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00:14<JohnRobert>What would you guys recommend as the most stable/least hastle distro for installing mythtv on to?
00:15<JohnRobert>atm, I'm using gutsy, but it seems to be suffering from stability issues (where debian etch did not, but then etch doesn't have quite the same level of driver support)
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00:16<hads>JohnRobert: Wrong channel, see topic.
00:16<JohnRobert>oops sorry
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01:21<knowledgejunkie>gbee: I have added deaf-signing support to MythTV for XMLTV users in ticket Please could you review it when you have a chance and let me know if it's OK. MythWeb will need updating separately in mythplugins/mythweb/modules/tv/includes/objects/Program.php which I will try to look at later. Cheers
01:27<knowledgejunkie>Does MythTV touch (set) XV_COLORKEY during playback? Since updating to a post mythtv-vid-merged revision I see the weird swapped colours. Nothing else has changed on the system.
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01:29<knowledgejunkie>I guess I can use xvattr for some debugging in the meantime
01:32<knowledgejunkie>Chutt: regarding #3623, should the Makefile remove any empty MythTV directories when 'make uninstall' is called?
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03:13<Chutt>xris, hey
03:14<Chutt>you pinged me the other day, i think
03:14<xris>oh. only thing I can think it might have been about was what we could do with funds raised from selling mythtv+SD tshirts
03:15<Chutt>you think those would actually make money? :p
03:15<xris>and if it'd be worth bringing up with the other devs
03:15<xris>I think there are a LOT more people who would buy mythtv shirts than would buy SD shirts. heh
03:16<Chutt>dunno if it's worth the effort, mainly
03:16<Chutt>i _guess_ i'd buy one
03:16<Chutt>but, heh =)
03:16<xris>well, the whole reason I have is that I really want a mythtv shirt. heh
03:17<xris>but there *would* be some money made from the venture, and we would want to decide what to do with it, or if we should try to make as little profit as possible
03:17<xris>anyway, if you don't mind, I'll bring it up on the developers list. maybe other people will have ideas.
03:17<Chutt>yeah, really depends if people wanted to do anything with it or not
03:17<Chutt>i dunno
03:18<Chutt>hey - for the raw data stuff. do you think a db like mysql is the right approach? there might be a faster way to deal with all that data..
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03:18<Chutt>faster ways, rather
03:18<xris>I see it more of a way to have SD help out MythTV by getting some swag out there than to hylp SD offset data/etc
03:18<xris>mysql just for holding the data as it's imported
03:19<xris>I think the end result will probably be a series of pre-generated xml files on a ramdisk or stored in memcached
03:19<Chutt>how many channels are there?
03:19<Chutt>a program to process the input and transform that into one xml-file per channel per day might be reasonably quick
03:19<Chutt>and then smashing xml together shouldn't be too bad
03:22<Chutt>just putting it into a db and then taking it out again doesn't _seem_ necessary, but i'd have to look at it more, i guess..
03:22<xris>I'm not sure that the channels and lineups (times) all line up properly
03:23<Chutt>line up to a day?
03:23<xris>and we still need the db to store our OWN info about things
03:23<xris>5800+ stations in the top 25
03:23<Chutt>how many of those are unique, though?
03:23<xris>I estimate 8-10k for all US and canada
03:24<xris>those are unique
03:24<Chutt>ah, ok
03:24<xris>it's not a non-trivial amount of data
03:24<xris>it's the lineup and program info that takes up the time/space, though
03:24<Chutt>well, yeah.
03:24<Chutt>the whole source set should fit in ram, though, right?
03:25<Chutt>and it's all indexed nicely
03:25<xris>not on this machine, but that's why I'm targeting 4G+ for the new hardware
03:25<Chutt>well, yeah =)
03:25<xris>memcached will distribute machines, too
03:26<xris>as will mogile fs for storing pre-generated xml files
03:26<xris>perlbal will handle passing out flat files, and proxy non-ready requests to gearman for data to be generated
03:27<xris>it's a pretty workable system, and well-tested at places like livejournal
03:27<xris>over 700k "lineups" (time+broadcast info) and 180k separate programs
03:28<xris>I think it's only about 500M of data, though
03:28<Chutt>that's not too bad.
