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04:42<t0ny-p40>See miau working :)
04:43<t0ny-p40>oops, wrong channel
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05:01<gbee>mythmusic seems to require an 'inactive' font be defined in the music_select screen even if it isn't used ...
05:06<gbee>or maybe not, I've got local modifications in place
05:17<gbee>comitted fix, turned out to be a typo and copy/paste mistake in xmlparse
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05:22<Yousseb>Hello guys..
05:23<Yousseb>I was wondering, what is the protocol in which patches get submitted to mythtv?
05:23<laga>you can create a ticket at and attach an unified diff (as created by svn diff or diff -u)
05:23<Yousseb>we have some patches to enable better internationalization support for rtl languages and we'd like to see it in the mainstream..
05:24<Yousseb>excellent.. will do that.. thanks..
05:24<Yousseb>cya all later..
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05:32<justinh>gbee: typos in the source? eef! ;)
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05:53<justinh>gbee: and cgwide16.png - not exactly revolutionary
05:54<justinh>oops it's 14 & 15 not 15 & 16
05:54<laga>16.png no worky
05:54<gbee>pwetty though
05:54<laga>looks shiny
05:55<justinh>how does the 3 bin view work? is that only with eskil's patch for shoutcast?
06:09<gbee>no idea, that whole thing needs to be rethought IMHO
06:11<gbee>of course everyone says that but only the person who actually does the work will get to decide what is done instead
06:12<justinh>I hate all these 'bin' things. they suck but I can't code anything better
06:13<justinh>the nearest thing to how 'I'd do things' is the music selector where the areas kind of expand & contract according to context. now that, in a file browser / playlist stylee would be the ticket for me
06:14<justinh>heh wrong window
06:14<gbee>it's a radiator!
06:14<justinh>volume display is messed up. need to redraw & move it
06:14<justinh>looks like timeinfo can't be centred
06:14<justinh>what's the fecking point of having xml parsing if you're gonna ignore tags?
06:15<justinh>I've got it taking up the same <area> lengthways as the progress indicator but it's not lining up
06:16<gbee>nothing in the code to suggest it should behave differently to any other textarea
06:16<justinh>align="centre" is valid isn't it?
06:16<justinh>er.. "center" I mean
06:18<gbee>try hcenter or allcenter
06:19<justinh>stupid typo! had 530 not 430
06:21<gbee>heh, was about to say that it's not working here either, but I think it was just fantastic coincidence - I'd expanded the area to the dimensions of the containers, but centered it was still in the same position as it was left aligned in a small area :)
06:22<justinh>now my rating image has vanished. hmm
06:23<justinh>need to look at keys.txt to see what rating up/down are
06:23<gbee>maybe I'll work on my mythmusic ui today, upside is that I can listen to music while I do it
06:24<gbee>or 8/9
06:24<justinh>hm. the image just isn't there
06:24<gbee>heh, 7 & 9
06:24<justinh>and it's not complaining about it
06:25<gbee>it's optional
06:25<justinh>it's enabled
06:25<gbee>although I'd be annoyed as a user if I found it missing from a theme
06:25<gbee>justinh: I mean optional for the themer
06:25<gbee>probably shouldn't be
06:26<gbee>I'll add an error
06:26<gbee>// All the other GUI elements are **optional**
06:26<gbee>appears in the code just above where we load the ui elements
06:27<gbee>that includes artist/title/album ... well everything except the music tree list
06:27<gbee>which is just silly
06:28<justinh>I think the info text should still be optional
06:28<justinh>tempted to try find a dot matrix font & see how it looks
06:29<justinh>oh man. that cpu I'm looking at is still stupidly cheap
06:30<gbee>I'll leave it optional, because no doubt _someone_ wants to have a theme without all the track info and flexibility is good, just not sure themers would be able to resist the urge to release a theme which leaves out important things
06:30<justinh>heh. people have been resisting the urge to theme for ages now :P
06:30<justinh>prolly more people than resist the urge to code
06:31<gbee>current_visualization_text is a waste of time
06:31<justinh>what?! albumart slideyshowey thingy?
