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00:16<knowledgejunkie>xris: Time to apply a simple patch I'm about to post to trac to add deaf-signed support to MythWeb?
00:17<xris>working on time-sensitive stuff
00:20<knowledgejunkie>how productive does a developer need to be to get commit access?
00:20<knowledgejunkie>seems a shame there's a lack of devs and a surplus of tickets and patches
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00:40<xris>knowledgejunkie: no rule.
00:41<xris>but, um, how does deaf support work in mythweb. it's, um, text...
00:41<knowledgejunkie>the program information shows deaf signing being available, that's all.
00:41<knowledgejunkie>see #4125
00:42<knowledgejunkie>in MythTV it'll allow someone who signs to record all programs having signing easily
00:42<knowledgejunkie>that's the plan at least :)
00:43<knowledgejunkie>in the UK the Radio Times flags such programmes, so I figured I'd add support for it to XMLTV and then MythTV
00:45<xris>ah, gotcha
00:50<knowledgejunkie>pretty trivial patch nonetheless :)
00:54<knowledgejunkie>xris: who decides who gets commit access? what do I need to do work on to get it in the future, apart from submit working patches?
00:55<xris>no real committee or anything. devs nominate people, and if no one objects, they get access
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00:58<knowledgejunkie>well, if anyone wants to nominate me, feel free :)
00:58<xris>I sort of with development was a bit more organized.. want to explore jira at work, maybe it's something that could help mythtv. maybe not.
01:00<knowledgejunkie>my wish is that when someone takes the time to submit a patch, there is enough interest to provide feedback (good or bad) and enough dev capacity to commit a good patch in a timely fashion
01:01<knowledgejunkie>if I can help at all to work towards that utopian vision, i'd be more than happy
01:04<xris>just not much time lately
01:05<knowledgejunkie>i'm looking for a good scm/pm/tracker tool for work
01:05<knowledgejunkie>are you using jira at the moment?
01:06<xris>no. evaluating it
01:06<xris>but jira + crucible looks awesome
01:06<xris>waiting for kormoc to finish setting up the demo server, though. my quitting kind of got in the way of his being sysadmin since he's going to take over as lead dev
01:07<GreyFoxx>heading to anew job?
01:07<knowledgejunkie>tickets 2036 and #2288 cry out in pain
01:09<xris>GreyFoxx: yeah. going to in december
01:11<GreyFoxx>cool. hopefully the move is a joyous occassion :)
01:26<knowledgejunkie>Does MythTV touch (set) XV_COLORKEY during playback? Since updating to a post mythtv-vid-merged revision I see the weird swapped colours on an ATI machine. Another ATI machine is fine. Nothing else has changed on the system.
01:27<xris>GreyFoxx: more money, MUCH shorter commute.
01:27<xris>knowledgejunkie: it doesn't. I have to set manually. would be nice if myth did, actually
01:29<knowledgejunkie>xris: thanks - I'll look into it later. we moved house so I didn't update for a while, and then when I did, blue faces!
01:29<knowledgejunkie>better get some sleep now. it'll be light outside soon :)
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01:45<xris>GreyFoxx: you around still?
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03:05<sslashes>are there any docs on the myth libraries? (or, info on writing plugins?)
03:07<xris>for the most part, just the code
03:54<xris>gbee: been busy?
04:02<gbee>xris: you mean those docs? automatically generated, (make devdocs in docs folder)
04:02<gbee>if mean, am I busy right now, then no, although I've yet to grab breakfast ;)
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04:21<xris>gbee: guess I didn't know that the dev docs were maintained so well. heh
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09:45<gbee>QT font is hardcoded as Arial, going to reorder a couple of things so it can be specified in qtlook instead
09:47<gbee>any reason we don't pick a default font that is more likely to be found on a linux box? I know that QT will try to find a close match instead if Arial isn't installed, but it still seems a curious choice
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11:46<justinh>gbee: more bad news about the code. mythvideo's file chooser for posters is broken in that it isn't really themable
11:53<gbee>hope you are writing some of these down, I haven't (probably should have done)
11:53<gbee>thanks for pointing it out though :)
11:54<gbee>watching the live feed of the Darpa Urban CHallenge atm
11:55<justinh>it's ignoring the <area>185,20,800,210</area> bit. just does whatever it wants
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13:15<gbee>justinh: might want to add "str Font=Bitstream Vera Sans" to qtlook.txt, I'll be comitting a patch in a while to use the font specified there instead of the hardcoded Arial
13:16<justinh>theme work is never finished
13:17<justinh>right now I need to find out why the video manager list has a mysterious vanishing item off the bottom
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19:51<crashdummyMCH>is there anyone here that works on the mythweather plugin?
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21:46<jarle_>I am working on a updated Norwegian translation,and I see in QObject you have a text called "Repeat". Is this used in other context than a program being run "not for the first time"? If this is the only context this string is used, wouldn't "re-run" be a better phrase in this case than "Repeat"? Any native English speakers here?
21:49<justinh>jarle_: in the UK we say 'repeat' rather than the Americanized (sic) 're-run'
21:52<jarle_>justinh: OK, in Norwegian we would use one word for marking a show a "repeat" and a different word if you want to ask "do you want to repeat this process", so I need to know how this string is used in Myth, if it is only used for marking programs as repeat/re-run I could use the more correct form...
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21:53<jarle_>justinh: and I'm just starting to browse the source so I'm not quite sure if this is easy to figure out?
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21:55<justinh>jarle_: only thing I can think of which might be similar to "do you want to repeat this process" would be "delete & re-record"
21:58<jarle_>justinh: oki, I'll go for the more precise "this program has been shown before" translation then, thnx.
22:13<VonGuard>is there any weird dhcp glitch in mythdora 4?
22:14<VonGuard>like not allowing a machine to automatically find a dhcp lease?
22:14<VonGuard>cause i am completely lost on figuring out wtf reason my box has for not getting a dhcp lease
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22:14<VonGuard>and the screen is 640x480, won't change when i tell it, and it's too small to click the "apply" button in the x network configuration window
22:14<rooaus>VonGuard: see topic
22:15<VonGuard>wrong window!!!!!!!!
22:15<VonGuard>sorry, i thought i was in #mythdora
22:16<VonGuard>three damn channels open with #myth t the beginning
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