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00:52<xris>anyone around who knows about the scheduler stuff?
00:52<xris>I either found a bug, or something's not write with how I'm handling things in mythweb
00:55<xris>and I think maybe it's a bug
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07:29<gbee>anyone know if the pidcache stuff is supposed to be used for DVB?
07:29<stuarta>pidcache in the DB?
07:31<gbee>yeah, the methods for using it are called from TeardownSignalMonitor for example (which is an in-use function), but it doesn't seem to actually get populated with any information
07:32<stuarta>it's not used AFAIK, but if it's in the signalmonitor, danielk's the only one who can really tell you for sure.
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07:34<gbee>hmm, answered my own question I think - the GetCachedPids function is only called for ATSC
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09:17<recon39>does anyone know how to setup mythtv frontend to rip dvd's
09:19[~]stuarta points to the topic
09:19<GreyFoxx>Try #mythtv-users, they miught help ya
09:19<recon39>ok thanks sorry
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09:23<j-rod>anyone got a dvb-bt8xx-driven card in a fedora box here that can test a kudzu hack for me?
09:23<stuarta>1 out of 2 :-/
09:23<j-rod>I *had* 2 out of 2 until about 2 weeks ago
09:24<stuarta>i've the hardware, and just got a new test machine yesterday.
09:24<j-rod>which card?
09:24<stuarta>so if you still need a tester next tue, i'll have a bash
09:25<j-rod>sub vendor/device ID 0071:0101 ?
09:25<j-rod>that would work...
09:26<j-rod>I know a guy w/a pcHDTV HD-2000 that I may be able to bug later today
09:26[~]stuarta plays with lspci
09:27<stuarta>Subsystem: 0071:0101 it is
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09:28<j-rod>cool, yeah, that would work to verify this hack
09:28<j-rod>(basically, adding a work-around into kudzu to assign the dvb-bt8xx driver to a list of dvb cards, rather than bttv)
09:29<j-rod>I *think* it'll write out /etc/sysconfig/hwconf appropriately and load up the right driver automagically, which never seems to happen with these cards right now
09:29<stuarta>i'll copy the fc6 dvd to take home...
09:29<stuarta>unless you need something else
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09:30<j-rod>I could post up a devel build of mythdora 4 w/this kudzu already in it...
09:30<j-rod>but stock fc6 works too
09:30<stuarta>i need to build the machine from the group up.
09:30<stuarta>either way i've gotta get the image
09:31<j-rod>md4 DVD iso is ~900M, iirc
09:31<stuarta>gotta url? i'll start the download
09:31<j-rod>need ~30 minutes to respin w/kudzu slapped in it
09:31<j-rod>oh, also, i386 or x86_64?
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09:31<stuarta>no probs...
09:31<stuarta>i386 for the test machine
09:32<j-rod>cool, half an hour then...
09:32<stuarta>poor little p4-2.4Ghz
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09:32<stuarta>2nd hand from the flatmates office, can't really complain
09:32<Cardoe>j-rod: so... gonna make a 0.20.1 ?
09:33<j-rod>Cardoe: heh, not my call, but I'd certainly be willing to...
09:33<stuarta>hmmm, only a half hour window to get the card out of the main machine
09:34<Cardoe>j-rod: I thought you were the release "manager" for 0.20 now..
09:34<j-rod>stuarta: I know that feeling
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09:34<stuarta>heh :) busy day today.
09:35<j-rod>Cardoe: I sorta kinda was primary maintainer of the stable branch for a while, but then got distracted by work, then came back and committed a bunch of other stuff to make the hdhomerun happy and compiles on rawhide happy...
09:36<j-rod>no official anything, that I know of...
09:36<j-rod>unless Chutt slapped it on me without my knowledge. :)
09:36<Cardoe>Last time I asked Chutt... he said it was up to you.
09:36<Cardoe>That I need to ask you.
09:36<Cardoe>And you're never on IRC... so I never got around to e-mailing you.