06:32<justinh>somebody tie mythgallery slideshow into the visualiser.. two birds with stone, so to speak ;)
06:32<justinh>*one stone
06:32<laga>if we can have 25fps slideshows, it'd be possible to make your own porn soundtrack that way
06:32<laga>two birds with one stone indeed
06:33<gbee>having the albumart slideshow would be childsplay, although pretty transitions would be a little more work, apart from a simple alpha fade
06:33<justinh>nah I mean make a mythgallery slideshow visualiser :)
06:34<gbee>yeah, I know - no idea if/how that would be done
06:34<justinh>well, the simplest way I bet would just be to tell the albumart visualiser to look in a mythgallery dir
06:34<justinh>anyway that's what I'd call a distraction ;)
06:35<gbee>just prompted me to think of an effect where you've got multiple albumarts for a single track and they cycle during playback
06:35<justinh>they already do!
06:35<gbee>they do? heh, missed that I guess
06:36<justinh>hence my earlier exclamation
06:36<justinh>11:31 < justinh> what?! albumart slideyshowey thingy?
06:36<gbee>I don't have any albumart, at least not more than one per track
06:37<gbee>justinh: thought that was a "Eureka! I've had a great idea", although in retrospect the question marks should have been a clue
06:38<gbee>guess I should look into grabbing albumart for my collection, better than having a mini visualiser
06:41<justinh>watched 'click' this morning. they had a look at Leopard & I spotted a flaw in frontrow
06:41<justinh>the smooth swishy stuff slows the menu navigation down
06:52<gbee>aye, can't quickly move to the last item in a menu etc
06:53<gbee>Leopard is getting a pasting from users at the moment, seems they rushed it out for Christmas but there are some issues
06:54<gbee>not on the level of Vista problems, but Mac lovers expect better :)
06:54<justinh>so any bling brought to the ui needs to be fast & swishy ;)
06:54<justinh>and of course optional
06:56<justinh>I cleaned out all the unused files in glass-wide last night
06:56<justinh>I think I'll only supply it with 3 or 4 different backgrounds to keep the tarball size down
06:57<laga>GF wants pink. ;)
06:57<gbee>the gadget show the other day highlighted the problems with the iphone, over something more practical
06:57<justinh>gbee: I entered the competition with the interactive guff on the Virgin STB :) quite spiffy actually
06:58<justinh>what a lot of gadgets up for grabs in one go!
06:58<gbee>justinh: thanks for the reminder
06:58<justinh>may the best man win ;)
06:58<justinh>will solve a few xmas present problems, that
06:58<laga>what gadget show?
06:59<justinh>channel Five's Gadget Show
06:59<gbee>and yeah, lot of stufff - though I can't explain why I want to enter just because there is a bigger prize on offer
07:00<justinh>their 'ease of use' test for the iphone & some other one was to get 2 people to jump off a bridge & they had to text & phone to be let down. totally silly
07:00<gbee>I laugh at people who do that with the lottery, as though winning 10 million makes the lottery worthwhile, but 1 million doesn't
07:00<justinh>I'd settle for 10 grand to be honest
07:00<justinh>hell even one grand would get me on my way to putting a new bay window in
07:01<justinh>that has to come before HD in this house
07:01<justinh>no good having a nice telly if the main window has fallen out
07:01<gbee>justinh: shame it's the only technology/gadget review show left on TV, their entertainment stuff like the silly roadtests aren't really necessary
07:01<justinh>yeah it's too T3 for its own good
07:03<gbee>I'd settle for a fairly straight laced Tomorrows World format because I can get my entertainment and laughs from other shows
07:03<gbee>that said, I don't mind, so long as there isn't another technology programme on the air
07:19<justinh>I like Click. though couldn't help but laugh when they were all "WOW! Elgato Eye TV lets you pause & rewind live tv!!!!"