03:28<xris>database files are 672 including indexes
03:28<Chutt>and the initial data set is 500?
03:29<xris>not sure there
03:29<xris>somewhere around that
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03:30<xris>innodb doesn't make separate files for indexes, so I can't tell them apart
03:33<Chutt>i was just thinking that since the data's already all indexed when we get it
03:33<Chutt>it might not be worth importing it into a formal db
03:34<xris>it's not
03:35<xris>not indexed, that is
03:35<Chutt>well, i assume the program id is there
03:35<xris>the files are halfway between relational database files and faw data
03:35<xris>that file is, yes
03:35<xris>faw == raw/full
03:35<xris>I split the 5 or so files out into about 12 tables
03:35<Chutt>do the lineups then just use the programid?
03:36<xris>you have access to the web svn? there's a tables.sql file there that describes the layout I used
03:36<Chutt>i dunno
03:36<Chutt>my compile for work just finished, though, so, i've gotta get back to that :/
03:36<Chutt>one more day until a release and i can sleep, yippee.
03:37<xris>one month until I'm done with my job.
03:37<xris>and start a new one the next day. heh
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03:37<Chutt>that works out
03:37<xris>7 tms files, 5 of which are "meaningful" data (the others are translations and timezones)
03:38<xris>stations, programs, headends, shedules, lineups.
03:38<xris>schedules reference programs, and that's where the bulk of the data lives.
03:39<xris>anyway, I just looked at the time. should head to sleep.
03:39<Chutt>yeah, now add 3 hours for me
03:41<xris>but you probably sleep in, right?
03:41<Chutt>daily conf call at noon.
03:42<xris>as opposed to staying up until 4 and waking up at 8 or 9. heh
03:42<Chutt>i've been staying up until around 6
03:42<Chutt>except last night, when i went to bed at 10pm and woke up at 4am
03:44<xris>btw, how do you feel about using non-OSS software to help develop stuff? I've been wanting to look into Jira/Crucible lately for work, but it might help mythtv if it's as good as I hope it is
03:44<Chutt>oh, i don't care
03:44<Chutt>tools are tools
03:45<xris>if it's good, and other devs are open to the idea, it might make a nice gift from SD.
03:46<xris>could offer access to other projects, too, I think
03:46<Chutt>i'd kind of not want to transition the bug db, though =)
03:49<xris>would be nice if there's a tool to do it.
03:49<xris>well, I wouldn't even recommend it until I have time to actually use it myself.
03:50<xris>looks like a pretty killer app from the features/screenshots, though
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04:23<justinh>mornin yawnin'
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07:22<gbee>got too many patches in my tree now, I can't even remember what some of them were meant to do or fix
07:25<gbee>does anyone recognise this patch for airdate handling in xmltv?
07:25<gbee>can't remember if I wrote it, or someone sent it to me
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07:56<gbee>agghhh, forgot to remove the whitespace changes from that patch before comitting
08:03<superm1>gbee, you know you've been working on something too long when you can't remember if you are the author of a patch :)
08:06<justinh>yeah. who's that dude who makes all them crappy themes again? ;)
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09:44<melte1>I am researching possible DVB EIT extraction problem in Finland in cable stream. What is the class(es) that handles the EIT information extraction from program stream?
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11:18<justinh>melte1: ls mythtv/libs/libmythtv |grep eit ;)
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11:34<acecase>I've hit my first problem and it isn't giving me much to go on. Everything compiles fine untill I get "playbackbox.cpp:923: error: 'SCREEN
11:34<acecase>' was not declared in this scope"
11:34<acecase>sorry hit the wrong key :)
11:35<Dibblah>Yeah, compile error in trunk. One sec...
