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00:36<xris>anyone know if there's a way to get a list of connected frontends? would be handy if I'm going to add a remote control plugin to mythweb.
00:38<hads>xris: Intersting, I was contemplating doing that earlier today.
00:38<xris>just going through my ticket list.
00:38<xris>the other thing on my list is figuring out if "callsign" is the correct thing to group channels by.
00:38<xris>that's what the backend does, but it apparently doesn't make sense outside of the US.
00:39<hads>Callsign doesn't really make sense to me at all :) (I'm not in the US)
00:39<xris>like I said. :)
00:39<xris>so how would YOU group identical channels?
00:40<hads>This is what I use for a remote at the moment;
00:40<hads>Well, for data input. I normally just use the actual remote.
00:40<knowledgejunkie>it's how us non-US users group stuff too you know (and how the scheduler works, which is fairly critical)
00:41<xris>knowledgejunkie: that's my point.
00:41<hads>I think channel numbers have more importance here than in the US
00:41<xris>I'm wondering if there's a better way
00:41<xris>hads: I thought it was the other way around.
00:41<xris>but channel numbers are different depending on the source.
00:41<knowledgejunkie>not without changing a whole load of other internal stuff I guess
00:41<xris>so analog tv and analog cable are not always the same, etc.
00:42<xris>hads: I still think of things as "channel 5" or whatever.. no idea what network is on the channel.
00:42<hads>I don't know really as I have no idea how things work in the US. Here we only have OTA analog and Sky digital (satelitte).
00:43<knowledgejunkie>if you want the scheduler to treat two channels on different sources (say one on the tuner, one from a cable box) as equal, you give them the same callsign
00:43<hads>xris: Yeah, we have "One" "2" "3" and "C4" that's it :)
00:43<knowledgejunkie>i'm using DVB and VirginMedia cable via PVR
00:43<knowledgejunkie>hads: what about five?
00:44<xris>hads: nice not to have the confusion of too many channels. :)
00:44<hads>Well there is a channel called "Prime" that some people can get and usually put on channel 5 on the TV
00:44<hads>xris: Yeah, and a fairly obvious numbering scheme :)
00:45<xris>hads: you can assign channels on the tv manually?
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00:45<xris>they're tied to the frequency here
00:45<hads>We tune the TV and then pick the number we want to assign it to.
00:45<xris>KING 5 (callsign / number) is always at channel 5, etc.
00:46<knowledgejunkie>hads: sorry - figured you were in the UK 'cause you mentioned Sky
00:46<xris>5 even goes into the name of the channel
00:46<hads>knowledgejunkie: New Zealand (we tend to copy the UK a bit)
00:46<knowledgejunkie>hads: I've been there :)
00:46[~]xris thinks NZ would be a nice place to live for awhile.
00:47<hads>It is actually a lovely place IMHO
00:47[~]knowledgejunkie agrees with xris
00:47<knowledgejunkie>it's friggin beautiful
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00:47<hads>I moved to Sydney AU for a few years but took a big pay cut to move back here for the lifestyle.
00:48[~]xris needs his company to grow and get a few international offices so he can travel more
00:48<hads>xris: I guess I won't spend time working on a seperate web remote then. If you want some input/help/whatever feel free to ping me.
00:48<xris>hads: feel free. I have plenty of other things to work on
00:49<xris>there's a ticket in trac already if you want some sample code.
00:49[~]hads looks
00:49<xris>I was just looking for something to do, but I think I'll go clean for awhile...
00:50<hads>I guess I could have a look at the mythweb code (never even looked at it before).
00:50<xris>maybe mop up the stickiness from the honey I spilled earlier when I was making mead.
00:50<xris>I've tried to make the stuff in svn pretty easy to be modular
00:51<hads>I've been trying not to code in PHP lately :)
00:51<xris>I get paid for it. but I think I still prefer perl
00:51[~]xris wants perl6 to be "done" already
00:52<hads>I'm the enemy, I've been liking Python lately.
