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03:16<knowledgejunkie>Could someone please point me to the backend library(ies) which deal with channel icon handling. No reply in -users to my earlier query.
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12:32<gbee>heh, I'm suffering temporary amnesia, forgotten how to use valgrind
12:55<Snow-Man>Sounds more like a self-preservation instinct.
12:57<gbee>went looking for leaks in mythmusic, but the report has a lot of references to frequencytables.cpp
12:57<Chutt>those are, i believe, allocated once but never freed
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13:05<gbee> <= I'll let someone else pick over the bones of that, I need to go back and kill mythmusic to get at the leak there
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13:20<Chutt>have to be in a bit
13:20<Chutt>today's sucking.
13:25<xris>no problem. just wanted to get it written before I forgot about it. :)
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18:16<knowledgejunkie>Could someone please point me to the backend library(ies) which deal with channel icon handling. No reply in -users to my earlier query.
18:26<Snow-Man>Yeah, that doesn
18:26<Snow-Man>That doesn't actually mean to ask in here.
18:27<gbee>libs/libmythtv/ - programinfo.cpp, guidegrid.cpp to name two
18:29<gbee>programs/mythbackend/mainserver.cpp - might help with your specific problem
18:30<knowledgejunkie>gbee: thanks for the pointer
18:33<knowledgejunkie>gbee: in addtion to my earlier information, my slave machine completely fails to display *any* icons - same location, same perms, etc, etc
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18:59<jd86> I have recently (past week or so) been having trouble keeping my master backend running, I use svn trunk, i have a secondary backend and master backend. It seems like after completing some comm flagging my master backend die, from most recent crash (see end of file -- i think more than one might have slipped in).. I am using r13099 which is of this morning. If this really should be in mythtv-users, not sure who to ask.
19:00<kvandivo>ideally, that could be mailed to mythdev... but, you didn't make the trace correctly
19:02<jd86>kvandivo, alright... I thought I followed what I should have correctly (i think it might be a few backtraces in there so the beginning was definitely wrong) and I just restarted after moving gdb.txt so it should only be this one -- but not totally sure if its correct now. I enabled debugging in qt and mythtv... what else should I do? I tried to follow guide on I will review, rebuild if I messed something up and then post to mythtv-
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19:02<kvandivo> be sure to compile that way and do all the necessary commands
19:03<jd86>yeah, I (thought) i did that, but I very well could have missed something essential.
19:03<kvandivo>just looks like there are way too many ?? in that file....
19:05<jd86>yeah there are wayy too many indeed.. i didn't realize until reviewing it again that it concatenates to the file and doesn't overwrite re-running now and will re-review that page.
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19:11<jd86>kvandivo, thanks for the advice -- once I get one clean backtrace I'll mail it to mythtv-dev.
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20:51<bulle>hi ! just wanted to tell you that you dev guys are doing amazing work
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21:11<Smirnov>does anyone happen to knw why mythtv doesnt work on win32
21:15<sigger_>Smirnov, wow that's either a long or short (probably because noone feels like doing it) discussion that's probably best on -users
21:15<Smirnov>i was just there, they said ask the devs
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21:15<Smirnov>and why would a non-dev user know the answer? i would expect it to be technical like a dependency on something that hasnt been ported to win32 yet
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21:16<sigger_>heh. because many of them are in there and discuss non-current development things there.
21:16<Smirnov>many of the devs are in there you mean?
21:17<Smirnov>oh.. i can try again i suppose
21:17<sigger_>hit or miss really as to who you find around
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21:20<Smirnov>sigh.. looks like a miss
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21:47<Chutt>hah, what's up with #2344
21:47<Chutt>err, #3244
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21:53<knowledgejunkie>Please close ticket #3066 as the attached patch will not be applied now that the new infrastructure is in place
21:55<Captain_Murdoch>Chutt, could close as "works for me" since it does using the internal player. :)
22:02<sigger_>ah Captain_Murdoch! you have some time to talk about the telnet code?