11:35<acecase>I looked into playbackbox.cpp line 923 and it isn't :
11:35<acecase>Dibblah ic thanks
11:35<Dibblah>(Not that I can fix it, but I should be able to get you a working revision.
11:35<acecase>great thanks
11:36<Dibblah>svn up -r 14788
11:36<acecase>I'm seeing the first "con" for MythTV. When you have a problem in the compile it can cost some considerable time. On my little box this happened about 15 min. into the compile process.
11:37<acecase>Dibblah thanks a lot
11:37<Dibblah>Last commit (14789 looks like it's the issue)
11:37<acecase>and that is the one I am using :)
11:39<acecase>just to be sure sudo svn up -r 14788 is all I need rite? or do I need the plugins and themes to match?
11:39<acecase>sudo svn up -r 14788
11:40<acecase>grr :)
11:40<Dibblah>Yes. However, if you just edit the bad line to read:
11:40<Dibblah>iconMap["onscreensub"] = SUB_ONSCREEN;
11:40<Dibblah>That should work, I believe.
11:40<acecase>Dibblah thanks even better :)
11:41<Dibblah>... Hard to tell what's happening with the whitespace changes :(
11:41<acecase>this is the first I have seen of it. Code seems to be plenty readable there is just a lot of it :)
11:43<acecase>what are the chances of doing make without make clean and having it pick up where it left off?
11:44<acecase>I would normaly just try somthing like that but with this lengthy a compile time I'd rather ask
11:45<Dibblah>Should be OK.
11:45<acecase>then I'll give it a shot :)
11:45<Dibblah>... What's the worst that could happen? ;)
11:46<acecase>well nevermind :) I tried to just make in mythtv/programs/mythfrontend and it errord out with SUB_SCREEN not declared
11:48<acecase>I wonder what they wanted to use there? or did they forget to declare SCREEN? it isn't declared outside the scope.
11:50<acecase>oh well. I'll get the older trunk
11:54<acecase>freekin UPS guy just passed my house again! they never can find my house
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11:57<gbee>sorry, was doing some painting or I would have fixed it sooner.
11:57<knowledgejunkie>gbee: thanks for committing the deaf-signing patch. looks like #4122 is still open though because the changelog seems to close changeset 4122 instead of ticket 4122
11:58<gbee>somehow, I really can't figure out how, but "SUB_ON" was deleted from that line, leaving SCREEN and there were a bunch of whitespace changes checked in with it
11:58<gbee>knowledgejunkie: one of those days, I'll close it now
11:59<knowledgejunkie>gbee: ta
12:00<gbee>acecase: install ccache
12:01<acecase>gbee was that my problem?
12:01<gbee>no, but it should make recompiles 10x faster
12:01<acecase>gbee oic. thanks a lot :)
12:09<acecase>the chances of me getting tvout working for this radeon card seem to be equivilant to that of a snowball in the hands of satan.
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12:20<acecase>how much will I need to know about mysql to run mythtv?
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12:22<xris>acecase: please read the topic and check your pm
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12:29<acecase>xris: I don't see a pm. And what are you trying to point out in the topic?
12:29<xris>the part that says: This is the MythTV development channel. For mythtv related user support, go to #mythtv-users.
12:30<xris>meaning, you won't get an answer to your question here.
12:30<acecase>ic :)
12:30<xris>should have gotten a pm from someone here explaining that, too
12:35<acecase>xris: I was just going to ask how much I would need to know to "use" MythTV. I don't have time to look into it and the closest I have come to it was a very small practice C# app I wrote years ago that use a couple googled queries for ms sql :)
12:37<xris>acecase: I don't know if c# can even talk to mysql, let alone run easily under linux...
12:37<xris>oops, wrong channel.. heh.
12:37<acecase>I have a command from a page on setup that isn't working but I will take that to the proper channel :)
12:38<acecase>xris it doesn't run well under linux. ther is Mono but it isn't great yet. it does have some libraries for mysql though so :/
12:39<acecase>that neither her nor there though since I don't know ms sql any better than mysql :)
12:39<acecase>I was just asking that question as a general one
12:40<xris>your other answer is in the users channel
12:41<acecase>rite I'm using BitchX so I saw it here. Thanks
12:56[~]justinh tries to think of an icon to use for the signing
12:57<gbee>a hand or two?