09:36<stuarta>sounds like you are it :)
09:36<j-rod>never on IRC?!?
09:37<j-rod>I'm *always* on IRC, at least from 9-6 eastern time...
09:37<Cardoe>when chutt comes around I'll poke him.
09:38<Cardoe>Maybe I'm going crazy
09:38<j-rod>I know that feeling too
09:38<GreyFoxx>You are not
09:38<GreyFoxx>I'm 99% sure I saw that conversation :)
09:38<GreyFoxx>and he pointed to j-rod
09:38<j-rod>I'm definitely game to shove out a 0.20.1 if Chutt says its my call
09:39<j-rod>0.20-release and 0.20-fixes are quite divergent now...
09:39<stuarta>and fixes has been good for a while
09:39<stuarta>(i believe)
09:39<GreyFoxx>I've got one item to push to -fixes for mythgame
09:40<GreyFoxx>It's compiling in my -fixes vm right now
09:40<j-rod>I probably missed the conversation in my scrollback buffer, I'm always logged in via proxy, but not usually paying attention after 6pm-ish
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09:42<Cardoe>The most annoying thing for me are the binary diffs in mytharchive
09:42<Cardoe>There's actually 1 more bug fix that needs to go into mytharchive.
09:42<Cardoe>But the maintainer isn't around/ hasn't committed it.
09:42<Cardoe>Basically the change for the ffmpeg types.
09:43<Cardoe>So we stop encoding at 2 bits and do 2 kbits
09:43<j-rod>is there a patch floating around somewhere?
09:44<Cardoe>it's committed to head.
09:44<Cardoe>er trunk
09:44<Cardoe>Like 5 months ago
09:44<Cardoe>I reopened the bug saying it really needs to go to -fixes as well.
09:44<j-rod>bug #?
09:44<Cardoe>To which I got a lecture from Chutt about reopening bugs and how it irritates him.
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09:47<Cardoe>oh. It got committed... never mind.
09:47<Cardoe>I missed that.
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09:48<j-rod>in that case, I'll stop hunting :)
09:48<Cardoe>Only bug report I still have on my side is one I'm going to ignore.
09:49<Cardoe>Someone's running Gnome and compiz.
09:49<Cardoe>Complaining when he starts Myth, sometimes the gnome-panels appear on top.
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09:50<j-rod>death to myth + compiz
09:50<j-rod>(and by extension, beryl...)
09:50[~]j-rod is still annoyed at himself for stupidly picking up the beryl torch and packaging it for fedora...
09:51[~]j-rod can't escape the bug onslaught now, nor find a sucker to take over the packages... :)
09:51<stuarta>that's what you get for packaging something that a) looks cool b) is really alpha quality
09:51<j-rod>I *think* myth should play nice if they set fullscreen windows to not be redirectly to offscreen pixmaps
09:52<j-rod>redirected, that is
09:52<j-rod>stuarta: no doubt
09:56<Cardoe>That's how I feel about HAL.
09:56<Cardoe>I stupidly packaged it up waaaay back in the day
09:57<Cardoe>and I can't get rid of the damn thing.
09:57<Cardoe>j-rod: are you a Redhat employee or volunteer?
10:00<Cardoe>Find David Zeuthern's cubical and hit him
10:01<j-rod>technically, in the enterprise kernel group, but I get around
10:01<Cardoe>He can't complete a damn thought or design concept.
10:01<j-rod>there's more than a few of us that would like to give davidz a good whack
10:01<Cardoe>He jumps from one "shiny" to the next.
10:01<Cardoe>I'm maintaining 58 patches between me and the Ubuntu guy
10:02<j-rod>sounds about right
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10:08<j-rod>speak of the devil
10:09<Cardoe>everyone quiet.. ;)
10:09[~]stuarta hides
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10:15<stuarta>what's with those horrible backtraces (like in #3239)
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10:36<Cardoe>Chutt: around?
