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00:38<sigger_>Chutt, my current thinking is to have mythmusic present itself as a faux-mpd. i.e. accept a telnet connection from an mpd client as if it were actually mpd.
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02:57<grndslm> it just me or is linux mce really the hotness??
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03:11<t0ny-p40>grndslm, linux + mythtv = rulez! :)
03:12<t0ny-p40>If I want to rename a recorded file do I have the change anything other then the table recorded?
03:12<grndslm>t0ny-p40: so the new interface stuff is in mythtv then...and linuxMCE adds nothing new to the htpc experience??
03:13<grndslm>yea, i just read it on digg...but there's a lotta UI stuff that's new to me
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03:14<grndslm>and of course, there's, but there's no way to download anything yet
03:14<grndslm>as far as i can tell
03:14<knowledgejunkie>grndslm: This is the wrong channel to discuss this. Please use #mythtv-users.
03:15<grndslm>ya ya...
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07:54<stuarta>gbee: had a quick look at your valgrind output
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08:21<gbee>anything interesting? didn't really look that closely myself - eventually figured out that the memory growth I was witnessing in mythmusic had nothing to do with the file scan, it was just the music metadata being loaded up in the background (so normal if not exactly efficient)
08:22<stuarta>a few things that maybe need looking at, but nothing glaringly bad
08:23<stuarta>sometimes it's not a "leak" but a "growth" and you have to ask valgrind to tell you about that mem as well
08:25<gbee>aye, was using 'show reachable' after producing that one - couldn't exactly remember the arguments I normally used for valgrind ;)
08:26<stuarta>it's a big horrible long list. IIRC someone copied it into the howto
08:28<stuarta>valgrind --tool=memcheck --error-limit=no --leak-check=full --log-file=logfile -v -- /usr/local/bin/mythbackend --verbose siparser,record,eit | tee backend.log
08:28<stuarta>what i generally use.. :)
08:29<stuarta>hmmm, nothing recording or scheduled for today. good day for a valgrind...
08:29[~]gbee notes that down but is bound to forget that he has done so
08:30<stuarta>tis a good day for a full distclean
08:31[~]gbee should not get too used to talking in the third person, he might start doing it real conversation
08:32<gbee>s/it/it in/
08:32<gbee>need to get some lunch
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08:35<Cardoe>myth protocol being dropped for UPnP?
08:35<stuarta>can't see that happening
08:35<GreyFoxx>Not dropped no. Just upnp being utilized for a lot more stuff
08:39[~]stuarta valgrinds the backend for fun.
08:39<Cardoe>GreyFoxx: alright. Makes sense.
08:40<Cardoe>stuarta: if you're doing it on amd64... really make sure you are on a recent version
08:40<Cardoe>there were a lot of false positives with stuff in older versions
08:40<stuarta>amd64 running i386. still not upgraded!
08:41<stuarta>i always try and use the latest. done lots of valgrinding so am used to the crap it throws
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10:09<gbee>hmm, someone should take a look at the memory usage of mytharchive - just getting to the 'Create DVD' page results in a doubling of the memory normally used by mfe
10:09<gbee>1065m 698m 13m S 0.0 69.6 4:20.04 mythfrontend
10:10<gbee>compared to 628m 265m 13m S 0.7 26.4 4:20.59 mythfrontend
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10:10<stuarta>yeah, it's nasty
10:12<gbee>it's not even done anything at that point - could understand it using a bit during the burning etc but not when just loading the plugin/displaying the Create DVD page
10:13<gbee>mythmusic does something similar, although not as bad
10:13<stuarta>i've seen it take 600-700Mb
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10:17<sigger>gbee: Capt Murdoch spent a bit of time chatting with me last eve re Network Control (telnet) for mythmusic. His preference was for mythmusic to have its own network control. So now I'm taking a look at adopting his network control code to implement mpd's protocol and attaching it to mythmusic.
