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00:39<knowledgejunkie>Captain_Murdoch: are you about?
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03:23<Jug>is the ui for plugins "hardcoded" or is it easy to change or even apply themes perhaps?
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04:28<gbee>plugins are themable to the same extent as mythfrontend
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05:22<Jug>I guess you cant move or resize any controls?
05:23<Jug>I was just wondering that it would be cool to have somewhat similiar "music player" as apple's frontrow...for now there seems to be very little space for actual songs and other "useless" controls takes much space, imho
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05:51<cbx33>hi guys
05:51<cbx33>if i'm using a keyboard, how can I exit the Image viewer?
05:51<cbx33>nothing works ;)
05:51<hads>Wrong channel
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07:18<gbee>Jug: the various containers can be resized and even removed, but what is possible is limited by the containers made available to the theme - things will gradually change and improve with mythmusic, it will just take time
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07:23<gbee>play about with mythmusic/mythmusic/music-ui.xml if you want to see what can be done
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07:25<kantlivelong>hey all
07:25<kantlivelong>are there anyways to add menu options?
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07:30<gbee>kantlivelong: edit the xml files
07:34<kantlivelong>gbee: ok :)
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07:58<kantlivelong>mythtv doesnt work with ENX-15 does it?
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09:03<kantlivelong>grr why is mythmusic crashing!
09:03<clever>ask #mythtv-users
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09:50<tts>hi guys i need to know what it means by "wake command"
09:51<tts>sorry wrong place, forgive me :O
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10:11<sigger>gbee: (sorry to be a pest, but...) am I correct in understanding that a Metadata's m_id has no connection to the song_id in the database. Also that a Track's index_value is the same as an m_id. (i.e. if I pull a Track's m_id can I use it to look up that track's metadata?)
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10:25<gbee>m_id is, or should be the song_id - I'm not sure it's being set it all cases
10:26<gbee>I've no idea about the index_value
10:27<sigger>ok, how would you get a Track's metadata?
10:27<sigger>(if you know roughly offhand)
10:28<gbee>I don't, aside from creating a metadata object for the track - I don't know if we are creating them before the track is played, or when we load the playlist
10:29<gbee>sorry, I've just not looked at that area very closely - could give you an answer later today once I've had a chance to read through it
10:30<sigger>I believe - tho I'm not certain - that preMusic loads metadata for all tracks into all_music.m_all_music prior to starting PlaybackBoxMusic
10:31<sigger>Appreciate it. I'll keep looking and following the init code through. I'll let you know if I get certain to save you the time. Thx.
10:32<gbee>that's what I'd suspected, although that is the case it *might* change down the road - it's a waste of memory to load the data for every track before it's needed
10:33<gbee>I plan on doing some mythmusic work tonight anyway, although it'll be in the ID3/metadata code
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10:36<sigger>the space consumed by metadata for tracks not on the playlist could a lot smaller. e.g. each one keeps all the formatted versions and a copy of the start-dir
10:40<gbee>I need to take a look at it, it's on my list, but under certain scenarios I'm seeing a 200Mb growth in memory usage after mythmusic is loaded - which isn't acceptable
10:41<sigger>yea that's huge. probably a bunch of metadata could be shrunk. as to it changing in the future, can always change the getMetadata(index) function to pull it from mysql, just less efficient.
10:42<sigger>I'll keep an eye out for memory hogging while I'm going through the code.
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10:45<gbee>for most uses, pulling the metadata as it's needed would be sufficient - it's a little slower but we usually don't need the extra speed of having it in memory
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10:50<sigger>Prolly don't need it in mem. But I bet the (small) essential info could be stored in the tree at little cost, allowing the large all_music structure to be discarded or sharply limited.
10:57<janneg>argh, stupid bug reporter. attachs the whole changed file
10:58<janneg>and creates two tickets
11:02<janneg>and the diff is ugly
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12:12<sigger>gbee: got what I was looking for. all those index #'s are the same (only exception is when CDs are loaded)
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12:48<Jug>any roadmap for mythmusic or things that could be done to help?
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12:54<gbee>no roadmap and although there is plenty of work, without some sort of plan I think it would be difficult to coordinate
12:58<Chutt>i think someone should finally thread off the actual playback, split it out of playbackbox
13:00<gbee>anyone know of a linux app which saves ratings to ID3 tags? (POPM frame) - I'm trying to implement reading/writing of such tags to mythmusic but without an example I can't be sure it's working correctly
13:01<sigger>Chutt, unless I'm totally losing it, MusicPlaybackBox does start a decoder thread that runs separately.