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07:25<gbee>justinh: heh, yeah a few of these shows can be short on research into what already exists and is possible with alternative products
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07:27<justinh>as far as the EyeTV interface, it's just like any other OS X app IMHO
07:37<justinh>I really hope this cpu doesn't go to a silly price today, though going by recently completed items it won't
07:38<justinh>gonna have the best frontend I've ever had.. ever!
07:38<justinh>and it'll be 'reddy for de hud' :P
07:48<laga>what are you buying?
07:48<justinh>already bought and buying a core2 duo cpu for it
07:48<justinh>and 1gb so-dimm ddr2
07:49<laga>oh, where will you be getting a cpu for that?
07:50<justinh>the mac mini can wait til I have a TV that can take DVI. I'm not risking svideo not working properly in linux since I don't want to be limited to external IR receivers in OSX
07:50<justinh>laga: ebay of course
07:50<laga>that mainboard is very cheap
07:50<justinh>I can repair the sata connector if need be too
07:50<justinh>but since it's gonna be diskless, little point ;)
07:51<laga>the SATA connector isn't really broken, is it? just a small piece missing
07:51<justinh>looks broken to me
07:51<laga>ah, now i see it. oops
07:52<laga>i'm tempted to buy one of those mobos, too. just need a cpu
07:52<justinh>it'll go nicely in my silverstone case & the epia will go in the bin
07:52<justinh>laga: they've been going for less than £100 on ebay lately
07:53<laga>£100 is not exactly cheap, might get a nice core 2 duo for that. not sure if there are nice mobos available, though
07:53<justinh>laga: for a mobile cpu? I think it's cheap
07:53[~]laga looks at his pentium m laptop
07:53[~]laga looks at his soon to be retired pentium m laptop
07:54<justinh>I don't exactly _need_ dual core goodness but I might aswell
07:55<justinh>though I'm not expecting much from the Intel drivers in linux. tv out might not work, in which case I'll need a pci-e riser & a new nvidia card
07:55<laga>they are not expensive
07:55<laga>we need a new channel, like #mythtv-babbling
07:57<justinh>apparently STR works on that board :)
07:57[~]justinh wonders if there's _any_ 3d support on Intel in linux
07:58<laga>yes, there is 3d support. it's quite good. of course those gpus are slow
07:58<justinh>well yeah compared to the latest $bling $ricer $Sli bullshit I bet
08:01<laga>so, mainboard is 55€, cpu is around 100€, RAM is 25€. hm.
08:02<laga>wonder how it compares to a amd box...
08:02<justinh>just spotted another mobile chip on sale
08:02<justinh>t7200 currently at 36 GBP
08:03<justinh>just a shame I'm 'wasting' it on a frontend :P
08:03<justinh>though my desktop is more than fast enough for what I use it for now
08:04<laga>justinh: btw, is that a mini itx mainboard?
08:04<justinh>dont think so
08:05<justinh>dont care really. the case can take a full atx
08:07[~]laga suppresses the wish for yet another frontend and saves his money for a nice 5.1 sound system
08:10<justinh>I'm surprised these ebay prices are so much lower than local suppliers. prices usually go stupid on the bay
08:17<justinh>the _new_ prices of these CPUs. man I'd be better off chancing by luck with a mac mini
08:17<laga>too expensive now? get a celeron m?
08:18<justinh>I'll end up upgrading it when I need to go for HD
08:18<justinh>I mean new _shop_ prices laga ;)
08:18<laga>is that likely to happen in the next year?
08:22<justinh>I should start up my badge shop again. bring in some more beans to pay for all this
08:23<laga>i still need to put that badger somewhere
08:23<laga>too bad my regular case doesn't have a place to put it
08:23<justinh>maybe glass-wide will pay for it all :)
08:24<justinh>I might see what that commercial box maker would pay for it. they said they'd open source any theme they pay for, so everybody wins
08:25<justinh>still piddling in the ocean compared to the time it takes to make it I bet
08:26<laga>i know that you enjoy making them so i won't take your comments about it taking too much time seriously :)
08:30<justinh>aye I'm just saying compared to a good hourly rate it'd be peanuts ;)
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10:33<janneg>who broke ListBoxSettings?