10:18<gbee>sigger: ok
10:18<sigger>I don't expect it to be very invasive. Just some interthread communication stuff I think. Otherwise is separate code.
10:20<gbee>hmm don't really understand mytharchive, I gave it a list of files, chose the dvd theme, was shown the list of files again - hit finish and I'm shown a 'log viewer' with nothing happening
10:21<stuarta>did that for me for a while.
10:22<stuarta>find the actual log file, probably missing one of the python deps
10:22[~]stuarta goes to get a cup of tea
10:23<gnome42>gbee: check top of for list of deps
10:26<gbee>gnome42: thanks, thought I had everything on that list - would be nice if it warned the user about missing deps
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10:29<gnome42>gbee: Yeah, I was in that mysterious void as well :)
10:30<stuarta>there is definitely some room for improvement in the usability/friendliness stakes
10:30<gnome42>agreed, it's the file selector window being so tiny that drives me nutz
10:31<gbee>it looks very pretty and it's obvious a lot of work has gone into it, but ...
10:34<gbee>well I've got the deps installed and it's still not doing anything :(
10:34<stuarta>not just with mytharchive, overall
10:38<gbee>yeah - picking on mytharchive at the moment simply because I can't get it to do what I want ;)
10:38<gnome42>gbee: any logs produced in the archive logs dir? progress.log/mythburn.log
10:43<gbee>no logs
10:43<gbee>actually no, I lie - was looking in the wrong place
10:44<gbee>ok it's missing the python mysql module - which is odd as I would have sworn it was installed
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10:50<gbee>of course, only now that I've started the process have I remembered that the QT 3.3.8 bug causes mytharchive to fail >:(
10:50<perlmonkey>problems with new PVR 150 card :(
10:51<gbee>well so I'm told
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15:10<doc_>hello :)
15:11<xris>doc_: /topic?
15:12<doc_>i've one doubt about mythtv development
15:13<doc_>by using the port 6544, returns BE status ... is coded so ?
15:13<xris>it would generally have to be, yes.
15:13<doc_>or should be patched to get status in other way ? like plain text, web service, etc...
15:13<xris>but that's still not really a development question
15:13<doc_>oh, sorry
15:13<xris>the second part of your question was, sort of, though.
15:14<xris>port 6544 is html, it's supposed to be that way
15:14<GreyFoxx>doc_: port 6544 is html (returns xml when used with the upnp related calls)
15:14<doc_>GreyFoxx: right...
15:15<doc_>GreyFoxx: i'm looking on how to get BE status and use it without parsing html
15:15<Chutt>so get the xml status instead.
15:15<doc_>right, using upnp ?
15:15<Chutt>uh, no?
15:15<Chutt>by using a different url?
15:15<doc_>uh.. which one ? :?
15:15<GreyFoxx> lynx -dump
15:16<GreyFoxx>that will return the page in plaintext
15:16<GreyFoxx>can be scripted around and parsed easily
15:16<doc_>right :)
15:16<Chutt>i believe it's just ip:6544/xml
15:17<doc_>thanks a lot :)
15:17<xris>Chutt: you see my note last night about donations?
15:17<Chutt>xris, no
15:18<xris>achew22 in the users channel is working with a group that will be working with "underprivileged youth" to refurbish/sell older computers (possibly with mythtv on them). He wants to make sure some of the profits make it back to mythtv
15:19<xris>for now, I just told him to send it to the EFF or (nonprofit I'm involved with), since I think you've done similar stuff in the past.
15:19<Chutt>that's fine
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15:20<Chutt>better to donate to random charity of choice
15:20<xris>yup. he seemed a little taken aback by people not wanting to get paid. heh.
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15:22<xris>he said he might still send you some beer. :)
15:23<Chutt>unless he's talking serious amounts of cash
15:23<Chutt>then... =)
15:24<xris>said it'd be around $10 per system sold, and was about $80 now... if the project goes well, they might get some financial backing and sell new machines, etc.