13:01<Jug>taglib is pretty good and can be extended pretty easily to support different frames
13:02<Chutt>sigger, yes, but the playbackbox owns the thread
13:02<Chutt>when you close it off, it's gone
13:02<Chutt>it owns the queue, etc
13:02<Chutt>minor change to make that happen in a separate thread
13:02<Chutt>that's spawned at mythmusic init
13:02<sigger>ah gotcha. could certainly make QApp own t or other such.
13:02<Chutt>and the playbackbox code just tells it what to do
13:03<Chutt>it'd finally quiet all the people that bitch about music playback not working in the gallery, for instance :p
13:05<sigger>would mean other UI pages would need to accept commands for decoder (i.e. ability to press stop on remote on Media Library page). that might be a little trickier.
13:05<Chutt>well, could eventually
13:06<gbee>Jug: yes, although that's not exactly relevant to this particular problem :) We use a modified version of libid3tag, which could be nicer but works well enough
13:06<Jug>oh okey, I guess amarok uses ratings?
13:07<Jug>and probably rhtyhmbox
13:07<gbee>I could re-write mythmusic to use taglib, but I'd be no closer to knowing if the POPM frames I was writing/reading were correct
13:07<gbee>I've tried amarok, but I can't get it to write anything but ID3V1 tags
13:08<Chutt>easytag, perhaps?
13:08<Jug>well it writes id3v1 if the file already has id3v1 I guess
13:09<gbee>actually it deleted the id3v2 tag to write id3v1 ... I know it's not supposed to work like that, but it is ;)
13:09<gbee>I'm taking a look at easytag
13:10<Jug>well all I know is that amaraok uses taglib :)
13:11<Chutt>one of my favorite bugs of all time was/is in id3lib
13:12<Chutt>when writing a new tag, it'd create a copy of the entire file with the new tag, delete the old one, then rename the new one
13:13<Chutt>if you happened to run out of space during the initial copy or it failed, etc, it'd still go through and delete the old one
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15:00<gbee>finally found something which sets POPM frames - "Quod Libet" (pretty ugly looking but feature packed audio player)
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15:04<Jug>you should put some plans etc. on wiki on things that people could contribute
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16:01<visit0r_>Andui2: have you commited the small patch in ?
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17:23<Dave123>cool it looks like gentoo has a patch for my seg fault i was complaining about yesterday
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19:04[~]Captain_Murdoch ponders... if MythMusic's playback code was in a separate thread started in mythplugin_init() and if sigger gets his remote control stuff working for MythMusic, then essentially other apps/plugins within Myth could just send events to sigger's remote control code to play music.
19:06<hads>Even non-myth apps
19:07<hads>But I guess that's a given
19:08<Captain_Murdoch>I bit my tongue instead of saying something. :)
19:08<hads>:) I'll crawl back in my hole now.
19:09<hads>Silly hads
19:14<Captain_Murdoch>going along with that, sigger if you see this, it would be nice if you could send a command to MythMusic to play a specific audio file even if it wasn't in the database. "play /usr/local/mythtv/audio/startup.mp3"
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19:39<Chutt>Captain_Murdoch, only thing missing is a mixer
19:39<sigger_>Captain_Murdoch, that's actually kinda part of the mpd protocol. specifically: add fname, play [songnum]
19:39<Chutt>and then you can do ui sounds
19:40<sigger_>drive me nuts like tivo
19:40<Chutt>i'm not sure about depending on the system to mix
19:40<Chutt>sigger, you'd be amazed how often the request comes up
19:40<sigger_>I've seen it. Its like a pool in an apartment complex. People want it until they have it.
19:42<sigger_>stupid question, how do I compile with the debug option on (-g I think). first bug so will be my first time using gdb.
19:42<Chutt>in mythtv, then recompile the plugins
19:43<Chutt>both need it
19:43<sigger_>erg, ok thx. that's to make, yes?
19:43<Chutt>to configurfe
19:43<Chutt>err, configure
19:43<Chutt>you'll need to do a make clean on both, of course
19:43<sigger_>ah, thx.
19:44<sigger_>got it
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