12:57<justinh>has to be unambiguous so people don't confuse it with tivo's thumb-up ass or whatever
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12:57<gbee>a hand giving the middle finger?
12:58<justinh>I thought about that for a sec yesterday
12:58<gbee>no wait, I'll keep that idea for my theme ;)
12:58<justinh>laga's fault, after he saw my progfinder icon
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12:59<gbee>eugh, no-one has the Eee in stock
12:59<gbee>not that suprising though
12:59<justinh>oh that handheld thingy
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13:03<H00chster>Picked up an n800 myself here recently, haven't had time to try and get a frontend on it yet though heh
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13:23<justinh>anything to put off theming mythmusic
13:23<justinh>and mythgame. and mythetc
13:23<justinh>I think glass-wide is ready for me now. to hell with a release
13:24<justinh>btw gbee today I updated the fonts in all my (cough) other themes to use bitstream vera :) i've been saying they needed that font since day one but never used it/ pfft
13:24<justinh>not the ones in svn yet though
13:24<justinh>I think I'll just do some sed
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14:03<gbee>justinh: very nice
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14:21<justinh>whoah. I can save 52M by not including watermarks
14:21<justinh>162320 with, and 110584 without
14:22<gbee>that resident?
14:22<gbee>what res?
14:22<justinh>I've not optimised all the images yet
14:23<justinh>I can shave some more off
14:23<justinh>there's still duplication going on
14:23<justinh>hell I prefer it without the icons
14:24<justinh>the text tells you what you need to know
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14:26[~]gbee goes to see what his theme is using
14:27<justinh>hahaha that's less than Iulius at 1280x720
14:27<gbee>410m 60m 33m S 1.0 6.4 0:03.00 mythfrontend
14:27<gbee>definately not where I'd prefer it to be
14:28<justinh>hmm wonder if I was using the right command there
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14:28<gbee>I just pulled that from top
14:29<gbee>the figure given for memory usage in linux is tricky and certainly not accurate in the sense that mythfrontend itself is using all of that, but for comparison purposes it's ok
14:30[~]gbee wonders if there is a good memory profiler for linux
14:30<kormoc>pmap -x pid
14:31<kormoc>or pmap -d pid
14:32<gbee>that will do, thanks
14:33<justinh>not bad!
14:34[~]justinh commits a massive bloaty image to Iulius to win :D
14:34<justinh>and I'm not done yet :)
14:35<gbee>there is some off stuff in that output, considering I've deliberately disabled a number of things like arts support but libartsc is still being linked
14:36<gbee>justinh: green with envy, thought I was making a big saving with no watermarks and those tiny icons
14:37<gbee>is that a release build?
14:37<kormoc>gbee, could be linked from another lib, so if qt has arts support, it will still end up linked with arts support
14:38<gbee>yeah I know, just annoying
14:38<gbee>I mean the arts libs are already loaded for kde, so it's not like I'd save anything by not linking them from mythfrontend, but still
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14:42<gbee>think I need to make clean and rebuild, still listing the firewire libs and jacks - doubt those are pulled in from other places
14:44<gbee>arial.ttf << wtf?
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14:50<gbee>heh, I like how every plugin in blootube-wide was using a different font
14:51<gbee>justinh: was that a release or debug build?