15:25<xris>yeah, wasn't all that much to start
15:25<Chutt>if it were an actual company offering
15:25<Chutt>then, perhaps it'd be different, but, not from that situation
15:30<xris>sort of what I figured.
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15:45<crayzee>I asked mythfrontend to delete a file about 10 minutes ago, and it is still using 100%CPU (thankfully I have a dual core processor)... Why is this? Is it a bug?
15:48[~]clever points to the topic
15:51<crayzee>Sorry, I thought bugfixing would be something of developments interest.
15:52<Chutt>once you've got it traced down to where the bug is, sure.
15:52<Chutt>repeatable test case, etc.
15:53<clever>ive come across a few 'bugs' which turned out to be user error
16:03<briand>only a few?
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17:45<janneg>Chutt: do you plan to commit the lock_fix patch? I'm using it without problems and usleepless tested it with success on freebsd
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17:55<stuarta>xris: you want misclassified icons as a bug?
17:56<stuarta>i've got one where it picks a country specific logo when the general one is correct
17:57<xris>stuarta: sure
17:58[~]stuarta sets a new personal record for opening tickets
17:59<xris>I need more people to use that script so that I can actually approve things and get beyond the process of having users search for icons, etc.
17:59<stuarta>perhaps a way of allowing the icon to be specified?
18:00<stuarta>for this one i could have just pasted in the correct lyngsat url
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18:04<xris>stuarta: the current system can't handle random URLs
18:05<stuarta>all have to be lyngsat based?
18:06<xris>for now (except for the swedish icons)
18:06<xris>just need to add a sourceid to the database
18:08<stuarta>i'm just looking at alternate logos within lyngsat
18:11<xris>lyngsat has NO organization.
18:11<xris>I'd much rather just start our own repo, but that has so many problems of its own
18:11<stuarta>getting better than it used to be
18:12<xris>sort of
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18:32<gbee>what's the logic behind 'Never Record' being unavailable for some scheduled recordings? I can't see a pattern to it
18:32<stuarta>you can't "never record" a generic episode
18:34<gbee>ahh, can see the pattern now, it's not working for "subtitle then description" - should be easy to fix
18:36<gbee>stuarta: that may be the case, but I still can't see a reason for it - how does it know what's generic? :)
18:37<stuarta>suspect things lacking in subtitles...
18:37<xris>gbee: episodes are marked "generic" in the US
18:37<xris>dunno about elsewhere
18:37<stuarta>not here
18:38<gbee>that information isn't available from any source of guide data here - so it shouldn't factor in any decisions made by the scheduler etc
18:40<stuarta>i have 0 episodes marked as generic
18:40<gbee>if something lacks a subtitle that doesn't automatically make it generic - although it could be considered as such if we've chosen 'subtitle' duplicate checking
18:40<stuarta>though only mfdb fills that in doesn't it?
18:44<gbee>yeah, we don't actually populate the generic column at any time other than when the programme data is first added to the database - at least not to my knowledge
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18:51<Chutt>toggling autoexpire in mythweb stole my cursor
18:51<Chutt>turned the mouse cursor into an X with a drag icon (loosely) attached, no clicking on anything else.
18:53<janneg>Chutt: lock_fix.diff?
18:53<Chutt>janneg, i was going to apply it this weekend
18:53<Chutt>been running it here, too
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19:18<doc_><Encoder local="1" connected="1" id="4" state="4" hostname="lorien_hierro" >
19:18<doc_>where can I see which are values for state when getting BE status from xml ?
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19:25<namuch>can an unstable network connection cause "unknown file transfer socket errors"?
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22:33<sigger_>booyah. gave mythmusic a networkcontrol (telnet control)
22:34<sigger_>(no controls yet, but the night is young and the MythEvents are plentiful)
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22:43<Chutt>next thing to do is thread off the playback part, separate it from the playbackbox =)
22:44<Chutt>bad old design
22:45<sigger_>yeah, it ought to be at least split out into a different class.