10:35<janneg>daniel in
11:01<justinh>rooaus: seen any missing images & stuff like that yet?
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11:25<gbee>I thought mythtv was short of devs, but alsa's bug tracker suggests they've only got 11 ... 140 tickets assigned to someone called Clemens Ladisch, so I guess my issue might get looked at sometime in 2015 :(
11:26<laga>same for the bugs i file against stuff in ubuntu ;)
11:26[~]stuarta chuckles
11:26<laga>hum, ok. my last bug report was kinda troll-ish but i just bugged me
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11:29<gbee>mine is a little more critical (in my opinion), using usb audio devices with Alsa kills all usb devices until I reboot ... a showstopper if you want to use USB speakers
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11:30<gbee>unfortunately I can't seem to find small USB powered, but not USB audio speakers to use with my laptop :(
11:30<laga>you can hack yourself an usb power cord
11:30<gbee>ahh, well price you occassionally have to pay for using linux :)
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11:31[~]laga wonders if having the user enter the correct time zone twice a year is a sensible approach for a xmltv grabber.. and does it anyways
11:31<gbee>laga: yeah, hack being the keyword - may go down that route if I get really desperate
11:33<gbee>laga: can it not be done automatically?
11:34<laga>it can probably be done automatically, but a xmltv release is due today and i don't have time to work out a sane solution
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11:59<gbee>ahh ffs, managedtreelist resizes the select image to the width of the bin and you can't tell it not to
12:00<gbee>well, not yet anyway
12:00[~]gbee prepares another commit
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12:21<knowledgejunkie>laga: I've got to look at uk_rt to properly handle DST changes - again probably too late for the iminent release (and we've just had the clocks go back so there's no need for it until Mar 2008 now), but I'll see if I can get something working
12:23<laga>knowledgejunkie: that'd be great
12:23<knowledgejunkie>laga: there's some old logic already in there, but the reporting ticket is now >3yrs old!
12:24<laga>well, this issue only comes up once or twice a year..
12:24<laga>ok, let's pray that i haven't just broken my grabber ;)
12:25[~]knowledgejunkie crosses fingers
12:28<janneg>I would bet that distro packagers would become annoyed if they have to publish fixes just for one grabber twice a year
12:29<stuarta>you don't need to handle DST changes in the UK
12:29<knowledgejunkie>stuarta: er, why not?
12:29<stuarta>since they compensate with the start/finish times they put out
12:29<laga>janneg: i've already offloaded the problem to the user
12:29<laga>that's what FLOSS is about, right?
12:30<stuarta>ie. when the clocks go forward, a 1 hr show is listed ast 2 hours long.
12:30<knowledgejunkie>stuarta: except they don't always do it correctly, and the current code doesn't use the timestamps in the data correctly
12:30<justinh>gbee: and it resizes the L & R arrows :(
12:30<stuarta>fair enough
12:31<janneg>laga: you should ask epgdata if they can use UTC or at least indicate the offset
12:31<knowledgejunkie>stuarta: the grabber doesn't use the programme length because it's reported as being incorrect some of the time - before my time though
12:31<laga>janneg: indeed. right now, they'll send out everything in the local time zone. "local" referring to the time zone where the tv station is located. that doesn't make much sense to me but that's what i'm told
12:32<stuarta>okay, my experience is with the EIT data, and that's the 1 time they seem to be on the ball :)
12:32<gbee>justinh: missed that, well I'm adding a "scale" attribute to <image ... little messy, but as a short term solution it will prevent scaling when set to yes, I could extend that to the arrows
12:32<gbee>currently just applies to the selectbar
12:35<laga>knowledgejunkie: does your data source provide data in UTC?