22:03<sigger_>gbee says thats your baby.
22:06<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, sure.
22:07<Captain_Murdoch>I saw your post in scrollback, but didn't read enough to figure out what you were trying to accomplish.
22:07<sigger_>heh, I'll summarize:
22:11<sigger_>was thinking about enabling mythmusic to use mpd as a player; mpd has many clients that can control it via telnet and those clients might be easier to use on large music repositories than a remote control....
22:11<Smirnov>telnet is ew
22:11<Captain_Murdoch>so you're talking mythmusic controlling something else, not something else controlling mythmusic?
22:12<sigger_>realized it might be better to enable mythmusic to receive telnet commands like mpd, in such a way that it would not be hard to change a mpd client to talk to myth instead
22:12<sigger_>talking about something else controlling mythmusic
22:13<sigger_>I worked on ampache - a music server program that can be an mpd client - so I'm pretty familiar with how all that works,
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22:13<Captain_Murdoch>so this would send commands and mythmusic would display things on screen as it played or what?
22:14<Captain_Murdoch>seems almost like another connection directly to the mythmusic plugin would make more sense, especialy if you want it to work with existing clients.
22:14<sigger_>looking to add to networkcontrol so that it could control mythmusic.
22:15<sigger_>mmm, perhaps. gbee cautioned me that it should really use the existing.
22:15<Captain_Murdoch>is this mpd protocol flexible? how would an existing mpd client know how to talk to the network control interface in Myth?
22:16<Captain_Murdoch>you want to send commands like "play /path/to/some/filename.mp3"??
22:16<sigger_>well actually, we could use the same commands, just preceded by MythMusic for example
22:16<sigger_>Here's the mpd commands for a quick scan.
22:17<sigger_>e.g. mythmusic pause or mythmusic delete <songid>
22:17<Captain_Murdoch>how would an existing mpd client know that it would need to preceed those commands with MythMusic when talking with mythfrontend?
22:19<sigger_>well, e.g. ampache has modules for controlling different devices, one of which is mpd. it'd take me about 1 hour to change that module to precede all commands with mythmusic.
22:19<sigger_>as to other clients, gmpc, etc, similarly easy rewrite.
22:20<Captain_Murdoch>so it wouldn't work with 'out of the box' clients, it would require custom clients.
22:20<sigger_>slightly customized yes
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22:20<sigger_>are you familiar with mpd?
22:20<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, but if someone had other mpd 'servers', they'd need 2 sets of clients since we didn't support true mpd.
22:20<Captain_Murdoch>no, not a clue. :)
22:21<sigger_>ah, stable, widely used, available in many distros, etc.
22:21<Captain_Murdoch>another reason not to mess with the protocol. :)
22:21<sigger_>or clients could have a switch as to what format to use. (with or without mythmusic).
22:22<Captain_Murdoch>I think it sounds like it would be better to just support the standard. is there a standard port?
22:22<sigger_>actually it would know which format to use when you tell it what port. mpd uses 6600
22:22<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, but all these existing clients wouldn't support it and would have to be patched.
22:23<sigger_>hmm, I suppose I could write a thread for mythmusic that listens to port 6600, I just don't want to take away from what you're doing.
22:23<sigger_>there really coulnd't be an easier patch. and it would create a very easy path for mythmusic to have a batch of clients quickly
22:24<Captain_Murdoch>but why be different?
22:24<sigger_>of course, if networkcommand were expanded in this way (able to give commands to plugins rather than just jump to a spot) it would create the ability to create a controller for more plugins. e.g. mythvideo
22:24<Captain_Murdoch>asking theoretical questions here.... what happens if someone sends a play command to this while watching a video in Myth?
22:25<Captain_Murdoch>is there any kind of header/handshake?
22:25<sigger_>sure. in which scenario? in networkcommand? well nothing if mythmusic isn't running.
22:26<Captain_Murdoch>one issue also is that the network control stuff is limited to one connection at a time.