14:53<gbee>not that it really matters
14:54<clever>gbee appears to be talking to himself
14:55<gbee>about normal for me
14:55<clever>i recently had trouble trying to not link alsa,lirc,jack
14:55<clever>even though i gave the --disable to ./configure i still had the error
14:56<clever>and i didnt want to spend time rebuilding everything from a make clean
14:56<clever>so i cd'ed into the folder that was erroring and cleaned just that part of the tree
14:57<clever>had to repeat a few times on other branches to clean it all out but it was probly faster then a full rebuild
14:57<gbee>possibly a little faster, but I'm using ccache so a full rebuild only takes a couple of minutes anyway
14:58<clever>i stole a finished build dir from another frontend
14:58<clever>so alsa was allready built into everything
14:58<clever>but the lib's didnt match up
15:01|-|stefancrs [] has joined #mythtv
15:01<clever>the new system is tight on disk space and allready had oss emulation so i didnt want alsa-dev and i dont even need jack
15:01|-|stefancrs [] has left #mythtv []
15:01<clever>and it doesnt need a ir blaster so i removed lirc
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15:08<kormoc>knock it off clever. You just doubled his 'spam'...
15:11|-|rn114 [] has joined #mythtv
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15:34<justinh>gbee: 0.20-fixes
15:35<justinh>the absolute figures don't concern me one bit. it's the comparison I like ;)
15:35|-|bb_ [] has quit ["Leaving"]
15:36<justinh>as for the font mess - I say again that's what you get for copying :P
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15:48<Daviey>gbee: did you find a supplier for your ee?
15:49<gbee>Daviey: nope
15:50<Daviey>Somebody i know purchased yesterday, and it arrived today
15:51<gbee>Daviey: thanks, didn't know they sold direct
15:51<gbee>I'm AFK for a while
15:51<Daviey>I didn't know either - when you asked I msg'd the person, and they only just got back :O
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16:48<blake__>is this the support chat
16:49<djc__>this is the mythtv developers channel.. try mythtv-users
16:50|-|blake__ [n=blake@] has left #mythtv ["Leaving"]
16:50<laga>this is not the support channel? :/
16:51<djc__>this is the mythtv developers channel.. try mythtv-users if you need help with user questions
16:51<laga>someone should have told me when i've joined
16:52<laga>also, the topic should mention it
16:52|-|Najbolji [] has joined #mythtv
16:53<djc__>It does
16:53<djc__>"This is the MythTV development channel. For mythtv related user support, go to #mythtv-users. US/Canada Listings:"
16:54<laga>heh, SCNR. i should have added more irony markers ;)
16:55<djc__>uh, ok, whatever
16:58<justinh>hmm. I think our dog has been abducted by aliens. passed 4 dogs tonight & not even a growl. didn't pull once, and was walking alongside for most of the way. wtf
16:58<justinh>laga: good news about glass-wide eh? ;)
16:59<laga>what news are you talking about? :)
16:59<laga>wow, impressive
17:00<justinh>without watermarks, mind. it's another 51M with them
17:00<justinh>I think I prefer it without
17:01<justinh>re-using images goes a long, long way it seems
17:03<justinh>laga: btw this doggy - he's not scared of fireworks at all (which is just aswell round here lately) but what really scares him is (wait for it) people in halloween costumes ;)
17:06<laga>i find people in halloween costumes scary, too. especially when there are in front of my house. and want my candy.
17:06<laga>no, scary thing is that it's not exactly a custom which belongs in front of my house. or in this country. IMHO. </rant>
17:06|-|onixian [] has joined #mythtv
17:07<justinh>blame the Brits. we exported it to the US
17:08<justinh>then they brought us 'set your house on fire or treat'
17:09|-|Najbolji [] has left #mythtv []
17:09<gbee>heh, they somehow turned it into legal extortion and vandalism
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20:07<gbee>xris: instead of an iphone, what about the Asus Eee or Nokia N800? (just kidding, maybe) :p
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20:19|-|keith4_ [] has joined #mythtv
20:20<keith4_>how do I know if my recordings are being transcoded?
20:21<xris>gbee: iphone is "snazzy" :)
20:25<xris>either way. would be really cool to see an interface for a "video-capable mythtv remote"
20:25<xris>put the PiP into the device.