12:35<knowledgejunkie>justinh: have added channels.dat to uk_rt - fingers crossed it helps
12:36<knowledgejunkie>laga: it doesn't specify so we assume UTC *unless* the data is flagged as GMT/BST
12:36<laga>oh that's nice
12:36<laga>alright, my work is done for today. ttyl
12:37<knowledgejunkie>laga: then we explicity flag the timezone. It works fine during GMT or BST period, when the data is assumed to be +0000 or +0100, but when the 14 days of data contains both GMT/BST time the current logic doesn't always work
12:38<knowledgejunkie>justinh: doh, have added channels.dat *caching* to uk_rt
12:41<justinh>gbee: something else that'd help theming would be a 'padding' element to managedtreelist stuff, or rake it out so there are a set number of rows like in other elements
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12:42<justinh>gbee: how about a <rescale>no</rescale> attribute, to always keep it the same size? ;) failing that just make it work the same way the lists I like work
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12:42<justinh>knowledgejunkie: cool. I'm almost done with the new theme & stuff so I'll be able to start thinking about the wizard again
12:42<gbee>don't want to do too much work on code that is destined for the dustbin, just enough to make my theme work
12:43<justinh>gbee: more than fair enough. that's why I'm not touching it either
12:43<gbee>like I say, I've already added a scale attribute which keeps it the same size, there is a padding attribute but oddly it seems to just apply to the selectbar in some way
12:43<justinh>we should maybe try to come up with something better than 'bins' for list management too - collectively I mean
12:44<knowledgejunkie>i'm holding off further grabber updates until after the release, then I'll add the +1 support, prog listings caching and improve the TZ handling. then we have a good starting point
12:44<gbee>probably just keeps the selectbar X pixels larger than the text
12:45<gbee>I'd like to fix the number of rows - might not be too hard, I'll look
12:46<gbee>that reminds me, need to delete the extra programs from Virgin 1 today - would be easier to script that :(
12:47<justinh>their ad breaks are silly - watched Xfiles earlier, did my default 4 > & had to skip back 3 mins
12:47<justinh>it was recorded at like 3am though
12:48<justinh>gbee: doesn't look hard to fix the number of rows. right now it just takes the area height & divides it by the font height basically
12:49<justinh>hmm that's gonna break themes. maybe that's why I left it alone after all
12:50<justinh>£85 for a core2 duo T7200. :-\
12:50<gbee>justinh: not if we fall back if rows isn't defined
12:50<justinh>gbee: thinking more about the "awooga! unknown tag! quitting!" in -fixes etc
12:52<justinh>stupid idiots on here! this t7200 is gonna be more than a cool ton when the auction finishes. there's a brand new one on for that
12:52<justinh>and that's on a buy it now
12:52<justinh>bah £105 with 8 secs to go. sod that
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12:59<justinh>whoah if i forego the dual cored-ness I can save muchos cash & just wait til the core2 duo mobile is cheaper like laga said. why waste money
13:05<gbee>justinh: ahh, well that is a problem - something I'd like to eradicate from the parsing code for libmythui
13:06<gbee>my theme won't work with -fixes anyway, it will be trunk/0.21+
13:07<gbee>people get stupid on ebay, or more likely they were stupid to start with, either way it's nearly impossible to get a true bargin because of it
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13:10<justinh>there are single core mobile cpus on for under a tenner ffs
13:10<justinh>celeron M, 2ghz under a fiver
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13:11<justinh>might just chance it & get some ram tomorrow. could have a nifty upgrade for way under a ton :)
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13:58<gbee>in full tree mode, does anyone else see a problem where the selector doesn't move? The list scrolls but the selector is stuck at whatever position it happens to be?
13:59<gbee>mythmusic, playback screen
14:05<justinh>nope can't say I ever have
14:06<gbee>wondering if it's connected to the changes I've just made, but I can't see how
14:07<justinh> - new idea for watermarks
14:07<gbee>mythmusic is completely unthemed at this point, so maybe I'm just missing something
14:08<gbee>justinh: cool, though don't forget that on different resolutions those will be egg shaped
14:09<justinh>ah but with your <preserveaspect> tag all will be well :D
14:10<gbee>at least with trunk
14:10<gbee>wouldn't do harm to backport it to -fixes, but stretches the definition of a fix
14:11<gbee>pun unintended
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14:15<mike_____>i have a problem... i can't compile mythtv
14:16<mike_____>i tried the tar version
14:16<mike_____>and the svn
14:16<justinh>"For mythtv related user support, go to #mythtv-users"
14:16<mike_____>the compiler sent me here :d
14:17<mike_____>there's noone in there..