10:37<Chutt>kind of
10:40<Chutt>yet another conference call'
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11:11<Chutt>fun fun
11:14<Chutt>Cardoe, hey, your link line looks correct. the library that it wants is indeed in there
11:15<Chutt>and there hasn't been an ABI change to that library, so I don't think it's picking up an old library or anything..
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11:21<Chutt>xris, yo, got that text for the website?
11:23<xris>nope, completely spaced on it last night
11:23<xris>(closed tickets instead)
11:24<Chutt>that's better =)
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11:25<xris>I thought so
11:27<xris>I win for tickets closed in the last week. :)
11:27<xris>granted, there were a ton of easy ones.
11:28<Chutt>err, i've only closed bad tickets in the past several months =)
11:32<gbee>opened more tickets than I've closed this week :(
11:33<gbee>janneg: quick question, have you noticed a difference in signal quality between the two tuners on the 500?
11:38<stuarta>don't think i've even looked at my tickets.
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11:39<janneg>gbee: no, but I haven't look at them closely
11:40<janneg>with activated lna they are as strong as my mt352 card
11:40<gbee>janneg: ok, thanks - I'm getting a *lot* of errors in recordings off some multiplexes on the 'second' tuner
11:40<xris>gbee: can you refresh my memory about ?
11:43<janneg>Low Noise Amplifier
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11:45<gbee>xris: sure - when translating the categories, there are two 'translations' in the file, the straight translation and the regexps to try, currently we don't try the first before resorting to the regexps
11:47<gbee>I noticed it because the movie/unknown category stuff was hard-coded but didn't include the regexps so the highlighting wasn't working
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11:57<gbee>janneg: right, I think I might be able to get away with adjusting the aerial - otherwise I'll try an amplifier, I've had a very good signal upto now but maybe it's losing quality/strength after passing through the first tuner
11:57<xris>damn, patch out of date. I'll fix it tonight when I can poke at it.
12:00<janneg>gbee: of course you'll lose signal if you split the cable. the nova-t 500 has an integrated amplifier. see modinfo dvb-usb-dib0700
12:04<gbee>janneg: of course I expected some degradation, just not as much as I'm seeing - thanks for the info about the in-built tuner though, giving that a go now
12:04<gbee>had read anything about the amp before now
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12:08<gbee>fantastic, much better, thanks janneg - guess I'll go add that to the wiki if it isn't there already (and it probably is)
12:08<janneg>if you split the signal you won't get more than 1/2 of the signal. if the signal level is the problem the amp will help. if the signal to noise ratio is the problem the amp can't help
12:10<gbee>it's definately signal level, the SNR is very high
12:11<gbee>odd that the lna is disabled by default
12:15<gbee>I'd assumed it was pass-through rather split as the signal/quality was fine on the first tuner - but it really doesn't matter much as it work fine with the lna activated
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13:32<johnp_>Hello, I've been tasked with integrating Chris Petersen icon mapping routines into mythtv-setup. What I need to do is get the information out of mysql. So I really need a mysql expression which returns - the name,icon, xlmtvid, and if possible the local service number which is cross linked to the dtv_multiplex table and also the atsc_major_chan etc which is also (I believe) linked into the dtv_multiplex table. Any takers ?
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13:44<xris>johnp_: huh?
13:44<xris>you should be able to access that info via whatever object holds the channel info
13:48<johnp_>ah, but can I link that back to the dtv_multiplex table ?
13:48<johnp_>(or not as the case might be)
13:50<xris>all of those fields should be available. you shouldn't need to touch the db except to change the icon path
13:51<johnp_>ah, ok, let me go look at that.
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14:05<johnp_>xris, do you mean the stuff in channelutil.h ChannelUtil::GetChannelData() ?
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14:13<janneg>Chutt: can we make the missing glx error fatal
14:14<janneg>or switching automatically to the qt painter?
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14:30<xris>johnp_: I actually don't know much about the c++ code.. just that what you need should be there.
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14:47<johnp_>xris, ok, thanks.
14:47<j-rod>stuarta: here's hoping you were done pulling that iso, since I forgot to ask before firing off a new spin...