22:46<sigger_>IIRC the player does run as a separate thread tho
22:48<Cardoe>So I recently upgraded the processor in my Myth box
22:49<Cardoe>and I've noticed something interesting, mythcommflag is segfaulting now.
22:49<Cardoe>[mpeg2video @ 0x2b92225f2110]ac-tex damaged at 6 2
22:49<Cardoe>[mpeg2video @ 0x2b92225f2110]Warning MVs not available
22:49<Cardoe>2007-03-22 23:30:16.399 JobQueue: Commercial Flagging Finished, 0 break(s) found.
22:49<Cardoe>[mpeg @ 0x2b384cc4dd40]Parser not found for Codec Id: 94210 !
22:49<Cardoe>0: start_time: 0.036 duration: 161.697
22:49<Cardoe>1: start_time: 484.361 duration: 161.691
22:49<Cardoe>2: start_time: 0.017 duration: 161.693
22:49<Cardoe>stream: start_time: 0.189 duration: 7178.172 bitrate=1434 kb/s
22:49<Cardoe>That's what happens in the logs around the segfault
22:50<Cardoe>once the recording is done, the backend re-runs the mythcommflag process, and it completes fine.
22:50<Cardoe>It's almost like with the faster CPU, mythcommflag is hitting the current record point and failing?
22:51<Captain_Murdoch>shouldn't be, it should keep 30 seconds behind live, unless it's getting hosed up because the fps is changing in your video.
22:52<sigger_>ah got it. there's multiple entry points. (In not knowing why it didn't come in to the "standard" place I was having an angry German kid moment)
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22:53<Cardoe>Captain_Murdoch: I dunno.. went from single core to dual core
22:53<Cardoe>I noticed mythcommflag would fail sometimes before
22:53<Cardoe>but now it's every recording it will fail the first time
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22:53<Captain_Murdoch>can you turn on jobqueue debugging "-v jobqueue" and get the command line that the flagger was run with and run it manually under gdb while it's still recording and see if it dies still and get a backtrace?
22:54<Captain_Murdoch>and this and that and whatever and run on and on and on.
22:55<Captain_Murdoch>you're in FL right, is this ATSC or ivtv or NuppelVideoRecorder output?
22:55<Cardoe>looks like ivtv 0.10.1
22:55<Captain_Murdoch>so shouldn't be fps changing then.
22:56<Cardoe>but I do have ATSC stuff as well
22:57<Cardoe>I tweaked pam to spit out core files... now to only figure out where it might have gone...
22:58<Cardoe>Captain_Murdoch: how about commflag logging too ?
22:59<Captain_Murdoch>you mean do I want it or what? mythcommflag can spit out more log info that you'd ever want to see, it will print frame-by-frame analysis as it chugs through a recording if you set the right environment variable. :)
22:59<Cardoe>-v commflag to the backend?
23:00<Cardoe>that's what I've got it set to now
23:00<Cardoe>so I'll just have to wait and see
23:02<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, the jobqueue passes the same exact -v args to mythcommflag and mythtranscode when it runs them, so you can set -v commflag on the backend and get some flagger debugging when the jobqueue fires mythcommflag off.
23:04<Cardoe>Well I can get it to segfault fairly easily
23:05<Captain_Murdoch>the jobqueue actually uses an undocumented -V command that takes the debug flags as an int and the jobqueue uses that so if you see -V in the jobqueue output, that is what that is.
23:08<Cardoe>quite easy to make it seg
23:19<Cardoe>Chutt: seriously... you need to entertain the idea of letting me autoconf this thing
23:19<Cardoe>you still use qmake
23:19<Cardoe>I did it at work
23:20<Cardoe>we autoconf'd all of our stuff
23:20<Cardoe>and our graphical tools are QT progs so it still uses qmake
23:20<knowledgejunkie>if xris rejoins later, I'll try and catch him tomorrow regarding - I need sleep now :)
23:27<Cardoe>Captain_Murdoch: it segfaults everytime it exists.