20:29|-|keith4_ [] has quit ["This computer has gone to sleep"]
20:31<mzb_d800>I was given the impression that the multirec branch was capable of recording two streams from the same transport (dvb) ... has this ability actually been implemented? (I'm having trouble testing it)
20:32<mzb_d800>laga: thx, so any further questions would be user related? ;)
20:33<mzb_d800>can I assume then, that it would be possible to record one stream, and watch another on LiveTV? (or is that pushing it?:)
20:34<mzb_d800>or is it only scheduled recordings?
20:35<justinh>it (mostly) does what it says on the tin
20:35<justinh>livetv is a recording
20:36<mzb_d800>"tuner busy"
20:36<mzb_d800>(and tin was missing;)
20:37<mzb_d800>ended up with tuner problems after multirec, so moved back to trunk ... still issues with tuner ... trying cold-boot
20:38<gbee>mzb_d800: the multirec branch can record an infinite number of streams at the same time from the same card, in theory at least - harddrive speeds limit the reality and it's capped in the code to something like ~10
20:38<gbee>mzb_d800: but you need to reconfigure the card in mythtv setup first, delete it and then re-add it etc
20:38|-|keith4_ [] has joined #mythtv
20:38<mzb_d800>ah ... ok
20:38<mzb_d800>seems obvious now :)
20:39<keith4_>how do I know if my recordings are being transcoded?
20:39<mzb_d800>ok, I'll reinstall multirec and retest
20:39<gbee>multirec is still buggy though, so expect failed recordings etc
20:39<mzb_d800>just want to see how it works
20:39<mzb_d800>I might be able to give some feedback that helps (if you're lucky;)
20:40<keith4_>or rather, what is the "auto-transcode" checkbox supposed to do?
20:41<gbee>keith4_: try #mythtv-users
20:41<justinh>keith4_: " For mythtv related user support, go to #mythtv-users."
20:41<keith4_>whoops sorry
20:41<keith4_>stupid xchat
20:41|-|keith4_ [] has left #mythtv ["Leaving"]
20:41<gbee>why am I still awake?
20:42<xris>gbee: coffee?
20:42<justinh>I'm still awake cos I have to be taxi
20:43<gbee>not even remotely tired and I've not touched coffee all day
20:43<justinh>now then now then now, then
20:43<justinh>wth am I gonna do with mythmusic this time?
20:44<justinh>and can I even be bothered? hmm maybe tomorrow
20:45<gbee>do mythweather, there isn't currently a working -wide theme for it
20:45<justinh>ahh but for that, I need a box with trunk
20:45<gbee>not that -wide themes need to be called -wide anymore
20:46<gbee>justinh: yes, that's a problem
20:46<justinh>eh? all that base res stuff worky now?
20:46<gbee>justinh: in trunk anyway
20:46<gbee>well the aspect tag stuff does
20:46<justinh>good job all my source files are vectors this time then ;)
20:47<gbee>baseres doesn't yet, but there is very little reason why it shouldn't, iirc it's just a single line change in the code
20:47<justinh>if mrs j doesn't phone in soon I'm going to bed. been up since 6.30am
20:49|-|onixian [] has quit ["This computer has gone to sleep"]
20:50<gbee>may just make those final themeinfo changes and release 'untitled' as the first true HD theme ;)
20:51<gbee>while I'm at it, I'll see what's involved in a HD OSD theme
20:51<gbee>all for tomorrow though, or later today ...
20:52<justinh>ell yeah. only when you run the frontend on a flat panel do you realise how bad 640x480 is when it's scaled up
20:52<gbee>gonna force myself into bed, otherwise I'll never get up in the morning
20:52<justinh>alright for some :)
20:53<justinh>even the dog's gone to bed
20:53<gbee>might have to relocate the kitten first
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22:49[~]tmk pokes chutt
23:01|-|xris [] has joined #mythtv
23:01<knowledgejunkie>xris: hey
23:04<knowledgejunkie>any chance you could look at #2036 and #2288. I'm dying to see the patches committed
23:18|-|Nem^1 [] has joined #mythtv
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23:19|-|Nem^1 changed nick to Nem^
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23:50<xris>no time
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