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15:11<knowledgejunkie>xris: have you had any reports of MythWeb being unsuccessful in displaying thumbnails of recordings hosted on slave backends? Wanted to ask before filing a ticket
15:12<stuarta>j-rod: yup, 1st test install as we speek
15:13<j-rod>stuarta: cool
15:14<CDev>xris: Am I losing my mind, or are the delete buttons missing from the Recorded Programs page in the latest SVN?
15:19<xris>CDev: I hope they're not gone
15:19<CDev>xris: nevermind... had a local mod that I forgot about.
15:20<CDev>it didn't merge correctly on the last update.
15:20<xris>knowledgejunkie: there shouldn't be an issue with it.. you have upnp compiled into those hosts?
15:20<xris>CDev: gotcha
15:20<knowledgejunkie>xris: yep
15:20<knowledgejunkie>xris: running 13074
15:21<xris>knowledgejunkie: I only hve one backend, but the code is aware of different hosts/ports for such things
15:21<CDev>knowledgejunkie: you aren't running the slave backend with --no-upnp?
15:21<knowledgejunkie>xris: okay - I'll keep investigating then
15:22<knowledgejunkie>xris: no --no-upnp any more since the upnp updates last week broke it
15:22[~]CDev fixed it, but am thinking of disabling the option to stop the mythweb confusion.
15:23<xris>knowledgejunkie: there was an issue with that a long time ago, but it was confirmed fixed.
15:23<knowledgejunkie>xris: yes I saw, I haven't gotten around to changing my init script to turn it off again :)
15:24[~]stuarta goes to get some dinner
15:30<xris>knowledgejunkie: I meant the pixmap stuff, actually
15:50<stuarta>j-rod: only comment is that i'm left with the mythtv account disabled
15:51<stuarta>the actual detection of the card seems to work..
15:52<j-rod>stuarta: crap, I've seen the account disabled thing -- its the atrpms mythtv packages creating a mythtv user w/home of /var/lib/mythtv and /sbin/nologin for the shell
15:52<stuarta>yup that's the one.
15:52<j-rod>what do you see in /etc/sysconfig/hwconf for the card?
15:53<stuarta>what i'd expect. wanna pastebin?
15:53<j-rod>oh, and dvb-bt8xx was automagically loaded on boot?
15:55<stuarta>yup it was loaded auto...
15:55<j-rod>schweet, my kudzu hack just might actually work... :)
15:59<stuarta>what's the home meant to be for mythtv in this install?
16:02<j-rod>supposed to be /home/mythtv
16:03<stuarta>which doesn't exist :/
16:03<stuarta>meaning some of the setup won't have been done
16:03<j-rod>yeah, I think the bits that were supposed to create that are failing, because the user already exists
16:04<j-rod>haven't touched that area yet myself
16:04<j-rod>looks like I prolly should now. :)
16:04<stuarta>ahh, todo list :)
16:04<j-rod>woo! yeah, the hwconf stuff does indeed look perfecto
16:04<stuarta>right, if you don't need anything else, i'm gunna blat it and test the new debian installer
16:05<j-rod>yup, that's primarily what I was after
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16:05<j-rod>thanks mucho
16:05<stuarta>no problem, can retest pretty easily (might get some dvd+rw's first though :)
16:05<j-rod>heh, yeah, most of my testing is via kvm right now, passing in the iso as my cd device
16:07<stuarta>either that or i'm setting up mrepo and pxeboot on my main machine :)
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16:37<gbee>any opinions on exactly how accurate the mp3 track length calculation needs to be? I've added in xing header based calculations for VBR files which seems to be several times faster than the existing method and for the selection of tracks I've looked at it seems to be perfect or within 1 second - for at least one long classical tracks it seems to be out by 10-15 seconds
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16:39<xris>gbee: personally I don't care much. could always add some magic to update the length var when playback exceeds the known length, too
16:39<Chutt>inaccuracies like that are why the code was written like it was
16:39<gbee>I'm puzzled by the result tbh, from my reading I was lead to believe that the xing header based calculation should be as accurate as you can get - but that aside the benefit to scanning is enormous
16:39<Chutt>not all encoders add proper xing headers, too
16:40<gbee>Chutt: it will fall back to the current method if the xing header is missing
16:40<Chutt>or just broken :p
16:41<gbee>like Xris suggested we can update the length column the first time it's played - which is I understand what several players do e.g. Amarok
16:41<Chutt>sure, that's fine.
