe>If so, then yes
15:37<janneg>MoRpHeUz: I don't think they will remove the v4l1 compatibility module soon and afaik is bt878 still v4l1 only
15:38<gnome42>janneg: I have been using my bt878 with v4l2 in myth for over a year :)
15:38<MoRpHeUz>janneg: was Mauro Chehab (v4l's maintainer) that mentioned that on bossaconference last weekend...
15:39<janneg>Cardoe: I don't know. I'll change our mcpu to mtune. but ffmpeg does support gcc-2.95
15:40<Cardoe>MoRpHeUz: btw... char = uint8_t when <limits.h> defines CHAR_BITS as 8
15:40<Cardoe>MoRpHeUz: which for all arches that MythTV supports is true
15:41<Cardoe>janneg: well.. your usage of mcpu in the code does appear that it should be march
15:41<MoRpHeUz>Cardoe: ow!!! thanks very much! =)
15:41<janneg>gnome42: thanks, I stand corrected
15:43<sigger>gbee: how would you like to receive the bit on adding mpd? email, pastebin?
15:44<gbee>sigger: email it, otherwise I'll lose it :)
15:44<gnome42>janneg: sure! (I did modify my myth so the bt878 card does use V4L2 though)
15:45<janneg>Cardoe: no, at least not for all the powerpc variants
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15:52<Cardoe>janneg: ?
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16:18<janneg>Cardoe: ah, I see it now. -mcpu and -mtune in the same line
16:18<Cardoe>and I assume when you want enable-proc-opt
16:18<Cardoe>you're not wanting -mtune=athlonxp
16:18<Cardoe>you want march=athlonxp
16:24<janneg>Cardoe: that shouldn't be the case.
16:24|-|melunko [n=hmelo@] has joined #mythtv
16:25<janneg>most of the occurrences of -mcpu were for the configure option --tune
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16:41<MoRpHeUz>CDev: are you there ?
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16:50<xris>Chutt: would you mind if I wrote up a little posting to put on www, requesting web designer (artist) work for the site redesign as well as a swf/flash designer for mythweb?
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16:56<Chutt>err, no, i wouldn't mind
16:56<Chutt>'sure, that's ok'
16:56|-|janneg [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
16:57<xris>ok, thx
16:58<xris>will get it to you later/eventually. :)
16:58|-|janneg [] has joined #mythtv
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18:36<gbee>well I've got the length calculation running much, much faster - only hitch is that the majority of tracks are returning a length of 1 second atm :)
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18:59<gbee>well fixed that bug, need to compare it against the old code for speed and do some tuning, but it looks very accurate even on VBR files
19:00<xris>gbee: music trac length?
19:00<xris>you wouldn't be interested in adding a filesize query/field while you're at it, would you?
19:00<gbee>atm it's the slowest part of the scanning code
19:01<gbee>xris: easily done, this for mythweb?
19:03<xris>for streaming directly from the backend.
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19:03<xris>without access to the filesystem, there's no way to say how big the download is
19:04<xris>since I don't think I can intercept http headers in the file passthrough function.
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22:25[~]Captain_Murdoch just notices that the timestamps in x-chat are 1-hour off
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23:04[~]briand is running x-chat, and his timestamps are not off by an hour...
23:08<xris>why don't I remember chatting about ?
23:11<xris>Captain_Murdoch: forget about DST on one of your boxes?
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23:20<Captain_Murdoch>no, date is correct, but I haven't restarted x-chat since before the changeover.
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23:54[~]xris closes a few tickets to feel productive
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