23:27<Cardoe>er exits
23:27<Captain_Murdoch>both even. :)
23:29<Cardoe>[mpeg @ 0x2b778a56c700]Parser not found for Codec Id: 94210 !
23:29<Cardoe>What was that msg again?
23:30<Captain_Murdoch>can never seem to remember.
23:30<Cardoe>same here
23:30<Captain_Murdoch>have to go searching evertime someone brings it up on the lists.
23:34<Cardoe>The address is always the same
23:34<Cardoe>no idea what that top most one is
23:35<Cardoe>since I have glibc unstripped and qt unstripped
23:35<Cardoe>with -ggdb
23:36<Captain_Murdoch>what is that starttime?
23:36<Cardoe>I made it up
23:36<Cardoe>so it would just error out quickly
23:36<Cardoe>it shouldn't seg... it handled the error gracefully and was exiting
23:36<Captain_Murdoch>and how up to date are you with svn? I committed a fix yesterday I think for a bug that would cause a segfault on exit if the scenechangedetector wasn't initialized (like when the file didn't exist as in this case)
23:36<Cardoe>the address of the top most frame pointer is always the same
23:37<Cardoe>I'm on 0-20-fixes.. ;)
23:37<Captain_Murdoch>though I put it there also
23:37<Cardoe>Since trunk hasn't compiled for me for a while.
23:37<Cardoe>basically since I went dual core..
23:37<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, I put the fix in -fixes also
23:37<Cardoe>linker depend issues
23:37<Captain_Murdoch>just doublechecked
23:38<hads>trunk doesn't compile for you on dual core?
23:38<Cardoe>There's a comm flag I watched complete successfully
23:38<Cardoe>hads: nope. since I'm stubborn and use -j3
23:38<hads>Ah. I was going to say, works fine here.
23:40<Captain_Murdoch>hads, I put in a fix for that PlaybackWLStart issue.
23:40<Cardoe>Captain_Murdoch: r13053 but I see -fixes is at r13110
23:40<Cardoe>Captain_Murdoch: I'll update right now and try it
23:40<hads>Cool. Cheers
23:40<Captain_Murdoch>svn version numbers are across the board though.
23:41<Captain_Murdoch>anway, you're older than my fix, so if you update that may fix one issue.
23:42<Captain_Murdoch>I'd update -fixes, then rerun with "-v all" and see if it says why it is exitting. the segfault is probably the scenechangedetector fix since it's after the finished message
23:43<Cardoe>Giving it a whirl right now
23:46|-|gnome42 [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
23:49<Cardoe>Captain_Murdoch: well I version stuff in Gentoo based on what the last change to -fixes was
23:49<Cardoe>the last commit in there was r13110
23:50<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, gotcha. I need to get some sleep, hence the need for 13113 to fix the bug I put in in trunk in 13112. :)
23:51<Cardoe>mythtv-0.20_p13110 is 0.20 fixes r13110
23:51<Cardoe>mythtv-0.21_pre12945 is trunk 12945
23:55<Cardoe>Captain_Murdoch: same crash... same backtrace
23:55<Captain_Murdoch>did you upgrade to qt 3.3.8 recently?
23:56<Captain_Murdoch>that's the qt mysql bug
23:56<Captain_Murdoch>it's been talked about on the lists.
23:56<Captain_Murdoch>qt is destroying something in 2 places when the application exits
23:57<Captain_Murdoch>search for qt 3.3.8 on the mailing list. I think it was discussed in the just the past few days.
23:57<Cardoe>well thanks for your help anyway
23:57<Captain_Murdoch>supposedly causing issues with mythtranscode as well and some people are seeing it with mythfilldatabase also I think.
23:58<hads>qt 3.3.8 is weird, it disappeard of Trolltechs ftp servers
23:58<Captain_Murdoch>maybe that's why. :)
23:58<hads>Yeah, quite possibly :)
23:58<Captain_Murdoch>evidently this is a big issue from what I read
---Logclosed Fri Mar 23 00:00:01 2007