16:42<gbee>I haven't benchmarked the changes yet - but it managed to scan ~1000 tracks in what felt like 30 seconds (mixed vbr/cbr)
16:42<Chutt>just make sure that it only updates the length if there's been no seeking/etc
16:51<gbee>ok, so the speed difference will make for a nice commit message - but I'm going to be here all night at this rate => 43 songs in 3 1/2 minutes using the old length calc
16:52<gbee>it's on an NFS mount, but still I don't remember it being that slow
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16:56<gbee>killed it, but it was worth doing to notice that the same tracks which were ~10-15 seconds out with the xing based calculation are exactly the same with the old calculation
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17:05<Chutt>anyone see a need for #3233? (making lame optional & making software encodes _huge_)
17:06<Chutt>software encodes/transcodes.
17:14<janneg>it would help to get crappy packages into debian/fedora/opensuse which don't package lame due to software patents / licensing issue
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17:15<janneg>they seem to ignore that libavcodec has the same issues
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17:39<knowledgejunkie>xris: missed your last reply as I had to go pick up my wife - further investigation of the slave log shows:
17:40<knowledgejunkie>xris: read <- 11 571 QUERY_PIXMAP_LASTMODIFIED[]:[]Chelsea Flower Show Highlights 2001...
17:40<knowledgejunkie>xris: SG(LiveTV): Unable to find storage group 'LiveTV', trying 'Default' group!
17:40<xris>knowledgejunkie: weird
17:40<knowledgejunkie>xris: LiveTV works fine, and the slave backend generates thumbnails normally
17:44<knowledgejunkie>xris: does that point to a backend issue rather than MythWeb?
17:52<xris>knowledgejunkie: possibly
17:53<xris>mythweb just asks the backend for info. if it gets zero bytes back, either the query is wrong or the backend returned no data
17:53|-|t0ny-p40 [n=t0ny-p40@] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
17:53|-|t0ny-p40 [n=t0ny-p40@] has joined #mythtv
17:53<knowledgejunkie>xris: does it specify a storage group in the request?
17:54<xris>probably. it's part of the item record
17:57<knowledgejunkie>xris: I just used the frontend on my master backend to view the LiveTV recgroup on the slave backend, and all thumbnails were displayed normally
17:59<xris>you've gone over my knowledge on the subject.
17:59<xris>thumbnails are downloaded via different methods in mythweb, though. it uses the xml/upnp commands, not the default mythproto ones
17:59<knowledgejunkie>xris: may have uncovered reason - checking the storagegroup table in mythconverg reveals only settings for groupname='Default'
18:00<knowledgejunkie>xris: 1 for each backend - although they have ids of 1 and 3, not sure where id=2 has gone (could have been LiveTV?)
18:00<gbee>knowledgejunkie: that's normal
18:01|-|beavis [] has quit ["Verlassend"]
18:01<gbee>unless a seperate storage location is specified for the livetv group it has no entries in the storagegroup table
18:01<knowledgejunkie>gbee: thanks for clarifying
18:04<xris>knowledgejunkie: http://<<host>>:<<port>>/Myth/GetPreviewImage?ChanID=<<chanid>>&StartTime=<<starttime>>&Height=160&Width=0&SecsIn=60
18:07<knowledgejunkie>xris: what format is Starttime? epoch?
18:09<janneg>no, ISO
18:09<xris>beat me to it
18:09<knowledgejunkie>janneg: thanks
18:10<gbee>2007-03-04T23:09 or something :)
18:12|-|robthebob [] has quit [Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)]
18:12<knowledgejunkie>xris: slave backend output is: MythSocket(8bc77a8:28): Protocol error: 'GET /Myt' is not a valid size prefix. 489 bytes pending.