14:18<xris>mike_____: um, 194 people in there
14:18<gbee>there are hundreds* of people in there * may be exaggerated for dramatic effect
14:19<mike_____>sorry again i followed the link and took me to #mythtv-users"
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14:21<justinh> - feelin' Christmassy already?
14:22<gbee>heh, either that or a special effect from the original Star Trek
14:22<justinh>maybe if I change the top transparent bit & put a bit of snow on it...
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14:58<justinh> and cgwide23.png
14:58<justinh>an ode to the absent Visor theme ;)
14:59<justinh>maybe I'll just host the backgrounds myself & people can download them to use themselves
15:00<justinh>that one started life as but was too noisy
15:12<laga>justinh: btw, GF keeps asking about "her" theme..
15:15<justinh>laga: give her the tarball with a pink background
15:15<justinh>tarball was updated today. just not unleashing it officially yet
15:16<jams>i found pink was way to bright for my viewing habits
15:16<justinh>oh wait the background she liked is already included
15:16<laga>justinh: care to point me to the tarball?
15:16<justinh>guess it ;)
15:17<justinh>but for pete's sakes don't tell people about it please. don't want bug reports yet ;)
15:17<laga>of course
15:17<justinh>some watermarks are missing, so all are disabled for now
15:18<laga>she just wants pink...
15:19<justinh>there's a word for women who lust after pink ;)
15:20<laga>yeah, i'm afdraid i've said something which might embarass me..
15:20<knowledgejunkie>omg ponies
15:20<laga>wee ponies
15:20<laga>knowledgejunkie: do you have an ETA for new xmltv release
15:21<knowledgejunkie>laga: iminent, although a potential blocker is being urgently investigated on xmltv-dev
15:22[~]justinh throws at knowledgejunkie ;)
15:23[~]knowledgejunkie wonders if justinh just googled that or already had it bookmarked...
15:24<justinh>did a mickey-take remix of that tune once. a mate of mine pointed me at it, honest
15:28<gbee>finally started work on turning that old laptop into a frontend, dismantled it and now have to think about how I'm going to create a new case for it, I've no experience with metal working so I'm thinking wood!!
15:29<knowledgejunkie>so's laga's GF!
15:29<justinh>wood isn't the best conductor of heat in the world, nor is it good at keeping RF inside ;)
15:29<justinh>you'll ruin the CE certification :P
15:29<knowledgejunkie>I've seen several wooden computer cases online though - maybe even in Make magazine
15:29[~]justinh sets an alarm on his watch to remind him about the auctions he's watching
15:30<justinh>I may soon get my 'laptop' frontend :)
15:33<gbee>reckon that plastic isn't much better and I'll just make sure it has vents at the top and bottom
15:33<gbee>going to be tricky though ... potential fire risk I don't doubt ;)
15:34<justinh>an athlon 2000xp in a silverstone lc02 case is a fire risk
15:41|-|prg3 [] has joined #mythtv
15:42<laga>yay fire
15:42<laga>justinh: theme is usable on 4:3 :)
15:42<laga>justinh: i love the galery view in mythvideo
15:45<xris>combined with kormoc's imdb pulling stuff in mythweb, it's nice.
15:45<xris>need a better way to grab imdb stuff from within mythvideo itself
15:53<justinh>laga: ta for reminding me. I need to make the unselected graphics more transparent
15:56<gbee>heh, found out how to reproduce that problem I mentioned earlier with the selectbar in mythmusic, just give it a negative x position, scrolls just fine until you are near the start/end of the list and then only the positive portion gets updated
15:56<justinh>maybe I _have_ seen that before then
15:57<laga>justinh: do you want feedback now or should i stfu till it's released?