22:26<sigger_>I don't picture that to be a problem.
22:26<Captain_Murdoch>so mythmusic has to be running already in order to use this. seems like mythmusic should just listen itself then.
22:27<sigger_>believe me I'm not pushing for that becuase it would be easier for me to write a thread for just mythmusic, but wouldn't you want myth to have one main controller on one port?
22:27<Captain_Murdoch>in order for the network control stuff to send commands, it would have to send out MythEvents and there would have to be a listener in MythMusic to receive and act on them.
22:27<sigger_>yeah that's kinda what I was picturing
22:28<Captain_Murdoch>not sure about 1 vs multiple.
22:28<sigger_>I'm picturing that someone would then get the idea to create a crestron gizmo out of a tablet pc or nokia 800 or such.
22:29<sigger_>would be easier to do with one port.
22:30<Captain_Murdoch>yeah. so when a mpd client connects to a server, does it send any handshake?
22:30<sigger_>yes. looking up
22:30<Captain_Murdoch>ie, could we automatically detect this was a mpd client and handle accordingly?
22:31<sigger_>mmm, maybe not so much with the handshaking. mpd appears to just respond with OK.
22:32<sigger_>apparently no handshaking. just OK.
22:32<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, see the ok in the commands link you sent.
22:34<sigger_>I hear you on preferring to keep it mpd native. instant access to clients.
22:35<Captain_Murdoch>looks like the server sends a handshake when the client connects, but the client doesn't send anything to say it's a mpd client.
22:35<Captain_Murdoch>server sends "OK MPD <version>"
22:37<Captain_Murdoch>would be nice if the client identified itself.
22:37<sigger_>hmm, yep. well its been at least 6 months since I worked on the lower level telnet specific stuff
22:37<sigger_>aye it would be
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22:42<sigger_>I'm looking at the php for ampache to use mpd. it would actually take about 10 min to add mythmusic in front of each keyword as they're def'ed all in 1 place.
22:42<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, but then it's custom and you need 2 copies if you have another standard mpd server on your network.
22:43<sigger_>or could be done with a string that's either empty or contains 'mythmusic '
22:43<sigger_>and is prepended to the command
22:44<sigger_>so you'd prefer I go the easier route of doing an mpd based telnet for mythmusic? ;)
22:44<Captain_Murdoch>I think that this is better keeping it separate. there is 2-way communication going on and that would have to be passed back and forth with MythEvents. Much easier to integrate if the listener is in the MythMusic codebase.
22:44<sigger_>works for me. I appreciate your time.
22:44<sigger_>thank you.
22:45<Captain_Murdoch>no problem. :)
22:45<sigger_>I will steal heavily from your code since its there :)
22:45<sigger_>never written a listener before so this will be interesting.
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22:46<Captain_Murdoch>fine, although I consider some of it hackish since I had to work around accessing the socket from multiple threads.
22:47<sigger_>I guess I'll still need some kind of queue for the events tho. don't picture I can just go firing off events in a separate thread. perhaps locks/mutex. eesh.
22:48[~]Captain_Murdoch doesn't know much about the internals of MythMusic.
22:48<sigger_>np. Just a general assumption on my part.
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23:05<Chutt>sigger, so you're going to modify mythmusic to be a mpd server?
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23:30<xris>Captain_Murdoch: you ever figure out if you're going to be in vancouver at the end of april?
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23:31<Captain_Murdoch>not sure yet. I think so. we should be getting our tickets this week. my mother-in-law is in town here for the next week and a half so we'll discuss it with her since we'll be staying at her place outside Vancouver.
23:32<Captain_Murdoch>should be able to, but don't have tickets yet. tentatively we'll fly up on that Thursday and I could drive back down during the day on the weekend.
23:32<xris>wondering if we (meaning kormoc and me) should give some sort of demo
23:33<xris>Chutt: if someone (say, a guy in -users) says his company gave him some money to give to mythtv and/or its devs, what would you suggest he do with it?
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