18:16|-|robthebob [] has joined #mythtv
18:18|-|ccooke [] has joined #mythtv
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18:21<knowledgejunkie>xris: I'm trying 'http://homer.home:6543/Myth/GetPreviewImage?ChanID=4090&StartTime=2007-03-20T23:00:00&Height=160&Width=0&SecsIn=60'
18:21<knowledgejunkie>xris: homer is the master backend - tried with slave and get same output
18:22|-|MrGandalf [] has joined #mythtv
18:22<gbee>6544 isn't it?
18:23<knowledgejunkie>xris: oops
18:23<gbee>not the same port as the myth protocol, it uses the http server port - same as the status page
18:28|-|t0ny-p40 [n=t0ny-p40@] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
18:28|-|t0ny2 [n=t0ny-p40@] has joined #mythtv
18:28<knowledgejunkie>xris: ooh, my locked down network may be too locked down
18:29<xris>figured it might come to that
18:29<knowledgejunkie>xris: I need to check Shorewall is allowing 6544 in addition to 6543
19:00<knowledgejunkie>xris: Port 6544 was blocked by Shorewall (I should probably write a Shorewall macro for other users). Allowing this has resolved the issue (hangs head in shame...)
19:01<knowledgejunkie>xris: (and gbee) thanks very much for your time and suggestions :)
19:03<knowledgejunkie>xris: interestingly (or worryingly), the GetPreviewImage url still fails to display anything
19:07<xris>knowledgejunkie: selinux?
19:08<knowledgejunkie>xris: SELINUX=disabled
19:10|-|robthebob [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
19:10<stuarta>does anyone actually *use* selinux ??
19:26|-|onixian [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
19:26<gbee>I used to, on my firewall
19:30|-|onixian [] has joined #mythtv
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20:29<TSCHAK>is mythgame currently broken with mame 0.106 ?
20:37|-|xris [] has quit [""]
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21:19<sigger_>what IDE (if any) do you use to code for mythtv?
21:21<GreyFoxx>I use Vi/ViM for all editing/coding
21:22|-|SirTuxalot [] has joined #mythtv
21:22|-|xris [] has joined #mythtv
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21:23<sigger_>a real man! (I use nano for PHP but there's just a LOT of classes and methods here.)
21:24<GreyFoxx>ViM and ctags (and grep) are my friends
21:32|-|cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
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21:41<sigger_>yeah. easier when you know your way around. of course no better way to get to know a neighborhood than getting lost.
22:08|-|skamithi [] has joined #mythtv
22:09[~]Captain_Murdoch wonders why mythbrowser is a separate executable instead of being a normal plugin.
22:10[~]Captain_Murdoch then wonders how many things other than the network control stuff that ends up breaking.
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23:02[~]knowledgejunkie is back from an unplanned trip to the ER...
23:02<knowledgejunkie>I'm fine, SO is safely back in bed :)
23:02[~]xris wonders how many people *plan* trips to the ER
23:06<knowledgejunkie>anyhow, back to mythtv - any ideas on why the frontend EPG/MythWeb program listing will fail to display certain channel icons, which a) exist, b) have same perms as others, and c) used to work before the move to ~/.mythtv/channels?
23:07<knowledgejunkie>I have a recording in progress and so don't want to stop the backend to enable DB logging, but as far as I can see, there's no reason for these icons to not be displayed.
23:11|-|cattelan [] has joined #mythtv
23:12<xris>sounds like a question for the other channel
23:27|-|daMaestro [n=jon@fedora/damaestro] has joined #mythtv
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23:28<jd86>The other day there was discussion about a bunch of gmail accounts bouncing messages and being dropped from -commits -users/etc lists, I complained to google and they responded... has the bouncing of mails from google gone down?
23:37|-|PeregrineFalcon [i=Peregrin@] has joined #mythtv
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