15:57<justinh>laga: I reduced the opacity of mv_gallery_reg.png & mv_folder_reg.png to 70% & the selected item is much more prominent now
15:58<justinh>laga: bug reports only. not taking any style crit.. well maybe within reason
16:00|-|robthebob [] has joined #mythtv
16:01<laga>justinh: this might be a style thing: progress bars etc are grey. like, when it loads the theme the box itself is fine but the progress bar is grey. not sure if that's intended or not
16:01<justinh>the qt stuff can't have transparency. if it could, I'd use it
16:02<laga>where can you change the progess bar? in qtlook.txt?
16:02<justinh>I think so
16:03<justinh>hang on which progress bar?
16:03<laga>like the progress which is shown when the theme gets loaded. or the volume slider in mythmusic
16:03<justinh>the volume slider in mythmusic is my own graphic
16:03<justinh>think it should be green or something?
16:04<justinh>or like the old blootube one?
16:04<laga>it probably depends on the background image :(
16:04<justinh>I can't remember where the qt progress indicator comes from
16:04<justinh>laga: the background isn't grey in the volume bar
16:05<justinh>it's transparent
16:05<justinh>ah I see what you mean
16:05<laga>tbh, i'm not sure if i tuned the colors on this TV correctly. i only did it for vid..
16:05<justinh>it _looks_ grey
16:05<justinh>I know a way around that :)
16:10<justinh>laga: sorted it.
16:14|-|davilla [] has quit ["Leaving"]
16:31<gbee>managedtreelist has some serious redraw issues
16:32<gbee>arrows are also not being drawn unless I force a refresh
16:32<Chutt>managed tree list is ugly
16:32<Chutt>that's why i wanted to replace it with the ui-button-tree-list thingie
16:32<Chutt>suitably modified to look the same as the managed tree list
16:36<gbee>Chutt: glad I'm not the only one to find it ugly :)
16:37<Chutt>it's nasty code, and quite slow/unoptimized
16:44<gbee>in whole tree mode we only ask it to repaint the active bin when the selected item changes, in normal mode we repaint the whole screen - that's causing the issue since the arrows and edges of the selectbar might be outside the active bin area
16:45<gbee>quickest solution, would be to repaint the screen for both, is that acceptable?
16:55<GreyFoxx>Ryan: I don't think that was an option if your input was a DVB card
17:00|-|tomimo [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
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17:05|-|cyberpass [] has joined #mythtv
17:05<cyberpass>hey all..i am little currious about something
17:06<cyberpass>how do you record from directtv or a rogers cable box?
17:06<cyberpass>is this even possible?
17:06<xris>cyberpass: please read the topic
17:11|-|tomimo [] has joined #mythtv
17:14|-|grokky [n=grokky@] has joined #mythtv
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17:29<knowledgejunkie>night all
17:29|-|knowledgejunkie [n=knowledg@unaffiliated/knowledgejunkie] has quit ["Leaving..."]
18:22<rooaus>justinh: Haven't noticed any missing images :) The only thing that may be of interest is the clock.
18:30<janneg>another advantage of storage groups: the autoexpirer will be soon smart enough to run only on directories with active recordings
18:31<janneg>and only the bitrate of the encoders writing to that directory is taken into account
18:34<janneg>hmm, on second thought: that eliminates only a disadvantage
18:36<janneg>but it is needed for multirec, my test setup with many recordings per card and multiple cards needs more than 20GB on each fs
18:58|-|hads [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
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19:00<rooaus>justinh: Having said that... it seems the metadata editor for mythmusic is missing images (insert nervous smile) and is missing the album art container from the meta data editor. Hope this helps :)
19:01<rooaus>I am about to head out, be back in a while.
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19:47<bloggproffs>Oi people
19:47|-|xris [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
19:47<bloggproffs>sorry wrong forum
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20:54[~]xris bashes his head against the benchmark-wall
21:31|-|beata [] has joined #mythtv
21:35<jams>mysql will do that to you
21:37<xris>so will the TMS raw data feed
21:37<xris>(which in my case does happen to involve mysql, too)
21:44<jams>not for sure mysql will be robust enough, but worth a try i suppose. Good luck
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