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01:03<xris>I like braces. heh
01:03<xris>k&r beaten into me
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03:10<cerial^killer>hey all I have two directtv dvr's I have the directivo r10 and the r15 can I install mythtv on these? has anyone done it I have since cancled my direct tv service and now have dish network but I would like to set these up as free dvr's
03:11<hads>You might want to ask in #mythtv-users
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09:19<perlmonkey>argh, mythtv hates me
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09:19<perlmonkey>tried to watch tv, but computer says no
09:20<stuarta>we are over in the other channel
09:20<perlmonkey>doh i always make that mistake
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14:58<sphery_>xris: MythWeb should group by callsign. mythfrontend does and the proper way to specify that two channels show the same programming content is to assign them the same callsign.
14:58<sphery_>xris: People outside the US seem to think it makes no sense because of the unfortunate decision to use the US-centric "callsign" moniker for the table column.
15:00<sphery_>xris: However, the specific value of the callsign is irrelevant. Only requirement is that each channel with unique content has a unique value. Those with identical content can have identical values (so Myth knows they're the same) or different (so the user can choose which channel is used to record scheduled recordings).
15:01<sphery_>xris: If someone can think of a good name that explains what the value means, I'd be happy to write up a pedantic patch that changes "callsign" to <new name> throughout MythTV--just so I don't hear non-US users complaining that callsign is irrelevant to them. ;)
15:04<Dave123>hi all, I get a segmentation fault
15:04<Dave123>using the latest gentoo release
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15:18<Dave123>sphery, I will have a look. Got to go eat
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16:48<hads>sphery: That makes sense, I just duplicate the name into the callsign here and it's always worked for me.
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18:44<Dave123>should I report the bug to the distribution if I'm using their package
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19:39<sphery>Dave123: If you can get a proper backtrace as described in the link I provided, you can report the issue by making a ticket on and attaching the backtrace with a description of what happened, what you were doing, and whether it's reproducible/how to reproduce.
19:40<Dave123>sphery, thanks, i'm running the latest release Gentoo, and I just recompiled with some safe CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS and in debug mode, so I'll do some further testing.
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21:59<sigger_>anyone around familiar with the mythmusic code.
22:04<sigger_>specifically, trying to figure out the least painful way to get info (filename, title, album and artist) for each track on the active playlist. looks like get index_value (same as song_id in database right?) for each song, and ask mysql about each song_id.
22:04<sigger_>gbee: ping on the above, when you're back. thx.
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23:24<SirTuxalot>Hello, I need some help. I asked in the -users channel but got no responce. How can I reset the default config for the front end? I must have changed something in the themes section that makes it unusable. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
23:25<hads>SirTuxalot: Not getting an answer doesn't make your question any more development related.
23:26<SirTuxalot>i understand completely, but I am stuck until I can get this fixed
23:27<knowledgejunkie>SirTuxalot: meet me in the -users channel
23:28<SirTuxalot>im already there, thank you...
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23:36<knowledgejunkie>hads: another happy customer :)
23:36<hads>Nice work :)
23:37<hads>I want a super fast box so I can compile quicker :)
23:38<knowledgejunkie>i've just thrown together an old Celeron 600 - is that fast enough?
23:39<knowledgejunkie>time to start playing with Asterisk and ZoneMinder soon :)
23:39<hads>Asterisk is groovy
23:39<hads>I haven't played with Zoneinder at all
23:42<knowledgejunkie>now that Myth supports phone *and* zoneminder, I'm hoping to find some time to get them up and running.
23:45<hads>I don't use mythphone myself, I just use mythtvosd for callerid popups
23:47<russellb>i used mythphone a few times ... but didn't have a webcam at the time :(
23:48<russellb>but it does work with asterisk
23:48<russellb>i modified it to support qualify, too ..
23:48<knowledgejunkie>hads: that's what I'd use it for probably, rather than full MythPhone
23:49<hads>Hello russellb
23:50<hads>knowledgejunkie: You don't need MythPhone at all if you're only doing popups.
23:50<hads>Unless you actually want the phone part of it.
23:50<russellb>that's pretty cool
23:50<knowledgejunkie>hads: oh OK, OSD is just a script?
23:51<hads>knowledgejunkie: It's a binary that you put on your Asterisk box (or where ever) which does a UDP broadcast to all the frontends.
23:51<hads>I can't read backtraces :)
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